The Delivery (Part 2)

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The Delivery, Part 2

By Gynoneko

I had had enough!

My boss, Peter Lipi, had gone too far. Not only had he consistently cut back my hours and yet demanded more work, but he stopped paying me regularly and would always show up late. But this time, he had gotten one of our biggest client's model pregnant! Of course he brushed it off and reused to do any more work for them, but when the lawsuit came, I decided it was time I left.

Of course, Faye didn't want me to leave empty-handed. For the past 6 months, ever since I won her in a contest, she had been helping me with everything from my daily chores to my work. If it wasn't for her, I never would have been able to keep up with the demands my boss threw at me. This time, however, we decided we needed a plan so I wouldn't be jobless and broke when I left the company. Well, the broke part is hard to avoid, but at least I would have prepared myself.

It was Faye's idea to start our own photography studio. Of course, I'd have to buy a camera first, and take lessons. Yeah, that's right, I might be a kick-ass imaging expert, but when it came to taking a picture, I was as average at best. Maybe above average, I did know how to frame things well. I just didn't know how to use a camera!

Faye and I researched for an affordable but still high-quality DSLR camera that would meet the needs of the clients I had been working with. I was more than confident that my image editing skills could make up for anything the camera lacked. Sure enough, Faye found the perfect camera. It was on the low end of professional quality, but the images were sharp and perfect.

I pooled together what I could from my savings, which was there only thanks to Faye, and bought the camera, but that was only step one. I had to teach myself through online tutorials and such how to take a picture. I was devastated to see I needed to buy expensive lights and reflectors as well. For now, that meant I would be forced to buy only the cheap reflectors and take outdoor photographs until I could afford studio lighting. If that ever happened. Long story short, I realized I would be in serious trouble without any clients, so I formed a plan to help me get my leg up. Faye was always at the ready, and soon we decided when my last day was to be.

At last it came, my last day on the job. For over a week I stealthily moved all my personal stuff (and a few company items I'm sure he'd never miss) to my house, leaving me with next to nothing at my desk. He was late, as always. He was probably out drinking the night before, or worse. I didn't want to know. Instead of working diligently on the current photo shoot I had at my desk, I copied the best work I did, and saved them to a drive to make sure I could show off my work.

"Hey, Vinnie!" he called out to me. His speech was a little slurred.

"It's Vincent" I growled.

"I'm meeting an important client in 5 minutes. Hold down the fort."

"I'll hold you down" I mumbled. He didn't hear it. "Sure thing" I yelled. He heard that. As he shuffled out of his office, I made my way inside. Pulling out my cellphone, I took pictures of the place, but mostly I took pictures of his financial log books, his employee records, and his client list. He kept most of it in a book, and some of it on his computer, so I had to log in to get the most updated information of his biggest clients. It was easy, he never used passwords. Hell, I probably set this thing up for him months ago and he still didn't know how to use the OS properly.

I found the files I was looking for, and started taking pictures with my phone. That was Faye's idea. Every time I took a photo, it would automatically upload onto the internet, and into my computer at home, where Faye was waiting to start going through.

Long before Lipi ever came back, I managed to photograph every page I needed in all the books I could find and decided to look around at his scheduler as well. Sure enough, he did have a client, but it wasn't an ordinary client... technically it wasn't a client but rather their lawyer. I made sure to take photos of his entire photo-shoot lineup for the next 3 months. I had no idea what would be useful, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

I returned to my desk for the last time and gathered the rest of my things. Just in time, Peter walked in and gave me an odd look.

"Vinnie? What's going on here?" he asked as though he had no idea.

"Look, Mr. Lipi, I am not Vinnie, I'm Vincent. And I don't work here anymore. I quit. Here's a letter of resignation, and my lawyer's number. You can expect a call from them soon" I said handing him an envelope and carrying my stuff toward the door.

"Vinnie? What are you saying? You're not happy here? I'll give you a raise! An extended holiday!"

"You don't get it; you already owe me both of those and more. Your empty promises mean nothing to me. Goodbye."

