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So I was browsing the internet for some good fembot conspiracy fiction, when I dug up this archived thread from some generalist anime/comics/games forum. The topic was apparently locked before any replies could be written, and the forum itself seemingly went under some time ago. Anyway, since I can’t tell if this is was written in earnest or not, I’m reposting it here in the Stories section. Hope you enjoy.

MrNobody555 wrote:
OK guys so here’s a story I felt I had to share both for my welfare and the community’s. I’m telling this with a throwaway account not because I think the NWO or some grand conspiracy is out to get me but because I made some friends and relations through here, and I don’t want to spend the rest of my days marked as the guy who watched too much Austin Powers, and also because, well, I do believe that breaking this story could actually keep me out of some cons.
So I was at this convention, name irrelevant, and I was in a queue to take a photo with this cosplay model, let’s call her Lulu Tseng. I’m not a big cosplay guy, but I thought it would make a nice memento of the event, and I’lI admit I had stumbled on some of Lulu’s photoshoots before and I had always found her, well, pretty darn hot. She was in this RPG sorceress outfit, kinda title-generic but really lovingly rendered, with intricate pauldrons, vibrant crimson coat-thingy, and of course a cleavaged boob plate that showcased her natural advantages. So anyway, my number comes up and I’m rushed to her side and wow I’m so close to this cosplay figurehead and major hottie, and on top of the con’s stuffy climate I’m kinda warm and fuzzy -
- and she’s so cold and out of it. And I don’t mean that in a “this pisses me off but it’s my job” kinda vibe I mean like she just wasn’t here, she kinda had a thousand-yard stare going on underneath her photogenic smile and she didn’t even spare me a glance. And her skin was like stone cold and slightly sticky, but not in a moist way. Now I know being a cosplay model is a job and they can’t have a head-to-head with any and every sod that wants his picture taken, but that experience was pretty underwhelming and alienating. What did live to my expectations however was how much her photoshoots were true to life. I kinda expected them to had gone through some airbrushing, some minor but noticeable fix-ups in post, that their skillful photography was really what made them. But here she was, the exact same thing as the photoshoot, the same imposing presence, the same crisp costume, smooth and flawless skin and toned body, everything and much more from seeing her so close in person.
Anyway at that very moment it kinda slipped by me, and I chalked it up to her being tired or bored out of her mind by the repetitive task, and I was busy making my way to the other extremity of the con from where a friend of mine had texted me. Now even at a solid pace and knowing the place from the previous day, it took me around 10 minutes to get to him, slithering in between the crowd and the mess of stands. But guess who I saw as I met why friend? Lulu Tseng again, but already in another costume, some superhero leotard I didn’t know the name of, with assorted makeup and a queue that stretched for tens of meters already. I met my friend and we chatted for a bit, but this gnawed on the edge of my thoughts and I kept taking peeks at her over his shoulder. After we parted ways, I stayed watching Ms. Tseng from a distance, absentmindedly checking the booths around, and I noticed the same things as I had before and some more. The thousand-yard stare under the flirty photogenic smile, the clinical and almost absent interaction with her audience, how she was statuesque to the point that she barely seemed to breathe…
After around 15 minutes she called the photo op to a close and excused herself off. As the queue petered out, I decided against all better judgement to follow her from a distance. Thanks to her costume she was hard to miss, even in a con, but I never expected someone in such a frisky outfit and with that kind of razor-heels to walk this fast. After a complicated and at times redundant series of turn in the con’s tangled mess, she took an unassuming service door, and I followed her in what seemed to be an endless labyrinth of featureless beige corridors and empty backrooms. After minutes following her silently through this maze, we ended up in what seemed to be the delivery area of the conference center. A single semi was parked in one of the loading bays, and from the trailer’s rear a small white pavilion without any apparent entrance extended into the building. Ms. Tseng stopped in front of it and turned around, methodically looking around the delivery area. I ducked behind a wall, and only dared to take a peek when I heard a zipping sound. Righting herself back up after bending at the waist, Lulu was unfastening the tent open then walked inside, before zipping it closed again. I stood there for what seemed like hours as I tried to figure out what to do next.
