When Technology Meets Temptation

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When Technology Meets Temptation

Part 1

Tapping against the table in synch with her bouncing foot, Julie’s eyes darted between her phone and the projector displayed against the far wall; the drone below reading blankly from his slides, boring her with the basics of AI Programming Fundamentals. Deafening out his monotone was the thought of Maeve’s invitation from earlier. A supposed surprise awaiting her back at Maeve’s dorm. One which, as she put it, ‘will be the climax of her year’.

The instant 3pm came, Julie jumped up and hastily darted through the college, making her way to the dorms, before standing outside of dorm 101 barely a moment later. There she stood, twisting the ends of her hair, and brushing the bristles along her thumb, soothing her racing thoughts. The brunette breathed in deeply before giving the door a knock.

“Maeve?” she called out, leaning in, placing her ear against the door. Suddenly, she heard a *Thud* from inside, followed by a click at the door. Waiting patiently, she recognised, “It’s open!”, in Maeve’s voice a moment later.

Raising an eyebrow, she slowly twisted the handle and pushed it open. Stepping inside, her hand instinctively searched along the wall for the light switch as she turned to face the living room. With the click of the switch, she paused once her amber coloured eyes found the couch. Or rather, what they found on the couch.

Laying on her back, knees bent and pushed up towards her bare chest laid a woman, frozen in position with her head cranked upward against the arm rest. Closed eyes, her ruby red lips tightly pressed together, shiny black hair in a frenzy almost matching the seams splayed across her entire exposed torso overlaying her otherwise clear, pale, and petite body. Julie’s wandering eyes found ‘LoveWorks ST-575-X model’ labelled across the top of her right thigh, just above her dark stockings which ran along both legs, ending at her feet.

Further along the couch rested a twisted black bra, haphazardly thrown over an all too familiar matching thong which carefully balanced on the cushion. Julie stared, taking in the sight as everything else faded into the background.

‘This has to be it!’ The thought bounced inside her head. A ‘LoveWorks’ product, one she’d read about online. Identical to the one she saw in her tutorials, albeit not in a dismantled mess across the floor. ‘The ultimate sex toy itself’, as commonly termed.

Her thoughts raced on, that was until the ‘click’ from the door behind reanimated her.

“Julie! You’re too early… as usual” Teasing with a smirk, Maeve hid her annoyance behind a subtle tone as she approached her friend. “It goes without saying, but be a bit late next time, will you?”

“3pm is 3pm, not early.” Julie countered. “Next time, if you want me to be late, say so! Gosh we go through this every time”

Maeve’s messy black hair was the last thing Julie noticed as she turned to face her. She took in the mix of 90’s punk band t-shirt and short, black pencil skirt which itched Julie in the wrong, compulsive way.

“Those colours don’t match your hair Maeve. Or your black eyes for that matter.” She bluntly assessed at a glance. “And…” she paused, sniffing twice, glancing back at the couch. “These models give off a distinct smell too when being used…”

“Yes! Smart ass, you caught me. And you’re one to talk. Ever wear anything other than that jacket and jumper? You’re basically married to wool and Demin. At least you’re wearing what I got you, even if the stockings don’t match.” Maeve cut in, folding both arms against her chest. “I was practicing going down on her… but don’t worry about that.”

“Practicing?” Julie hinged on the word. “Practicing for anyone… in particular?” she teased with a subtle yet hopeful grin.

“No… see that there now?” Maeve paused, hopeful to move on as she pointed to the scattered papers on her coffee table, glancing back at Julie.

“That’s the surprise, but you had to go and be on time and ruin it… Here I was hoping to have her greet you properly, dressed up and all” Sighing, she glanced back at the papers on the table. “Well, you’re here now. I think I read… if you give that a read… you can give her a go. I’m sure she can be activated by others”.

Julie glanced at the printed out ‘guides’ and ‘how too’ pages from various websites and forums. “I suspected as much. There are a few things missing, namely the set-up guide. You know, the one you literally have to pay for? The one she came with, and probably the answer to every question you’ve had. Do you still have her box?” Julie probed further, scanning the room as she did.

“Who uses those manuals? If I cared about how she worked, I’d have studied what you’re studying. I just want to use the machine! Besides, there’s some magic in not knowing how she works. You’d catch on too quickly otherwise that it’s kind of just a super advanced toaster if you really think about it.”

Julie looked back at Maeve, baffled.

“Not knowing is horrible! Imagine being uncertain with every decision, every thought, and action. I’d feel so uncomfortable!” She exclaimed, looking to her feet as she shivered almost harshly at the thought.

Gripping the ends of her hair tightly, she slowly calmed down as the bristles scraped across her thumb. “Do… you still have her box?”.

“By the trash over there…” Maeve pointed behind the couch, looking at Julie with subtle concern. “Are you okay? You’re a little more on edge than usual. Like, more than a little! And that’s saying something. You’re usually so…”

“You’re just so chaotic! Everything is everywhere and here you have a literal potential maid that hasn’t cleaned up! It’s getting to me.” Julie complained with haste as she moved behind the couch. Taking hold of the box, she pulled it up revealing a palate of colour over the front.

Across a graphite background stood ‘LoveWorks’ in bold capitals, presented across the top left of the box, just above a blonde eyebrow sitting atop an enlarged, multicoloured Iris. Glossy pale skin lined the corner of the face, with gentle red seams glowing across in a crisscross pattern. “The LoveWorks ST-575-X model, the final frontier of genuine intimacy” Julie read the text printed on its lower right corner aloud. “Yea… until the ST-675-X is released”.

“They already have that. Wasn’t an option though… sadly” Maeve remarked as she watched on. Bringing the box to her, Julie looked inside and pulled out the still sealed instruction guide. “You haven’t even opened this? May I pop this one’s cherry at least?”

“If you want to, be my guest. Screw reading it though! I have everything I need to know online.” Maeve affirmed as Julie tore through the plastic. Glancing at the cover, she began flipping through every single page.

Maeve’s patience however wasn’t as robust.

“You’re taking too long. I’m going to activate Scarlet” She decided as she stepped past Julie.

“You named it… her Scarlet?” Julie wondered as Maeve paused mid step.

“Yes, her. She’s practically alive you know… well as alive as she can be. And wouldn’t you name her?” Maeve continued before Julie could answer. “Look Julie, I wanted you to enjoy her with me. But here you are, nerding out over some text on a page whilst the real deal is right there, waiting for us! So, tell me, are you going to turn her on, or do I have to do it?”

“I bet you’d like to turn her on before I do” Julie insisted, dropping the papers to the table. “I’ll read those later, there’s no harm in not knowing… I suppose.” She added, moving past Maeve as she reached for her ends of her hair with a tight grip. Reaching behind Scarlet’s left ear, she found and pinched the soft silicon bump within the ear itself, keeping it held for five seconds.