And I was gone. Lipi would have to figure out the rest for himself. As for that lawyer bit, yeah, it was true. I might not have much money, but I did have rights, and decent pay for decent work was one of them. Again, that was Faye's idea.

By the time I got home, Faye had already gone through all the images I uploaded and organized them, filling in my contacts with all the client names and numbers. I was relieved to see her. From here on out, it would be just me and her as we tried to figure out the next move. I couldn't be happier with her. Faye was smart, knowledgeable, attractive, athletic, sexy, kinky, and all-around the perfect companion. If there was ever anything she didn't know how to do, she'd either download instructions from the internet or I'd teach it to her personally.

She greeted me at the door wearing a big smile and a sexy little getup. Her short shorts and low-cut tank top really showed off the curves of her body, and her short red hair gave her a sense of excitement and fun. And she was very exciting and fun.

"How did it go?" she asked, giving me a little kiss on my cheek.

"To be expected I suppose. Well I'm jobless again, but hopefully it won't stay that way."

She smiled and followed me back into the house. "You seem a little down. I know it's hard, but you have me."

I returned her smile to her, and gave her a big wet kiss. She eagerly returned it in kind.

"Vincent! You're certainly assertive today" she said with a sparkle in her eye.

"I think I need to relieve the stress of the last few months. I'm going to need your help" I told her putting my stuff down at a table somewhere.

"Of course, Vincent, anything you want."

I smiled sinisterly. "I think we'll start by having you remove your top."

"Yes sir!" she replied with a sexy voice. Faye lifted her tight shirt up over her head until her two breasts popped out. Instinctively I grabbed them and started fondling her before she was even finished pulling her shirt off. The tan lines she had from when I first saw her naked were gone now, but I could have easily added them back. They were controlled through sub-dermal cells under her skin that would change the color of her skin. Since it was nearing the end of winter, I decided she shouldn't still have a tan. Although I had plans for her to sport a full body tan next year.

She moaned as she struggled to remove her shirt. Placing my arm around her slim lean form, I embraced her body and kissed her nipples deeply. Actuators under her skin hardened her nipples as I played with them, indicating she was turned on and enjoying my play.

"Ohhh Vincent! That feels great!" she said as she finally freed her head from her shirt, her spunky red hair bouncing playfully. I loved it when she stretched out like that. She lowered her hands to my head and kissed me. "Take me Vincent. Right here!"

"Of course. But first, I want to see the real you" I teased.

"The real me? Are you sure?" she asked playfully. We had done this countless times already, but she always got a kick out of it, and so did I.

"Just your chest this time" I ordered.

She smiled and took half a step away from me. With a faint whir and a click, seams appeared along her chest, outlining her breasts. The panels swung open, splitting her chest in two, while revealing her mechanical robotic nature underneath. Every time I saw this, I was amazed. She loved show off to me, both inside and out, and she loved my reaction, which was always the same.

"Beautiful" I muttered taking a closer look again. I had seen inside her so many times that I knew every wire, every actuator, every sensor and circuit. And yet I could never build a replica of her, or even repair her if something happened. Luckily nothing had.

Faye blushed at my words, and I couldn't help but noticed how innocent and sweet she looked. "You always say that" she teased.

"It's always true" I replied. "Inside and out, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever-"

She interrupted me with a kiss, long deep and passionate.

"Enough talk. Just fuck me already!" Who was I to argue?

Frantically we got naked the rest of the way and continue to make out. Before I realized it, she was pushing me to the ground and lowering herself onto my erect manhood. Her chest still hung open as readouts on tiny screens and gauges reflected the internal struggle her body had to go through whenever she had sex. Her emotions would run high, her lubricants would start flowing, and her pleasure center would send waves of ecstasy through her body.

I started matching her slow movements with pumping of my own, as I closed the hatch on her front to see her completed human appearance. She was still as beautiful and stunning as the day I first saw her. She smiled at me as she reached up to grab at her own breasts before stretching out. It wasn't long before my motions increased in intensity and speed, and she keeled over in an orgasm, grabbing onto me.