Finally, gathering all my courage, I decided to enter the tent myself. After fumbling for a few moments in search of the zipper, I managed to get in. Inside were rows of tables with neatly folded and labeled clothes on them, which after further examination revealed themselves to be high-quality, intricate costumes with assorted wigs from various comics, movies and games licenses, a cosplayer’s seemingly bottomless treasure chest. Several spots were empty, but among the many apparels there I spotted one that was in all point similar to the one Lulu was sporting just moments ago. At the back of the tent was an opening which led into the trailer, kept from view by white plastic blinds. After another moment of pause, I put down the finely-crafted suit down and climbed the few steps into the trailer.
The inside was dimly lit, and it took my eyes a few moments before I could see anything. When I did, I realized I had barged in on Lulu Tseng, completely naked, laying down on what seemed to be some sort of dentist’s chair. I profusely babbled apologies as I stumbled out of the trailer back into the tent. However, after a few hesitating moments of anxious dread, I realized no cries of outrage, or that any reaction was expressed. Climbing back aboard the trailer, I realized Ms. Tseng was apparently completely unfazed, or even oblivious, to my presence. In fact, she was looking more like a life-sized doll than anything else, her unblinking eyes absently staring into the ceiling, completely still without even the faint motion of breathing. What I thought was some sort of dentist’s chair was actually a reclined seat that slightly spread her arms, legs and even fingers apart, equipped with robotic arms, themselves furnished with various appendages and working with faint whirrs on the cosplay star’s body.
Getting closer to the apparatus, I realized it served as some sort of cleaning device, as arms soaped and rinsed Lulu’s body while another was buffing her open eyes, something that made me cringe to see. While some would have believed that she was completely makeup free, and indeed most it she was previously sporting as part of her costume had been wiped off, her face was still subtly enhanced like for some au naturel shoot. Her almond eyes were too neatly outlined and shadowed and her lips too vibrant to be really makeup free. Her skin was also too flawless and even, almost like a rubber mask, to be clean of foundation, but then the rest of her body was similarly smoothed and unblemished, from head to toe. Seeing her stark naked, without costume, was kinda weird. For starters, she was bald, and not in a really short hair or shaved way - her scalp was the same smooth and uniform texture as the rest of her skin. Without the high-heels that accompanied most of her costumes, she fell somewhere somewhere under 1m60, and while her bust wasn’t that shocking in the absolute (I’d say around 36D), that made it comparatively all the more impressive. By the way, these definitely looked fake, with perfectly circular creamy nipples, staying round and projected in the absence support and despite Ms. Tseng laid-back position. As I examined her in more detail, I noticed two small metal discs on the sole of both her feet.
As I started to figure that something was seriously off instead of being afraid I was acting inappropriately, I tried getting a response from Lulu. I snapped my fingers centimeter away from her empty, glassy eyes, I tried tickling her, I tapped her on the cheek, all to no avail as the machine worked on her. Emboldened, I groped one of her tits. Now, as I said before, these looked fake, but as I felt her cold and rubbery skin again, I started to realize that maybe describing only her chest as such was maybe missing the whole picture. Working my way downwards, I felt her flat, smooth tummy, equally as cold and rubbery, then her similarly hairless nether region. Rubbing my hand down there for a bit elected absolutely no response, and I realized how dry she was.