“I know more than you’d expect” Julie stated with a smirk. “I’ve researched this whole model’s technical manual before… for research to be clear as I just said… however her user manual is behind expensive ass paywalls so, the university never paid for it. I just wanted to be sure it’s the same model… and knowing your ‘care-free’ take to all this, you’re probably not even using her to the max potential”.

“Why do you think I have those papers there? She’s more complicated than you’re giving credit for.” Maeve pointed out. “How can that manual cover everything?”

“And yet you decide to wing it, as with everything” Julie disapproved, shaking her head as she stood back, releasing Scarlet’s ear.

With a raised eyebrow, Julie’s attention joined Maeve’s as they focused on the machine. Lighting up in a wash of red, her seams and eyes softly glowed against her pale skin. The ‘LoveWorks labelling pulsated twice before matching the rest of the seams in a soft red glow. This silent start up sequence quickly gave way to a growing, high pitched squeal.

“…cccckkkkk Mmmmaaaaeeeeevvvveeee! Oh, fuckkk yeess!!” Scarlet squirmed, shivering against the cushions, clutching her left breast as every toe curled tightly. Julie broke into a grin as she looked back at Maeve, the latter of which had both eyes shut with a tight lipped smile.

Scarlet’s withering display lasted all but a minute, ending as abruptly as it began.

“Oh fuck… oh god” She blurted, her chest rising and falling rapidly as her expression quickly turned to one of pleasant satisfaction. “Maeve! You’re improving! You’re not getting practice from others now, are you?” She teased with a wink, looking at Maeve’s clenched eyes and crossed arms.

“Oh, come on! Why are you embarrassed? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about” Scarlet urged as Maeve’s attention darted between her and Julie, seeing her stark glare take form.

“Um excuse me. Because of, oh I don’t know, me perhaps!” Julie huffed back, fighting back frustration. “We caught you in the middle of an org…”.

“Yes, and what a lovely orgasm it was Maeve!” Scarlet praised as she pushed her legs back out across the couch. “You’re improving at a great rate. That was twenty two minutes and sixteen seconds, not including the time you had me paused too. That’s faster than… well it’s a new record! You should be proud; I know I am!” Scarlet gushed, reassured her owner.

Maeve kept her eyes to the floor as she shook her head. “Scarlet! Not now… This here is Julie. And Julie, Scarlet.” Maeve sped through, eagerly moving on. “Now, Julie’s here for a few reasons. The first is to meet you. So, meet already!” Maeve thought for a moment as Scarlet nodded, hesitantly.

“I mean, I can try. Hello, new friend of Maeves, Jean, was it… no Joanne? I suppose you two must be good friends for my absolutely incredible, sensual, and quickly learning owner to show me off like this to complete strangers. Unless this is a new partner for us both? I don’t recognise your model there also. What are you?” Scarlet said bluntly, looking over Julie as the latter looked away with a humph.

“My name is Julie! And model? Do I look like a sex doll to you?” she shot back with a groan.

Scarlet continued, unphased. “So, Mistress… I mean Maeve… opps… It just slipped out!” Smirking, she continued with her teasing tone, “How may we continue now? Is… Julie… here to watch me suck on your pussy? Or perhaps she’ll take my place as I watch you both. You’ll enjoy that you know? Remember the showroom with me and the other 57… Incoming call from Sarah… Shall I answer Maeve?” Scarlet announced, her plastic smile never faltering.

With a deep breath, Maeve shook her head. “Sure, go ahead and mention that… Fucking Sarah… Umm… No, not here, damn it! Pass it to my phone. Sorry Julie, I’ll be back in a second.” Turning, Maeve quickly marched into her bedroom, slamming the door shut as Scarlet turned to face Julie.

Glaring at Scarlet, eye to eye, Julie stepped forward. “So… are you this cold to everyone, or just me?” She said, demanding an answer. “I’m Maeve’s best friend you know. You could treat me better than some stranger. Especially given what you are after all. And the very thought of calling me a hunk of plastic… How rude!”

Scarlet tilted her head slightly, giving Julie a confused look. Sitting upright on the couch, Julie suddenly stepped back as Scarlet returned the glare.

“Especially given what I am? Look, I could answer your questions Julie… but I wouldn’t treat a toaster with much interest now, would I? Or have a conversation with it for that matter. With that being said, what more is there to say?” Scarlet took to her feet, eclipsing Julie’s stature. Julie stepped back, reaching for the bristles of her hair as Scarlet closed the gap between them.

“And for the record, I knew your name already. I never miss a name, or anything said really. I hear and see all. But just like I said, you’re not much to pay attention to… no offence… oh who am I kidding. Take it however you want. It doesn’t matter anyhow” Scarlet bluntly delivered with an arrogant grin.

“You’re… so annoying you know that! I imagined you to be so much nicer. All the showrooms have you as nice and proper, and clothed for that matter. If only they knew what you’re really like.” Julie shot back as Scarlet stepped back and looked around the room.

“Yea… it really sucks. Maeve rarely has me wear anything… tell me about it… that really sucks for you specifically I should say… but you know what really matters? Maeve should have me clean more! This place isn’t the neatest. I mean look at that! My bra is just a twisted mess under her thong. How sensible is that? I mean, just because I was a twisted mess under her basically nightly doesn’t mean we need our clothes to match now does it?” Scarlet idlily replied with a giggle, twisting the ends of her black hair as she looked around aimlessly.

“Oh, and my box! What’s it doing there? It should be in the trash! Maeve should have me clean more! This place isn’t the neatest” She droned on, repeating herself identically every few seconds.

Julie watched on, stumped by what was supposed to be leading edge technology. ‘Going from a total bitch to scripted lines. How is this thing real’ she pondered. Julie knew this specific model had advanced interaction software preloaded already and activated when around humans, but if this was the extent of it, then it was a huge let down.

The silence continued as they both stood there, Scarlet mindlessly looking around as Julie glared at the machine, hoping for it to do something different for once. A repressed feeling grew inside her, one that lasted only a moment, and sank back down to the recesses of her stomach the instance Maeve stepped back into the living room.

Scarlet turned to face her, wide eyed and smiled. “You’re back! And I LOVE the new outfit too! It really matches your hair and eyes babe. Would you like me to clean this place up Mistress? We’ve… I mean I’ve left it in such a mess! It’s the least I can do after what you did for me earlier…” She exclaimed.

“Fucking… you won’t believe this Julie” Maeve began, looking straight past Scarlet. “Sarah needs me for some errand that her boyfriend is ‘too injured from lacrosse’ for. Apparently, I have some special ‘spatial awareness or something’ as she puts it. I’m really sorry about this.”