"Oh God Vincent. My readouts are going crazy! There's too much dataaa-AHH!" she screamed into my ear as she reached her peak. That was enough to being me over the edge, and together we came on the floor. Usually we'd go on like this for an hour, maybe two, and Faye was definitely ready for more, but I had more important things to do.

"It's like I was custom-made to fit you" Faye said as she rolled over next to me. "I just can't get enough of you" she said.

"You were amazing, as always, Faye. But... “I took a deep sigh. "We have things to do.

Faye looked at me disappointed, but my serious look changed her mind.

"Oh all right" she said unsatisfied but understanding. "At least let me do this my way" she said as I stood up.

"Your way?" I asked as I held my hand out to her to help her up.

Smiling, she took my hand, glad I was still the gentleman to her after all this time, and winked as she stood. "Naked"

We spent the next few hours going through all the clients, and contacting them one by one. Faye did most of the talking since she sounded so sweet and gentle on the phone. And yes, she did this completely in the nude, just to tease me. I chose to at least wear pants. I wasn't sure what it was, but Faye would giggle everyone now and then on the phone while she talked with the clients. Was she being hit on over the phone? Honestly, it couldn't hurt.

I was surprised how many clients had no idea the lawsuits Lipi was dealing with. He had done a good job hiding it from them to make sure his digressions didn't get in the way of business. Well, except for the pregnant girl and her company. That was the fiasco that really shocked people. A few clients were familiar with his behavior, but hadn't realized it had gone so far.

That left me a way in. Faye and I sold my services as a professional photographer to these clients over the phone, even though I had no real experience as a photographer yet.

What we quickly learned was that the vast majority of the clients were actually very interested in my services, especially if I could offer a competitive price and a more professional attitude. However, all of them wanted to see a sample of my work. The Photoshop part was easy, I could show them tons of examples of that, but that wasn't what they wanted. They were interested in my photography, specifically with models.

And that was where my plan fell apart.

I couldn't afford to pay a model, not a decent one anyways. Sure I could Photoshop out anything I had to to make a mediocre model look good, but how do you advertise for that?

I started searching through phone books and websites and anywhere else for cheap models. Alas, all the ones I could afford were too hard to get or just not of the quality I needed, and all the ones that fit the bill were just too expensive.

I needed a model, and I needed one fast.

And of course, Faye fit that role perfectly.

Without so much as a second thought, I grabbed my camera and started adjusting the lights I had in the room. I might not have had studio lighting, I might not have been able to afford the good stuff, but with enough natural light and a few tricks, I managed to light Faye up beautifully.

"What are you doing?" she said between phone calls.

"Nothing, just keep doing what you’re doing and looking pretty" I ordered as I started to snap some shots of her sitting naked in front of the computer.

It was a good distraction for her, constantly aware of what I was doing while trying to concentrate on the phone calls. She eventually gave up and just started striking poses and really putting on the cute act.

I must have filled up almost 2 memory cards of pictures before I decided it was enough.

"So? How did I look?" she asked.

"Great, but now I have to go through all these..." I dreaded all the Photoshopping I would have to do. I supposed I'd have to pick the best dozen or so and stick with those.

"Let me help. I'm sure you can teach me."

"Teach you? To edit images?" What I did was half science and half art. I'm sure I could teach her the science part of it, but how do you teach a robot to make art?

"Sure! I'm a quick learner." That she was.

"I suppose it couldn't hurt, but I'm not sure it will work." I sighed. "Still, I need a lot more than this to convince anyone I'm a good photographer. And I'll still need more models too."

For the next 2 days, I showed Faye the ins and outs of my work. I taught her all the basics, and delved into some of the more specifics. It would take a lot longer to teach her everything, but I was surprised she was as good as she was. It seemed that teaching her the science was easy, and she had an eye for the art as well, or at least she could make an aesthetically pleasing image.

While I had her working on various exercises, I scoured the local college campus for models. These girls were usually cheap enough that I could afford them, they were young enough to be sexy and attractive, and they were bold enough that they would do whatever I needed without reservation. That and they weren't yet Divas like so many of the professionals were.

