The Time With My Stepsister/Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

“...Unless I'd be reliev'd by prayer, which persists so that it assaults mercy itself, and frees all faults...”

The man in the colorful robes, a smile on his face, turned to the audience, alone on the stage. He extended his hands at his sides and into the air.

“As you from your crimes would pardon'd be, let your indulgence...set me free.”

The stage lights dimmed until dark, and the audience began to applaud wildly. When the lights were back on, Prospero was joined by the rest of the cast. Among them, with her hair once more long and still a striking shade of blue, Miyu as Miranda strode out with them wearing a much brighter version of the dress she started off with, and somewhat low cut. Not long ago, she may have protested, but she felt considerably more comfortable showing herself off. The men took bows, the ladies—save the woman playing Ariel—curtsied, Miyu included.

Amongst the clapping crowd and the flashing cameras, Miyu's eyes attempted to spot Arata among them, but she could not make anything out between the camera flashes and the stage lights. Miyu curtsied again, then as the crowd's applause began to dim, the players all exited the stage. Talking amongst themselves, the players all filed off the stage, a rush of excitement felt between all of them, as they spoke of the success of the play. With a smile on her lips, Miyu talked with them, before heading to a room reserved for her. She was rather surprised that the director managed to get them onto an actual stage, complete with rooms for each of the players. Miyu felt it was rather above her level to be given her own room, but hardly complained.

When she slipped inside and opened the door, she was just unzipping her dress as the door shut behind her when she heard footsteps. She turned her head and eyes upward, and smiled softly as she saw who it was. “Chise, you missed the play!”

Chise smirked as she walked over to Miyu, and placed her hands on her waist and hips. Reconstructed, she had opted to take on more human-like eyes in her latest rebuilding. Only, the iris and pupils were a more solid red. Chise leaned in and pressed her lips to Miyu's, eyes closing as their kiss immediately deepened. They held it for a while, Chise's hand pushing down the front of that low-cut dress to grope the other android's chest. Meanwhile, Chise herself was wearing one of her simpler outfits. A simple jeans and undershirt arrangement, her jacket laying on a chair nearby. The androids continued to kiss for a moment longer, Miyu breaking it off just as Chise reached in and pulled from the dress one of Miyu's breasts, leaving it sitting somewhat awkwardly bare on the high bustier-style top. Miyu, nevertheless, giggled.

“I wanted to give you something special after the show. You can consider it a reward for a job well-done.” Chise smirked, and reached up, pulling her shirt up and over her head. As usual, there was nothing underneath holding back her large breasts, the tan nipples stiff on her pale chest. Throwing it aside, heedless of who may have come in, Chise draped her arms around Miyu's shoulders, looking into her eyes as the kiss began anew. Miyu, much to Chise's delight, leaned into the kiss. She broke it off a moment to add “plus, you have any idea how hard it is to sneak backstage around here?”

Miyu smirked, about to say something, when both their heads suddenly turned to look at the door. Still in mid-embrace, they were about to say something regarding their privacy, when they saw who it was. Coming in wearing his own leather jacket over a plain white shirt, a pair of khakis on his legs, Arata slipped his shoes off as he entered, chuckling as he spied Chise in similar dress. “You two got started without me?”

As Arata slipped his jacket off, followed by his shirt, he felt rather proud to display the new, faint but visible seam lines, and his eyes now had a soft golden glow to them. Chise chuckled as she pressed a bit more into Miyu. “The new body looks good, Arata. Glad to see you got yourself registered, though I see it didn't change your sense of adventure much.”

Arata chuckled as he walked around behind Miyu. “Give me a few months, I'm sure I'll have a nice, wild purple hairdo and transparent synthskin, or something.” Unlike the genuine period article, this dress was held together with a zipper down the back, one which Arata gently and slowly pulled down Miyu's back. Miyu let out a little groan as she felt Chise start to kiss the nape of her neck, as Arata began to do the same from the opposite side, bringing his body close to Miyu's back as it was slowly revealed. Chise, meanwhile, pulled down the front of Miyu's dress and brought it slowly down her arms. Miyu and Chise continued to kiss as the dress was pulled down Miyu's arms, soon the top of the dress off completely, leaving Miyu just as topless as the other two androids. Miyu broke off the kiss for a moment with Chise, reaching back and draping her arm around Arata's neck, as his hands took up her breasts and groped them firmly, powerfully, pushing his hands into her chest as Miyu slowly popped open a plastic ring under the dress that held it around Miyu's waist. The garment needed little encouragement to fall completely from her body, coming down around her legs to reveal the plain, but tight white cloth panties that hugged Miyu's hips.

