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I slowed as I approached the driveway. The light was on in the guest room, and I felt a little twitch in my stomach. I wondered just how I kept getting myself into these situations. I reached up and pressed the garage opener and began to reflect on the days events as I watched it open.

It had been nearly eleven o'clock this morning when my old friend Marissa knocked on my office door. "Hey, how are you doing?" She asked. That always led into her "Hey, have I got something for you." deal. I had told her that it was great to see her, and asked how were things going with her job. She never changed her answers. "Great, fabulous and super!". After a little chit chat she asked if I still had my spare room and if I wouldn't mind renting it out for a month or so. "Marissa, look. You know I have fond memories of our friendship and all. But every time you set me up, she turns out to be a piece of junk robot. Hell, all the last one wanted to do, was feed me French cuisine and pinch her tits. No, no thanks. No more." I told her. She sat back farther in her chair and pulled at her chin before she responded. "Mark. I'm sorry about all that. I wanted to...oh, you know... after all this time,.. I want to make all that up to you. This ones real, a real woman I mean." She said in a sincere manner."She needs a place to stay for a few days is all."

There wasn't much more to her visit, just what she said as she left my office. "Oh, Mark. Your lock code is still PMK-3329B right?" She asked. I nodded a yes. "Good, she'll be there when you get home tonight." And with that she was out the door. I sat useless in my office the rest of the day. I tried calling fifteen times, between her office and cell to let her have a piece of my mind.

The garage door came to a close and entry lights came on. I turned the key and activated the cars security device as I exited. I took a deep breath before turning the handle and walking in, hoping that this day couldn't get any worse. The living room light was on low, giving enough light to see as I entered through the hall, and into the kitchen. I sat my things down and listened for a moment. I could hear the shower running, and my mind wouldn't stop racing with the thoughts that somehow Marissa had set me up again. After all she was in upper management of one of the fastest growing robotic companies in the world. And that thought just kept nagging at me.

I walked over to a cupboard and pulled out a glass, then moved over to the sink to fill it. The shower stopped. I took a slow drink, then walked into the living room and sat down in the corner chair. I grabbed a remote from the end table and pointed it at the opposite wall where my home sound system was. The familiar tune of Mozart's symphony number 5 began as I waited in the dim lit room for my house guest to make her appearance.

After ten minutes of waiting I heard the guest room door open, I turned my gaze to the hall and sat still. "Hello? Anybody home?" She called out in a pleasant voice. As she came into view I was surprised by her attire. She was wearing an abstract design two piece pajama ensemble. Her hair was an auburn color. Still damp, it was pulled back a pony tail She had the appearance of being in her late twenties. I would guess her height around 5' 10", and she was bare foot.

"Over here." I said. She turned to look my direction. "Is everything alright?" She asked.. I didn't move or answer her, I just sat watching her. She took a few steps towards me. "What model did Gentronics send me now?" I asked in a stern voice? She had a puzzled look on her face. "I beg your pardon?" was her reply. I stood up and gauged the distance between us, it was about fifteen feet. "I asked, what model you were. Meaning, are you a Barbara, Tiffany, April or some newer series of android that can cook, clean, give a hair cut or just plain give the best sex ever?"

She had a look of shock and appeared speechless. "Look maybe this whole thing was a mistake! I'll pack my things and leave." She stated, then turned around back to the hall. I started towards her and reached her before she made the hall. I grabbed her arm and turned her around. Hoping that my intuition of things was correct about her. "Hey, look. I know my friend Marissa, and the amount of time she spends at work. The lack of real people there and the fact that the last three house guests that I have had on her insisted recommendations have all been machines! Robots! Androids like you." I told her. She looked down at her arm where I had hold of her, then back to me. "Well I'm sorry! " she said with a frown. "Mark, isn't it? I don't understand why you would think that I am an android. I was told you had a room to let out. That you were.." I cut her off as I grabbed her other arm, "Who told you I had a room? Give me a name?" I demanded. "Please let me go. I think it best if I leave now!" She stated. "Why? Is your programming not able to handle this situation?" Her expression changed to one of anger. "Now look, you think I'm some sort of robot bimbo. I'm not, I have feelings and you're hurting me. Just let me leave, and you'll not see me again." She said.