I put up signs and ads all around in my quest for a model. It took an entire week before I got any responses back. They were promising, but their schedules were a little hard to work around.

I had just managed to arrange on my digital calendar a schedule with 3 girls and a boy all interested in modeling for the following week, but my time was running out. The clients were eager to see my work, but they had their own schedules to keep, and I needed to move fast if I wanted to convince them I was trustworthy and professional.

Faye was always cheerful, and her good mood was infectious. I found myself smiling all the time around her, although I knew how tight things were getting. It almost seemed like she had a secret she wanted to tell me about, but it would spoil it. But what?

I had just completed my first photo session in a park with one of the girls from the college. She was not exactly what I was looking for, but she was still cute and photogenic. I would have to hide her tattoo via Photoshop later, but I hoped I could do more work with her soon. I was already out $200 from this session though, so it really depended on what I could bring in next.

As I drove into my driveway, I was struck with a sense of deja vu. A delivery truck, identical to the one that dropped off Faye, was parked out front of my apartment! Now I know something was wrong! There was no way I could afford another robot, and why would it be here anyways? It had to be a mistake. Or maybe a neighbor.

But no, I saw a girl in a delivery uniform standing out front my door holding a tablet, just as Faye had 6 months ago.

I parked my car and jumped out of my car! There was no way I was going to sign for this. I had no money for another robot. Hell, if Faye wasn't a prize, I never would have been able to afford her!

I marched out of my car and spotted someone sitting in the front seat of the truck. This time, I would go to them directly.

A girl sat behind the wheel, except she wasn't wearing one of the uniforms. I caught her eye, and she sat up straight in her chair, nervous.

"Oh no you don't! You're not going anywhere" I yelled as I stepped in front of the truck. "What's going on here?"

Before I could do anything else, I heard a door on the back of the truck slam closed and another girl in a delivery uniform walked toward my door.

"Oh no! I didn't order any of these! I'm not paying!" I yelled.

The girl in the front seat rolled down her window and waved me over. Cautiously I approached. The young lady driving the truck had long blond hair, was wearing a white tank top with some sort of logo on it, and gave me a bemused look. However, the thing I noticed the most about this girl wasn't her hair, her shirt, or her attractive face, it was her arm. Her left arm glinted in the light like some sort of smooth reflective metal. I wasn't sure if she was a robot herself, or a cyborg, but her arm was clearly artificial and she did nothing to hide it.

"What's your problem?" she asked.

"I'm not paying for these robots, I didn't order any."

"Well that's not my department. I'm just the driver today."

"I thought the drivers were other robots waiting to be delivered" I pointed out.

"What? Who told you that?"

"Faye did, when I first got her."

"Bah!" she exclaimed. "She just said that to be cute. I mean how would they deliver themselves? Eventually they'd have to return for more. Look. I'm just here to deliver these two to..." she grabbed a sheet of paper and started searching it for a name.

"I am not paying for them. There's no way I can afford these. I never ordered them anyways!" I objected.

"Well they're not for you! Talk to Faye" she retorted as she threw down the paper on the seat next to her. An indicator of some sort started beeping on her wrist, and she glanced at it. "Well I'm off. Got more deliveries to make."

"But-" I was about to argue some more when the girl rolled up the window, gave me a smile, and drove off.

On the other side of the truck, I could now see Faye standing at the door holding the 2 tablets in her hand smiling at me, while the two girls in uniform stood by silently.

I walked over to her, furious, but also curious. She had never done anything like this before, ordering something behind my back. She knew my finances better than I did, and even I knew we couldn't afford another robot, let alone 2. I wanted to stay mad at her as I walked closer, but Faye's smile and excitement pushed it away. Damn, she was still so cute after all this time, I just couldn't be angry with her.

"Faye! What's going on here? You know we can't afford more robots! Besides, I'm happy with just you!"

"I know you are, but please don't worry about it, let's talk inside."

Reluctantly I followed the trio in doors. Closing the door behind me, I glanced between the pair of robots, and then at Faye.

"Start talking" I ordered.

