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Jim and Nikki had been best friends as long as either of them could remember. Nikki was special. She had a secret that no one but Jim knew, and this was a great part of their friendship. From a very young age, she had been living a lie. No one knew she wasn't fully human, no one except James and her parents. From the age of 4 years old, she had been living in a cyborg body. She knew little of why, or who had put her in there, but she had been assured that without it, she wouldn't still be alive today. Another thing they had told her is the utmost importance of keeping it a secret. 'the company' had made it very clear that she was to go about a normal life and if she were to go public about her high tech body, she would disappear. During her school life, she kept a low profile. Involving herself in a few groups, but nothing extreme. She made a point of being average, and never was the best at anything, sport, math, any subject she deliberately dumbed herself down to stay under everyones radar. Every two years she would 'go away' for a couple of weeks, and come back slightly taller, and looking a little older. This was usually in the winter, so she could keep covered up on her return, making the changes harder to notice.

Most days she would see Jim after school. He always knew what she was away for, and upon her return they would sneak off somewhere and go over the changes she had undertaken. Sometimes the changes were subtle, sometimes only she knew what they had done. A little more strength, some assisted intelligence, improved eyesight, always something. The designers did a great job of evolving her into a beautiful young woman, slowly making her taller, more shapely and toward her late teens, more beautiful. They often spent nights together with sleepovers. They would talk for hours, play fight and occasionally kiss. Nikki loved to wrestle with Jim it was the only time she could actually use a little more than her minimum strength. She would let him win for a minute, and then slowly increase her strength till she would pretty much toss him across the room he didn't mind, it was quite a turn on for him. Nothing ever went any further though, as they both knew Nikki didn't have the capacity for sex. This wasn't an issue and seemed to reinforce their friendship. They shared everything. Thoughts, ideas and dreams. They would even shop together. Nikki knew exactly what Jim liked to see her in. She was limited to stretchy clothes, materials that would allow her full range of motion. This took some effort, and poor choices in the past had lead to a few embarrassing situations. If clothes were restrictive or wouldn't stretch, they would just tear on her body. If she reached for something, or took a long stride, riiiip. She was always hard on shoes too. Regularly, she would just tear them from flexing her toes. Heels were out of the question too. They couldn't hold up to the pressures her legs would put them through. Heels would be broken within minutes, material torn and soles worn off. Jim hated this, he had a dream of seeing her in heels, and especially heeled boots. He would regularly point out ones he liked, and She liked them too. She had a file in her head which was a composite of all the boots they had looked at, and their features. If ever one day she could wear heels, she knew exactly what they would look like.

The time had come for Nikki to leave for her bi annual holiday. She had just turned 18, and this next change would have to do her for 5 years. The familiar black four wheel drive arrived and she kissed Jim farewell.

