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The one on the left had a flashing red bar across the top. "PING" came the tone again. There was a wireframe form of a female in a turning in slow revolutions. A flashing icon to its left read "Charge Mode - 0:3:28" it was counting down. Below were a bunch of numbers, mixed with alpha numerics scrolling rapidly. There was a line marked "Manual Input" then below that a name. Amber McKensie - Series Four XSEL58

"Amber, she's...she's a robot. No way!" I said aloud. It wasn't possible...I looked at the "Charge Mode" again. -0:2:39. If I understood that correctly, Amber wasn't ignoring me. She couldn't hear me. I decided to try something. I grabbed the mouse and clicked on "Manual Input". The cursor began to blink on the Line. I…began to type : Scream. I pressed enter. I heard Amber screaming from the bathroom…
Fembotlvr7 - The Secret

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