"Well, you know how you needed more models for your photo-shoots, and how hard it's been finding anyone?" Faye questioned with a pleading look in her eyes. "Well I figured if I make such a great model for you, why not more custom robots as your models? I mean no one can tell I'm not human unless I open up or something."

"Yeah but how many thousands of dollars will these two cost? Each? Or are we renting them?" I asked.

"Not exactly. They are ours to keep."

"But we can't afford them!" I objected.

She recoiled a little before donning an innocent smile. "I sort of made a deal with Mr. Pygmalion, the owner of the company."

"Yes?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Well, he understands how hard it is to start your own business... and he really wanted to help. And so he agreed to let you have them at a reduced price. Plus you don't have to pay until you get your feet off the ground." This was starting to sound suspicious to me. "PLUS you only have to pay small payments for them." She twisted her face in thought, trying to find a way to make this more appealing to me. She knew if I wanted, I could have them returned, but she looked desperate to try to convince me they were worth the trouble. "Think of it as paying them wages. And you only have to pay for so long before they work for free."

"Work? Models don't work. They have a photo session once in a while and then they sit there looking pretty. What kind of work are you talking about?"

Faye looked guilty of doing something without my permission, which she had done, and started to act rather shy. "I figured since you were so good at teaching me photo editing, maybe you could teach them too. We could be your staff for your new company."

"My staff?" I hadn't thought that far ahead myself. Again, Faye was showing me she was capable of big ideas, planning things out and acting on them without my input. I was starting to see how impressive she really was. "I- They- You..." I couldn't help but start to smile, even though I tried desperately to hide it. Of course she noticed, and a ray of hope filled her. "You really have to stop doing things like this without my permission. I mean at least talk it over with me before you do it."

"Well I wanted it to be a surprise. Surprise?" She was so cute; I couldn't help but almost laugh. Her smile returned in full to her lips, and I knew she had me around her finger.

"Surprises like this might be a bit too big. Promise me you don't do anything big like this again without my permission."

She bounced up in excitement as a smile beamed across her face. "I promise. Does that mean we can keep them?"

"I suppose" I sighed. "Let's get a better look at you two."

I walked up to the first girl, who took off her hat to reveal a head of long blond hair. It was longer than I expected, since it was all stuffed up under her hat earlier. Her face was long and flawless with blue eyes, pouty lips, and an expression of being perpetually lost in thought. I figured she always looked that way, which was absolutely adorable. Her skin was pale, far more so than Faye's, and she had rather shapely body from what I could tell with her uniform still on. She was calm and had a certain elegant air about her.

Moving on, I looked closer at the second girl. She was clearly Asian, at least in design, with shoulder-length black hair that was cut in a style that perfectly accented the roundness of her face. She had brown highlights in her hair as well, which made her look young. She had round brown eyes and a cat-like smile on her lips. Her nose was not as tiny as I expected, although it was still small. She clearly had a bridge to her nose that looked more western than Asian, even though it still fit her face. As elegant as the blond girl was, this girl was cute. She was shorter than the other two, and very petite, with porcelain-like skin. As I looked her over, she had a certain bounciness to the way she stood.

I took a step back to observe the two of them together while Faye joined me by my side.

"They're the top-of-the-line, just like me" she said. "It turns out someone custom ordered them, but never paid for them, so they were left just sitting around waiting to be sold. I'm sure they'll come in handy."

Top-of-the-line huh? I was curious.

"Go stand next to them, Faye" I ordered. "Please."

Faye did just that, and stood next to the two gynoids with no names. Faye was not as tall as the blond girl, and her skin was darker still than the other two. If I didn't know any better, I'd say they looked nothing alike except that all three girls were stunning. But I needed to see more of them. After all, if I was going to be taking pictures of them as models, I needed to make sure they were model quality.

I walked up to Faye first and slowly unzipped the side of her dress.

"What are you-?" she started to object, but the look in my eye told her it was alright, and she smiled when she saw it.

I let the dress fall to the ground, and expertly undid her bra, and slid off her panties. She blushed as I exposed her beautiful body, giving me a look of desire. I wanted her, but I held back and simply smiled at her.

