The Wedding (An Old Fashioned Story)

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Hello all, my name is Tom and this is the story of my high school best friend and co-worker Louis’ wedding day. I was to be his best man and my girlfriend Mary, one of Janice’s (the bride) bridesmaids to be held at a cottage about an hour outside of the city.

We arrived early and, along with some other guests and family started heading to the chapel like building where the ceremony would happen followed by the reception at the propriety’s manor.

Mary - “Tom babe, I don’t know about this… I barely know Janice and now I’m here being her bridesmaid just because you and Louis go way back? Isn’t it weird? It’s kinda weird…”

Tom – “I know M but just relax and go with it… Louis is a sweet but really awkward guy and Janice doesn’t really have a lot of friends so we gotta be there for them. Just take it easy and we’ll have some fun, drink and dance at the reception.

M – “You’re right, you’re right…”

I, on the other hand, didn’t share my partner’s discomfort as I checked her out. Mary, my girl, is gorgeous, (imagine a late 20’s Keri Russel with a bit more body and you’ll be pretty close. I’m a lucky bastard, I know) and the bridesmaid attire was a pretty sexy dark blue pleated dress that stopped just above the knees which she’d paired with 4’ stiletto strappy heels knowing that I have a crazy heels fetish. The place looked great yet my mind was definitely some place else.


The ceremony, if lightly attended by mostly friends and Louis’s family, went perfectly.

Janice, looking absolutely amazing, was led to the altar by Louis’s father (story was she didn’t have immediate living relatives, just some removed ones in Hungary), all the usual, ring bearer, vow, and “I do” stuff pretty well rehearsed, both the bride and Louis being very OCD and perfectionists people.

On the way down the aisle and out of the chapel however, as everyone cheered and threw rice, one of our friends, Chad, who even before the ceremony had had too much to drink decided it was time to pop the first bottle of champagne and get the festivities going. Inebriated, as he was however, he failed to catch the cork that flew out and hit the bride right on the back of her neck.

Both Mary, a few guests and me saw the whole thing, but the weird part is that Janice didn’t seem to have felt it at all and so despite a small commotion the incident was forgotten with everyone simply assuming the pressure of the cork just wasn’t that strong.

M – “That was crazy! I wish I had my phone to film that! Hahaha! She didn’t even feel it though how’s that possible?”

T – “Mary, only you would find something like that funny! What if she’d really gotten hurt?”

M – “Hahaha I’m sorry darling but of course something like that had to happen at Mrs. Perfect’s wedding. And good thing she is Mrs. Perfect, to put up with your OCD friend. That’s a match made in heaven.”

T – “Ah come on, Louis is not that bad…”

M – “Tom babe, I love your friends, they’re great, but Louis is too much of a nerd… He still builds model kits.”

T – “Hey now! So do I! I have that Gundam one…”

M – “… That LOUIS gave you! Plus how long has it been? Two years? Are you planning on putting that together soon?”

T - “I will you know…”

M – “Just like that novel, Brian’s been working on…” - Gorgeous and makes Family Guy references, that’s my girl.

M – “How did they ever meet again?”

T - “Dating website, everything is online nowadays.”

M – “That’s so true…”


The manor ballroom looks great, tastefully decorated and the a little jazz band plays background music while the guests have cocktails or drinks before dinner before dinner. Other than family I recognize a few familiar faces from high school and friends from the tech company Louis and I work at.

The groom is making the rounds and shaking hands and eventually gets to Mary and me.

T – “The lucky guy is here! Congrats dude! Gorgeous wedding!”

M – “Congrats Louis, everything looks great!”

Louis – “Thanks you two! So great you guys could make it. You’re the closest friends Janice in town has you know…”

M – “Awn… Of course, we wouldn’t miss it! Things moved so quickly for you two too, just a couple of months. Where is she from again?”

T – “Now’s not the time to talk about that stuff babe!” – I interrupting her. – “Where is the bride anyway?”

L – “She’s upstairs, had to go freshen up… however it has been a while. I wonder if everything is ok?”

M – “Would you like me to go check Louis?”

L - “Oh, would you Mary?”

M – “Of course, you stay here, do your groom duties and entertain everyone. We’ll be right back.”

R – “Do you want me to go with?”

M – “Of course not silly! Girls only upstairs! We’ll be back in a sec!”

I stay behind, get myself another glass of champagne and think about the whole wedding thing… “Man… I’ve been with Mary for a minute. Wonder if we should tie the knot… She sure looks amazing in that dress… maybe we can get into one of the rooms and…”

My thoughts are by Mary calling on my phone, she’s in panic.

M – “Tom! Oh my god, get Louis and an ambulance there’s something really wrong with Janice here! I’ve never seen anything like this, please come quick she’s not well!!!”


