The Time With My Stepsister/Chapter 2

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Hey there, everyone. This chapter is bigger than the character limit, so in order to keep my nicely organized numerical system from going crazy, the second half of the chapter will be in the next post in this topic. Thanks!

Chapter 2

Inoue Miyu lay on the couch, her bare feet resting on one arm of the couch, her head resting on the opposite arm. She lay on her side with her eyes partially open, staring at an unlit fireplace. The candles had been put out before she went into sleep mode. Considering she had only entered that mode for three hours, forty-five minutes and seventeen seconds, it hadn't been quite as efficient as her normal recharging mode. Every night, with only a few exceptions for various reasons, she would go into her room, walk to the charger and stand on it. Electrodes in her feet corresponding to the charger would direct the electrical charge that recharged her batteries up her foot and throughout her systems. It was a little bit like a portable cell phone charger.

It was the one thing that stood out in the otherwise 'normal' room. She thought of her posters of No Break, her favorite pop music group, led by a handsome young man who Miyu had fantasized about meeting in person. His clothes were wild, his hair spiked and blonde, his skin glittering under the lights of the stage as he bounced about with wild charisma and an energy for life that was reflected in his lyrics. There was a poster of a drama that the same man, whose real name was Sakamoto Ichiro but always went by the stage name Tacit for anything official, was holding a beautiful young woman. The woman, she remembered, was beautiful. An actress by the name of Yoshida Mitsuko. Miyu knew little about her. Apparently, she had starred in comedy works before transitioning to more serious productions with Tacit.

Miyu often wondered about being in Tacit's arms instead. About being an actress. It was her dream. It said a lot about the state of AI in Japan that they could have dreams, aspirations, careers. But whenever she thought about it, she began another thought line regarding what she was. Japan had come a long way in AI rights for the sentient AI's. But there was still discrimination. She thought about an android pop star she had seen once. Her stage name was Fiona. And she was like a lot of androids. Her body was very sexually appealing, with large breasts and a curvy figure, and her outfit matched that. Her lyrics were sexually charged and she moved about in a way that was very enticing. Most of her fans seemed to be young males. It was obvious why. Looking her up on the internet saw a lot of spreads with her partially or even fully disrobed. Yet, she was the most popular Japanese media representation of an android. Probably why her own body was the way it was.

It seemed that, actress or singer, androids in Japan's entertainment industry were still considered a novelty more than anything to be taken seriously.

Perhaps that was why she had tried to make her room look so human in its outset. It was obvious that she wasn't, what with the nature of her skin and eyes and what not. A part of her had always thought that she was trying to, in some way, deny that. She went to her friend Chise's house, and found her room to be full of posters regarding robotics tech. That she had a stylized circuitry flag, along with posters that showed things like old World War 2-style American posters that showed androids hard at work. She was an android and proud of it. So what did that say for her?

She hadn't thought about these things at all. Until last night. When she had malfunctioned. Laying on the floor, helpless, as she twitched and jerked about. Her vision becoming a swirl of static and broken pixels, when not occasionally flashing to a jerky image of an alert message flashing in front of her eyes. She had kept her HUD disabled, but it always cropped up when she malfunctioned. Even slightly.

She had never malfunctioned as badly as that before.

And then she was shut down. And when she came back online, the awareness of her surroundings returning but coupled with the visual and audio memories of Arata sitting on her, naked, with her chest panel open...

As she lay on her side on the couch, she found her hand reaching between her legs. Slowly, nowhere near as rapidly as her processors were generating thought lines and logic/personality-based conclusions. She thought about how before she had entered sleep mode, she had opened her shirt up and opened up her chest panel to peer inside of herself while she masturbated. She had masturbated before, of course. But Miyu had always done it thinking about more normal forms of sex and arousal. Having Tacit make love to her in her fantasies was always one in particular that she had enjoyed.

But never had she tried to do this while open. With her body open. Dismantled. The thought of someone standing over her, dismantling her slowly, taking her apart even down to her wiring had her become a shuddering and quivering mess forty-one seconds faster than at any time at all, the pre-programmed activation mark for her orgasm hit well within three minutes. It was almost as if the fingers stroking and probing her own sex weren't even a factor. She had become lost in the fantasy.

But what had bothered her was who was doing it to her. It was Arata. Arata was taking her apart, fucking her dismantled body and...

...She had even thought about being damaged by him. And that was what brought her over the edge.

Miyu didn't dare believe it. She ran three self-diagnostics of her self-preservation programming, followed by an all-encompassing self-diagnostic of all relevant AI systems. She could find no major faults, and nothing that would explain why she had cum so hard to the thought of Arata not just disconnecting her arm, but pulling it out of its socket.

The sparks. The flashes of electricity.

She stopped herself as she realized she was pressing the cloth of her oversized sleep shirt against the now-wet skin of her labia. Miyu let out a sigh and canceled the arousal subroutines. She pushed her face into the pillow and let out a groan of frustration at the whole scenario.


The voice made her snap her head up, and soon she was sitting up swiftly. She looked over her shoulder as a fully-dressed Inoue Arata stood behind the couch. Her mind raced. How long had he been standing there? Had she been quiet before the groan? She looked into Arata's eyes as he looked, if anything, somewhat concerned.

“Are you okay, Miyu? I mean, how are you holding up?”

Miyu had a brief moment. A millisecond, where she just wanted to yell at him that she wished she wasn't holding up. That she'd like to be malfunctioning and dismantled with Arata's cock inside of her body. That she wanted to be a pile of wiring and circuitry and only become aware of it all after she had been put in a new, replacement body, aware of what happened only after reviewing her audio/visual sensor logs.

“I'm doing alright, all things considered,” she said as she canceled that particular line of thought. “I even managed to get some charging done! But, not as much as I would have liked. I'm still good for another forty-eight hours, though! Um, you okay? I hope I didn't scare you too much.”

Arata nodded, a smile coming to his face. “Yeah. I mean, no you didn't scare me too much. I was worried of course, but the fact that you are okay made things a lot easier to handle.” Arata's eyes seemed to drift down to her feet. Looking in the same direction, Miyu noticed the light scorch mark against her synthetic skin. She then looked back up to Arata.

“It's okay, Arata. I'm going to get that cleaned up. It doesn't hurt or anything. I don't really feel pain like a human does.” Miyu rubbed the back of her head, which incidentally did make some progress towards straightening out her hair. She smiled as she saw some relief on Arata's face.

Poor Arata, she thought. He hardly ever smiled as much as he used to. His father passing away had hit him so hard. She had done her best to help console that grief, as much as she could in her role as stepsister. She could tell that he was still hurting a little. Miyu often wondered if there was some other way she could help, but could think of nothing. At least, not before last night.

But would Or was she merely thinking selfishly?

