The Time With My Stepsister/Chapter 4

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Sorry this one took so long to put out. Life's been kickin' my butt. aaaaaaaa. But it's okay now! Also, this one didn't get copy-edited as much as I would like, so it may not be up to my usual "quality" standard. Anyway, here's the newest chapter!

Chapter 4

“What?! No!” Arata protested the other half of Katsumi's demand, taking a step towards her with the anger on his face rising.

“Symbolically,” Katsumi said, smirking. “She is of course covered, as I am, and will be restored regardless of what we do to her. But consider this to be insurance. Besides, you haven't even heard the details yet.”

Arata's eyes narrowed as he listened, a sneer on his face. “What,” he tersely said, glaring at the android as she began yet another explanation of the sort she seemed to be so terribly fond of.

“I need to make sure that you won't be distracted by any errant thoughts of reporting this to the authorities. Aside from the fact that your family's reputation would likely be ruined, perhaps even losing your fortune, I need to give yo some stronger incentive.”

Katsumi walked out of the kitchen and gestured to Miyu. Crossing the distance between the kitchen/living area and the 'bedroom' area, Katsumi stood next to his bound stepsister, and gestured for Arata to follow. As soon as they got over there, Miyu suddenly said “Arata, I'm sorry, I didn't want to--”

“Quiet,” Katsumi snapped. Arata was shocked when Miyu replied unhesitatingly with a “Yes, Mistress,” and said nothing more. Arata glared at Katsumi, but said nothing.

“Your sister here is tied down with a monofilament wire rig, the sort of wires used to slice through junked cars when they are being recycled.” Katsumi reached over and idly plucked a wire, demonstrating its cutting ability when it sliced through the synthetic skin on the underside of her thumb, exposing the plastic sensor plating underneath. Katsumi did not seem too terribly bothered by the damage. Arata also noticed that some of Miyu's synthetic skin had been cut into, but only the first layer or so. How long had she been strapped here?

“The rig is automated, the wires pull into the rig by a series of motors. When the wires start to press in, they will slice through your stepsister like a hot knife through butter. It's a cliche statement, but an accurate one.” Katsumi watched Arata's expression, hesitating to touch his stepsister, given the information he now knew.

“The cables are all connected to a Wi-Fi network. Guess who has the permission to access that network?” Katsumi chuckled softly as she walked away from Miyu, who licked her lips as a blush crossed her cheeks. “It is connected directly to me...Your sister is, too.” Katsumi was now at the bed. The screen that covered it was now pulled back slowly, allowing one to see the bed from Miyu's position. Arata turned to watch, and a sneaking suspicion started to creep into his mind.

“When I experience pleasure, she experiences it. When we experience pleasure, the wires constrict against her body. Her elbows, shoulders, wrists, on and so forth, until she's sliced to pieces.” Katsumi walked over to a dresser next to the bed as she let Arata process this information. “And you will help me do this to her. If anything goes wrong, I want to make sure that the authorities think this was your idea. That we were lovers. If I have to go down, I'll be sure to take you with me...” She looked over her shoulder at Arata, who unsurprisingly looked hesitant.

“I won't do any such thing,” Arata said, his anger rising. Katsumi was about respond, when Miyu interrupted.

“Arata,” she said, causing the young man to turn in her direction. “Please, do what she says. I'm a machine, I'm covered, this can be fixed, my body can be replaced, even my mind can be restored from backup. But if you don't do what she says, she' made it clear to me that...that we'll never see each other again...It might sound stupid, but...I'd rather be in a dozen pieces than risk losing you.” Miyu chuckled softly. “Besides...I..I might actually kinda'...Like this sort of thing...”

Arata blinked. “You'll enjoy being broken like this? Destroyed?”

Miyu sighed. “You make it sound kinda' bad when you put it like that...I like being dismantled, I like being damaged and malfunctioning and...all of those things that only an android can experience. If it's shameful, I'm sorry, but I don't want you to feel any worse than you already do. I'm not lying, Arata, I...I want to be...ruined.”

Arata's cheeks were now blazing, as he turned to look over at Katsumi. The gynoid had just pulled apart the knot of her sash, her robes loose on her body. “The only reprogramming I've done to her is having her ownership settings changed. What she's saying is what she really believes.” The robe fell from Katsumi's shoulders, and she walked around the bed, right up to Arata, as shameless with her nudity as she had been with everything else.

Arata swallowed hard, trying to disguise his growing arousal. With a soft gasp and a sigh, he said “Okay...But only for Miyu.”

“For Miyu, then.” Katsumi reached down and swiftly unbuttoned the shorts that held rather tightly to his waist. They didn't take much to fall down very far, landing at his ankles. Blue boxer shorts exposed the bulge of his arousal, and Katsumi looked pleased with the size of the young man's member as she pushed the underwear down his thighs. He didn't even bother to step out of his clothes, feeling suddenly embarrassed for the erection he was displaying.