I took a second to consider what I was doing. But then I realized that she wasn't resisting and trying to pull away from my grasp. Only that she had asked to be released.

"Ok, I'm sorry." I said as I released my grasp on her. "Thank you." She said turning away and heading down the hall. I let her go a few steps then asked. "What's your name?" She stopped and turned back around. "Tanya. My name's Tanya." Then she turned back around and went into her room. I again followed her and stopped at the doorway. She had stopped at the foot of the bed and was staring at the window. I came up behind her and placed my hands on her shoulders.

"Look, perhaps we got off on the wrong foot here. I've been burned before and just didn't want it to happen again." I told her as I slowly started to massage her shoulders. "I guess I ....I wasn't prepared for how....for how.... good that feels." She said as she began to relax. I gently continued my massage and moved to encompass more of the back of her neck. She leaned her head to one side as I closed the gap between us. With one had still massaging her neck and shoulder I slowly moved my other hand up and down her back. Through the fabric of her pajamas I could tell she wore no bra, and wondered if the same held true for farther south. "Tanya you seem so tense. I want you to relax and not be afraid of me. Alright?" I asked. "I am not afraid of you Mark." She said. My mind began to race again. She had to be an android. She hadn't resisted my grasp or tried to fight back. She let me enter her room and allowed me to touch her, I couldn't resist what I was going to do next. I stepped up behind her and continued my massage with my right hand. With the left I slowly reached under her left arm and cupped her breast. "Uhnn" She moaned. I leaned in close to her ear. "Tanya, what do you want me to do?" I asked. I felt her body press back into mine. "What I want is for you to be happy." She said in a soft voice. I slid my right hand over her shoulder and cupped both breasts. "Oh yess." She whispered "Tanya, are you designed for sex?" I asked softly as I took a nibble of her ear. She took both of her hands and assisted mine in cupping her breasts. "Designed for sex? Yes." She said softly. I felt for her left nipple and gently pinched it through the fabric It quickly hardened under my touch. "Tanya, why don't you resist me?" I asked. I let a moment go by when she didn't answer. "Tanya, do you want me to.." She turned her head to look at me. "Fuck me Mark. I want you to fuck me." She said with a smile. I turned her around to face me and placed my hands gently on her cheeks. "Tanya, your confused with what your are. You're a machine, a very beautiful machine, so don't forget that." And with that I leaned in and gave her a deep passionate kiss. At first she didn't respond in kind. Then after five seconds or so she began thrusting her tongue in and out of my mouth.

We continued our kissing for a few more minutes.

I thought that if Marissa was going to keep screwing my life with these androids, then I was finally going to screw one of them and their stupid programming.

I broke our kiss and embrace to look at Tanya again. She had crystal blue eyes and a flawless complection. Her hair was an auburn color and silky smooth. "Do you want it gentle or rough?" I asked her. Her expression changed to confusion. "What?" She asked. I could feel my dick pressing against my pants. Straining to be free. I began to un-buttoning my shirt. I looked at Tanya. "Remove your pajamas please before you leave." I asked. Tanya stood there looking as if she should do something, her expression one of genuine confusion. "Mark, I am ....confused as to why you keep insisting.....that I am an android. Am I not pretty enough for you?" She asked, I tossed my shirt and undid my pants and slid them off. I stood there nearly naked except for my boxers that were barely holding in my rock hard dick. I reached up and placed both my hands on Tanya's shoulders and looked her square in the eye. "That's the problem with you. You're too pretty. You have no flaws. Your eyes are perfect, your complection, your lips and yes...your body." I told her, and with that I slid my hands down to the top button of her pajama top and pulled hard apart. Ripping her pajama top open to reveal her firm breasts. I then reached in and cupped both her breasts before she could react. "And these!" Squeezing her breasts. "These will make any good man react. Or maybe I should say erect!" I looked up to see Tanya's reaction, which was one of genuine confusion. Then on sheer impulse I pushed her hard away. She toppled onto the bed. I stood there for a moment and watched Tanya re-compose herself. She first lifted her left hand to her head. "I don't understand. Why are you upset with me?" She asked. Then her head did a slight twitch to the left. "Tanya?" I asked as I moved a little closer. "Why are you upset with me? I have done nothing to you Mark." She said as she started to sit up. When she sat straight up I leaned down to look her square in the eye. "Tanya, I'm sorry." I said with a heavy sigh. "I have let my anger toward a old acquaintance influence my actions tonight. You're right. You have done nothing to incur that anger, and perhaps you can make me feel better. Alright?" I watched her expression change to acceptance, then her head twitched to the left again. "Are you alright?" I asked, faking concern. "I am alright." She said and with that she leaned in and gave me a kiss. I returned it and slowly pushed myself against her and lay her down on the bed.