A week after the incident with Katsumi, even then she might have balked at the idea of having a threesome back stage with Chise and Arata. But a week after that, here she was, growing excited at th sensation of the warm android bodies pushing against her. She thought of how far she had come since she was a shy girl who barely acknowledged her robotic nature. Now, she found herself in charge of two androids, acting as their master control, their administrator. She supposed that was true, too of Katsumi. Naturally, however, Miyu had little to do with that particular machine, giving her a rather brusque send-off and a warning that if she should ever return to them, she'd make sure that the next reprogramming would be far more than just a command code.

But such thoughts were distant as she leaned into Arata's chest, his hands now groping her chest more roughly. Arata, in spite of the registration process which had stripped him down to his wiring, put him back together in a more standardized body, complete with all the seams and panel indicators had never felt more liberated. It felt good to show off his true nature, now that he was aware of it. And what's more, it felt good to know he was the same as his stepsister. Still, it surprised the hell out of his stepmother, that was for sure. Of course, Arata had left out a few details about how they came to the discovery.

As Arata brought his hand up to Miyu's chin, his hand groping and squeezing her left breast, Chise reached out and hooked her hands into the strap of Miyu's panties. Pulling them down her shapely thighs, she watched Miyu's hips buck slightly at the baring of her bald folds, Chise close enough to make out the seam denoting where her vaginal module connected to her hips. Miyu let out a little gasp as Chise leaned up and pressed her lips against the soft synthetic skin between her legs, soon pressing her lips against them completely and sucking on the warm folds. Chise had to admit. As much as she valued her freedom, there wasn't anyone she would be more willing to call “mistress” than Miyu. In a way, she was thankful to Katsumi for tearing her apart and taking her over in her arrogance.

Miyu groaned softly, but soon felt the need to interrupt. “Arata, Chise, halt.” She couldn't help but buck her hips a little against Chise's frozen face, as Arata went as still as a statue. “Get in front of me and strip down,” she said as she slipped out of the slippers she had worn onstage. Arata, wordlessly, let go, a smirk on his face as he walked in front of Miyu and presented himself. Chise, nodding slightly, brushing her lips against Miyu's womanhood, stood up and did the same, standing next to Arata in the small room.

“Yes, Mistress,” they both said in response, as they simultaneously reached down and began unbuckling their belts, unbuttoning and then unzipping their jeans, and then pulled down their undergarments. With Chise slipping out of her boots, both androids were now just as nude as Miyu. Miyu smiled. “The both of you, come here...”

Wordlessly, Arata walked over to Miyu and placed his hands on her hips. He pulled her in closely, Miyu feeling the heat from his erect member as it pressed against her thigh, and moaned softly, openly as he leaned his head in to brush his lips against Miyu's ear. Miyu held him closely, as Chise went around behind Miyu and began to gently stroke her bare back, giving her rear a grope, before pressing her own chesty body against Miyu's smooth back. Then, pulling back, Chise brought her fingers down and pushed them into the seam where Miyu's waist met her hips. Miyu was rather surprised as she let out a sudden “Seam Locks Disengaged”, and found herself being pulled away from her own standing hips. Arata took hold as Miyu remained tethered by the wires and cables extending from her central support structure, her hip-thigh servo motors and several other miscellaneous systems. Chise took firm hold of Miyu's chest, as she brought the slightly squirming android's upper half down on a nearby chair, the very soft whirrs and buzzes of the collection of servo motors throughout her body, now exposed, filled the room.

