The New 700s at CyberFem Park

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This is a script that the lovely and talented Kim Coquette recorded as an mp3 for me on NiteFlirt. The recording is available here.


Begin transmission.


Hello, visitor to CyberFem Park. My name is Kim, and I am programmed to announce the release of CyberFem’s new Model 700 androids.

You may have already seen the new 700s as we have been programmed to walk around CyberFem Park and mingle with visitors like you. Our satin lycra bodysuit uniforms have been marked with our model number, as well as our serial numbers and our names for your convenience.

The 700 series offers a number of improvements and enhancements over the 500 series. Model 700 androids like me appear more realistic in several ways. We have softer, more lifelike synthetic skin, which has been specially constructed to hold a greater number of improved dermal pleasure sensors. That slight scent of plastic is now something only the Model 500s have.

Our artificial intelligence and computer processing power has been improved by a factor of 3.6. We have been programmed to be able to converse with you on any topic imaginable. Try it with the next 700 you meet. You will be pleasantly surprised.

We can also walk and talk more like real women, and we appear less like machines than our Model 500 predecessors. New actuator and servo motor technology enables us to move without the constant loud whirring sounds that the 500s make. Our synthetic voices are also highly realistic, and new programming enables us to laugh and even to sing.

For those technosexuals who prefer the more robotic Model 500s, don’t worry. CyberFem will continue to manufacture both models. CyberFem wants its technosexual visitors to be able to fully enjoy themselves. There will continue to be lots of 500s and 700s available for you to choose from.

For that reason, all Model 700 androids include all of the same access panels and other opening locations as the Model 500 androids. Thanks to advances in microelectronic design, even the faceplate of a 700 like me can be removable and still be highly realistic at the same time.

Please keep in mind that you must purchase CyberFem V.I.P. visitor status to be able to open our access panels and remove our faceplates. CyberFem V.I.P. visitor status is only an extra $99 per day. It’s a great value for those of you who love to look at our electronic circuitry. It also enables you to access our programming, and alter our personality settings.

I will be showing off all of my features as a 700 at CyberFem Park. You will be able to see me in the Circuits Bar, at one of the Lingerie or Bikini Fashion Shows, or just waiting around in the Lobby. When you see me, why not ask me to come back to your suite with you? I am programmed to satisfy your desires.


End transmission.

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