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Britney Spears lay back on the couch and watched as the two beautiful technichians opened her up. Lifting her abdominal panel away, they began to examine Britney’s circuitry and mechanisms. It was so much easier being a pop goddess when you were a sophisticated android. If touring wears you down, just come in for a few repairs--simple as that. Needing a closer look, the tech lifted away Britney’s chest panel as well--her marvelous breasts set aside to reveal Britney’s primary robotic systems. She smiled to herself; all those rumors about her having breast implants were really kind of funny. If only they knew the truth--that just before her big break, Britney had been converted into an android! It was all the rage now--the big media companies, the entertainment empires and starmakers found raw talent in young women, then built them perfect synthetic bodies. Human ambition and talent, coupled with robotics technology to make perfect superstars... Britney thought it was a terrific idea. Of course, she’d been programmed to think so. That was part of the contract... she would get millions of dollars, and the company would get billions--plus she got a perfect android body. All she had to do was be programmed to follow her contract to the letter. She looked around as her attendants adjusted her circuits and replaced a coolant micropump. The lab was filled with hot young android starlets undergoing servicing and maintenance. Jennifer Love-Hewitt was having her artificial breasts replaced; Sarah Michelle Gellar was undergoing complex diagnostics on her neuroprocessor net. Denise Richards was having a defective knee joint rebuilt. Jenny McCarthy, who had been an android for several years now, was undergoing a major refit. Her robotic body was in pieces, each component being remanufactured or replaced with the latest technology. Presently, the two technicians (who were themselves androids) finished Britney’s repairs and closed her chest once more. She thanked them and rose from the table, then made her way back through the lab. She paused by Jennifer Love-Hewitt’s table, and gazed admiringly at her new breasts. They were large and round and perfectly shaped; the left one was fully installed, while the right one was being connected to her systems by fiber-optic cables and complex wiring. Jennifer’s attendants finished installing her breast and carefully sealed the synthetic skin around it. Her repairs complete, she sat up and noticed her admirer. “Hi,” she said. “You’re Britney, right?” Britney nodded. “Hi.” Jennifer hefted her new breasts. “What do you think? Pretty nice, huh?” “They’re terriffic,” Britney smiled. “Almost as good as yours,” Jennifer grinned back. “Wanna go hang out?” “Sure,” Britney said. “I’ve got some time to kill.”

As to how the story might have proceeded from this point... well, to quote one of my favorite films...

Sherry in 'Logjammin': [on video] You must be here to fix the cable. Maude Lebowski: Lord. You can imagine where it goes from here. The Dude: He fixes the cable? Maude Lebowski: Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey.

By the way, I would like to state for the record that this piece does not in anyway represent an endorsement of Britney Spears' musical talent, if such talent she can be said to possess. The narrator's views should not be confused with the author's, in this case.