She turned her head to look up at Arata. “Um. What time is it?”

Arata blinked at that. “You ought to know. Don't you have an internal clock? The power's back on, I tested it before I got dressed. The wi-fi ought to be back on.”

Miyu let out a little 'oh!' in response to that. Arata's voice was more concerned than confused, so she sat down and nodded. She hadn't reset her internal clock yet, and it would take just a second or two to recalibrate it, just a quick connection to a server synched to an atomic clock somewhere in Colorado. “Um...Give me a second. I just need to--”

Arata raised his hands and sighed. “I'm sorry. I was just worried that maybe you were still malfunctioning a litte, that I did something wrong. It's, ah...” He checked a wrist watch. “The time's currently--”

“--9:45 AM.” Miyu smiled, turning her head to look at Arata, but then saw he was looking down at his watch. “Oh!” Miyu began to giggle, and Arata chuckled with her. “Sorry, I just thought--”

“No, it's okay,” Arata interrupted, though as kindly as one could in that situation, Miyu supposed. “I'm just glad that isn't a problem for you, is all. I mean, that you aren't malfunctioning still or anything...” Miyu smiled and nodded at his words.

“Anyway, I'm going to head out. I was thinking of taking some photos over by the beach. With the storm we had last night, I was thinking I could see if there was anything going on at the local tide pool. And don't worry. I'll be careful.” Miyu knew he would be. In spite of his urban exploring, Arata was cautious, careful. He never went anywhere he wasn't supposed to go, never took risks. Yet he still came back with amazing photographs.

Sometimes, when Arata didn't look, she'd go into his room just to look at the camera. There were some junk photographs in there, sure. A photographer had no more control over a landscape than any other mortal being, yet the majority of those pictures were of fantastic quality. The beautiful rays of the evening sun over the ocean, a street at night with its bright lights forever captured on digital film. The picture of a grasshopper, sunning itself on a leaf still fresh with morning dew.

Miyu was an artificial intelligence occupying a mechanical frame. Her thoughts electrical impulses and mathematical equations running on sophisticated crystaline circuitry operating on a quantum level. She was as man-made as the camera she held in her hands. And yet her development or programming was sophisticated enough to appreciate such things of beauty. To take pleasure in the sight of a sunrise. She often wondered if, perhaps, some programming parameter governed her appreciation of such things in the way a human did.

Did it matter? Miyu often wondered if it had. Listen to yourself, the android thought to herself. You're agonizing over the philosophical nature of your own thoughts in regard to the appreciation of art. Could you be any more stereotypical?

But that wasn't the point. The point was that Arata had more talent than he let others see, more than perhaps he knew about. Here he was, taking pictures and yet, he showed nobody. Or, at least, very few people. He didn't even want Miyu to see them.

Miyu stood up and got off the couch. She too had plans for the morning that Arata, in his apparent rush to leave, didn't have time to hear. She went upstairs to her room, opened the door and closed it shut behind her. She took a moment to stare down at the charger that was plugged into the wall. Arata had unplugged it that morning. The black marks from where the intense heat of the electrical charge had burnt the white plastic were still visible around the strip of coppery alloy metal. She sighed quietly and began to undress.

Soon, she was as nude as the day she was assembled and walked over to her chest of drawers, pulling them out one by one. On the bed that she used more as a bench than anything else, she laid down her clothes for the day. Miyu had always noted how she wore tight shirts, skirts that showed plenty of leg and other less than conservative clothes. Nothing overtly slutty, but surely things that called attention to her curves. She had figured this was perverted programming, but also wondered if this was perhaps her manufacturer allowing people to see how finely crafted she was. After all, she was a product. Her creation had come with a price tag, regardless of how sentient she was. She smirked at the thought.

Today, a white bra size 34 G with some lacy edges to it matched the panties she had selected. A blue skirt was paired with a black shirt. Long white socks that went up to her mid-thigh. A pair of boots had been pulled from the closet, the same length as the socks, a dark brown and genuine leather. Expensive. She had it all on within ten minutes. She slipped the boots on last, letting them slide up her thighs. Finally, she retrieved her denim jacket from the closet and slipped it on.

Miyu smiled as she looked into her mirror. It was a tall, full-body sized one. She decided to try something new today, though. She started to take her hair and wrangled the long sky-blue locks. It took a few tries, but she soon had a nice, neat, long ponytail. She put a hand on her hip, tilting her head left and right, smirking to herself. She rather liked the look. And it would be way easier to manage. She nodded to herself and then walked out of her room and down the stairs. Fetching a pair of keys from a hanger, she shut the door behind herself and locked it. Theft was rare in this apartment complex, but it was always a possibility. She pocketed the keys and smiled. Her plans were perhaps less intricate than those of Arata. Namely, they were to go out and hang out with her friend Chise. They'd do their usual thing of checking out the local stops. Miyu liked going to the local arcade. But Chise was more of a clubber. They managed to balance it out often enough.

Miyu wondered what Arata would be up to while she was out. But she put that thought aside as she entered the building's elevator. She took the ride down to the lobby, and soon would be meeting with Chise.

“I can't believe you enjoy these human kid games,” said the young woman standing next to Miyu as she leaned forward, her thighs tightly straddling the plastic device underneath her. She jerked left and right as she stared with wide, unblinking eyes at the screen. On it, the stars of the galaxy flashed by as she and the other racers zoomed about on a track made of hard light. Their hoverbikes traced neon lights, but only for a moment as Miyu passed them all.

The woman standing next to her sighed as she crossed her arms. Yamata Chise was a woman as attractive as Miyu. Her hair was a platinum shade, complete with a metallic sheen to it, cut into a short bob with a bang slightly covering one eye. Those eyes were an almost menacing red. A body similar to Miyu's was covered by a red halter top and a knee-length black pleather skirt, which hugged her hips and thighs, the rest covered by a pair of long boots. Her skin was pale, almost alabaster colored, and her eyes had no visible pupils or iris. Just the singular red color, though if one got to look past the red glow, they'd easily see the small, camera-like optical sensors behind the lenses. Chise didn't just display her robotic side to people. She flaunted it whenever she had the opportunity.

“Shut up, Chise, I almost got this!” Miyu grinned as she hit a button on the simulated bike's throttle. The screen flashed brightly as she boosted across the finish line. Miyu let out a cheer as she threw her arms over her head, 'FIRST PLACE' flashing brightly on the screen in front of her. She clapped her hands together and let out another yell. “Champion, right here!” She then let out a gasp as the high score screen came up. “Oh! Oh, Chise! I got the high score!” She pivoted on her hips and stuck her hand out. Chise smirked, rolled her eyes and reached out with her hand. A high-five then ensued.