For several minuted we lay there kissing. Her hands exploring my back and I kneading and playing with her breasts. She would let out soft moans occasionally and I could feel myself building, wanting to pop her cherry. I broke away and looked at her. She did have a beautiful face and appearance about her. She smiled at me. "Are you ready now?" She asked. "Ready to.." "Fuck me!" She finished for me smiling with a big smile. I wanted to try one more thing before giving her what I wanted. "But Tanya, don't you need to reboot first?" I asked her. Her head twitched again to the left and her expression changed to one of confusion. "Reboot?" She asked.

"Yes Tanya. When I put my dick into your juicy, wet pussy. I want you to reboot. Alright?" She was puzzled and her head again twitched to the left. I stood up off the bed and pulled my shorts down. "Reboot........reboot, must.....no why are you......must reboot." She said in a monotone sort a way. I quickly leaned over her and pulled down her pajama bottoms. She was not wearing any panties. I had sort of hoped that she was wearing a thong. I like women in sexy thongs. I dropped her bottoms on the floor and climbed on top of her,. "Tanya. I love you." I told her. Her eyes focused on me for a moment. "Mark......why are ......reboot.....reboot me me me me me." She began repeating herself. I reached down and spread her legs apart. I leaned in and gave her a kiss hard on the mouth.

Tanya's head again twitched to the left. I felt the tip of my dick touch the soft folds skin in the center of her crotch. "Ohh yess! Fuck me now." She cried. I was a bit surprised by her outburst. At first I gave a gentle push, then as her warm fluids began to flow around my member I pushed in hard. "Oh Tanya, you are perfect." I told her. I watched as her eyes rolled up into her head. Her head gave a hard twitch to the left, as her expression became blank. "Errorrrrrrr syssstemmm reeeeboooooottt innnitiatttted." She said in a slow digitized way. I felt her body become stiff and rigid. I couldn't stop myself. I began to pump and thrust into her. My excitement at her malfunction and confusion could be contained no more. I was finally fucking one of these damn androids. With the previous ones that Marissa had set me up with . None of them were apparently designed or programmed for sex. I heard a soft hum then Tanya eyes blinked. I felt her body relax then stiffen again. She was warm, soft and very real by all outward appearances. Then without warning she suddenly came back to life. "Oh God! Mark. What are you doing? You're uhhnn ohhh." She cried "Oh Tanya, you feel so good. You are perfect, I can't believe what a great fuck you are?" I told her. Her face showed a lot of pleasure, yet there was a slight hint of confusion. "Ohh Ohh yess Don't stop." I continued my rhythm going faster, pumping her harder. I looked down at her chest and watched her breasts bounce wildly about. "I can't believe you're an android. You feel so incredible." I told her. Tanya's head gave a slight twitch to the left. "My ....my name is Tanya....uhnnn......yesss you feel so good!" I leaned over to kiss her left breast. I ran my tongue across her smooth skin and to her pert nipple. Gently I sucked on it and then bit down. "Uhnnn......God Mark! Wh..what are are are are....error." She cried "System error detected." I was seconds from blowing my load into her. Her head again twitched. Her expression going from ecstacy to confusion to blank then back to ecstacy. "Ohh Mark! Fuck me harder....der..der...der...der" I finally lost it and rocked her hard. Her head turned to the right and I felt her body give a soft shudder and then nothing. We lay there for a few minutes, neither one of us moving. Finally I sat up off her and realized that she had shut down, or finally short circuited.. I got up and turned off the light.

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