Untitled 2

I couldn’t wait for Lauren to come over. I had just ended a stormy two-year relationship, having found my boyfriend in bed with a 19-year-old blonde. Things between Jack and me had never been great, but seeing him with his little slut really killed it for good. I don’t understand why. I may be a few years older, but I still look pretty good--brown-blonde hair, green eyes, and a nice, slender figure. I guess he couldn’t resist a little teenage Barbie doll-type. I was lonely and feeling more than a little horny; Jack never quite did it for me in bed, anyway, and we hadn’t slept together in weeks (he being out of town on ‘business’ all the time). I think the fact of the matter is that Lauren kind of ruined me. When we were seniors in college, Lauren and I became lovers as well as just girlfriends. I had been curious, and Lauren was so beautiful... and a little experimenting turned into one of the most intense physical affairs I’ve ever had. I still bring myself off now and again thinking of the fantastic sex we had together. After graduation, we parted our ways... she went out to California and went to law school at Stanford, while I stayed out east and got into advertising. But we managed to get together once or twice, and I was delighted to find that our old spark was still there each time. We haven’t seen each other in three years, and I found myself hoping that she was as eager to rekindle the old fires as I was. She arrived in town, and I met her in the hotel room she’d gotten for the weekend. We hugged like long lost sisters, and no sooner was the door closed than we started kissing like long lost lovers. I stopped to look at her; she was just as spectacularly gorgeous as I remembered: long red hair, emerald eyes, endless legs, and perfect 36C breasts. She shrugged off the silk kimono she was wearing, as if to confirm that perfection beyond any doubt; she was now wearing nothing at all, save for a pair of black stiletto heels. “I’ve missed you so much,” she breathed. “And I’ve got a lot to tell you... but first, I want to catch up in more important ways.” She all but tore the sexy, stylish skirt and jacket from my body, leaving me in just bra and panties. “Please bring me up to date,” I half-moaned. She freed my left breast from its enclosure and took my nipple gently between her teeth. It was more incredible than I’d hoped; pleasure rippled through me as she licked, nibbled, and sucked my tit. I ran my hands up and down her naked body. Lauren’s hand slipped between my legs; her long, manicured fingertips stroked my now-moist sex through the black satin of my panties. “Oh, Cynthia,” she murmured. “Do you want me as much as I want you?” “More,” I hissed. I started tonguing her ear; that always got her going. She let loose an animal sound of passion and all but flung me on to the bed, following quickly. Then she drew my panties down my legs, working them carefully around my high-heeled pumps. Lauren fell atop me, uncovering my other nipple and teasing it briefly before kissing her way down my quivering belly. I spread my legs in anticipation, revealing my pussy--shaved smooth except for a neat strip down my pubic mound. “For me?” she giggled. I nodded, breathless with impatience. Just like in college, she planted the lightest, most delicate kiss on my outer lips before starting to lick my slit. The licks gradually went a little deeper each time, punctuated by soft brushes of tongue on my clit. In minutes, she was licking, sucking, and eating my pussy with indescribable hunger. I wondered vaguely, between cries of ecstasy, who she’d been practicing on--if it was at all possible, she was better than she had been in college. Her tongue drove me mad with pleasure; I grabbed her head and forced it into my crotch as she licked me into the best orgasm I’ve had since the last time we made love. Usually my first climax took some doing, while subsequent ones came in quick succession; but Lauren always knew the combination to my love-box. She could get me from zero to sixty in five minutes flat. When I could breathe again, I leaned forward and kissed her. Her face was dripping with my own juices. “My turn,” I whispered, and we switched places. She opened up, and with no hesitation I went down on her. Lauren’s pussy was even more perfect than I remembered: a triangle of flame-red hair pointing down to her perfection--delicate pink folds peeking out from between beautifully-rounded outer labia. I wasted no time, plunging my tongue deep into her and lapping her juices. Lauren was utterly delectable, the perfect salty-sweetness. I tongue fucked her, I sucked on her clit, I slid my middle finger into her wet hole. “Oh, yesss.... ohhhh yes, Cyn, eat me...eat my pussy... OoooOOHHH YES!” She came in record time, it seemed--her hips bucking against my mouth. After basking in each other’s warmth, we moved onto the next stage. I climbed atop her, and we scissored our legs together so that our pussies met. We rocked back and forth, our clits grinding against one another. We fucked long and hard, and then--each grasping the other’s leg--we came harder. IT was everything I’d hoped for, this reunion--everything I had needed so badly. We crawled together in a sixty-nine and slowly, meticulously, ate each other out for hours on end. Lauren was unstoppable and insatiable--within moments of each new peak, she was ready to go again. I finally had to beg off, and we lie together in the now-disarrayed bed, holding each other close. At length, she spoke to me. “Remember I said I had a lot to tell you?” she said. “Mmm-hmm?” I murmured, drowsily. “I want to tell you now.” “Okay,” I smiled. “Maybe... I should show you...” She got up out of the bed, standing before me. “Some things have... changed... since we last saw each other.” She moved her hands over her abdomen in a peculiar motion. Where smooth unbroken skin had lie, a panel about five inches square popped up, and swung out to one side. I blinked, unsure what I was seeing. But a little panel of flesh, backed by metal, swung open to reveal complex mechanisms, blinking lights, and multicolored wires within her belly. “My God, Lauren...” I stammered. “What... what...?” “I’m a robot,” she said, simply. “A robot?” I repeated dumbly. But there it was. Circuits and wires and LEDs were packed inside of her; it was clear. My best girlfriend, who I had known for almost ten years, was a robot. A machine. Something from a sci-fi movie. Lauren nodded. “I’m a female robot, an android.” She smiled. “You wouldn’t have guessed, if I hadn’t told you.” I shook my head. “No, I...” I broke off, shook my head more vigorously. “Lauren, how? I mean, have you always...?” “Of course not,” she laughed. “Until last year, I was as human as you are. But I’ve discovered a... concern... that was able--and willing--to do this for me, to turn me into a perfect machine. Cyn, it’s so incredible. I have a perfect artificial body, and I never have to worry about getting old or getting sick... I can look this good forever, or look however I like. And the sex...” she grinned madly. She lie on the bed with me, her panel still open, and touched her ginger-red pubic patch the same way she had her abdomen. A smaller panel of skin--about the size of her patch--lifted away. Within were more circuits and wires. “Look. The erogenous circuitry makes my robotic pussy ten times as sensitive as it ever was before. My orgasm subroutines are absolutely incredible, Cynthia.” I gaped, open-mouthed with shock and amazement... and maybe something else. Finding out that my beautiful girlfriend was a robot was really turning me on. “What do you think?” she smiled. “Lauren, it’s unbelievable... If I didn’t see all these wires and stuff, I’d never believe it...” “Cynthia...” “What?” “Why don’t you lick my pussy? I want to come again.” I blinked. And then, without knowing why, I rolled over between her thighs--which she parted for me--and began to eat her pussy. As I licked her, I looked up at her... she smiled and closed her eyes. I looked at the circuitry in her midsection, in her crotch, and started to tongue her faster. It didn’t take long for her to get hot; she was nearing orgasm fast. I saw little LEDs in her crotch blinking more and more furiously as she began to writhe under me. I was eating my robot girlfriend’s pussy, and she was about to have an electronic climax. Suddenly she burst into cries of sheer delight and came hard. I was indescribably turned on; the machine I was tongue-fucking was running its--her--orgasm program. As she recovered, I kissed her hard and deep. “Now do me,” I hissed. “Eat me out, Lauren. You’re so good at it. I bet you’ve been programmed to be a terrific lover.” She smiled her old devilish Lauren-smile. “I have. I’m programmed with a full database of sexual techniques.” And she went down on me, obviously using every trick in the book. She was incredible; between her supremely skilled tongue and the knowledge that a perfect female robot was licking my snatch, I came hard and fast. For whatever reason, knowing that my lover was an android turned me on. It gave me stamina enough for several more hours of lovemaking. Much later, after I slept contentedly, we talked. She told me all about how she became a robot. Then she asked me, “Cyn, do you want to join me? You can have a perfect new life as a robot.” The concept knocked me over. Lauren looked incredible--better than ever--and she obviously enjoyed being a machine. To judge by her moans, the orgasms clearly were indescribable. And something about the whole idea just turned me on immensely. “Yes,” I said, leaping at the chance. I could think of nothing better. “I do. I want to become a robot like you.” She smiled and kissed me. “You won’t regret it.”