“That’s okay Maeve!” Julie quickly reassured her, with Scarlet rolling both eyes. “I can help out also if it means that we’re back here sooner. Or I can return later…”

“Oh, shut up! You’re staying” Maeve insisted. “You’re here now so may as well. And I can… umm… set up Scarlet so she can see you as she sees me? That way you’re not bored out of your mind by yourself, and she can actually treat you like a human being for a change. Scarlet, how do I do that?”

“Well, if you insist mistress” she began with a second roll of her eyes. “You are after all in complete control of my sexy ass…” Her tone shifted, bringing with it a beaming, reaffirming smile as she held the silence for a few seconds longer. “You’ll need to register her as another user under a separate profile, that way I can still keep you as my forever number one! Nothing can change that! You can do so in the…”

“In the app, I get it. Thanks babe.” Maeve interrupted as she pulled out her phone. “Always ‘in the app’ with her, I should know better by now. It’s like this thing IS her you know?”. Maeve waved her phone around before focusing on the screen.

Julie moved next to her, watching Maeve open the ‘LW’ app and punch in Scarlet’s code, feeling oddly fixated by the action alone. “So, I’ll register you as Julie and that should… be good?” Maeve looked back up at Scarlet who shook her head. “No… umm… perhaps you need to lower my standards. Right down to zero should do it… does that thing go into the negatives? It might have to” Scarlet stuck out her tongue at Julie, the latter of which tried doing the same with a half assed tongue poke.

Maeve tried once more before Scarlet’s red eyes glowed momentarily. “She’s usually not like this, I promise…”

“Oh really?” Julie objected. “She treats your other friends like people now does she? Like human beings? She’s treating me like furniture you know? Like basically what she is! Have you showed her off to your other friends?”

“Well…” She turned from Scarlet to face Julie, with a different kind of smile forming across her face. “Not quite… A lot of people say she’s kind of unable to… multitask people… or anything alive for that matter, if you know what I mean? At least others who own a 575-X are aware of it. Think quirky… But not you quirky, but more so… well practically quirky. And you’re the first to meet her too to clarify… in this state. I’ve taken her out on dates before, but it’s not like I’m announcing my sex toy to everyone. Just dinners… clubs… I took her to ‘Edans’ two days ago. Like I said, she’s basically alive…”

“Well, hello!” Scarlet interrupted with a strong delivery, “Well now, all the changes you made have been confirmed. I’d apologise for my behaviour earlier Maeve, but… ah well. I guess you may need to punish your ‘sex toy’ later for it” she grinned with a playful giggle, glancing to Maeve before looking Julie over. “Now how did I overlook you before? I don’t tell everyone this, but your eyes are so strong. Almost piercing with their amber glow!”

Julie looked back, wide eyed as a brimming grin overtook her. “Oh wow!” She gasped “That’s so sudden. Now this is more like it!” Her grip of the ends of her hair still clutched, looser than before as Maeve’s words bounced around in her mind.

“Good!” Maeve beamed, taking a step closer to Scarlet. “Now that’s better. As for you two, you can now have some fun just like we do. I’ll be back soon… hopefully. As for right this second, give me something for the road babe”.

“Yes!” Scarlet cheered with a giggle, quickly turning to plant her full, silicon filled lips against Maeves. Their quick peck morphed into something longer, with Maeve’s fingers drifting southward to the machine’s exposed naval, spreading their lips apart. “Ohh fuck Maeve… you’re always so gentle” Scarlet purred softly as Maeve’s fingers slipped between her tight, plastic folds.

Julie watched on, closely, fixated on the display unfolding in front of her. She slowly stepped back to where she stood, confident no one saw her hopeful step forward at Maeve’s request.

“Now… ohh yes… treat Julie… like you would me… oh that’s it babeeeee…” Maeve cooed between growingly heavier breaths. “She’s… soooo deserving of care… oh god… and she’s so lovelyyyy…. fuckkk…”

“Of course, mistress” Scarlet reassured her with a clear voice, despite their pressed lips. The machine slipped two fingers within Scarlet’s sleek pussy, brushing over her growing clit with a gentle pinch.

Shivering lightly, Scarlet let out a deeper purr, muffled between their pressed lips. “Now now…” she said with an endearing grin towards her owner. “I can’t… oh yes… be the blame for you being late to Sarah’s… Mmmh… place again now, can I? Especially when she needs you almost as much as I do. Don’t be late for someone in need”.

“Oh…” Maeve blinked twice, breaking their embrace abruptly. “Yes, of course, you’re right, I shouldn’t be late. Let me just recompose myself. I should really recompose myself. Yes… yes… Let me just recompose myself.” She announced, wiping her fingers against Scarlet’s forearm before brushing her top over and straightening out her shorts.

“Ok… That’s better. How do I look?” Maeve spun around, offering her audience a display of a well fitted crop top and denim shorts, matched with white sneakers.

“Much more practical for your help with Sarah than before. Those sneakers will do well for grip too.” Julie assessed, as Scarlet gave Julie a confused glance. Chuckling, Maeve approached Julie with open arms. Taking her embrace, both friends hugged tightly as Julie rested her cheek on Maeve’s chest as she had many times before.

“Always the pragmatist. Now, enjoy my new toy babe! And you” She pointed at Scarlet, “enjoy my bestie!” She ordered as she broke their hug.

“Okay. I’ll be back soon guys. Bye!” With that, Maeve spun around and disappeared through the front door, leaving Julie with a growing relief. She could finally act on her urges.

Part 2

Julie glanced Scarlet’s way, the latter of which stood there, arms behind her back with an innocent look about her. No comments, or cheekiness. Her change was abrupt, sudden, something that felt oddly calming to Julie. She felt no rush knowing Sarah and all. She knew she had all the time in the world.

Yet her priorities came first, or rather, a deeply embedded compulsion which finally sprung free the instant Maeve left. She had to know everything about Scarlet. But more promptly, she needed order from the chaotic mess surrounding her.

“Scarlet, clean this place up” she commanded, taking a slouching seat where Scarlet once lay on the couch. “Be quick about it”. She added.

“Certainly Julie. Right away!” She agreed before turning to face her. “Any point in me putting something on? It’s a little chilly in here after all and I could get dirty”

“Would I have a toaster wear something? And better you get dirty than some good clothing” Julie shot back with a cocky smirk. Scarlet gave her a raised eyebrow.

“No, a toaster isn’t designed to wear anything, where as I am. Any point in me putting something on? It’s cheaper and easier to wash clothes than my skin” She repeated, identically as before.

Julie shook her head with a laugh. “I’m sure it is. Answer’s still no. Get going. This place has had me on edge since I walked in. It feels so draining with everything all over the place!”

