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After kissing, I put my hand on her stomach panel and started to push it in her thorax. "Wait! Want to see something funny... pull my battery out." she smiled. "What?" I asked her. "Do it!" she said. I pulled out the battery and she started to sing, but the longer she sang, the slower she sound. "Ddddooonn'ttt IIII.sounddd liikkeeeee Daartthhh Vvaadderrr nowwwww.w.w..w?" she said, trying to laugh out at the same time. "You're crazy!" I told her, replacing the battery. But by accident, I dropped the battery trying to put it back in place. "" She laughed out. She then went limp and fell on the floor from my bed before I could catch her. "Morgan???" I asked her. She was on her back, smiling, eyes now all dark and empty. She had run out of energy.
Mirage - Not Perfect

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