“I am the baddest android biker operational!” Miyu's excitement brought a smile to Chise's face, despite the fact that she found the whole activity to be silly. Miyu let out another 'woo!' before getting off the bike.

Miyu was without a doubt the best Galaxy Super Time Bike racer in the arcade. She even kicked around the idea of joining a tournament, though she had to put that off when it came time to practice her play. Still, there was next year. She then let out a sigh. “Oh, man. I've been on that thing for two hours and forty-seven minutes...If I were a human, my legs would be aching, I bet.” Miyu patted her hands on her thighs as Chise scoffed, though more amused than annoyed.

“What on Earth made you bring that up, Miyu?” Chise chuckled as Miyu blinked a few times, then ran a hand through her sky blue hair. The purple-eyed android let out a little 'huh', then shrugged.

“I don't know...I guess I just haven't ever thought of things like that from a human perspective.”

“Yes, you have,” Chise smirked as she turned on her heels as Miyu began walking down the corridor of arcade machines. The whole place was alive with the sounds of electronic music, the melded din of gamers chatting, shouting in excitement or bellowing in defeat. The rattle of plastic and metal from the control devices attached to the battered arcade cabinets. It was a place alive with energy, even if that energy was electronic. There were men and women, humans and androids, the diverse youth of the nation all packed in and playing their tokens away. It always made Miyu smile at the thought.

As the two of them stepped outside into the small side-street that led to the arcade, standing well clear of any scooters or small cars that may be making their way by, Miyu turned to face Chise and asked“What's that supposed to mean, Chise?” Miyu was more amsued by the remark than anything, though it was almost matched by her curiosity.

“I look at you, Miyu, and you know what I see?” Chise put her hands on her hips, smirking. “I see a woman who does not know where she stands in the world and has no idea what she wants.”

Miyu blinked, her smile fading somewhat, and then scoffed herself, blinking once or twice. “Just what does that mean?”

Chise sighed softly. “You were raised with humans. That's cool. But, your mom? She's cool and all, don't get me wrong, but she's barely ever there, Miyu. I mean, what, you told me that she's just gone off for two years to Europe? Two years.” Chise sighed a little and shook her head. “I'm not saying she's a bad mom, but...Well, I know that for the last, what, five years? You've been raised with two other humans. And as far as I know, me, Junko and Himiko are your only android friends. Anyone in that play of yours an android?”

Miyu was now slightly offended, but more bewildered and surprised by Chise's psychoanalysis. Chise was smart. As an android it went without saying. But something was going on in those processors of hers that made her strangely introspective and perceptive. Miyu, despite her mild offense, knew that when Chise said something, often times, she had a point. It made Miyu, the star student, feel dull by comparison. “What's that got to do with anything,” Miyu said with curiosity as she watched Chise walk up to her.

“Because you, my friend,” Chise gestured with a finger pointed at Miyu's chest, before gently bringing it down and pressing it against her cheek. “Are a Pinocchio.”

“What?!” Miyu practically slapped Miyu's hand away. “That's a rotten thing to say to me!” The blue-haired android balked at the idea. That she wanted to be human? Pinocchio's tried to be human so hard, tried to blend in to the point of regularly missing scheduled maintenance sessions, eating food their food processors could not handle, and even sometimes attempted to pass for human, clearly violating aspects of Japanese law. It wasn't that androids didn't like humans, but such an identity crisis was harmful, not to mention impossible to fulfill. It often had to be programmed out of them at the risk of further self-harm.

Chise sighed. “Well, it's true. I mean, have you ever opened yourself up recently? Took a good, long look at those circuits? The wires inside of you?” The question made Miyu suddenly blush, and turn her head down to look at her booties standing on the concrete of the sidewalk, flashing in wild colors from the light of nearby street lights. “Hey, I know what that look means...Did my best friend finally get a little wild?” Chise smirked, which made Miyu's head snap upwards.

“I...Well, yes. Last night. I malfunctioned pretty bad due to the storm, but after Arata fixed me up, I...” Miyu suddenly realized she had said way, way too much. She knew this wen she saw Chise's eyes widen, and glow a little brighter.

“Oh-ho, Miyu. You mean to tell me that you opened yourself up and masturbated after--” Chise was suddenly giggling as Miyu made a half-hearted attempt to swing her arms in the direction of Chise's mouth. “Woah, hey, psychobot!”

“S-Shut up! It wasn't like that! It was the malfunction!” Miyu was blushing furiously, and crossed her arms under her chest, looking away as she looked absolutely mortified.

“I don't blame you,” Chise said, her smirk starting to turn into a grin. “Your brother's pretty hot. I mean, he doesn't seem that into me, but I'd totally--” She was interrupted by the sudden storm of hands swinging at her. Nothing that would cause serious damage—certainly not pain, Chise didn't feel it—as Miyu did the only thing she could think of to get her to stop talking. She stopped, and Miyu huffed. “Oh, Miyu, did anyone ever tell you how fun it is to tease you? You get downright adorable.”

“Well!” Miyu stood up straight and huffed. “If you don't stop, I'm just going to go home! And you can do whatever it is you want to do without me!” Miyu pushed her hands into her pockets as she pouted. It took Chise every concerted effort not to just let out a 'd'aaawww' and pinch her cheek, or something.

“Okay, okay...But now that you've said that, you gotta' go join me. I think you know where.” Chise winked and smiled, as Miyu suddenly looked unsure. “You go to Club Circuit with me and that'll prove once and for all that you aren't a Pinocchio. At least in my eyes. Okay?”

Miyu blinked. “What do you mean 'your eyes'--agh...Okay, okay...” The response made Chise clap her hands with a smile, and she gestured with her head down the street.

“Come on. If we hurry up, I bet we can get in before the big evening crowds.” Chise turned and headed down the street. Miyu had never been to her favorite hangout before, and needless to say, she was excited to finally get her to go. Even if she did have to tease her friend into doing it. Miyu, sighing softly, walked up behind her alabaster-skinned friend.

“It's 9:30 PM,” Miyu noted, consulting her internal clock. Chise looked over her shoulder for a moment and smirked.

“Oh, man. I can tell you're a virgin to Jinkoushima at night, Miyu.” Chise turned and looked ahead as they left the side street and went out into one of the main streets, still bustling despite the late hour. “The night hasn't even started, yet!”

It took about ten minutes of waiting outside the door. A bouncer was there, a huge android with a badge over his tight black shirt that stated he was registered in Japan to apply non-lethal force, which meant that he was probably an off-duty police unit. He certainly looked the part. Imposing, standing tall, a metal body that Miyu could see was painted blue underneath the clothing. Four bright orange photoreceptors on his otherwise featureless head. He held a tablet and was checking off names. It gave the club an air of exclusivity.