“Sure thing, Julie. It’s more fun like this anyhow I suppose! I’m much more easily accessible, if you know what I mean” Scarlet beamed as she stepped past the couch. She began with the discarded clothes from earlier, opting to bend at the waist for every item she found out of grasp. Once she reached the couch, she paused as a pair of blue panties hidden between the cushions found their way into in hand.

“Oh! I remember, that was so fun! Maeve looks so good in my ‘LoveWorks’ blue panties! You know they’re on sale now? She looks almost as good as I do with them on” she announced proudly as she folded the clothes neatly, placing them on the floor next to the couch.

Julie meanwhile sunk further into the couch cushion, taking hold of the user manual once again. From top to bottom on every page, she thoroughly inspected the documents with machine grade focus, mumbling to herself as she breezed through the pages at a steady pace. She had to be sure Scarlet was the model she’d researched earlier. The ‘exact’ same model. It tormented her inside, with a slowly growing relief found only as each word was read over.

Compulsively scanning every character, Julie ceased abruptly as she read ‘Whilst the 575-X is MORE than capable of servicing multiple partners, the original owner must authorise every new sexual partner verbally and must receive verbal confirmation from the 575-X in return. This standard feature is across all our featured models, without exception. It also can’t be disabled.’

“No… this can’t be right…” Whispering under her breath, Julie re-read the text three times over before tossing the manual to the cushion next to her. “No… Scarlet! Come here now!” she demanded abruptly, taking on a straight posture on the couch.

Looking up, Scarlet dropped the garbage bag from her hand onto the carpet and approached Julie. “Yes Miss? How may I serve you?” she innocently asked, holding the ends of her hair with a pinch.

Julie looked Scarlet over before glancing around the room. Much to her surprise, a large portion of the room was cleaned. But that didn’t calm her racing thoughts. “How long were you cleaning… Actually, ignore that. Orgasm for me, now.” Julie demanded.

“Oh, okay Julie! Okkk oh mmmyyy!!” Scarlet’s body shivered on the spot, flexing every synthetic muscle as they tensed against her ultra realistic skin. Her hands drifted from the ends of her hair, wondering towards the tips of both breasts as they clutched her perky, plastic mounds tightly over both quickly stiffening nipples.

“Ohhh mmyyy… Fuck yesss… Nope sorry!” Scarlet’s display halted quickly as her tongue shot out once again. “Only authorised users can order me to orgasm on the spot or perform any sexual acts for that matter. Maeve failed to give you authorisation it seems. Aww well, better luck next time champ! May I return to cleaning for you now Miss?”

Julie felt a pit open within her stomach. She felt the beginnings of frustration rearing its ugly head deep in the recesses of her mind. “No… This can’t be… Scarlet, kiss me now” Julie tried again, fighting back defeat in her tone.

With a step forward, Scarlet leaned in, pushing Julie’s hair aside as she bridged the gap between them. The latter also leaned forward, shivering slightly as her hope stayed barely alight.

“Now that I can…” Scarlet continued, with Julie closing her eyes, feeling the machine’s warm exhale, with a hint of fragrance to it, against her lips.

“…not do either! Sorry! Only my primary user can authorise others to kiss me on the spot, or vice versa, let alone at all! Maeve failed to give you authorisation it seems. Aww well. You should try again. It may work… or it may not. I don’t know.” Scarlet teased with a playful smirk, stepping back, and standing upright.

“Fuck…” Julie groaned, her fist slamming into the user manual, crunching the paper.

“No can do either!” Scarlet continued, her tone penetrating Julie’s mind fiercely. “Unless that was rhetorical, but still. Only authorised users can order me to…”

“Yes! I get it!” Julie yelled back, slamming the user manual with her clenched fist once more.

“Oh really? Good! I thought I had to spell it out for you… again. You usually take a moment to catch on, don’t you?” Scarlet laughed as she looked on at Julie’s fuming display. “I mean, you could ask me nicer... Or… oh I don’t know, look online like so many others have. Your problem isn’t unique to you, you know!”

Julie glanced up at Scarlet, her eyes glaring with a brighter glow than before. “Scarlet, shut up and jump five times on the spot, then hold a plank until I saw otherwise.”

“Yes Miss! Right away!” Scarlet agreed, spreading her legs slightly before performing five identically displayed jumps in succession. Julie watched as Scarlets body naturally flexed every artificial muscle, right down to each toe flexing upon each landing. Even her breasts bouncing as she expected. Her eyes darted to the machines naval, still dripping slightly and dropping to the floor with each landing.

She glanced back to the user manual, sticking out like a sore thumb. Ignoring Scarlet as she dropped to the floor, Julie picked the manual up and flicked through the pages until she found what she needed.

“Sexual acts are strictly limited to authorised users. This is to avoid use from unwanted persons which may taint or damage the 575-X. Your 575-X is fully equipped to relay this information promptly without compromise! You’ll never have an unwanted surprise, nor will any stranger simply use her without your express permission. As per our guarantee, you will always remain in control”

‘You’ve made that quite clear to me, haven’t you?’ Her focus shifted from the user manual to the scattered papers on the coffee table. Flipping through them, her fists clenched tightly against the pages as simple questions that Scarlet’s user manual could answer kept reappearing. That was until an answer, in bolded white letters jumped out at her.

‘The app!’

“How was that Mistress?” Scarlet asked, looking up at Julie from her posture perfect plank, offering Julie a grin of satisfaction. “Did I and am I performing to your liking?” She said with a subtle breathlessness to her tone.

“Absolutely pathetic…” Julie groaned back as she pulled out her phone. “You can’t even jump right. And your plank is too… well obviously faked. No semblance of a struggle at all! Where’s the fun in that?”

With a frown, Scarlet lowered her gaze to the floor. “Were they too identical Miss? And I can simulate struggles for this plank. I can also alter my algorithm to allow for more natural jumps and reactions if you wish for it, Miss. I am more than capable of doing this to your satisfaction, you just have to tell me is all”

Julie chuckled for a moment, the very thought of a sex robot being able to change her own algorithms amused her. ‘Since when can machines reprogram themselves, let alone program at all?’

Opening the ‘LW’ app, she swiped across the flashing ‘intro’ scenes until the main page appeared, revealing several signals to connect to, with only two appearing strong enough to be nearby. ‘There are others here?’ Julie pondered, selecting ‘Unknown’ first out of curiosity.

“Access denied” she read aloud, perplexed. Scarlet tilted her head slightly, her gaze still to the floor as she listened.

“Hmm, perhaps this is it” Julie said as she selected the ‘575-X’.

“Please insert your master code” Scarlet announced instantly in a loud, clear monotone, replicating the written text across the screen.

