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Professor Plume head of S.I.N.I.S.T.E.R had special agent Erika Tomas strapped naked to the neural analyzer. "That machine shall copy your personality and memories," Plume monologued as he turned away from her, "and soon we will have a perfect robotic duplicate of you infiltrating your agency and loyal only to us." "Funny, B.A.D.D.I.E.S. had this exact same plan." Erika stated. "Don't even compare us to our half baked rival wannabees ." Plume scoffed, "We will succeed where they have failed." "Who said they failed?" She asked sweetly. There was a tearing sound; Plume turned to find Erika free, with a robotic arm split open revealing a ray gun pointed at his head. "Oh, fu-"
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