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Charging Completed... The message displayed inside Claire's field of vision, as she lay in her bed motionless, eyes closed. To a casual onlooker, she would just seem like any normal beautiful girl asleep in their bed, except of course for the charging cord that was attached to her hip. Hibernation Deactivated.... Claire's eyes opened as her head tilted slightly with a twitch. As her still body powered on and began to move, her CPU loaded the system diagnostic protocols into her field of vision: Entering Human Emulation... Core Central Systems...Model SX-3900...Loading Model Info.... Designation: Claire Thomas....Emulated Age: 27 Measurements: H: 5'7" Weight:126lbs...34d-22-34.. CPU Type: CCS Hypercore Processor....Test OK! System Age: 0yrs...6mos...14days...9hrs..15min...49sec... Last Config: Human Emulation: Horny.EXE...No Errors... Current Batt Life: 100% Power Mode: Wall Outlet...
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