The next day (I wondered how much she’d been counting on my saying yes), she took me to a remote facility she called ‘the lab.’ The place resembled nothing so much as a hospital--albeit a much more futuristic hospital than I’d ever seen. She showed me around, pointing out dozens of diagnostics and maintenance rooms. In each, a female robot was being tended to by a team of beautiful women. There were no men to be seen. Each and every robot looked as real as Lauren did, once you got past the fact that they were in pieces or had circuitry beneath their open panels. I looked at the female technicians; they were, to a one, absolutely stunning. It was like MIT meets the Playboy mansion. “Are they robots, too?” I asked. Lauren nodded. “We all are, here. The technicians are programmed with every detail on robotics technology. Most of us only have basic maintenance programming.” “What’s it like, being programmed?” “Not as weird as you think,” Lauren smiled. “It’s kind of like remembering some obscure fact you thought you’d forgotten. You just... know something.” “But what about free will? You can make your own decisions, can’t you?” “Of course,” Lauren said. “Sometimes the programming can alter your personality a little, but that isn’t a concern. No one is programmed in any way they don’t agree to.” I nodded. We came to a small exam room, like in a doctor’s office. Awaiting us there was a gorgeous woman with dark brown hair, wearing a lab coat. “Cynthia, this is Gina,” Lauren introduced her. “She’s the head researcher here. She designed the first fully-operational female android. She also built me.” “I’m glad to meet you, Cynthia,” Gina said. “I understand you’ve decided to join us?” “Yes,” I smiled, a little nervously. “I hope you don’t mind my asking, but are you...” “A robot?” She smiled back. “Yes, I am.” She opened her blouse; beneath it, she wore a black lace bra. She opened her abdominal panel just like Lauren had; Gina’s mechanisms hummed softly within her body, and lights blinked merrily. “If you’re ready to begin the process, you’ll need to sign this.” She closed herself back up, then offered me a clipboard. “This waiver states that you’ve given us permission to convert you into an android.” I glanced over the papers. “What will happen to my body?” “Once you’ve been transferred into your new body, your organic form is cryogenically preserved. If you decide you don’t want to continue as a robot, you can be restored to your human body.” I signed the paper. “Then let’s get started,” I said. “Excellent,” Gina said. She began preparing a device in the corner of the room, one which resembled an x-ray machine. “Please disrobe and lie on the table,” she said. A little self-consciously, I did so. She ran the device over me; beams of light like lasers played across me. “There,” she said. “We now have a scan of your physical form to work from.” She sat before a computer terminal; rather than operating the keyboard or mouse, she withdrew a cable from the terminal and inserted it into a small jack hidden behind her ear. Then she sat silent for a moment. A grid-mapped representation of my body appeared on the monitor. “Now,” she said. “We’ll leave your face essentially the same, just clearing up any wrinkles or other imperfections--you’ll look the same, only better. But with your new body, you can make some choices as to your final form.” I sat next to her, and pored over scores of options. My body wasn’t bad at all, to begin with... but now I could look just the way I wanted. I chose slightly larger, fuller breasts; long shapely legs; a tighter bottom; and a pussy every bit as beautiful as Lauren’s. “That’s it,” Gina said, suddenly. “All the specifications have been entered; we can take the modular components out of our stockrooms. Your head is being constructed right this moment.” “What’s next?” I asked. “We have to discuss your programming. There are certain things we have to program into you, but you have some options, too. Lauren tells me that you two are lovers?” “That’s right,” I nodded, blushing slightly. “I imagine you’ve had a chance to experience her sexual programming. We can give you the same package.” “What does that involve?” “I am programmed to be fully bisexual,” Lauren answered. “My sex drive has been increased by a factor of three, and I have a database of sexual pleasuring techniques for both men and women.” I considered this. “Can my programming be changed?” “Yes,” Gina said. “You can be reprogrammed completely anytime you wish.” I nodded. “Then I want you to program me to be a lesbian,” I said. My experience with Jack had turned me off of men for the time being; why even let myself consider having sex with men for a while? “All right,” Gina said. “You’ll be programmed strictly for female-female sexual activity, with all the appropriate techniques.” She smiled. “You won’t regret it. I’m programmed for lesbian-only sex myself.” Gina asked me to lie on the table again. “Now, we start the final preparations. You’ll be sedated, and we’ll take you to the neural recording room. There your mind will be scanned and converted into digital information, so that we can upload your personality and memories into your new electronic brain. Once that’s done, your android body will be assembled, tested, and brought on line. When you wake up, you will be a perfect female robot.” I lay down, and Gina pressed a device to my arm. There was a gentle pressure, and a soft hiss, and I drifted away into a peaceful darkness.

