Where Are You, Lovely?

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My life was pretty basic and simple. My own home, a good car, a great job, even greater friends from both sides of the sexes, and the most wonderful and most perfect girlfriend a man can have. But all that led to a strange event that changed my present life, forever!!

It all started with my girlfriend (whom I am still with, but we'll get to that part down the row). Her name is Lovely and boy she was the total package. Beautiful face. Brains and Manners. Smooth chocolate brown skin (I use to joke about her name and call her "Dark & Lovely". She got a laugh or two out of it). And an amazing body. She had a body that made most men snap their necks (and most women slit their wrist). She was (and is) the best thing that ever happened to me. She was always nice to my friends, and never got angry or jealous when I hung out with the boys at the nudie bars. And the sex. Wooooo!!! She left nothing untouched (except for S&M, I don't dig that stuff). Lovely was the perfect woman.

Then there was her roommate, Tanya. A looker in every way, but she had an attitude and was not a people person. At times when I stayed over Lovely's crib, I would notice Tanya giving her that evil, jealous look and sometimes tried to flirt with me, often feeling me up behind Lovely's back. Sometimes she would answer the phone and try to have a nosy, intimate conversation, and tell me Lovely is not in the house, when I know she is there. But I didn't sweat that, because me and Lovely were a pair that understood each others need. We virtually never had a disagreement, until one day, she called me late at night while I was chilling with my co-workers at the local gentlemens club.

"I can't believe you're there with those whores!" she yelled out angrily, but strangely unlike her.

"Baby, what's wrong. I always come here with the fella's afterwork." I replied back, "You know I never do anything with the girls here. I only watch."

"We'll, I don't like that. I never liked it. In fact, I don't think I like you anymore after what Tanya told me about you." she said, still not sounding like the Lovely I know. "How could you touch her?"

"What?? I never touched her. She always touches me" I snapped back.

"Oh, is that what it is?" "We'll you and Tanya can have a great time together, because you would never see me again." she responded with the same strange tone in her voice.

" As a matter of fact, I'm leaving the US for Paris right now and going back to modelling, where I belonged long before I met you. Goodbye."


I couldn't believe this. This morning we was laughing and kissing, looking like the perfect couple. Then next thing you know, my girl is calling me to break-up our happy relationship. I tried calling her back to agologize or something, but she wouldn't pick-up. After many call backs and messages left, the final call ended up with a message stating the phone was disconnected. That was the last straw. I couldn't think straight, so I walked towards the bar and downed as many drinks as my budget can handle (which was alot). I could not stop thinking about what just had transpired and looking at the beautiful naked women just made it worst. After my boys stopped me from drinking myself unconscious, I had one of them drop me off near my girls home. Shit faced drunk and wobbling, I made it to my girls door and knocked as hard as I could. The door opened up to reveal Tanya wearing nothing but a pair of tight gym shorts and a skimpy tank-top.

"Where'ssLovely? IsSheHeere?" I mumbled out intoxicated.

"She's gone. Already left for Paris." Tanya spoke back.

Devastated, I started to cry. I didn't want to believe that I've lost the one good thing in my life in just a snap. If not for the fact that Tanya caught me, I would've fell to the floor face first from lack of concentration in my balance. She held me and started to walk towards me towards the living room.

"Idon'tuunderstand!" I blurted out. "Ididn'tdo nnothing wrong. Howcould I have fuckedup likethiss." I continued as Tanya moved me on the couch.

"Ah, thats OK. She wasn't right for." Tanya said in a low sexy voice. "She didn't want you the way I did."

When I heard Tanya said that, I began to look her deep in her eyes. She began to follow suit. Before you know it, we began kissing like animals. Next thing you know, Tanya pushed me away from her, and started to slowly strip right before my eyes. I could not believe me. I've always (slightly) imagine seeing Tanya in the nude, but never like this. Her body was even more amazing, without clothes. Then , when there was no more articles to remove, she began to remove my pants, followed by my boxers and started to play with my package uninhibited. I sat there, still trying to gather the event that was accuring right before my eyes. I began to move my arms and hands towards her head to get a better feeling of her oral escapades, but Tanya quickly whipped my hands back on the couch and kept on giving me the best head I had ever had. Even better than Lovely, as sad for me to admit. Then when I thought I was going to explode, she stopped and started to move her body closer to mine. The closer she got, the more beautiful I saw her breast to be. The nipples were a perfect chocolate brown circle, which blended with her light honey skin, blemish free I might add. I was overwhelmed by mouth watering desires and gave into my animal instincts, licking and softly biting her small pert daggers, circling my tongue over every dark spot. 'This feels great ' I told myself as I began squeezing on her well-toned buttocks and caressing her large soft breast. Tanya was loving every minute of it. My hands began to make its way towards the front of her and began rubbing her smooth, hairless pussy. At one moment, I could have sworn it felt just like I was touching Lovely's special area, but I didn't pay it no mind, due to the high levels of alcohol and hormones I was feeling. Tanya mouned as I began to finger her wet spot. After caressing and feeling nearly every ounce of Tanya's wonderful figure, she moved my hand away from her love hole and began to insert my hardened member inside her. Both of use let out sounds of adult pleasure at the same time. She began to ride me slowly for the first couple of minutes, and then picked up the pace a little before she moved her body to position me on top. That went on for about several long minutes.