Me and Louis hurry to the master bedroom reserved for the bride and as we enter we’re confronted with a bizarre scene: Janice is lying on the on the floor, dress off, only in white lingerie and white heels. Her face a picture of artificial perfection, wide open unblinking blue eyes staring at nothing, long blonde hair in disarray and a beautiful if somewhat devoid of emotion fixed smile as if frozen right when someone was about to take a picture. Her legs move up and down as if she was walking but locked at the knees and at precise intervals she repeats:

J – “Error in the secondary balance servo connection… Error in the secondary balance servo connection… Systems Overload Systems Overload… I have to hurry to the reception, I’m late… I have to hurry to the reception, I’m late… Error in the secondary balance servo connection… Systems Overload Systems Overload”

Her voice is pleasant and monotone like an airport flight announcer. Mary is next to her, half freaking out half trying to calm Janice down.

M – “Tom, Louis, what’s wrong with her?? I got here opened the door and she was like that, she won’t stop. I think she’s having a nervous break down! Did you call an ambulance?”

L – “Eaaaasy Mary, don’t worry. She’ll be all right, just needs to get some rest.”

M – “What do you mean alright?! Look at her! She needs a whole lot more than rest! What’s going on with her?”

T – “Take it easy dear, you’re very nervous, everything is all right.”

M – “Tom, it’s not all right. Look at her!”

Louis and me exchange a knowing look and nod. He kneels down by his wife’s side, reaches out behind her ear and seems to press something followed by a click and an a faint electronic beep. Janice’s body instantly goes limp like a rag doll, her mouth now hanging open and slack.

M – “What did you do?!”

T – “Easy babe, you weren’t supposed to know, no one was actually but the thing is Janice is a robot, an android to be more precise.”

M – “Android?! Like… a machine? These things don’t exist yet! Do they?”

R – “They do, our company SFW – Tech has been working on them for years now, extremely expensive and only available to very exclusive clients. Their existence has been kept secret although most higher ups in the tech corporate world and world leaders are in the know.”

M – “Wow Tom… this is… I don’t know what to say. Guess I’m still taking it all in.”

Meanwhile Louis has rolled Janice’s body face down. He lifts her long hair out of the way and pulling out something not unlike a smart phone presses a sequence of keys. A quiet buzzing is heard as a small rectangular panel opens right on the back of her neck. Inside, something similar to a human spine but made of metal and plastic, surrounding it, many wire and connections.

M – “Oh god… look inside. I can’t believe it…”

L – “Here’s the problem! Thankfully it’s no biggie! The cork must have dislodged the connection of the secondary balance servo, with time and tasks pilling up on the CPU the primary servo couldn’t handle it and overloaded causing the malfunction. Let me just pop this guy back in there… and reset!”

With another sequence on Louis’s remote the panel closes. Janice’s body still face down stiffens up.

J – “SFW – Tech model AER12 initiating… Initiating… Initiating… All systems operational. Secure mode – on. Human Emulation – off. AI – off. “

L – “There we go! Good as new! AER12 please get dressed restart human emulation and AI and resume scheduled tasks.”

J – “Acknowledged.”

Janice roll’s around and stands up, moving precisely and elegantly if a little stiff, her face devoid of any emotion, eyes unblinking and even the artificial smile gone. Very efficiently she puts her dress back, her arms bending at unnatural angles to button it up. Once done, she pauses and out of nowhere all expression goes back to her face, her body relaxes and she’s back to her old self.

J – “I have to hurry to the reception, I’m late! Tom, Mary, Darling what are you all doing up here? Did I take that long? Haahaha I’m sooo sorry let’s head down! Mary, what happened to you, you look like you’ve seen a ghost!”

M – “More like a robot…”

L – “Hahahahahahahaha (very uncomfortably) Ever the joker eh Mary? Let’s go on ahead dear, Tom and Mary need a min.”

J – “Sure thing. See you in a bit! - Both of them leaving the room.”

L – “Tom, you know how it is… She can’t tell anyone. If word was to get out, it’d be our asses. – He whispers to me as he is leaving them room.”

T – “Don’t worry about it bud. She’s my girl and I trust her 100%”.


Mary and me take a seat on the bed.

T – “So… how are you feeling?”

M – “I’m not sure… Overwhelmed to say the least. How long have you known?

T – “A while now, but I couldn’t say anything. I think it’s cool though, it works out and they’re a great couple. Modern times so why not?”

M – “I guess you’re right… Not everybody is as lucky as us in love, I suppose.”

T – “You got that right! You’re my perfect girl, I know that much. Speaking of which… We got the room to ourselves and you’re looking amazing so… what do you say we leave them waiting a little longer?”

M – “Oh babe, you know I’m always game but not today… This whole thing was too much and I don’t think I can get in the mood.”

T – “Ah come on… You know what high heels and those legs of your do to me.