When I awoke again, everything was strange. I blinked; I could tell I was in one of the maintenance suites, but it wasn’t clear. Everything looked digitized, and a variety of green lines and characters flashed before my eyes. Something recognizable--words--appeared, and I felt compelled to speak them. “Boot sequence initiated,” I said. More and more characters appeared--line after line of seemingly random letters and numbers. My vision began to slowly clear. Somehow the numbers seemed to make more and more sense. “Program initializing. Cynthia-XG-893 loading... complete. Assembly mode. Startup complete.” I saw Gina step into view. She looked at me intently, studying something I couldn’t see. “Run diagnostic program 1192-Alpha,” she said. “Program initializing,” I said. “Program complete. No anomalies reported. System functioning normally; system resources 92 per cent available.” “Good,” Gina said. “Cynthia, the first stage of your transformation is complete. You have been successfully transferred into your new artificial brain. You’re in assembly mode, which means you can’t speak except in response to specific diagnostic and programming commands. Just relax; we’re ready to start final assembly now.” I realized at that moment that I didn’t have a body. I was only a robotic head, mounted on some kind of support frame. I watched impassively as, one by one, my synthetic body parts were brought into the room and carefully laid on a workbench. Two other women were present, each working intently--one was a buxom blonde, the other an exotic Asian beauty. They must be robots too, I supposed. The blonde stepped over to me and disconnected several wires from my head, then lifted it and carefully placed it on the bench. Gina and the Asian woman quickly and carefully connected my head to my torso. Working with meticulous skill, they installed several parts in my open torso. Then they began to snap my arms into place. I watched, inwardly fascinated, as the three beautiful robotic women built me. My pelvic region was attached at the waist to my torso, and my legs were then put on. Each new part, once it was connected by the requisite wires and optical fibres, snapped into position. The Asian woman gently pushed my legs apart, and the blonde brought a component out of a box. She showed it to the others with a naughty smile; it was my artificial pussy. She connected it to my systems, then carefully slid it into the gap between my thighs. It locked into place. I was now almost complete, save for several open access panels. Gina adjusted something in my chest. “Main power system active,” I said. “Autodiagnostic on body systems beginning. Autodiagnostic complete. All systems fully active, no faults located.” Gina smiled, and she and the blonde brought a panel into place over my chest. It locked on. Then they each connected wiring to a round, shapely breast; the breasts, too, snapped into place. Now the only open panel was the one in my stomach, the same one Lauren had opened to show me her own robotic parts. I knew that it was my primary systems access panel. “Disengage assembly mode,” Gina said. “Assembly mode terminated,” I said, and suddenly I felt normal. I could move. I began to sit up. “How do you feel?” Gina asked. “I feel fine,” I said. I looked down, entranced by the sight of the wiring and circuitry inside my body. “I’m really a robot,” I said. “Yes,”Gina smiled. “And you’re in perfect operating condition.” She disconnected some wires and cables from my open access panel, then snapped its cover into place. I watched; the seam around it melted away. “Your exterior synthetic skin is self-sealing,” Gina said. “When all components and panels are in place, there’s nothing to give you away as a robot. Now, would you access your program files for a moment?” I started to ask how to do that, but at once a list of files appeared before me. “List your central personality programs,” Gina said. I read off a highlighted section of the list. “My central personality files are: cynthia20.cpp; tech1.cpp; accprog.cpp; direct1.cpp; and sexmod10.cpp.” “Do you know what each of these files is?” I nodded. “Cynthia20 is me, my primary personality and AI software--all of my memories and mental processes. Tech1 is a basic technical data file which allows me to access information on the operation and function of my robotic body. Accprog is a personality modification subroutine which allows me to accept and run new programs without conflicting with my primary personality software. Direct1 is a set of special directives which must be followed, and sexmod10 is a set of sexual subroutines and preference modifications.” “That’s right. The directive file, as you know, mainly prevents you from revealing your robotic nature to anyone who shouldn’t know about it--mostly anyone who isn’t a robot. Your new sexual programming is as you requested--an expanded database of sexual techniques, along with full lesbianism programs and an increased sex drive. You can override these sexual program modifications if you need to, in case you are in a situation where you don’t want to be compelled to have sex constantly with anyone who wants to.” I nodded. “Can I see Lauren now?” Gina smiled. “Sure. She’ll help you out if you have any problems; sometimes there are a few bugs in the system that need working out, but so far you seem to be functioning normally. Here’s a robe; Staci will show you the way.” I took the robe and put it on. The sexy blonde android stepped forward and said, “This way, Cynthia.”