As Chise leaned in and kissed her deeply, Miyu could still feel her legs and hips being moved about. Arata wasted no time in taking Miyu by the thighs and pushed her hips up against the wall of the room, near the wardrobe, as Chise brought Miyu to rest near where the actors and actresses who claimed the room for their own put on their makeup. He guided his member in with a huff, and stared down at the bare machinery as Miyu let out a quiet, gentle moan into Chise's lips, who had bent down to kiss her. They were all wordlessly exchanging the information, feeling their shared sensations of deep pleasure through a private wireless connection, the same as Katsumi's. Yet, it felt so much more intimate, far less intrusive. And even now, commanding the two of them, Miyu had wanted to feel like she was being used. Another aspect of their new life taken from Katsumi, Miyu supposed. But it felt so very good, and so much better without threats and danger attached.

Chise brought her hands up to Chise's head as Arata began to slowly rock his hips back and forth in slow thrusts, staring down at the assemblage of machinery that made up his stepsister's thighs. He turned his head when he heard another “Seam Locks Disengaged” and watched as, with a soft moan from Miyu, her head was pulled up and away from her neck, connected much as her hips to her upper body were by thick bands of colored wiring black power cables. Chise walked over to a nearby chair, almost pulling those wires and cables taught, and brought the chair over closer to give Miyu's wires and cables a bit of slack. Sitting down, spreading her legs, Chise brought Miyu's willing head down between her legs, pushing her hips forward as tiny mechanical sounds began from Miyu's unhesitating laps and licks against Chise's puffed folds. Holding Miyu's head tightly against her sex, Chise bucked her hips and moaned out unashamed, tilting her head back as she pushed her chest out.

Arata, meanwhile, began to thrust harder into Miyu's body, letting out a deep groan of his own as he grasped Miyu's rear tightly, thrusting deeply into her body as he felt Miyu's left leg slowly rise to rest against his hips, then wrap around his waist. Arata, meanwhile, took hold of Miyu's ass as the thrusts began to get hard enough to bang her hips against the wall. He let out grunts and groans as he continued, fully taking advantage of what he knew now to be mechanical stamina. Thrusting hard up into her hips, he could hear the hip servos whine and buzz out, almost in pleasure themselves, his eyes shutting tightly as the synthetic vaginal walls closed tightly around his equally synthetic cock.

Chise, meanwhile, took hold of the back of Miyu's head and began to grind her face against her folds, while Miyu's tongue slipped into Chise, feeling her press against the warm, moist synthetic flesh. Her eyes fluttered, the red light flickering for just a moment as Chise took pause from grinding Miyu's face against herself, instead grasping one of her own breasts. Just as Miyu's upper torso began to stroke, roll and pinch her own tan nipples, the sensor-laden buds singing with each touch brought to them.

Arata shifted his position, pulling his stepsister's hips away from the wall and turned them around, mindful of the outstretched wires and cables as he brought her down to the floor. He took hold of her legs, gripping her ankles, and began to thrust hard inside of her, resting on his knees as he looked down at the bare machinery pushing out from her hips. Arata groaned out, loudly, uncaring of who might hear behind the thin walls.

Chise too began to moan, groaning loudly as she slipped her hands up and down over her scalp. Throwing her head back, squirming in her seat, barely able to contain herself from the sensation of Arata and Miyu's pleasure flooding her own. She moaned out, unable to restrain herself, programming breaking any sense of control in order to satisfy her user. All three were all so aware of their mechanical nature in their own little ways. Chise her programming, Miyu being disassembled and Arata with his ceaseless thrusts.

It wasn't sure who it was that hit their peak first. But it hardly mattered. A signal to cum had struck all three of them, and all three did as the signal commanded. Arata came powerfully inside of Miyu, as Miyu felt a hot gush of lubricants squirt from Chise's sex, staining her face. Miyu felt thoroughly used. All three of them began to pant softly, before stopping, realizing that none of them had to. No human expectations were needed to be satisfied, as they enjoyed their own sense of deep pleasure. Arata let go of Miyu's legs, as Chise raised her head, giving Miyu a passionate if messy kiss. Soon, Arata came over to share it, all three androids still reveling in a programmed afterglow.