Next I stood in front of the blond girl, and slowly unzipped the front of her jacket. Like Faye when she first arrived, this girl wore no underwear, and her ample breasts were exposed as her jacket flopped to the ground. Her breasts were larger than Faye's, but not oversized, and still natural, with pink perky nipples. As I undid her pants, I noticed her body was not as well-toned as Faye's either, but this gave her an incredibly attractive softness that I honestly felt more models needed. She had no pubic hair, which I had to wonder about. Would it grow if I wanted it, or would she always be bare? She breathed in deeply as she stood before me naked an exposed. Her eyes were closed gently but she stood before me without attempting to cover herself up. Slowly she opened her eyes and stared at me with lust. The rest of her body was as flawless as her face.

Finally, I stood before the cute Asian girl, who looked up at me with innocent eyes. I disrobed her from her jacket as well, and beheld her exposed torso. She clenched her eyes tight as I did this, clearly nervous. Her body was lean and petite, not athletic like Faye, and not as soft and voluptuous as the blond girl, but cute and young. She looked like she was probably 19, younger than the other two, with a smaller chest. Despite her smaller breasts, they were still very shapely with 2 pert nipples, much pinker than I expected, although not as much so as the other two girls. I realized looking at her, that she was probably designed to look half-Asian, but it didn't really matter, she was still incredibly cute. As I slid her pants off, I saw that she had a thick but well-trimmed bush of black hair down below, even though she looked the youngest of the three. Her body was young, with a sort of girl-next-door look, like she could be a younger sister, or a girl who just graduated high school. Slowly she opened one eye, and then the other.

"So do you like what you see?" she asked. Her voice was high pitched, as cute as she looked, and still nervous.

"Yes" I nodded. I took a step back and beheld all three of them. The three girls looks so beautiful, I couldn't keep myself from getting turned on. "You three look simply amazing!"

The third girl bounced up and down as she heard this, with a little 'Yay'. She was much bubblier than the other two, and was sure to be a lot of fun.

"Do you want to see anymore?" Faye asked, before a whir and a click revealed the seams of her robotic panels on her torso and opened up. Her plastic, metal, wire, and circuitry were still as impressive to look at as always. The other two girls looked at her, and then at me, as though gauging my response. As soon as they saw my smile, they copied Faye, and each of them revealed their own robotic nature to me. The taller blond girl was almost identical to Fay, although her components seemed to have a little more breathing room in places. Meanwhile the shorter girl had a very similar structure, but some of the components were clearly a smaller more compact version, to make up for her smaller stature. All three now stood before me showing off.

"Wow” I couldn't help myself. Faye was still incredibly impressive to me, and now there were 2 more girls for me to ogle. I didn't know if I could take much more of it.

I cleared my throat. "Thank you very much. You are all very impressive. But please, you can close up now."

They did exactly that as I stood there blushing from their display. The second girl smiled, a weight off her shoulders, and she took a slow step forward. "I'm glad to hear that you like us. But wouldn't you like to test us out?" Her voice was sultrier, with a smoothness to her voice that I found seductive.

Faye also took a step forward. "You know, they have more uses than just models and employees" she said. "Just like me." She gave me a wink, and continued to step closer to me.

"Hey, don't leave me out of this!" the third girl said, stepping up to match them.

"Hey, hold on a minute. I've got a lot of work to do. I don't have the time-" I started to object, but Faye leaned in and gave me a long passionate kiss. I couldn't restrain myself, and embraced her.

As Faye and I kissed, the other two girls started to undress me. I did nothing to stop them. As soon as they exposed my now erect penis, they both paused to look at it, before they started to lick me together. It felt really good. Faye had done this sort of thing before, but having two girls do this while I was kissing Faye was a new experience for me.

"You know" Faye said as she broke off the kiss, her arms still wrapped around me, "these two need names."

"So they do" I confirmed. "But what? Any ideas?"

"Why not do what you did with me, and give them their names while in the throes of passion? Whatever comes to your mind."