M – “Not now Tom really…”

T – “Are you sure????

M – “Yes I’m sure Tom! Definitely not n…”

Mary stops dead and suddenly stands up from the bed. Her face is expressionless; eyes open staring at straight ahead, her posture is ramrod straight, feet aligned with shoulders and arms at her sides. Her voice completely monotone:

M – “STW – Tech model AER13, user preset mode “Android” initiated. Human emulation – off. AI – off. How may I serve you master?”

On my hand a remote control exactly like Louis.

T – “Hahaha… I love it that she's has no idea… Might be my favorite part.”

I walk around her still body admiring it and run my hand through her hair, down her neck, feel up her perfectly sized firm breasts. Sneaking my hand under her dress to no reaction I grab her ass (no panties, as pre-programmed) and then slide my hand between her butt cheeks fingering her ass slightly and moving or to her slit, already moist in reaction to my touching. Also the android mode I preset is usually used when I’m up to no good anyway.

T – “Mary, blowjob.”

M – “Acknowledged Master.”

She moves gracefully, fluidly and in an unnaturally precise manner, her face never betraying a single emotion. Kneeling down and undoing my belt and zipper she efficiently pulls out my already very hard dick and wraps her beautiful lips around it, sucking and massaging it with her tongue. At first very slowly and gently and then rising in intensity until she’s deep throating me like a pro.

T – “Damn, I don’t know what it is about seeing one of you malfunctioning that just get me going…”

Mary is programmed to derive a lot of pleasure from blowing me meaning her pussy is dripping wet.

T – “Mary, on your feet, bend over that desk over there and hike your dress up, I’m going to fuck you from the back today.”

M – “Acknowledged Master.”

Like the perfect doll she now is Mary obeys my command to the letter immediately interrupting the blowjob and moving over to the desk in the room and hiking her dress up giving me the perfect view of her ass and legs with those stilettos strapped to her feet.

I walk over and slowly penetrate her cunt watching the blank look on her face on the desk’s mirror, loving the contract between the fucking and her blank expression.

In no time at all I’m pounding her hard, her artificial pussy wet and tight.

T – “Mary, activate human mode.”

M – “Acknowledged Master. Human Mode activated. Human Emulation – On. AI – On. …Now! I’m really not in the mooooo… HHHHHMMMMM what the fuck… how are we… Oh my god, this is fucking amazing! Fuck me harder! But… No.. Wait… How are we fucking… fucking… fucking… AAHHHHH… I wasn’t gonna fuck you now…”

T – “Guess you changed your mind…”

M – “Nooo… fuck your dick is amazing… but no! Stop, stop, stop… Don’t stop… Fuck me harder fuck I don’t care… make me cum HMMMMM Ahmmm.”

T – “Mary, direct voice command input: When you cum you’ll return to android mode.”

M – “OOOOHHH fuuu. Vocal command input acknoweldged Master. Uuuck! OHHHMMMN… What the fuck did I say?! What are you doing to me… Fuck I’m so horny… Error… Error… Error… Logical matrix sleeper human emulation corrupted… OOHHHHHHH HMMMM fuuuuck me hard! Make me cum! Error… Error… Error… What the the the the hell is wrong with me! Oh I’m gonna cum so hard!”

Her face is a mask of pleasure freezing occasionally as the errors to her Sleeper Human Emulation mode pile up.

M – “AAAAAHHHHH OOOUUUHHNN…! STW – Tech model AER13, user preset mode “Android” initiated. Human emulation – off. AI – off.”

As she switched back to android mode it’s too much for me and I empty my load all inside her slit.

T – “Mary, please clean yourself up and get ready to rejoin the party downstairs.”

M – “Acknowledged Master. “

I pull myself out of her and as if nothing had happened she moves she gets up and with just the clicking of her heels heads to the bathroom where she cleans her self up and fixes her hair.

T – “Mary, please empty all errors from the cache on your Sleeper mode and delete memory of all events since coming up to the room.”

M – “Acknowledged Master.”

T – “You came up and found Janice crying, overwhelmed with emotion because of how gorgeous the ceremony was, you helped her fix her make up, she left and I came to get you.”

M – “Acknowledged Master.”

T – “Please load Stepford Wife mode. I love you babe but you were just a little too witty about Louis and Janice today.”

M – “Acknowledged Master….” – Her face assuming a very pleasant and smiling expression unlike her default personality. – “Oh hi dear! Oh my god… this ceremony was amazing, Janice and Louis are going to be so happy together! I know she’ll be the perfect wife for him. Let’s head down, or do you want a blowjob before we go? We got the room to ourselves!”

T – “Thanks babe, maybe later, I’m a little spent right now. Let’s just head downstairs and get a drink.”

M – “Of course darling, anything you say. I love you so much.”

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