Miyu wasn't surprised Chise was taking her here. Her friend was from a wealthy family, even by the standards of Junkoushima's affluent majority. Her mother was a human, an energy mogul who owned the largest clean energy company in Japan. Her company was one of the principal investors to the Jinkoushima development project. Her mother's wife was an android. Surprisingly enough, she was a shopkeeper, a florist by trade, who happened to meet her wife by chance on the high-speed line to Tokyo. They got married, and five years ago opted to have Chise's sister assembled. Chise was the 'younger' sister, her older sister studying for some sort of biology degree abroad. It often made Miyu wonder what it was like to be raised in a home that was predominantly android, as opposed to human.

Was Chise right? Was she a sheltered Pinocchio? Was that why she reacted the way she did to the malfunction? Miyu pushed the thought out of her mind as she and Chise approached the bouncer.

“Evening, Miss Yamata.” Miyu was surprised to hear the bouncer speaking English. The accent sounded odd, too. Australian? It came through tinny speaker-like tones, yet the voice was surprisingly soft and gentle.

“Evening, Neil.” So Chise and the bouncer were on a first-name basis? That surprised Miyu, but she was starting to get used to surprises when it came to this club. What's more, Chise returned the greeting not only in English, but with an Australian accent to boot.

The bouncer chuckled. “Darlin', you should stick to accent-less English. You sound like a tourist.” Chise smirked and giggled in return. It seemed that it was good natured ribbing. “Lessie. Miss Yamata in the company of...Finally decided to get yerself a steady girlfriend, eh?”

Miyu blushed deeply. “N-No, I'm not her girlfriend, I'm a friend. Inoue Miyu?” Miyu was so flustered she forgot to switch her language settings from Japanese to English, but the bouncer nodded and wrote it down on his tablet anyway.

“Welp, two of ya are cleared to go in.” The bouncer stepped aside, his body enough of a deterrent to keep any would-be party goers from shoving past. Chise bowed in an ever-so-Japanese manner, and Miyu hastily followed it. They then walked past him and into the club.

The club was known as Circuit. The screen above the wide doors with a flashing blue circuitry pattern said as much in both Kanji and English, an electric blue that pulsed on the huge screen normally reserved for sports events. It was internationally famous. Any android of any significance, even by mere association to someone famous, came to Circuit from all over the world. It catered exclusively to artificial intelligences, with virtual idols and hologram stars mingling with androids from all over the world.

As Miyu came in, the number of wi-fi pings almost sent her to the floor, but she composed herself as she felt the cold air rush over her. The place wasn't just cooled, it was frigid. A human would have had to have come in wearing a parka to be comfortable in here. The walls were dark, but pulsed blue with circuitry lines. Deep blue sweeping lights ran across the dance floor, which revealed itself to be a screen displaying all manner of images. The music boomed, a wild electronic beat being played by a bright red holographic DJ spinning tracks in an impressive booth. Miyu had to wonder, was the hologram a separate program that was here for the night? Or was it more accurate to say that the DJ was being played by his instruments?

She and Chise made their way to an elevated section of the club, each step they made flashing blue circuitry patterns radiated outwards across the floor. Miyu blinked as she and Chise sat down at a table. Miyu took the time to look around at the place. The high ceiling with its pulsing lights coming from surprisingly old-school track lighting. She looked down to the dance floor, watching the dancers sway and dance to the beat.

It was then that Miyu noticed something. Something that she hadn't noticed before she sat down, so caught up in the whirlwind of activity that was going on here. She noticed for the first time that the club goers, swaying in sinuous motions, grinding against each other, were all naked. All of them. She could see every detail of their bodies, and all of them were well-manufactured. Miyu's next shock came as she observed that they were not only naked, but several of them had opened panels, a few of them opening more than one.

Miyu turned to look at Chise. She was about to say something when she noticed that her friend had just taken off her halter top and set it on the table. Her breasts were bare underneath, the large, pale synthetic mounds capped with pale, pink nipples. She looked up at Chise with jaw-dropped shock as she swiftly zipped down her skirt and stood up to work on her stockings. “Watch my clothes, will you? Last thing I want is for someone to take them on me. You'd think people wouldn't steal them, but--”

“W-What are you doing, Chise?” Miyu asked with wide eyes, staring at the now naked body of her friend. She caught sight of Chise's bare, bald sex when a pulsing blue light flashed over her body for just a moment. Her red eyes glowed softly in the dark.

“I'm going out on the dance floor. What else would I be doing?” Chise smirked as she reached up and pressed down softly on the front of her abdomen. “Abdominal Paneling Disengaged.” The flexible pieces of synthetic skin and plastic backing hardened and became rigid as Chise pulled hem away from her own body, setting them down on top of the pile of clothing on the table. Miyu watched as she shuddered visibly. Rows of LED lights flashed softly in the dark, and glimpses of the wiring, cabling and circuitry rows underneath were now visible. Miyu watched with a red face as Chise's hips buzzed and whirred past her ear, as her friend headed to the dance floor to join the crowd of writhing, naked, half-dismantled dancers.

Miyu knew what was going on here, of course. She had just never seen it. Androids did not have the same issues with modesty that humans did. At least, not typically. Mostly, this was due to the need for androids to be stripped of clothing to perform maintenance routines and repairs when required. They had access panels all over their bodies, and most androids could be stripped of their outer coverings completely, should the need arise. But they didn't just waltz about naked in public, either. They were programmed to observe human public decency, though an android could strip down at any time should they so choose. That usually saw them arrested for public indecency, though. Here, in this club, they could not only strip down but open up. Show the whole world that they were machines.

It also helped that the cool air was allowing their systems to operate much faster. Miyu was already feeling a rise in overall systems efficiency of over 20%. But she sat there, still and silent, as she watched the dancers. Their glowing electronic eyes, the flashes of light from open panels. A few especially wild dancers chose to forgo their synthetic skin panels completely. Miyu could tell at least one female android had chosen to do so, her endoskeletal framework moving with fluidity, every part of her body visible. Every servo, every synthetic myomer muscle band, every wire and every circuit so carefully arranged inside her frame, now visible to anyone who cared to watch.

Miyu did watch. And Miyu felt her arousal build. It grew more when her eyes fell on Chise once again. She was dancing with two male androids that had partially dismantled themselves, like every other dancer on the floor. They were talking, or at least Chise was, speaking about something despite the sound of the music. It made them want to dance, programming telling them they found it appealing. Miyu watched with wide eyes as one of the male androids slipped behind Chise. Chise did nothing to resist, talking normally, or so it seemed, even as the stranger slipped his fingers underneath her arms. Miyu continued to watch with growing surprise as Chise held what seemed like a perfectly normal conversation as her arms were suddenly lifted away. Disconnected properly, but so skillfully that Chise barely seemed aware of it. Miyu looked on as she continued to passively dance while talking to this guy, her shoulder servo sockets twitching and spinning slightly as wires jut out and cables hung loosely.