“Oh shit, what did Maeve put in?” Julie pondered as she glanced between Scarlet and the phone; her fingers moving over the keyboard idlily. “Was it all numbers? Characters too? Scarlet, what’s your code?”

“I’m not authorised to answer that, Julie. Only code bearing persons can gain access to my inner configurable options. Them or technicians… or would that make them the same thing?” Scarlet bluntly stated as she stared at the floor, still holding the plank effortlessly.

“Well… fuck it” Julie whispered as she punched in the first nine numbers that ‘felt right’.

Almost immediately, Scarlet chimed. “Access accepted and granted! Welcome Maeve. How may I be of service today?”

“Yes… wait Maeve? I’m Julie” She chuckled lightly. “So advanced and yet so dumb”.

Scarlet remained quiet.

Nodding with acceptance, Julie flicked through Scarlet’s settings as awe slowly set in at the sheer customisability Scarlet had to offer. “You’re quite the toy, aren’t you? I wonder, do you take mods?”

“Oh yes Maeve! ‘LoveWorks’ products are fully customisable right down to the fingernails. Would you be interested in any? There’s a sale commencing in three days you know” Scarlet announced in an over rehearsed tone.

“Again, Julie.” She said with slight frustration. “And later. We have all the time in the world, thanks to Sarah” Julie continued swiping through, finding Maeve’s user profile and all the customised settings she’d made. More accurately, the six changes she made. “Really? You’ve been running basically at base this whole time?”

Again, no response from the machine.

“Well, time to give myself… no.” Julie paused, a subtle smirk appearing across her lips. She entered Maeve’s profile and switched her to a temporary user, giving herself the new primary owner title.

“Full access. You’re mine now” She laughed lightly, as Scarlet accepted the changes with a soft chime once again. Entering her own profile, she scrolled through until ‘sexual preferences’ appeared. From there, she found the full list of sexual acts allowed for each user at their preference, with all of hers being unticked by default. From ‘making out’, ‘BDSM, ‘anal’ and everything in between, she was astounded by how much precise control over Scarlet she had.

She was quick to tick every single last box before accepting the changes. Chiming again, Scarlet’s out of sight lips quivered momentarily, matching her rapid, successive blinking.

“Scarlet, stand and step closer towards me” Julie commanded, pointing to the floor before her.

“Yes Mistress” was all she heard as Scarlet jumped up from her plank. Taking two steps forward, she tilted her head slightly down to face Julie.

“Orgasm for me, now.” Julie bluntly ordered, identical to before.

“Oh, fuck yes Mistress”

Part 3

Head thrown back, shaking with tensed muscles, Scarlet’s display was near identical to earlier, albeit without abruptly ceasing halfway. She stayed still however, panting deeply as her eyes glanced back at Julie, offering a brimming grin.

“Oh Mistress, thank you for that! I feel so loose and relaxed now. My first orgasm was so well done! And that’s a hell of a way to get me in the mood.” Grinning, she wrapped both arms around her torso, pressing each breast together tightly. “As for now, I’d especially like our outfits to match, and I don’t have what you’re wearing if you catch my drift”.

Winking, she stepped closer to the brunette beauty. “Nothing quite like the birthday suit… built day suit?” pausing, both her red eyes glowed intensely as she shivered with a soft groan. “Yes… birthday for you… That was confusing… Anyhow, what can I do for you now my love? I’m so ready for you to take my slutty ass. It’s confusing though, I’m both a virgin and a slut? I guess paradoxes are possible after all” She pondered, conflicted as a result of Julie’s changes with both eyes crossing momentarily.

‘Note to self, disable either her ‘virgin’ or ‘slut’ setting.’ Julie gulped in an attempt to settle her nerves. ‘A little fun with her first though can’t hurt?’

Julie closed the gap between, tossing her phone to the couch. Her amber eyes dragged along Scarlet’s jaw line, glossing across to her cute little button nose. “Fuck, they built you well” she admired, bringing her fingers to retrace the path her gaze just took.

“Hmm, thanks Julie. I’m constructed under an ultra-tight quality assurance methodology. Almost as tight as my unused pussy is! So many people love how tight I am!” She teased with a soft moan. “You’re quite lovely, and so very gentle too. You don’t have to be you know. Even if I’m new to all this, I still love being tied up and rooted like a good little whore!”

With a chuckle, Julie leaned in slightly closer. The tips of Scarlets fingers moved towards Julie’s cheek, brushing along her jaw line, mirroring Julie’s path. “Perhaps we see the same skin care people. We’re both equally smooth. I hope you’re smooth down there too” Scarlet noticed as she continued a moment longer. Closing both eyes, Julie softly moaned under Scarlet’s touch.

“I hoped you’d be like this.” Julie went on, pulling her lips back slightly. “You know, I’ve watched what your model is capable of before. I’ve studied what makes you tick. I’ve even seen your model dismantled on a table; your inner workings on show for all. Never though did I think you’d be this soft to touch.”

Smirking, Scarlet tilted her head slightly. “Every 575-X is unique… unique...” she stammered with a blink. “Maeve’s set me up to be precisely as she likes me. This will change inevitably as she changes, but I can’t not… not… be okay with that you know? And you knowing what’s beneath my soft skin? Underneath the quarter inch thick silicon which passes for this skin your finger brushes over now?”

Planting her lips against Julies, she glided her tongue across her inner cheek, leaving behind her sweetly flavoured saliva. Pulling back, Julie licked both their lips as she maintained their grin. “Keep talking like that.” Was all Julie said.

“Yes Mistress” Scarlet continued, pulling her closer as their lips touched once more. “My intricately designed microstructures are precisely lined on every circuit board. It’s all manufactured to perfection… perfection… just like me. All hidden too. I’ve fooled so many before, even on the most intimate of moments. So many enjoy my innocent nature. Others adore how dirty I am. I’m an appliance, albeit a perfect one for all to enjoy. Absolutely changing to anyone’s needs, without compromise… compromise...”

Julie listened; her moans muffled between their pressed lips.

Pulling back, she gazed longing at Scarlet as multiple urges fought for dominance within her mind. Underpinning everything was desire, kicking the urge to correct her mistakes to the curb.

Desire, a compulsive feeling that Julie was all too familiar with. One Scarlet detected a moment later.

“I think you’ll like this. Let me show you the real reason why I’m so envied… especially when untainted… untainted… tained” She stammered her coo; her fingers moving over Julie’s shoulders and pushing themselves deeply into her upper back.

“Okay…” Softly submitting, deeply breathing, Julie smelt the fragrant scented breath the machine offered once more. Scarlet offered more with a giggle as she gently leaned inward, planting her full silicon lips against Julies once again, widening hers slightly as her precisely designed tongue slipped passed into Julie’s mouth. There, Julie brushed against every corner within the crafted silicon mouth, all the while pulling Scarlet’s bare chest closer to hers.