Before I could even prep my self for a final release, Tanya stopped me again, but this time, grabbing my manhood and directing it towards her other opening.

"I bet you Lovely never let you fuck her in ass, huh?." Tanya shot out aggressively. "We'll I'm not like that bitch, so you can fuck me hard and good, and I won't stop you."

Who am I to turn down a ladies request, especially in this condition. So off we went. My entire penis was balls deep in her anus, and I was enjoing every minute of this. Don't get me wrong, Lovely let me play with it a time or two, but we never had intercourse, at least, not the way I could have imagine it to be, not like this. So here I am, pounding away on Tanya's exit region, each thrust forcing her to scream uncontrollably. Then all of sudden I felt Tanya's body twitch. If not for the fact that I felt a little shock on my lower buddy, I would have thought that she had an orgasm and paid it no mind. But it happened again, this time I heard loud sparking sound, along with an even bigger shock to my manhood. The pain was so great that I yanked myself off and out of Tanya, only to witness something I never expected, in any lifetime.

Life has a funny way of showing how musc it appreciates you and your presence. First, my girlfriend breaks-up with me over something her roommate told her. Second, I find myself piss-face drunk, now fucking that same roommate who started all the BS. Now, just when things couldn't get anymore complicated, she decides to have a seisure (or something that resembled one). Her body was twitching very spastically, while the eyes looked like they were trying to look as far up as possible and her mouth was giving off the impression that she was trying to say something but couldn't. With all this going down, I was scared shitless. I did the first thing my drunken instinct could think of. 'Pick her up off the couch and lay her on the floor and try to give her CPR or something.' My body was not responding as fast or as coordinated as it should be (damn alchohol). Managing to get my arms around her shaking body proved to be difficult, but not as difficult as trying to stand upright to carry her to the open space near the couch. As I stood up, I started to move backwards with my now sweaty hands getting as good of a grip as possible on Tanya's sweat ridden torso. Bad mistake.

<BUMP> Goes my legs on the coffee table and down I went, falling flat on my back, all by my lonesome self, with Tanya falling in the other direction.

<THUMP> and <<THUMP>> were the sounds made by our bodies colliding with the carpet. Tanya sounded like she hit the floor the hardest. Od man!!! I hope she's not dead. I mean, part of me wanted her to suffer for what she did to me, but I wouldn't wish that on anybody, not even this bitch. As I began to pick myself up to rush to Tanya's aid, I started hearing electrical noises, something like a shocking sound, followed by a couple of low-toned popping. At first I thought it was a broken wire or power cord that got yanked out from my half-ass rescue attempt, so I got back on my feet as best as I could and looked around for sparks or blue lights. No flashes or smoke eminating from the living room, but something did made my heart almost jump out of my chest and force me to lose my balance again (hump, here comes the carpet again). I sucked up my pride and raised my upper torso like a sit-up, only to find that Tanya had already done the same seconds before I hit the ground.

"Greetings. My name Tanya." the now smiling woman blurted out, with a blank stare, facing me.

"YY-oohh!! Youscared the shit outof mmeee, girl!!" I snapped back, still intoxicated, with my heart racing like I just ran a 1/2 mile. "Whadda helll was sup with chu. Youwas doin some scary shhitt overthere onda couch. I thoot you was dying orsomeding."

"What do you mean?" Tanya replied "I feel operational."

"Butt, you was overthere .... and ... and ..... you know what. Fuckit!!!" I said confused, as I made my way towards the couch to cool down.

"Are you OK. Shall I massage you? You wanna fuck me?" Tanya spontaneously said all at once, still sporting that blank smilie face stare.

"Nah Girl. This shit es toomuch to handle, Babe. I-I need a drink or somethin." I responded back, still trying to make heads or talls of everything that just went on.

"I'll prepare it for you, along with something to eat. Would you like salad? Salad is my favorite. I'll shall make it for you." Tanya spoke happily.