Miyu's jaws were partially dropped, and she watched with a stunned expression, a blush on her cheeks. She was too overwhelmed by all of it, even with the bump in processing power. Was this what it was like to be on some sort of drug, Miyu thought? She felt exhilarated, like she could do anything, her processors thinking of so many things. She could probably memorize all of her lines, she thought. But she thought about other things. She thought about home. She thought about her mother in Europe. She wondered if she was doing things like this. Getting high in the frosty air of some European alp. Getting dismantled for fun by a handsome man. Or woman.

She thought of Arata.

Miyu suddenly felt like she wanted to explode. But in a good way. She let out a hot and heavy sigh as she suddenly stood up. It took some effort with all the close-by wi-fi connections open, but she left a message for Chise, telling her that she had to go, as her charge was below forty percent. It wasn't a lie, exactly, but it wasn't the only reason why she was leaving. She followed the glowing green signs on the walls as she walked past a smartly-dressed female android being serviced right there at her table, blouse open and chest systems exposed, her companion under the table.

Miyu was surprised she gleamed all that from a quick pass by, and figured the increased processor activity had something to do with it. She was soon exiting out a back door. When she did, she arrived in an alleyway. She took a moment to collect herself, when a noise down the alleyway caught her attention. She watched, wide eyed, as a female android moaned softly. She looked like a librarian, almost. Strands of her long hair fell over her face, her glasses somewhat askew as she pressed her back firmly against a concrete wall. One leg was up, resting on the shoulder of another female android who was mercilessly applying her tongue to the librarian-looking android's labia. Miyu noticed too that the librarian's (Miyu also wondered if she was an office worker, but for some reason the look shouted out at her 'librarian') abdominal panel was open. What's more, she had been damaged. Wiring jutted out from her open abdominal panel, sparking wildly, lights flickering and flashing inside.

Miyu might have intervened, but she was all too stunned by what was happening. That said, it soon became apparent why she was in such a state. Her partner reached inside from below, reaching up and over her own head, to push her hand inside and rip out another bundle. The other woman howled out, the sound lost in the muffled but powerful booming of Circuit's music, the tone becoming tinnier, skipping at its apex. Her body shuddered and buzzed mechanically, before another skipping howl of pleasure sounded out as a cable was completely tugged free.

Miyu watched, stunned and aroused by the sight. For a brief moment, her systems visualized herself in the librarian's place. Her body shuddering, breasts exposed to the night air, open panels sparking wildly. She was still thinking about it, when a 'hey' in their general direction made Miyu suddenly gasp. The woman, who had been pleasuring her now twitching and jerking companion, turned her head to look at her.

Her face was perfect, with the pale quality of her skin and the way she wore her make-up giving it an almost geisha-like apperance. Her eyes glowing a bright hazel color. Her face was shamelessly stained by the lubricating oils her friend produced. “You going to stare at us all night? Or do you wanna' join in?” The words were both somewhat harsh and quite inviting. But Miyu shook her head and began to head back down the alleyway.

“S-Sorry. I'm. I was just.” She never finished the sentence, too flustered to continue as she hurriedly walked out of the alleyway. Home was only a few minutes away by train. She felt like perhaps she had enough excitement for one evening. She got a response from Chise, telling her that it was alright. Also teasing that she was a bit of a prude.

Miyu wondered how many pieces she was in now, as she went down the sidewalk, trying very, very hard not to let her growing arousal show.

The door to her apartment closed softly. It was well after 11 PM when Miyu returned home. She normally wasn't out so late and she couldn't help but wonder what Arata might be thinking, though to her surprise she soon found him relaxing on the couch. In his hands was the camera, and he was looking over the photos in the system memory. He tilted his head back when Miyu came in, and smiled softly. “Hey, Miyu. Did you have a good time? How's Chise?”

Miyu paused a moment. She looked into Arata's face, his eyes. She wondered if it was just the lust and arousal talking when her mind wandered to the scene in the alleyway. The characters swapped for Arata between her legs, and her half-dismantled body pressed up against the wall. What would have been a noticeable lack of attention was, for Miyu, a lapse of a moment or so, barely perceptible to the human eye. Somehow, though, Arata noticed anyway. “You alright?”

“Huh?” Miyu blinked a little as she brought her purple eyes into focus, staring at Arata as he stood up a bit straighter, looking more concerned. “I...” She trailed off, and then took a few steps forward. Her sock-covered feet padded softly against the floor, having removed her boots near the door. She got closer to the couch that Arata sat at, and soon stood only a few feet away. Arata turned around on the couch, placing his bare feet on it as he watched Miyu get closer. “No...Yeah. I'm okay. I think. Maybe, I...”

Miyu closed her eyes and let out a slow sigh. “I went out with Chise to that club she's always wanted me to go to. Circuit, the android club?” The words caught Arata's attention. He, like a number of Jinkoushima's residents had heard of the place. He knew he'd never get in, but he was always interested to hear more about the place, as did many of the human residents. “It was...It was pretty fun.” As she said this, she found her arm rising up against the underside of her chest. Underneath the shirt and the bra, her nipples had hardened into sensor-filled pebbles. She had never been more aware of the cloth covering her body before.

“Oh?” He watched as Miyu walked over to the couch, standing in front of it for a moment, then sitting down in front of Arata. She wondered why she was designed with a face that felt flush so easily. She pressed her thighs together in a manner she hoped wasn't obvious, looking towards the floor as Arata got a bit closer. “Miyu?” Arata reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder. “Miyu, are you okay?”

Miyu turned her head the moment the hand came to rest on her shoulder, looking to it at first, then up to Arata. “Arata...I'm a very odd android, aren't I?” She watched as Arata's expression became one of confusion, and she began to elaborate “When I went to the club, everyone in there was dancing. All of them androids, and it was...amazing.”

“Uh-huh,” Arata said, setting the camera aside. “But what does that have to do with you being odd, Miyu?”

Miyu let out a sigh as she tried to push aside the intense sensations flooding her processors. “They were dancing naked, right there on the dance floor. Even Chise. She took off her clothes and her abdominal access panel, then got right on the stage and danced between these two guys. And they just started to take each other apart and...” If Miyu's blush could get any bigger, it would have, as she realized she was smiling.

Arata couldn't help but return the smile. Miyu also noticed that his cheeks were turning red as well. “Well, sounds like she had a lot of fun, then. But that still doesn't answer my question.” His smile faded as he got a bit closer, scooting over on the couch to look Miyu in those lovely purple eyes. “Are you sure you are alright? I mean, you were acting alright before you went out, but maybe you're still malfunctioning? I was working off of a manual and some information I'd remembered, I'm not an expert in robotics...”