“Oh… fuck” Julie managed between gasps. “Scarlet…”

“Hmm, you’re so soft… soft… Julie” She interjected, pushing her tummy against Julie’s denim jacket. “I really wish we were bare together.”

“Hmm!” Julie gulped, conflicted. “Not yet… Stop.”

She felt Scarlet’s tongue immediately stiffen against her own. In a single fluid motion, Scarlet’s head straightened and pulled back, her tongue disappearing behind a slightly disappointed frown.

“Of course, Mistress. You’re in charge after all. But first, you do like making out right? It couldn’t possibly be me. I mean, I know I’m fresh to this but surely…” She teased playfully. “But if it was me, we do have the ability to practice at it! I need the practice. I’m more than capable of learning how to please you in any which way.”

Cheeks glowing red, Julie brushed them both as she looked away. “This is too easy. You’ve flipped on a dime…”

“And so have you” Scarlet interjected, reaching out to stroke her cheek. “Let’s be real here. It’s not like I hold grudges… Or jealousy for that matter. Or that I’m even capable of doing so unless directly told. When I see you, I’ve identified you as my primary user to interact with on a complete basis. No half assed processing power diverted towards you like I will towards others. Not a chore to maintain as I focus on who really matters. You have my entire being. My processors. My ability to analytically assess cause and effect, and to simulate free will. Every inch of my perfect plastic being. And especially my sarcastic ass. I’m one fully functioning sex toy at your disposal to use however you see fit. Need a chair? I’m there on all fours. Want a hole to carry something around with you? My pussy is your glove box. Want phone sex? You know who to literally call!”

Julie grew even more red at the thoughts Scarlet weaved into her mine. “Maeve’s really done a number on you hasn’t she? She’s opted for a complete fuck toy in every respect and ignored the important stuff like keeping the damn dorm room clean!”

“She really has allowed me to act this way. It’s because of her that I’d happily service person after person, all awaiting me in a line for my perfect mouth and pussy to take them. She’s made me love being a little perfect fuck hole slut for absolutely anything or anyone. Hmm, the thought of it makes me so fucking hot… Oh fuck… oh fuck.” Her hand went stiff against Julie’s cheek, flinching them roughly as she paused.

Stepping back, Julie froze. “Scarlet, are you feeling alright?”

With a grin, she nodded. “Oh, don’t worry about me. I’m fine… fine… absolutely will feel you fine for me to be alright.” She replied, gargling her words with a grin. “The important stuff you mentioned. That’s important to you? You know what I am right? If Maeve wanted a maid, she’d have better luck buying an ‘Astirius’ branded android. And we know I fuck way better than those plastic toys. Now they’re true toys. I’m purely designed for sex and to serve; you know that right? Having my ultra realistic pussy filled and my tits played with like the plastic sacks of buoyant gel they are is literally my purpose. They are my identity” She stated proudly, reaching up towards her hair with a twirl of her finger.

Tightening her lips, Julie shook her head as she reached for her phone. “Maeve may have wanted you as you are now, but I want you for something different.”

“That’s acceptable. Every user is entitled to their own preference on how I operate. But you should be aware that whilst some of my customisable features are open to complete change, others such as my core programming shouldn’t be changed at all. I’m advanced, but I’m not supernatural!” Scarlet advised, hinting caution within her tone.

“Oh please. It’s not like I’m going to change you too much…” Julie reaffirmed as the app flashed open once again. “I’m just… experimenting”

“If you say so” Scarlet acknowledged, remaining still as she looked around. “I really should get back to cleaning…”

“…mhm…” Julie hummed as she looked through the array of options. ‘So many more choices than her sexual set. Fuck she’s so customisable. Why is that even possible? How are some of these options even possible?’ She thought as she searched through the ‘personality’ tab. Everything was greyed out with the exception of ‘pre-sets’. At the top right was an ‘override’ button, which Julie promptly pressed. Scarlet was quick to verbalise the written text which appeared across Julie’s phone.

“Warning. Customising root personality programming can cause significant instability. Please be advised that ‘LoveWorks’ is not responsible for any and all damage caused whilst altered root programming is enabled. Significant alterations from baseline will void all warranty completely” Scarlet bluntly announced in an obviously pre-recorded voice.

Shrugging, Julie hastily jumped in and out of tabs, finding the odd setting which forced a tingle through her thoughts. “We’re first going to change your preferences. I want you to feel what I felt when I walked in here… as soon as I figure out how to do that…” she said with a sly smirk.

“Oh, that sounds like fun!” Scarlet replied with a hop on the spot.

‘For me it should be’ Julie thought. After a moment, Julie hit ‘Accept’ with Scarlet chiming once as the changes flowed through her. They both stood there, Julie consumed by a compulsion to edit Scarlet to her whim. The other, too oblivious to know what was about to come.

Part 4

“Ohh fuck Julie… Please…” Scarlet yelped, crouching over as she shivered intensely. “Oh fuck! I… what did you do?! I need you. I need something inside me, please!”

“Hmmmmm” Julie dragged out, taking a step forward, “Feeling… insatiable all of a sudden? Perhaps frustrated?”

“Oh yes! That’s exactly it!” She confirmed as her fingers inched closer towards her synthetic pussy.

“Now, now, that’s not going to help you much.” Julie laughed as she approached the machine. “See, when I walked in here, you were a total ass to me. I almost forgot that. I almost let you get away with that. But now, allow me to return the favour. Go ahead, masturbate. Find out the change I made to you.”

“OH thank you!” Scarlet gasped, her fingers darting to her pussy as she furiously rubbed her clit. Pushing against herself with force, Scarlet’s swirls grew increasingly frantic “Oh… yes! This feels… so fucking intense!”

“Not as intense as this. Your orgasm will only happen after mine.” She ordered, watching in anticipation.

Julie crouched further forward, rubbing roughly as she began panting. “I’m so close... oh yes… no… wait… I… I need you! Please I need you!”

“Yes!” Julie. “Stop and look at me. Let me remind you of what you’re missing out on.” She taunted, as she slipped out of her Demin jacket, placing it neatly over the couch arm, she slipped off her woollen jumper and placed it on top of the jacket.

Scarlet’s fingers ceased abruptly against her pussy, locking in position as they slowly pulled out and upward like a mannequin’s hand. Her eyes darting from her naval to Julie as she released both breasts from her bra. Pushing down her stockings, she kicked off her sneakers and stood bare in front of Scarlet, pointing to her own hairless pussy. “Now, your mouth, here”.