Arata's attention shifted as he heard an odd sound. Miyu let out a shocked gasp as the motors connected to the wires buzzed softly, pushing into her skin. As Miyu began to squrim, feeling her own arousal start to build as Katsumi's did in kind, the wires dug in just a bit further, and the synthetic skin around them began to tear. One could make out bundles of tightly packed colored wiring and thick, black cables, the opaque white cloudy color of the plastic paneling at her chest, hips and thighs, shavings of it scraping off from the slight squirms Miyu made against her bonds.

Instantly, Arata's attention went back to Katsumi, as he felt her lips wrap around his cock. They both closed their eyes. Arata hated how pleasured he was by this, already feeling like he might cum right there and then. But he resisted, attempted to pace himself. He wasn't about to give Katsumi the satisfaction. What that satisfaction was, exactly, Arata could not precisely say. All he knew was that he wanted to preserve some of his dignity, to not give in so easily.

Despite this, as Katsumi continued to pleasure him orally, Arata felt his desire overwhelm his willpower. He closed his eyes tightly, letting out sharp, heavy sighs as he found his hips involuntarily bucking in response to the mouth wrapped around his cock. All the while he heard the sounds coming from just behind him. Miyu, making shy little moans, as the wires closed in tighter on her body, slicing past her synthetic skin, cutting into it completely, and just starting to cut into what lay underneath. Arata's head snapped to look over his shoulder, turning his body just as Katsumi pulled her head back, casually lapping her tongue over Arata's shaft as he watched the blindfolded Miyu react to a cable just cutting into the wiring in her neck. A single spark shot into the air, accompanying a snap of electricity.

Arata turned back to look down at Katsumi, only to find that she had gone from orally pleasuring him to pushing her breasts up. The sensation of her breasts pressing his cock between them made him moan. But the moan was swiftly silenced, caught too late for his blackmailer not to notice. Looking like the cat who caught the canary, Katsumi began to push herself forward, moving her breasts back and forth on Arata's member. He wasn't even sure how he was still standing, as the deep arousal rocked him to his core. It was just a few moments into the titfucking when he began to thrust in response to Katsumi rocking back and forth on her knees, hands cupping her huge breasts.

Arata gasped sharply, even as he heard more snaps and pops from behind him. Miyu was moaning as well, but the moans were starting to sound more electronic as the wires dug in deeper. Sparks were now snapping at just about all points of contact, tinny panting between each loud moan only increased Arata's arousal. He suddenly reached down and placed his hand atop Katsumi's head, and much to her pleasured surprise, found her lips being pressed up against the head of his cock. A bit of precum touched Katsumi's lips, and soon it found its way to her tongue. She began to polish the head of Arata's cock shamelessly, but then suddenly pulled back.

“You aren't cumming on my tits, Arata,” Katsumi bluntly stated, before rising up and standing at eye-height to Arata. Reaching down, Arata managed to find that in the haze of his arousal, he was surprised at how willingly he raised his arms over his head and let Katsumi pull his shirt off. It was Katsumi's turn to be surprised when Arata reached out and took hold of her breasts, pushing his now naked body up against Katsumi's as Katsumi let out a deep, low moan. There was a crackle of electricity behind them, but it only served to push him on, especially as Miyu's tinny, choppy moans and groans continued. There was a sharp robotic whine as the servo motors in Miyu's knees and wrists were cut into, metal pings and electrical bangs sounding out as the wires sliced half-way through Miyu's limbs. She only moaned louder when her right hand partially snapped off, the fingers on the left side fixed in position as her hand lopsidedly hung from the cables, her left hand only slightly better off.

“Arata, yes!” It was all Katsumi could manage to gasp as the panting, huffing Arata, committed not to make any kind of moan, angry and aroused at the same time, fell on top of Katsumi, their bodies bouncing slightly on the bed. Finding himself unable to resist, he groped and squeezed Katsumi's breasts roughly, causing the gynoid to moan almost as loudly as Miyu did, her right hand now completely severed, hitting the floor with a metal and plastic clatter, as the sliced wires and cables jutted out of her ruined wrist. Sparks were now flying out from between the cables with greater frequency.

Arata tried to ignore it. But as much as he tried, he couldn't. And as much as it bothered him, he realized that the fact that his robotic stepsister was being cut apart by the cables just behind him only served to turn him on. Driven by lust just as much as determination to not lose Miyu, he reached between the two bodies and guided his member into Katsumi. The other gynoid howled out in pleasure just as Miyu did as well, her left foot at the ankle popping loose in a shower of sparks.

“Fuck me, Arata! Fuck me!” Katsumi moaned out loud as Arata pounded his hips against hers, grunting and groaning, anger mixing with raw animal lust as he felt her tight inner walls squeeze around him, enveloping him in synthetic flesh slick with artificial lubricants that he could have sworn were somehow like an aphrodisiac. He too threw his head back and let out a loud, powerful moan, reaching down and gripping Katsumi's breasts.