Miyu smiled. “No, no...It's alright...” She ran a hand through her blue hair as she noticed how close Arata had come. She could sense the heat radiating from his body, how he had to have been warmer than she was. The thought of a warm body like that embracing hers made her pause a moment, before she let out a soft sigh. “What I am trying to say is...I act like I want to be human, don't I?”

Arata blinked, furrowing his brow at the question. “Well, I've never given it much thought. I mean, your mom never really did anything overtly robotic that I can recall. And it isn't like I've seen many other androids dancing naked on a stage.” The comment made Miyu giggle, though she went right back to her attempt at an explanation.

“Well, its just...The malfunction yesterday and the club today...It made me realize how much I was trying to make what I am...I dunno, unimportant? A non-issue?” She sat up a little and put her hands on her lap. “I mean, even before our parents met, I was trying to do that. She sent me to this academy? There must have been...four of us android students.” Miyu closed her eyes and shook her head. “What I mean is...Since I've been here, I realized how shy I am about my robotic side. I mean, I don't even like opening my panels up in front of other androids. We're supposed to have reduced modesty, but I get nervous when I take my clothes off in front of the repair technician...”

Arata's left eyebrow quirked upward. “Oh. I mean, I knew you didn't always live in Jinkoushima, but I didn't know the rest...Not that I mind you telling me this, but I am a little confused. Why are you telling me this, Miyu?”

“Because...Because seeing it, being confronted with it so much. It's just that it...” Miyu tried to state it, but she just couldn't get it out. She realized that this was her human interaction software. Her personality programming. The things that made her act so human, that made her think and feel like one. Or at least, did as far as she knew. That was a whole other philosophical issue that she really did not have the time or inclination to think on. Instead, she turned her head upwards. She looked Arata in the eyes.

She leaned in and kissed him. It wasn't the sort of kiss one they were used to as stepbrother and stepsister. It was sudden, spur of the moment. Her arousal and inability to get her words out caused the kiss to be the only course of action she could really think of to get what she wanted across. That being dismantled, being exposed as a machine, or even being treated like one had proven to be a powerful aphrodisiac. She hadn't expected it, had only thought of it now and then, but it was all she could think of now. She had to wonder to herself; had she wanted to kiss her stepbrother this entire time? Or was it the arousal making her want to kiss the first attractive person she saw? Was this related to the overload?

Arata seemed too stunned to return the kiss. It didn't take too terribly long, however, for him to start kissing back. Miyu felt a strange sense of relief Their eyes both shut as the kiss deepened. Miyu had never kissed a man before. Or a woman, for that matter. She wondered if Arata had, as he seemed to be kissing her very well. Or, at least, as well as she imagined. Miyu had the basics of sexual programming, but she wasn't a pleasure model. She had no internal how-to manuals or pre-loaded experience to fall back on. She couldn't help but groan as his tongue slipped between her lips, and he leaned into her, pushing her back against the couch.

Miyu felt the need—likely that limited sexual programming—to spread her legs as Arata pressed down on her, feeling the foreign sensation of hands not her own on her breasts. She was surprised just how quickly Arata slipped into this mode of thought. She wondered if perhaps he had wanted this for longer than he had ever indicated by her. Arata's tongue pressed against Miyu lips and she eagerly opened them, as his hands groped at her chest. The gynoid arched her back, pressing her breasts into his palms, the feeling of his warm hands and fingers pushing and pressing against the fabric that covered her synthetic skin. Arata then broke the kiss, sitting up slowly and staring down at her. He looked into those lovely purple eyes with that deep electronic glow, now looking up at him with a smoldering lust that, for a moment, caught him off guard.

“Is something wrong?” Miyu asked as she looked up into Arata's eyes, lust and arousal mixing with concern as Arata placed his hands gently on her abdomen.

Arata let out a breathless “no,” before reaching out and placing his fingers underneath her shirt. Miyu blinked, but shifted a little as she felt his hands push the shirt up along her smooth stomach. Arata could feel the smooth synthetic skin underneath his fingers as he slipped the fabric up and over it, looking down at the slightly pale material that he knew covered an endoskeletal frame of metal, electronics and wiring. It made his desire all the more noticeable to the observant Miyu, even as her shirt stopped just underneath her breasts. Miyu shifted her shoulders slightly, slipping her arms out of the sleeves of her jacket as Arata pushed against the fabric of her shirt.

Bringing her arms up and over her head, she let out a gasp as instead, Arata placed his hands on her shoulders. He shifted his position, looking down at her with some hesitation. Miyu wondered what he was up to, when she felt his hands brushing along the cloth that covered her shoulders. The sudden realization of what Arata was attempting to do came to her just as his fingers pressed into the tiny release switches in her arms. The clicks of the release mechanism were muffled underneath the fabric of her shirt and the material of her synthetic skin, along with a few layers of cushioning gel, plastics and light alloys. Regardless, she soon stated “Left Shoulder Module Disconnected. Right Shoulder Module Disconnected. Arata, what are you--”

Arata slowly pulled Miyu's arms out of the short sleeves. “I know a lot about how your body works, Miyu...And...” He started to slowly pull the shirt up and over her chest and head. “...I've thought about this for a long time...Undressing you, taking you apart...” He threw the black t-shirt aside, looking down at the white bra with lace accents, the shoulder straps having slipped completely off leaving the bra connected only by the band on her back. The bra was tight on her chest, which had exacerbated her growing arousal from the scene in the alleyway.

Arata briefly stopped, just before reaching down and around to unclasp Miyu's bra, fingers slipping between her body and the fabric of the couch. “...That doesn't bother you, does it?”

Miyu shook her head rapidly, the mechanisms in her shoulders turning and buzzing softly, metal and plastic parts clicking in a way that she had only heard a few times prior. It had never aroused her like this before. It was that point that made her wonder if this was a malfunction of some kind, that perhaps this was some error in her system memory, or a hardware fault caused by the electrical overload. Something that would be corrected and repaired the next time she was brought into a repair station.

Miyu hoped desperately that wasn't the case. She continued to hope that as the white lacy bra was pulled from her chest. Her naked breasts revealed in full, Arata took in every detail. They were firm, but not so much so that they looked like cheap implants. Smooth and without a single blemish. Small, tan nipples capped them. He leaned in and grasped her breasts, squeezing the large mounds of synthetic flesh. Miyu let out a deep gasp, pleasure shooting through her body as the warm organic hands groped and kneaded her sensor-laden breasts.