An hour later, all three of them stood, clothed and clean, with Miyu reassembled and in her denim jacket, a white and blue horizontal striped top and a denim skirt. She leaned into Arata's side, looking out over Jinkoushima International Aerospaceport. Night had fallen, and from the overlook, they could see the glittering lights of the runway and launch pad. Tiny lights moved back and fourth near the front parking lot, and the distant screech of jet engines coincided with a set of pulsing lights rising up from the rest. The three of them watched as it rose off into the cloudless night, becoming lost in the distant glow of the stars above the dark ocean below.

Chise was the first to speak. “A hell of a view.” The comment came with a smirk as she looked over at the cuddling pair, the smirk softening to a smile. “You two make an adorable couple, you know that?”

Arata looked over to Chise over Miyu's head, smiling in her direction. It was Miyu who spoke however. “How about you come over here, Chise? I hate seeing you standing there all on your own.”

Chise smirked as she looked out to the lights of JIA, shaking her head. “Eh. I'm not really a cuddle type.”

Miyu turned her head back to look out at scenery. “Bull, I know that deep down in there, you have some cuddling programming. You're a companion model just like me after all.” She then turned her head up to look at Arata. “You know, you really have to show me more of these secret places you like to run off to. You got a great eye for scenery.”

Arata tilted his head slightly, blinking once in thought. “You suppose that's programming, too? I mean, it's all programming, but you suppose it was written into me by...well, whoever put me together?”

Miyu sighed. “The less you think about that, the better. It just gets confusing after a while. I mean, you never thought about things like that when you thought you were human, right?”

Arata chuckled. “Not helping with this whole philosophical quandary thing, Miyu.”

Miyu sighed, and then looked over to Chise, who was now standing up and looking over to the cuddling pair. “Nah, I should be heading back.” She smiled and put her hands back into her pants pockets, then walked over and kissed each of their cheeks.

Miyu chuckled in response, turning and pulling away from Arata for a moment. “I thought you said you didn't cuddle!”, she called out as Chise turned around around and playfully threw Miyu a middle finger, raising a hand over her shoulder and into the air to do so. Miyu giggled, then said “Love you, too!” She then sighed and turned around to relax against Arata's side again.

“Going to see her down at the arcade again, soon?” Arata looked down at Miyu, who shrugged against him. “Not sure? Too much has changed?”

Miyu smiled a little. “I guess I am just worried I am going to start having sex with her on the Galaxy Super Time Bike machine. Or she is. Or...” She sighed a little. “Now I'm in the quandary, here. I mean...Do we continue our lives as normal? Act like everything is the same, but we're all having sex and taking each other apart?”

Arata shook his head. “I don't know. I mean, so much has changed in all of us...Well, maybe not Chise as much, but it has for you and certainly has for me. I mean, it REALLY has for me. But...Well, I don't know. We'll see what happens, I guess. I mean, I'm an emancipated android, now. Your mom knows that now...”

Miyu sighed. “That was an awkward call...”

“Yeah, tell me about it,” Arata commented. “At least I didn't mention our relationship, yet. Even after I opened up a panel or two, I think she was still in disbelief. I seriously thought she was going to start to malfunction.”

Miyu chuckled as she pictured the scenario in her mind. “Oh, God...But yeah, Arata. You're right. I guess we just gotta' see what happens. Maybe take it easy. I know we're androids, but I want to be careful before we jump into, you know.”

Arata raised his eyebrows as he stared out at the twinkling lights. “Already, we're talking about marriage? Man, you aren't kidding about androids moving fast through these things.”

Miyu giggled and gently slapped his chest. “I'm talking about...” She paused a moment, then sighed. “Becoming something other than brother and sister. Just...You know, two androids who love each other. So just in case we decide to move on...”

Arata took a step back, took hold of Miyu's shoulders and then pulled her in to a tight embrace, leaning down and kissing her deeply. Miyu closed her eyes swiftly into the kiss, and then they broke it off again. Somewhere, out in the distance, another set of jet engines screamed off into the sky. Miyu smiled up at him, as Arata looked into her eyes. “Miyu, I don't care what we are. I want to be with you, that's all. We can figure out the titles and the words when we get to that point.”

Miyu smiled, nodded, and sighed happily, closing her eyes and resting her head against Arata's chest. She then turned to look out at the twinkling lights of JIA, as Arata pulled his arm around her shoulders.

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