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Brad heard the strangest thing. It sounded like a pop followed by a brief sizzling sound--coming from inside Keri's chest! Keri stopped moving and her eyes opened. She seemed to forget where she was, "Hello, my n-name is K-Keri..." she stammered. "I know who you are. What's wrong?" Brad said. "Nothing. I'm fine," Keri said. Her face was a blank slate. Brad continued to thrust inside of her. "I'm fine," she repeated. "I'm fine...I'm fine... ...Malfunction at 0FEE3235...malfunction at 0FEE3235..." "What the hell?" Brad said, but he was beginning to understand. And he felt his excitement grow. "Malfunction. I am not programmed to engage in this activity. I am not programmed to engage in this this this activity..." "Holy shit. You're a robot!" Brad gasped. " this this activity ...Error...error...error..." Keri's voice seemed to increase in pitch and she spoke faster…as if caught in a program loop.
Silent Lurker - Aquaphobia

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