Two weeks later, she returned. She rang Jim, and organised with him to go out to the movies that night, she said she had a few surprises for him. He couldn't wait to see her again, and to see how she had changed. That night, he went to her door, and nearly fainted with what he saw! She was beautiful, and tall, a good four inches over his own six foot. He looked her up and down. She had on a red Lycra looking long sleeved top, showing off her increased bust, which was at least a d cup. Over this she had a leather looking vest, which pulled in tightly at the waist, showing off her skinny belly. On her hips was a flowing black skirt which went to her ankles and partly covered her shoes. She turned slightly as he looked down, and she stuck a leg out. The skirt had a split, and it parted, exposing her booted leg. WOW! Jim said out loud, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Her boots were more than he could have imagined. They were well above knee high, so high that they continued up under her skirt so he couldn't see the top. They had a semi pointed toe and what appeared to be a small platform. They looked totally seamless, and form fitting. Nikki turned her foot exposing the heel. It was needle thin, and looked really fragile, but at the same time deadly. It was at least 5 inches high, and less than 1/16 th of an inch at the tip. 'You are going to break them in seconds', he said to her. 'No way' she replied. They are made just for me, and trust me, they are indestructible, I've tried, Haha. Nikki grabbed a coat and they headed out to the car. Jim followed her and couldn't help notice how confident and perfect her stride was, she didn't miss a step, and walked like a supermodel who had been wearing heels forever. As soon as they were in the car , Jim commented ' you look like you have been wearing heels forever, how did you do that?' 'Well I don't feel like I'm wearing heels, so it doesn't feel any different to me. This new body has removable feet, solving my shoe problem. From now on I just take off my shoes at the ankle. It just means I can't buy regular shoes, but that's always been a problem anyway.' Jim asked 'so those boots are actually you're feet?' 'Yep, and I love them' she replied. 'what about the heels?'jim asked,'how do you not break them?' 'these heels are made from some really strong stuff, we did some testing, and trust me, I can't break them. Actually, I have to be a bit careful coz they will easily fuck shit up. Haha.' 'Like what?' Jim asked curiously. 'like anything that gets under them. Pretty much, of I step on something, it's going to get impaled. My feet always land flat on the ground, but if there's something under my heel, it's going to get a hole in it. And if I want to stab something,' she said with a sly grin 'it's stuffed!' she said laughing. Jim squirmed in his seat. Trying to concentrate on the road. The subject changed and they made small talk for the rest of the trip. After buying tickets, they had a half an hour to spend so they went to the games arcade. Jim was trying to not be fixated on Nikkis boots, but it was hard. She looked so natural in them, and her movements were so fluid and precise. She hopped into a racing car simulator and he hopped in beside her. '$6 a game, that's a bit steep' he said. 'hmmm, maybe I can fix that' she said with a mischievous grin. She put her leg up and placed her heel on the coin box. With ease, her heel speared the lock barrel, and she had to hold the door closed to get her heel out. ' well that was easy' she said. Jim giggled and reached into the now open coin box. He didn't want to rip them off, so he just put the coins back in the mechanism to log up some credits. Soon it was time to go into the cinema, so they took their seats and started again with the small talk. 'can you feel your heels touch things?' Jim asked 'not really' she replied. 'by the time I can feel something under them, I've already pressed hard enough to go through most things, so I really have to be aware of where I'm walking.' 'wow' Jim said, ' so what if you were to step on someone's foot?' 'haha, do you know how soft a foot is? There's no way I'd feel it.' she replied innocently, not knowing how much of a turn on this was for him. Jim knew how strong she could be, that's why he liked it when they had their play wrestles. She could easily overpower him, and if it ever got serious, she could probably tear him limb from limb. Now she had these amazing boots, with their killer heels, in his eyes she was perfect. After the movie, they went back to Jim's place. He really wanted to see more of what her heels could do, but didn't want to nag on the subject. They went to jims room, turned on the tv and laid on the bed together. 'so, what other changes have you got?' he asked her. 'well, I'm even stronger than before, with a different control interface, and my intelligence assistant is improved, so pretty much if I want to know something, it just comes to me. Oh, and there's something I've been wanting to share with you for years, and now I finally can.' with this, she flipped him on his back, and started undoing his pants. It took him by surprise, and he asked 'what are you doing?' as if it wasn't obvious. She pulled his pants and underwear off and he was thinking he was finally going to get a blowjob. Suddenly she straddled him, one knee either side of his stomach, her skirt cascading around her and covering both their mid sections. She started kissing him deeply and playfully, rubbing her hands up and down his chest, playfully scratching him with her sharp painted nails. In seconds he was erect and then it happened. She lowered herself onto his member and sat upright looking down on him. He couldn't believe it, he was inside her. 'that's new!' he exclaimed. 'brand new' she said. 'Let me know if I'm hurting you'. Then her love muscle started pulsating. Slowly at first. There was a kind of sucking and pulling, squeezing sensation. It very quickly got tight, 'aagh' Jim exclaimed, just take it easy. She threw her head back and couldn't believe the new pleasure she was feeling. Her hips started thrusting and her pussy was trying to pull him in harder and harder. Jim was helpless to try and move. Her hands grasped his wrists and she leant forward to kiss him again. She was obviously much stronger than him, and he had no choice but to lay back and be fucked. He protested slightly, as it was really starting to hurt his delicate member. 'ouch, you're being a bit rough on my dick, not so hard!' but it was fruitless. 'oooh, but it feels so good to have you in me finally' she said seductively. All the while keeping up the relentless grinding on his throbbing member. 'can't you feel how hard you're squeezing me' he said pained. 'I don't feel pressure, only pleasure' she breathed. The relentless pumping went on for another minute, increasing in tempo and ferocity. For the first time in their relationship, Jim was actually scared she was going to, and was, hurting him. She seemed out of control, and focused on one thing, and then it happened. She went stiff for a second, her pussy clamped tight, tighter than before. She shook and shuddered, totally out of control. He screamed. It was like his dick was in a vice, and it was inhumanly tight. He honestly thought she was going to take it right off. The pain was like nothing he had ever felt, and within seconds he had passed out.

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