Not paying attention to half of what she was saying to me, I nodded my head anyway just to get her to stop staring at me with that fake grinning look of hers. As she began to head towards the kitchen I noticed she was walking awfully strange. She was moving very stiffly, but in synch, like a toy soldier. And judging by her facial expression, I don't think she even realizes that she was still naked and showing her goods. I began to feel myself sober up a little (not a whole lot, but enough to get bottoms back on my person). Taking deep breaths, I began to gingerly stand up and make my way around the wall that separated the kitchen from the living room. As I made my final movement threw the wide walkway, I stopped short just stare with awe at what Tanya was doing. She was moving randomly, opening and closing all the cabinet doors without taking out any items. Finally, she opened up the refridgerator and took out neccessary ingredients to make the salad or at least that what they looked liked. Still moving like a wind-up doll, she made her way towards the counter, dropping the items taken out of the fridge, most of it falling on the floor, the rest barely making contact with the counter top. Tanya didn't seemed to have noticed, as she reached out to the cooking knifes and grabbed the longest cutting blade in the rack. Taking the head of lettuce in one hand, and aggressively slicing with other, Tanya began to talk to me very chatingly.

"I love salad...don't you love salad...salad is good for you...love salad...I love you...love salad....I love the way you touch me....don't you you want to touch....I love to fuck....want to fuck me?" Tanya said all in one shot, without missing a beat. Finally coming to my senses, I told Tanya off.

"Hells No, Bitch. I don't even know what I was thinking when I went with you on the couch. I only came here to set things straight with Lovely."

After hearing what I said to her, Tanya stopped in mid-motion and stood there for a while, like a statue. Next thing I knew, I began to hear those strange sounds again, along with a loud crack, which sounded like a firecracker. Springing back to life, Tanya began talking to me again or at least I thought she was!!

"LLLovely....Lovely...Lovely...Lovely.." She kept repeating for about a minute or two, and then suddenly started shouting. "Lovely, you bitch. You think your all that. YOU think your better than me, huh?"

"Better than...what?" I snapped back confused, "What the fuck you are you t..."

"Well you listen to me. You are no better than me. Your made of the same substance as I am." she continued on, as if she was talking to someone else other than me in this room. "Oh really. Well let me tell you this, Honey Girl!!! No matter how you look. No matter how you act. You will always be a fake, supt-up DOLL." she quoted, waving her arms in the air, with the knife still in her hand.

The thoughts of 'PSYCHOTIC' and 'SCHITZOID' came to mind as I watched Tanya talking like she was having a full coversation with Lovely. And then she started moving in my direction, still yelling and waiving the knife like Norman Bates.

"Old News! Outdated!! Bitch, I'll show you who the inferior model is!!!" she cried out angrily, while moving her arms like she was grabbing an invisible person and trying to rip it apart.

All I can do was stand there, with my arms up from its sides, just in case I had to defend my self from this crazy whore. Then all of a sudden, I heard another fire cracker blast coming from Tanya's facinity, only this time I saw smoke, but it was coming from her mouth. Shes not a smoker, so what could it be! I noticed Tanya was standing still, like an angry mannequin, no movement, no blinking, not even any breathing motion, with the fumes still emerging from her wide open trap. I began to call out to call out to Tanya, still in defense mode.

"Yo, Tanya. Are you alright?"

No answer, not even a movement.

"Tanya, HELLO. Can you hear me?" raising my a little louder, "YO, TAN-YA. IS ANYBODY THERE?" snapping my fingers in her face, as I started to get fustrated and tired of all this silliness. It got so nerve-racking, that I smacked her one on the back of her head.

<WHIRR> was the sound I heard a millisecond later, like a computer rebooting, followed a strange beep. Tanya's body jerked and sprung back to life.

"Yo, are you on medication or something. Man, not for nothing, but starting to freak me out with all th.." I started out before Tanya interupted me with some of her own words.

"She's gone. Already left for Paris." she went on saying.

"Yes, I know she's not here. You told me tha...." and before I can finish my sentece, she went on again.

"Ah, thats OK. She wasn't right for you. She didn't want you the way I did." she said in the same sexy voice as before.

'WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?' I yelled out in mind. But just when I was about to say something back at her, she laid backwards right on the counter, like she did in our final position on the couch, holding the knife and motioning it towards her anal region the same exact way as before.

"I bet you Lovely never let you fuck her in the ass, huh? Well, I'm not like that bitch, so you can fuck me hard and good, and I won't stop you." said Tanya as she began inserting the blade in her anus. I tried to grab the knife as quick as I can, but the deed was already done. Suddenly, out of the bloom, sparks started flying out of Tanya's ass. She started doing her same number like earlier, with the twitching and seisure like movements, only this time, she began to moan and speak like a broken record.

"CAn fuCk Me hArd ANd gOOd aND I WOn't StOp yOU..SToP YoU...sTOP YoU..." Tanya kept on saying, as the sparks slowed down a little. What happened next made my eyes almost pop out of my head.

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