Arata, with a degree of hesitation, leaned back and reached down to Miyu's waist. As the android squirmed underneath her stepbrother's hands, they started to work the skirt off her waist. The blue skirt was slowly worked down shapely thighs to reveal the white panties that matched the bra. Once the skirt was past her legs, the panties came next. Hooking his fingers into the straps of those panties, they were worked down Miyu's thighs. Pulling them all the way down past her toes, they were thrown aside, as Miyu's face went completely flushed. She watched as Arata looked down at her bare sex, completely bald and exposed. She bit her lower lip in anticipation of what was to come.

Arata hesitated himself, wondering what exactly he should do next. He had, of course, experience from pornography. But he had never been with a woman before now. All he knew was that, apparently, it would be easier with an android than it was with a human woman. Of course, a lot of it was the typical schoolyard rumor that Miyu had heard. He licked his lips in nervous anticipation as he observed that Miyu's labia were moist. More than that, actually. She was aroused, and he could feel his stiff member aching against the inside of his pants. But rather than just take them off and, he felt, rudely fuck her, he got up from his seat. Miyu at first thought she had somehow offended him, and concern activated in the emotional subroutines of her personality programming. But those abated when she started to watch Arata pull the belt off of his pants.

Next came his shirt, pulled off of his chest and shoulders and sent to the floor in the growing pile of clothing. Underneath, Arata was a well-toned young man. His explorations of Jinkoushima had been more than just the casual observations of a tourist. He was an urban explorer, a rock climber when it came to the city's coastal walls, a spelunker of the old construction tunnels that ran through the place like a beehive. He was hardly a muscular hunk, but he was still handsome and well-built. He then quickly pushed his pants and underwear down. The member that stood erect was of average length, not of the exaggerated proportions of Miyu's fellow androids. She had no personal experience, but Arata had not been the only one to watch pornography in their private time.

Her armless body leaned back as she watched Arata get closer, resting her head on the arm of the couch as Arata moved down to embrace her. His hands went to her sides at first, but he was soon moving between Miyu's legs. He thought for a moment about how difficult this would have been in between the thin walls of his former apartment back in Tokyo to do this, but the moment was brief. Arata's right hand moved between their bodies, took hold of his hot, hard member and began to slowly guide it in between Miyu's folds. Protection, for a number of obvious reasons, would not be an issue.

Miyu's head tilted back. The sensors in her body received the information from a processor dedicated to the processing of sexual activity. The management of the lubricants that acted in the place of more natural human equivalents, the tensing and releasing of the synthetic musculature that operated her artificial vaginal folds, the reaction to the data with emotional and sensation programming to form a realistic response and one pleasurable for both partners and integrating data based on personality preferences. It all culminated into giving Miyu the greatest burst of pleasure she had ever experienced in her life as Arata's member pushed inside of her.

The couch was hardly the ideal place for this to happen. She couldn't spread her legs entirely, and one leg hung off the edge of the cushions. For a moment, Miyu thought of stopping and asking Arata if they could move to one of their beds. But the thought was thrown out of her mind as Arata thrust powerfully inside of her, pushing himself in up to his hips. The android underneath him howled out in pleasure, and Arata could not help but do the same, letting out a sharp and loud grunt of arousal, which became a more passionate moan. She could feel every inch of him push in, recorded by her precise systems to generate that powerful reaction.

Miyu could hear the servo motors in her arms spin as her back arched powerfully, thrusting her chest up and into Arata's. Her eyes were closed tight, but she knew of and could feel Arata's hands move up her body to her chest. The gropes were somewhat awkward, but powerful, each one squeezing her huge breasts. His lips and tongue pressed against her right nipple, suckling and licking at it. Arata was lost in pure lust, and Miyu's systems put all priority on completing her first sexual encounter.

Arata, perhaps lost in lust, suddenly reached a bit further up Miyu's chest, over her breasts. She was suddenly alerted of a panel opening up on her upper chest. She knew exactly which one. Miyu's eyes snapped open to look down and see that Arata had opened and discarded the panel over her breasts, exposing those same circuits that he had replaced in the malfunction that got them started down this path. The flashing status indication lights and bundles of thin, colored wiring threaded between and connected to the numerous electronic parts. Arata could now stare down and see, in addition to the ends of cables, wire bundles and the connecting parts of her servo motors in her shoulders that Miyu was a machine. He hardly needed to be told that, but the realization of such in this moment, while he was thrusting deep and recklessly inside of her, made him feel all the more aroused.

He almost came right then and there, as Miyu's legs lifted up and wrapped around his waist to hold herself in place. She could feel her back rub and brush against the fabric of the couch. But Arata wanted to do something else. Reaching down, he grasped Miyu's sides, and with a bit of effort, kept himself inside of her while pulling himself up to a sitting position. He then transitioned, going onto his back with Miyu now sitting on top of him, still straddling his hips, her blue hair falling around her face, until she flicked it back with a twitch of her head.

Arata began to thrust underneath her, holding her thighs as she began to rise and fall on his hips. Her breasts had the reaction both she and he had expected, bouncing on her chest with each strong thrust of his hips. Miyu knew how far it was going each time, but to Arata it felt as if he were going a bit deeper with every new thrust of his hips, as he watched his stepsiter's chest rise and fall in reaction to each one. A hand came up and slapped her side, more as a sign of exertion rather than of aggression. But Miyu found herself liking that. Liking this aggressive side to Arata. She licked her lips and howled out lewdly, uncaring about who might have heard it. Let the whole world know, she thought, that she was enjoying this, being a machine who has sex with her stepbrother. It was so taboo, so kinky that she couldn't help but feel her own climax approach.

Arata then acted out of impulse again. He reached up, placing both of his hands on her breasts for a moment, holding them in place, before bringing his hands further down and taking hold of her abdomen. Pressing in firmly on points that he had memorized from what he recognized to be an almost obsessive study of her schematics, Arata released a panel on Miyu's abdomen with a soft and muffled click. For a moment, Miyu's body went still, Arata pausing in his thrusts to reach up and set the panel aside, discarding it like their clothing. The gel underneath the synthetic skin going firm and rigid, the flexible plates of protective plastic linking together at the command of the release switches. Underneath, it revealed a forest of wires and cables, going from Miyu's hips to beyond where the panel ended at roughly the area of a human stomach, where Miyu's power systems were located. The black cables and colored wires were tightly packed, making it almost impossible to see anything beyond them. But Arata knew what he could not see. Her central support rod, acting as a flexible spine equivalent, going up close to the center of her body was somewhere within, and there were all manner of processors for motor function, sensors, power management and distribution, balance and a host of other systems were all packed inside. Lights blinked in a cavalcade of colors, and a blue light illuminated the interior. Arata could hear, as he began to thrust again, the servo motors and synthetic musculature buzzing and whirring as she returned the thrusts. So too, could Miyu.

