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She was in tears, as people in the crowd booed her, screaming "FAKE!! SHE'S A FAKE!!!!!!!". Her light blues eyes lost all humanity when she was deactivated, as he opened her belly and removed her battery. He then slowly removed her circuited brain from her stomach, followed by her head, slowly decapitating her. Wires were pulled from her neck, still connected to her torso, her body twitched as the wires were ripped apart. Her manager, her creator, a little bald man with glasses, was in tears as he slowly tore her apart, the crowd almost screaming for blood. The entire event was sickening to me.... but arousing too, to be honest. This woman I worshipped, was a robot.... A robot that could be reprogrammed to be my lover, one day...
Mirage - The Diva

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