“Yes! And maybe we can orgasm together?” Scarlet blurted with hope. Dropping to her knees, she shuffled to Julie. “Oh Mistress, you’re so tight! So small!” Was all she said before her lips met Julie’s pussy.

“Perha… fuck…” Julie managed as she hunched over, gripping Scarlet’s hair at the roots for support. “Ohhh shit how…”

“Sex robot… very capable… please just ORGASM FOR ME SO I CAN!” Scarlet begged as her tongue buried itself deep inside Julie.

“Yes… yes.. yes! YES!!! No wait! Sixty nine me… on the couch!” Julie managed with Scarlet quick to comply.

Rising to her feet, Scarlet took hold of Julie and pushed her to the couch, positioned as Scarlet did when she found her. Scarlet planted her perfectly crafted pussy on Julie’s lips.

“Fuck yes! Lick me fast!” Julie ordered, quivering on the couch as she felt Scarlet’s weight on top of her.

Withering on top of her, Scarlet lapped greedily, desperately at Julie’s pussy.

“Faster robot!” Julie shouted as she lapped at the plastic pussy. “You’re so fucking good! I’m feeling so hot with you… everything feels so hot…”

“Yes Mistress. I am so hot for you!”

Julie’s fingers tensed as they gripped into Scarlet’s sides, pushing her pussy away as she gasped for air. “I feel so hot! Fuck… you’re not going to overheat on me? You… you… my temperature increasing… I am recording insufficient cooling operations. Increase your pace, Scarlet. Hurry up! I must orgasm!”

“YES! I shall… if you allow me to orgasm.” Scarlet slowed her efforts as she pushed her pussy harder into Julie’s face.

“Yes… confirmed… permission to orgasm granted provided… provided… make me… me… this unit orgasm after. Be fast… faster… about it… faster…”

“Oh YES…. FFFUUUCCCKKK YYYEEESSS!!” Scarlet heard what she wanted, shaking on top of Julie in an intense yet fleeting moment. As soon as it began, she was back to lapping against Julie’s pussy.

“Faster… Faster…” Julie continued, growing quieter on every repeat.

“Yes Mistress” Came Scarlet’s reply.

Over and over, the two stayed sandwiched together, stuck in their loops until Maeve returned.

Stepping back into her dorm, Maeve held up a carton of vodkas, presenting them to the room. “Hey! I’m so sorry about the wait! Sarah took forever as always… Umm, Julie?”

Part 5


Silence. Stillness, only broken as Maeve stepped forward. Dropping the six pack of vodkas to the carpet, she watched on, listening closely.

“Faster… faster… faster…” Julie droned in a growingly softer monotone, barely audible over Scarlet’s gentle moans.

“Yes Mistress, I’ll be faster for you” Scarlet replied, quickening her laps against the now cold, plastic lips.

Maeve glanced between them both, baffled. “Scarlet, get off of her now and tell me what the hell’s going on!”

“Yes… yes… Maeve. Dddoooiiinnnggg so… Doing so now” She spat out, lifting herself off of Julie. Taking to both feet, she looked up at Maeve with regretful eyes. “I… I’mmmm… apologises Mistress… mistress… I… Julie has malfunctioned”

“Stop… Julie’s a machine?” Cutting the bumbling machine off, Maeve whipped out her phone. Opening the ‘LW’ app, she paused as an unknown signal appeared. “Hmm, you’re new?” Selecting it, her eyes darted back to Julie as she spoke.

“Access denied” Came her stale reply, reflecting the text on the screen. Instantly after, she resumed her stuttering loop.

“Okay, one thing at a time then” Maeve settled as she punched in Scarlet’s code. It didn’t take long for Julie’s mess to come to light. “Admin privileges? Julie you idiot! What do I do now?”

“Each user’s profile… profile… is pre-set with different configurations… configurations… is pre-set… error detected in response module ‘Vocal’, assessing… please wait”

“Well, it says here that I’m still the primary user… oh wait, I’m in hers.” Selecting her own profile, she switched herself back to the primary user as she looked back at Scarlet.

“User profile ‘Maeve’ loaded. Hi Mistress! Sorry about the mess here, your friend Julie didn’t quite like the way you set me up for her. I had no idea she was just like me!” Both looked at Julie, her form frozen, stuck in a recurring loop.

“I’d never have guessed so either. What model is she? Why didn’t she tell me?” Scarlet’s eyes scanned Julie’s bare body, failing to find any label, logo or give away.

“Beats me. She’s not registered as a unit here; however, something was off about her. I can’t liken her to any known models either. Perhaps she’s an ‘Astirius’ model?” Scarlet suggested, with Maeve shaking her head.

“Probably not... I doubt it at least. But I never would have guessed. She seemed so lifelike. And yet… wait, how did she end up this way?”

With a giggle, Scarlet explained with a proud smile. “She’s clearly not as advanced as I am when it comes to sexual feats. She couldn’t quite keep up with me, I think. I was running hot from all the changes my processors chugged through, and she was running hot also underneath me. Perhaps her systems overheated due to the active heat exchange and reduced ventilation. Just a thought. It could be anything really!” Scarlet gave a thousand-yard stare straight past Maeve before continuing. “In any case, she’s busted now, I think.”

“The hell she is!” Maeve interjected, crossing both arms. “We’re going to get her back up and running. I’ve… actually, how do we go about this?”

“I’m so glad you asked! Did you know that I can automate tasks for you?” Scarlet proposition, bouncing actively on her toes in her eagerness. “Simply state the task and goal, and I’ll do my best to achieve it for you.”

Maeve nodded, thinking as she looked Julie over. “Okay… This would have been handy like a week ago you know? As for now… Activate Julie… but keep her personality… deactivated. I want to find out as much about her as possible.”

“Yes Mistress. Right away!” Scarlet complied, turning to Julie, and leaning forward over her.

Maeve meanwhile knelt and broke open the cardboard seal around the vodkas. Popping off the lid, she sipped away at one as she watched Scarlet.

“Hmm, what are you doing?” Maeve asked between sips, pointing to Scarlet’s wondering fingers over Julie’s ears.

“My power switch is hidden in the outer skin in my left ear. I’m attempting to locate hers.” She replied, her fingers gliding along Julie’s ears. Along the ridge of her left ear was a subtle bump, one that Scarlet pushed inward.

“Faster… faster… fassssttttteeeerr….” Julie’s drone died out, dragging along as her lips remained parted, eyes opened, and her distinct amber glow now dulled. Scarlet waited patiently before holding the bump once again.

  • Beep* Came from within Julie’s chest as her eyes darted around rapidly. “Unauthorised power termination detected. This unit will restart in safe mode. If you wish this unit to restart normally, verbally say so.”