"Oh! Let me go first" the cute Asian gynoid exclaimed before standing up and hugging me. She jumped up into my arms, and wrapped her legs around me. I was barely able to grab onto her in time; I was sure glad she was so light-weight. Before I could say anything one way or another, she lowered herself onto me with the help of the blond girl. I was holding her entire weight up while she held on and the tip of my rod just penetrated her, making her let out a squeal of delight.

"Wait wait!" I objected. "This is all so fast. Are you ready yet?"

"We're always ready, whenever you are, Goshujin-sama" she said as she slowly lowered herself onto me.

"Goshu-? Are you Japanese?" I asked. I knew a few words of Japanese, and she had just called me her master.

"If you want me to be" she teased before letting out a moan that was half ecstasy and half pain. "You're so big!"

"We can do this on the ground if it’s easier for you."

"No! Please. I can do this. I want you to... ahhh... hold me" she said as her breathing was starting to get heavier.

I held up her weight while the other two girls fondled and kissed me in various places, and started to gently pump into her. She moaned and gasped with every motion, grabbing into my shoulders neck and back. I'd probably end up with a few scratches after this, but she was so tight, it was worth it.

As I picked up speed, the volume of her moans grew louder. "It feels... so good... Goshujin... sama... Please... I want more..." she said between breathes. She leaned back, putting even more of her weight directly down on me, causing me to go deeper inside. Pumping harder now, I could feel her tight hole react to my every thrust, grabbing tightly onto me as I slid in and out of her.

"You're so tight!" I exclaimed, afraid I wouldn't be able to last much longer.

"Oh God! I'm so close. Please sir... please give me a name!"

I shouted out the only name I could think of, based on an anime character of a young Japanese girl robot. "Tokiko! Your name is Tokiko."

Tokiko came as I gave her a name; her body convulsing uncontrollably in my arms. She was incredibly cute as she went completely limp in my arms. "I... I think I overheated... just a little" she said as she caught her breath. "Did you name me... Tokiko?" she asked.

I lifted her off of me and set her down on the floor, careful to make sure she had her balance before letting her stand so she wouldn't fall over. "Yes" I nodded.

"Tokiko..." she smiled as plopped to the ground, sitting with her legs stretched out to her sides. "I like it. My name is Tokiko."

"What about me?" the blonde asked standing up. "Do you have enough energy left for me?"

"Not in that position" I argued.

"Then how about this one" she asked as she embraced me in a kiss, pushing me back. I was unable to catch myself completely and ended up on the floor, with her on top.

"I don't know if I can go another round" I said. She gave me a disappointed look, but Faye leaned down and whispered something in her ear.

With a smile, the girl turned around, and straddled me with her butt in my face. I might as well make use of the gift before me, so I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to me, liking her vagina. She grabbed me as well, stroking and sucking at me, but her moans of joy kept interrupting her attempt to pleasure me. This was a good thing, cause I might not have gone long otherwise.

She tasted rather salty, but it was pleasant, and her smell was strong and intoxicating. I concentrated on holding myself back while she worked on me while trying to get her closer to a climax. She would stop every few second and take in a deep erotic breath or moan and gasp. After a while, her orgasm was near. I watched as her pussy lips pulsated with pleasure, ever close to a full orgasm.

"Please, I can't take much more. I need you inside" she managed to say between gasps. Turning around again, she faced me and straddled me. This time, I found my way inside her and pushed up, penetrating her. She gasped louder than before as I pushed in all the way in one go. "Ooooh my god..."

She wasn't as tight as Tokiko, but she had a certain texture or something that felt unique, and teased me in its own way. She pounded herself harder against me, matching my movements, as the intensity of her gasps increased.

"Jayne! I'll name you Jayne. With a 'y'" I said.

"Jayne?" she asked. "Understood, my name is Jayne."

Jayne continued to ride me while Tokiko watched and Faye fondled the two of us. Finally, she jerked forward, her orgasm taking control of her body. I thrust more into her, raising the level of pleasure she felt, as she finally came. She didn't moan or scream, but just had one long intense gasp, holding her breath through most of it, until she finally took in some air followed by another long gasp.