It was all he needed. His body tensing, a gasp escaping from his lips, Arata came explosively inside of Miyu's robotic body. Miyu, in kind, thanks to programming explicitly designed for the purpose, came with him, her whole body going rigid with a simultaneous robotic buzz of her servo motors and muscles. She threw her head back and reveled in the pleasure of their simultaneous release. Arata was panting, grunting hard, his body shining with a fine layer of sweat. The sight almost made Miyu want to go again, but then she looked down at her own half-dismantled body. She looked down at Arata and let out a whisper of his name, who nodded in response, acknowledging her words.

“Can I...Can I have my parts back?” Miyu giggled after saying that, and Arata chuckled softly. He nodded, and reached over the side of the couch, blindly but successfully retrieving one of her arms and slowly sitting up. Feeling her breasts press against his chest, he pushed it back into place. It twitched as the connection was re-established. “Arm Module Reconnected,” Miyu said with a smile, realizing that her usual vocal alerts had shut down while they had made love. Her arm then went up and its hand gently stroked Arata's cheek, brushing it with her finger.

“That was...Amazing, Miyu,” Arata said, as he leaned over slightly and retrieved Miyu's chest paneling. With careful fingers, he slipped it back into place, mindful of the sweat on his fingers. It clicked into place. “Upper Torso Access Panel Re-Attached...Thank you, Arata,” Miyu responded, with both the calm monotone of a machine and the shaky, pleasured voice of a young woman. She gently slipped away from him and began collecting her own parts. “We made...ah...Quite a mess, didn't we?”

Arata chuckled softly at that, gathering his clothing and separating it from Miyu's. He could hear her speak in that pleasant and polite monotone as she announced “Arm Module Reconnected. Lower Torso Access Panel Re-Attached.” Miyu rose from the couch with a relieved sigh, feeling a night's worth of tension and arousal flow away, gathering up her own clothing. She only really bothered to put her panties on, sliding them up her thighs as she turned to watch Arata pull his boxers on. Smirking, she walked over to him and took his cheek with one hand, turning his head and kissing him passionately.

“...Miyu,” Arata asked, as he turned to face her, looking into her eyes. “Was this a spur of the moment thing? I hate to ask, but...I want you to know that I have felt this way about you for a long time. I just want to know if...I can...If I can expect to have a night like this again.”

Miyu smiled, and then shook her head. “It wasn't just a thing I did on impulse...Well, it sort of was, but it wasn't like I got aroused then wanted to have sex with just anyone. I wanted you, and maybe that's why I came straight home...” Miyu would have to process this, go over it in her mind. “But...As far as I am concerned...”

Miyu dropped her clothes, wrapped her arms around Arata's shoulders and kissed him deeply. He returned the kiss, eagerly, unhesitatingly. They separated, but Miyu stepped less than a foot away from Arata. “I'm...Available to you.” Miyu smiled softly, and Arata nodded.

“Okay...You better get yourself to bed, you have practice in the morning...Oh!” Arata suddenly raised a finger. “You got a new charger, I went and made sure to get a new one before you got back. I've also made sure it remains plugged into the wall this time.” Arata chuckled, and Miyu giggled. Gathering up her clothes again, as Arata did the same, they both went up the steps to the balcony above, then with a final kiss of the night, turned and headed to their respective rooms, though Arata would make a quick trip to the shower, first.

Doubt still niggled in the back of her electronic mind, however, as she put her clothes on the bed to be put away later. She walked over to the charger and briefly considered changing into a nightgown. She then thought about it some more, and slipped her panties off. Was this a spur of the moment thing? Doubt was set aside when, as she went to charge, she found herself thinking of Arata's arms going around her now naked body. As her body underwent pre-charging automatic cleaning (though she'd take a shower in the morning regardless), she couldn't help but get a touch aroused at the thought of his entering her again.

Miyu Inoue smiled to herself again, and then turned around. Stepping onto the charger, her body stiffened up as the copper strips on the charger's surface aligned with an identical set of strips just underneath the sole of Miyu's foot. “Initiating Charge Cycle,” she said, her naked body standing at attention as her higher processing functions shut down for the night. Any concerns she may have had vanished as she entered her equivalent of 'sleep'.

A few dozen meters above the apartment as Miyu went to 'sleep' and Arata was half-way through his shower, inside of a dark apartment, a woman lowered her camera. Glasses sat on a small nose, framing eyes that glowed a soft, electric blue color. Her pale skin clad only in a tight white shirt and a pair of panties, her breasts larger than that typically seen by other android women like herself. Her hair, an iridescent shade of red and purple, extending straight down to her shoulders. The camera was a high-powered one, sporting a high-quality telephoto lens and a processor that allowed it to automatically filter out 'junk' from any pictures it took.

The synthetic woman's fingers swept gently over the touch screen, displaying the various images. The thought ran through her mind over and over, and she quirked a corner of her lip upwards. She'd have him now, she thought. And he'd come with quite a prize on the side.

She had gained all the information she had needed in her observations over the past few months, though she did require information from a few other sources. A few calls to friends in the Jinkoushima police department had revealed quite a few interesting factoids. The woman, of course, was an android, that much was obvious. Inoue Miyu, a Senryu Industries K21-DR6 Companion and Family model, with the personality set of a teenager, developed into a young adult. All androids in Japan had some record on file, mostly owing to the fact that they were manufactured beings. The woman had looked up her own information on a lark once and found that while there were some interesting things, they weren't aware of her private activities. How she pursued her carnal lusts with the sort of fervor that men wrote songs about. A sexual tiger, ready to clamp her teeth down on the throat of her latest toy and shake it for all it was worth. Human or android, it hardly mattered to her. But she had her preferences.

The male was Inoue Arata, a human, who lived with Miyu in a stepbrother-stepsister relationship. That made their current relationship...questionable. There had been precedence for step-siblings to break their legal bonds and pursue a relationship, but she had to wonder what the parents would think. Doing some further research had brought up a few trespassing incidents in his youth, but he either got better at avoiding the authorities or left that sort of thing behind him. Apparently, he was an avid photographer, published a few pictures to a local web publication. They were good. As a photographer herself on her off time, she saw talent in his work.

An avid photographer. Just like...

The android woman turned her camera off and looked out at the window. The lights remained on for quite some time, but then automatically shut off when nobody was detected in the room. The woman knew, she had the same set-up in her apartment. Right now, they were just keyed off.

So they retired for the evening? The woman decided that she would as well. She shrugged her shoulders and set the camera down on a counter, walking over to her room. A large bed with some modern art pieces on the walls greeted her as she went in, and walked to her own charging bay. Stepping onto it, she felt the prongs connect and stood in silence for the rest of the night as she entered her recharge state. Her plan of attack paused with it, but she had one laid out for the both of them.

It would go well, she thought in the microsecond before her higher processor functioning shut down for the night.

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