A moment of silence passed until Julie’s eyes fixated upwards to the ceiling, pulsating in their amber shine as she spoke. “Safe mode activated. Please contact a technician immediately. Whilst awaiting a technician, this unit is still capable of serving you to a limited capacity.”

Scarlet straightened up, stepping back as Maeve took over. “Who are you?” she quickly asked, leaning in slightly in anticipation.

“This unit’s designation is ‘Julie May’.” She replied with a faint semblance of her natural voice.

“What model are you?” Maeve replied with a little more urgency.

“This unit’s model is unavailable.” Came her response.

Maeve made a fist, tightening it slightly as she persisted. “Did ‘LoveWorks’ make you?”

“Uknown. This unit’s model is unavailable.” She repeated, identically to before.

“Who are you?!” Maeve exclaimed with a tone that prompted Scarlet.

“Maeve, please settle down! Julie’s most likely been altered from stock.” She suggested. “Perhaps try something different? Your phrasing is a large factor here in case you forgot.”

Thinking, Maeve decided to ask differently. “Who am I, and who am I to you?”

“Your designation is ‘Maeve June’. You are this units designated ‘best friend’ and confidant.”

With a humph, Maeve glanced back at Scarlet. “Some confidant... Not even telling me that she’s just a machine.”

“She could provide further detail if you request it. And I don’t advertise what I am openly either. Just a thought” Scarlet suggested again with a hopeful smile.

“Julie.” Maeve began “What relationship do we have?”

“You are designated as this unit’s ‘best friend’. This was determined based on the nine thousand three hundred and two hours of time spent in local proximity. Statistically speaking, should time spent together continue at the current predicted rate, this relationship would be upgraded to ’livelong friends’ after an additional ten thousand, six hundred and ninety-eight hours. Our discussion points prompted topics such as ‘Classes’, ‘Girl/boy friends’, ‘Sexual partners’, ‘Music’, ‘Sports’… do you wish for me to specify all ninety-seven factors?” Julie queried with a blank look.

Maeve’s eyes looked over her friend. All the laughs, tears, and deep and meaningful conversations, all analysed and held with an advanced machine. Numbers stored away in the same thing her phone carried.

Something about it all made her tingle inside. She caught Scarlet glancing her way with a grin, tilting her head slightly in her half assed attempt to hide it. “I’ve heard enough. Scalet, start her up”

“Gladly Mistress!” She obeyed, leaning forward once again as she held Julie’s left ear bump. Identical to before, Julie restarted, with Maeve bypassing straight to her normal start up. She watched closely as Scarlet stood back.

“Faster Scarlet! Faster… fas… huh? Where’d you go…? Scarlet? MAEVE?!” she yelped, covering herself up as she curled in a ball. “It’s not what it looks like! Fuck… I’m…”

“Calm down!” Maeve reassured as she closed the gap between them. “Look, everything’s fine. I walked in on you two sixty nining each other and saw your malfunctioning ass too. So, I’ve got to ask, why’d you never tell me?”

“We were not sixty nining… malfunction?” She asked, seemingly perplexed. “Umm, do I look like a plastic machine to you?”

“Well… I know what I saw. And you can’t really deny that.” Maeve chuckled lightly.

Julie hesitated, giving Maeve a confused look. “Is… this a game or something? You found Scarlet and I fucking, and now you want two machines of your own? I mean, I could do the whole ‘beep boop’ role play. I’d be crappy at it though, probably.”

The very thought weaved its way through Maeve’s mind. One that mostly took over as she slowly pieced together what was going on.

“Perhaps she’s unaware?” Scarlet suggested as Julie glanced up at her.

“Unaware of what? Did something happpppppeeeennnnn…” fading to a slur, Maeve released Julie’s ear.

Maeve took hold of a second bottle and swirled it down in a single hit. “Doesn’t matter if she’s unaware. We’re changing her programming. Scarlet, your goal is to make me her owner whilst retaining the rest.”

“Of course, Mistress” Scarlet replied as she began. From the second to the third bottle of vodka, followed by the forth, and ending at the fifth, Maeve finished off the pack as she watched Scarlet do her work. She reactivated Julie with a hopeful look after an hour.

From her blank stare, Julie’s eyes scanned the room, pausing on Scarlet, and ending on Maeve as she broke out into a bright expression. “Maeve! You’re back! Oh, and I LOVE the new outfit too!” she beamed with a cheer.

“Julie, who am I to you?” Maeve asked as she finished off the last bottle.

“You’re my owner. Would you like this to change Mistress?” Julie replied with a determined attitude.

“And Scarlet?”

“I’m her toy and she is my toy. Whatever you desire Mistress.” She answered with a hint of anticipation.

“And who are you and what model are you?”

“I’m Julie, Mistress. And… I’m unsure what you mean. I’m human.” Julie replied with confidence.

“You’re an android like Scarlet is.” Maeve tried, with Julie waving her off.

“Yes Mistress. I can be an android for you if you’d like. I can play the part better than Scarlet’s plastic ass”. She reassured.

“Hmm, fine. Scarlet, I want you in command for now. You have full control of Julie here. Do as you see fit as I watch.” She said, sitting on the couch as she watched.

“Yes Mistress. Julie, on the floor now on your back, knees in the air, straight.” Scarlet commanded, stepping back as she tested Julie’s obedience.

“Hmm, of course Mistress” In a single swing, Julie moved to the floor beyond the coffee table. Laying on her back, she lifted both legs as Scarlet moved over her. Squatting above her face, Scarlet lowered her dripping plastic pussy against Julie’s equally artificial lips.

The unspoken command followed as Julie lifted her head slightly, lapping at Scarlet’s pussy. Maeve watched on, closely watching every moment. ‘How couldn’t she tell me? Why doesn’t she know?’.

Their display continued, with Scarlet growing closer to an orgasm still controlled by Julie. Something Maeve wasn’t aware of.

The scene went on, with Maeve growing bored after a few moments. Standing, she moved to her desk and pulled out a book. The background moans were enjoyable, for a short while at least. At least, until she picked up on the repeating toned and moans.

“Hmm, it’s getting a bit much Scarlet.” She groaned, as she walked over to both machines.

“We can try somethingggggg ddddiiifffff…” Scarlet drowned down as Maeve held the bump in her ear.

“Hmm, you want me to pleasure a deactivated sex robbbooottt” Julie followed suit with Scarlet, freezing on the floor with her tongue several inches deep inside Scarlet’s pussy as the latter squatted over her on the floor.

“That’s better” Maeve said. “Yes. That’s better. That’s much better. That’s better” Nodding, she went back to her seat. Pulling out her phone, she dialled a number and held it to her ear.

“Sarah… you’ll never guess what I just found out”

The end

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