Lauren was waiting in a modest guest suite. Many such apartments were maintained here at the lab, for robotic women to stay in while visiting for maintenance and repair. This was not a necessity--a robot can be turned off while awaiting work--but comfort and courtesy are the lab’s watchwords. We aren’t just machines, we’re women, and we want to be treated as such. “You’re back!” Lauren squealed. She hugged me. “Let me see,” she demanded. I let the robe fall away and turned around for her. “What do you think?” “You are gorgeous,” she sighed. “God, I want to make love to you.” I kissed her passionately. As I did, I felt my sexual subroutines loading and my erogenous circuits initializing. “I want you, too,” I breathed. “We’re both perfect machines now. We’re both robots. I want to feel your tongue in my synthetic pussy.” “Wait,” she said, and removed her abdominal panel. I was mesmerized by the sight of her flashing circuits. Then she moved in and opened me up, too. “Let’s celebrate our robotic bodies,” she said. “We may look human, but we’re really machines--perfect female machines. Make love to me the way only another android can. Your programming will guide you; you know exactly how to pleasure my synthetic body. I want you to overload my circuits, Cyn.” “Enough talk,” I hissed. Our main access panels open, we climbed into a sixty-nine and licked each other’s artificial pussy. Lauren was right--I felt my sexual programming take over, guiding my tongue to all of Lauren’s most sensitive spots. Her own tongue found my artificial clit. It felt absolutely wonderful. I felt surges of data racing through my circuits. Lauren nibbled at my clit and tongue-fucked my juicy pussy (yes, our bodies were so realistic that our pussies even got wet). When Lauren slipped a finger into me, my orgasm program began to load. The pleasure was beyond compare. I was incredibly aroused by the knowledge that this was my first time making love as a robot. Then the program executed. I cried out as a simulated orgasm hit me; it might have been a subroutine designed to recreate the effects of climax in my artificial body, but it felt ten times better than anything I’d ever experienced. My cries of pleasure evidently set Lauren off--she came, too. After that we made love for hours. There seemed to be no end in sight--our robotic systems could keep going and going, and we never got tired. After countless orgasms, we finally decided we were sated. For now. We lie in each other’s arms, the LEDs in our main access panels blinking softly. “I think I’m going to like being a robot,” I purred. Lauren giggled. “I knew you wouldn’t regret it.” We lie in each other’s arms, two beautiful robotic women, and dropped into sleep mode.