Suddenly, a loud noise was heard, and all the manipulator arms ceased moving. With a whirr, the apparatus shifted into a sitting position. After clicking in place, Ms. Tseng stepped off it. I instinctively stood back, but she showed no interest in me or that she was even aware of my presence. I watched her shapely round butt as she got around the chair and headed deeper into the trailer. Following her, I realized that the back of it was filled with tool and parts containers, in which I could see things like parts of robotic skeletons, motherboards and so on, trunks on racks, and at the back end something like upright metal crates with little portholes at eye level. She stopped before the last one on the left, and the thing unfolded open, casting an eerie blue light from its base. Inside was what looked like a cross between a harness and some wicked BDSM machine, and at the bottom were feet molds with small metal circles reminiscent of those on her soles. With cold precision, Lulu turned around and backed up into the pod thingy, her feet fitting perfectly into the molds. She lifted her arms as two restraints folded back in from behind her, caging her abdomen. An over-the shoulder restraint similar to that of a rollercoaster ride then hinged down, cradling Lulu tightly and its bottom bar pressing her round breasts. Once firmly secured, Lulu lowered her arm, still without any expression on her face, and the pod folded close with a hiss. A clicking sound was heard as it sealed itself shut, and the blue light inside switched off.
The silence after the noise of all the hydraulics was deafening, and the trailer felt dimmer than ever after what amounted to a light show. After getting used to the low lighting, I counted 12 pods, 6 on each side of the trailer. Using my smartphone as a makeshift lamp, I peeked inside the pod right of the one Lulu had just entered - empty. Turning around, I looked inside the pod facing it and, after getting past the baldness, realized I was looking at another famous cosplayer I’ll call Vanessa Neigri, similarly harnessed and absently staring into nothing. The next pod contained another copy of Vanessa, the two after copies of a model I’ll call Belinda Yu, one was empty, and the last one on the row contained a cosplayer I only remember was Russian and went by something like Anaki. This was either huge, or I was getting down on something powerful.
I then heard a zipping noise coming from the tent. Peeking through the trailer’s blinds, I saw that it was the first Lulu Tseng, the one that I had my photo taken with. She had already removing her long, almost pitch-black wig and was getting undressed, neatly folding and laying out all the part of her sorceress costume on one of the tables’ empty spot, probably just like her previous copy had. I use the word copy here, but after thinking about it I’m starting to doubt there even being a flesh-and-blood original around. Trying something, I stepped in her way as she climbed into the trailer. She froze, like the copies in the pods, not batting an eye, still as a statue. As I took a couple of step backs, she resumed her climbing, but as she approached me froze again in the exact same manner. Trying my luck, I grabbed and squeezed her round, rubbery breasts again, then touched her face, to no avail. Feeling her mouth with my fingers, she was also completely dry there. Stepping out of her way, she went through the same procedure as the other Lulu Tseng, being thoroughly cleaned before sealing herself in the empty pod next to her other copy. With that done, one of the Belinda Yu copies stepped out and laid herself on the chair. This time, the device worked in reverse and carefully applied makeup on the copy’s rubber face. An arm inserted a device into her left ear and as it turned around, her eyes changed color and texture as if she was slipping contact lenses on. With that done, the Belinda Yu copy stepped out of the trailer and picked her custom-tailored, superhero-fashioned catsuit and assorted wig and accessories from one of the tables, before heading off into the con, where I followed her. And there she was, being photographed with guests, with the same detachment as Lulu Tseng before.
I tried to come back to the truck the day after, but I only managed to get lost. Besides, I saw none of the cosplayers that were in the trailer that day, as the con was winding down and was more sparsely attended. I know this sounds far-fetched, and I was too caught-up in the moment to think about taking photos so I have no proof, but as much as this may sound like a bad dream I’m not making this up. For some time now, cosplay has started being co-opted into a soulless product with mass-marketed company-backed figurehead. Not that we should strive to stay a underground, exclusive club shunning newcomers and weekend cosplayers, but when cosplayers themselves start being literal products, I think there’s ground to be worried. Now I don’t know who’s behind this or what their plan for all this exactly is, but I suggest you keep being circumspect of big corporate interest into this hobby, and start looking into it by yourself if you ever encounter one of the aforementioned models. I know I may sound unhinged and paranoid after all that, but I didn’t make anything of what I told here up.

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