She finally caught her breath and rolled off me.

"I never knew it would feel so good" she said laying on her back.

"Looks like we're done here" Faye said with a smile, getting up. "I'll go load up your latest-"

I grabbed Faye's hand and pulled her down to me.

"Not quite. It's your turn."

"But-" she protested. She didn't protest much though, as she was already wet and bothered by all the sex she was watching. It didn't take much for me to push her buttons.

This time, without saying a word, I took her with her butt in the air laying on her back. She moaned and squealed as she always does, as she tried to hold herself steady with my rough and fast motions.

She came almost instantly, unable to hold herself back. I was getting close myself, so I kept pumping away when 2 pairs of hands started fondling me unexpectedly and rubbing Faye as well. Both Tokiko and Jayne got into the action and started to massage and tease us, bringing me to the edge of my limit and prolonging Faye's climax, helping her achieve yet another one.

Of course I didn't last long with all that going on, and soon I came inside her, although the other two girls pulled me out just in time to get a splash on their hands.

"Aww, I wanted some" Tokiko complained.

I collapsed on top of Faye, truly exhausted now, and enjoyed the afterglow with her.

"You're still my favorite" I whispered to her. She smiled and gave me a kiss.

"I'll always be here for you, Vincent" she said.

The four of us eventually got up and cleaned ourselves off. The party was over, and everyone was happy. I knew this was not going to be all fun and games and sex, there was a lot of work to do, and I needed to get some images ready fast before my clients lost interest. With that in mind, I got dressed and formally introduced myself to the new girls. They were both very excited to be here, Jayne was clearly more reserved while Tokiko was practically bouncing all over. I knew they were going to be fun, but for now I needed to get them ready. I had no clothes for them to wear yet, since Faye's clothing was the wrong size, so instead I had them dress in their delivery suits as I showed them around the place. Faye followed, offering input whenever she thought of something they might like to know, like which outlets not to use, or whatnot. I made sure to grab Faye's delivery suit from the closet, which she hadn't worn since that day, and handed it to her with a wink. Once the tour was done, I led Faye, Jayne, and Tokiko to the basement where I set up the only lights I could get, into a makeshift studio, and got out my camera.

A week had gone by since Jayne and Tokiko first arrived, and things had been tough. I was slowly but surely building up a library of images to show clients, and had already submitted my work to several of them for review. I had a lot of nudes, (it didn't help that Tokiko and Jayne had no clothes at first), and there was the Delivery Girl series I shot of the 3 of them that first day. I took outdoor shots, indoor shots, location shots, anything and everything I could. I used a few models from the local college, with still only one male model, and the rest were the three girls. Meanwhile I continued to train Faye to edit my images, as well as Jayne and Tokiko. However, I figured I could also use help with an assistant photographer and a secretary. Faye ended up as my assistant, while Jayne took over secretary duties, and Tokiko continued to be my primary editor and album designer. We all had to wear many hats, each of us specializing in one thing but able to help anywhere we were needed. They weren't yet fully into their roles yet, as they were still learning the ropes, but they were fast learners. I had been nervous ever since I submitted the photos and was anxious to hear back.

Finally, I got the phone call. One of Lipi's biggest clients, who shot photographs of models for a catalogue, was calling me back. They were thrilled with the quality of my work. Although they could tell I was not as experienced as Lipi, they could see that I had a good eye for detail and composition, and wanted to sign me up. What surprised me the most were the compliments about my models.

"The blond girl, Jayne was it?" the high-pitched male voice asked. "She's simply gorgeous! I must have her in one of my photo-shoots. And that little Japanese girl, Tokiko, she'll be perfect for my Asian market demographic. But I'm most impressed by that sexy little red-head, what's her name?"

"Faye" I confirmed.

"Faye! Yes. She is the most stunning girl I've ever seen. I simply must have her in my next issue. Where did you find these darling beauties?" the flamboyant man on the other end of the line asked.

"Oh... they just... showed up at my door one day."

-The End-

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