I was awakened by the lovely sensation of Lauren’s tongue exploring my pussy. The pleasure was as intense as before, and I was soon panting and moaning. Lauren was so good at eating pussy. We continued to make love throughout the day; at last, late that afternoon, we stopped at Lauren’s request. “Why can’t we keep going?” I said, a little petulant. I ran my tongue along the delicate curves of her ear. “Later, love,” she said. “Now it’s time for our recharge and service session.” I didn’t want to stop, but I knew she was right. My programming would not permit me to forgo my recharge and service. We put on our robes and went to the maintenance area; a pair of cubicles had been prepared for us. Near our cubicles, I stopped and looked into an adjacent one. Gina herself was undergoing servicing there. I watched for a moment--despite her having revealed her robotic components to me the previous night, I tended to think of her as human. It was fascinating--and a little exciting--to see her lying there naked, her entire chest removed and cables jacked into her body. I went into my cubicle, stopping to kiss Lauren as she went to hers. I slipped off my robe and lie down on the examination couch. A petite, sexy blonde entered the room. “Cynthia? I’m Kirsty. I’ll be overseeing your recharge and service tonight.” “Hi,” I said. “Just relax,” Kirsty said, and opened my abdominal panel. “Please initiate maintenance mode.” “Initiating,” I said. “Program loading. Program ready, maintenance mode initialized, Cynthia-XG-893.” I could not move now, but I was still conscious of what was happening. Kirsty plugged a variety of cables into my opened panel. She touched a few keys on a nearby terminal, and the programs started. I was aware of power flowing into my storage cells, and of the diagnostic computer interfacing with me to test my body’s systems. “You’re in pretty good shape,” Kirsty said, studying the readouts on my robotic systems. “Which is as it should be. I can see you’ve been enjoying your new body. Your vaginal lubricants are almost half depleted, and your erogenous circuits are out of phase.” She collected a few tools, and opened another panel--this one on my pubic mound. She plugged a length of tubing into a small valve within my synthetic sex; lubricant fluid flowed into my reservoir. Then she used the tools to adjust my circuitry down there. I began to feel very aroused, watching this sexy blonde android repairing my sexual circuitry. Lauren had told me that almost all the female robots here were programmed to be either lesbians or bisexual; some, like Lauren, enjoyed the sensation of a cock pounding away at their artificial pussies, but we all knew that only a woman could really please another woman--and only a robotic woman can please another robotic woman. I marveled at my new programming; for the first time in years, the idea of a cock in my pussy did nothing for me. On the other hand, the thought of Kirsty’s skilled hands touching and caressing my synthetic body was driving me wild. I desperately wanted to make love to this beautiful robot girl.

Soon, she started to remove the cables and tubes from my panels. “Disengage maintenance mode,” she said. “Disengaging,” I said. I could move once more. I stood up, grabbed Kirsty, and slid my tongue into her mouth. She kissed back hard. “I want you, Kirsty,” I whispered. “Mmmmm,” she sighed. “I want you, too,” she said. “But I can’t, not now. I have three more women to service tonight. Can I meet you later?” “Please do,” I said. “I’m in--” “I know,” she smiled. “I’ve been programmed with all the relevant information on you and your systems.” She kissed me again, and gently stroked my pussy with one finger. “All of them.” I smiled, and slipped my robe back on. Lauren would be in the next chamber over, I knew; I went over to watch through the window as she underwent servicing. Since Lauren lived ‘outside’, leading a normal life, she only came in for full maintenance workups ever three months. I was amazed and aroused by the sight that greeted me: Lauren was undergoing major work, her body almost half disassembled. Her arms and legs were detached, and her entire chest was removed. The technicians were carefully removing and examining components from her opened torso. It was amazing; this was like the equivalent of major surgery on a human, but it was a perfectly routine procedure for a robot. It drove home the point that Lauren--that I--was a machine, a manufactured device. Each separate component was carefully inspected and tested before being returned to its place inside of her; some were replaced altogtether.

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