“A-Ara-rata-taaa-taaa-taaaaa--” Miyu's words were stretched out as the wires suddenly snapped towards the device that her body was pinned against. There was a squealing crunch of metal being cut through, as the wires snapped back into place with such intensity that they cut completely through Miyu's robotic body, even slicing through her hair, cutting it to just above the base of her neck. Strands of blue synthetic hair floated to the floor well after Miyu's parts did, sliced cleanly through by the cable and wildly sparking on the floor. Wires and cables streamed from them like ribbons as her sectioned body hit the floor with a mechanical clatter, her armless, headless upper torso bounced against the floor, and her head rolled by the bed, still sparking from the severed neck. “Cri-Crit-Critical-Cal-Cal-Cal Sy-Sys-sys-ssyyyss-sys-syst-t-t-t-tem-tem-tem-tem Er-errorr-rorr-orrrrr In-In-In All-All Sec-Sec-Sec-Sect-t-t-tor-tor-tooorrrrrssssssss...” Miyu's voice trailed off as the power finally drained from her power core. Her hips and the thighs that were separated from them were soaked with her arousal, and the sound of buzzing servo motors, crackling cables and electricity popping filled the room.

Arata came at roughly the same time, thrusting his hips forward as a powerful orgasm shot through his body and made his back arch, his eyes go wide and his lips form an 'o'. As Katsumi howled out in her own orgasm, Arata groaned almost as loudly and collapsed against Katsumi's body. Katsumi relished in the almost overpowering sensation of Arata filling her up with his release and the simultaneous sensation of Miyu processing an orgasm of her own as she was cut to pieces. She shuddered deeply, processors buzzing from the sensation as she gripped the sheets underneath her.

Arata let out a heavy groan and pulled out, rolling over onto the bed. Panting sharply, he looked over the side of the bed and his eyes widened, seeing Miyu's body scattered on the floor in such a way. He sat up slowly and lacking just as much speed, stumbled out of bed and knelt next to Miyu's head. Picking it up in his hands, he pulled the blindfold away to look into her dull eyes. An expression of sheer pleasure was on her face. As crazy as it seemed, Miyu appeared to enjoy this destructive activity, although without power to her CPU, there was no way to know for sure.

Arata was suddenly surprised by the flash of a camera, and dropped the inactive android's head to the floor. Blinking, he found himself staring at Katsumi, holding his camera and taking pictures of his stepsister's ruined body. He reached up and snatched the camera away, still panting sharply, forgetting about his nudity as he glared at the other android. “What the hell do you think you're doing?!”

“Insurance,” she said, as she snatched the camera back from him. Arata was so confused as to let it happen, but quickly moved to snatch it again. “The truth of it is, I didn't do this merely to show you how much you like Miyu, or how much your stepsister enjoys being turned into scrap. Between our lovemaking and this, I now have everything I need to convince the authorities that the two of us were involved in this together. After all, even if you decide to back out, go behind the authorities to report my crimes, I'll simply hand over this camera. It will be hard to dispute that you had no direct involvement if the camera that took these photos was from your camera. That, and I know you won't destroy it. I know how much this camera means to you.”

“How could you possibly know--”

“I've accessed your stepsister's memories, of course. I've even archived them.” Katsumi smirked. “Do you want to really know how long Miyu had a crush on you? It's quite adorable, actually--” Katsumi found herself suddenly cut off as she was pushed up against the wall by an angry Arata, who looked into her eyes with unbridled fury. Katsumi, however, showed mild bemusement on her face.

“Go on. Hit me. Break me. Smash me to pieces.” She let out a mock little moan. “I know how much it turns you on to damage an android, or see one damaged anyway. I felt how powerful that orgasm got when Miyu broke into malfunctioning pieces...”

Arata let go, and Katsumi smirked as she took a half-step back against the wall. Her naked body would have been enticing at any other time, and Arata was half tempted to take her again. But instead, he turned, and went to the bed, starting to dress himself.

“I'll have your stepsister all put back together and operational within a week. I might keep her with short hair, though.” Arata turned to look at Katsumi, who was now holding Miyu's head in one hand, studying it like she was aping for a role in a bad Shakespeare knock-off. Katsumi smirked when she noticed Arata looking at her.

“I'll give you some time to think over you and your sister's future. Then, you had better come back to me with that money, in whatever form it may be in.” She smirked and threw Miyu's head onto the bed. “Or me and your stepsister will be nothing but a fond memory.”

Arata huffed softly, frustration welling inside of him. He slipped his shirt on, then his shorts, having given no heed to the fact that he was still wearing his footwear when he had sex with Katsumi. Attempting to purge the thought of that woman from his mind, he shut the door to the warehouse with a loud, wall-rattling slam.

Katsumi chuckled, and walked to the bed. Reclining on it, she began to stroke Miyu's hair. “I have a feeling,” she said to the inactive android part “that you and I are going to be getting to know each other very, very well...”

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