The Delivery (Part 1)

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The Delivery

By Gynoneko

My feet ran as fast as they could even through the large assembly hall. Crowds of people gathered in areas to ogle the latest and greatest in robotics and computing, and all of them felt like they were in my way.

"Excuse me! Coming through! Sorry!" I said as I forced my way through the crowds of businessmen, fanboys, press, and anyone else who stood between me and my goal. Most of these people here probably got tickets handed to them by their work places or some sort of press pass, but I was stuck paying full price for a convention I would normally never be able to attend. However, this time I decided I had to splurge and get in. Sure seeing the robots and computer graphics and awesome new technologies were great, and I'd spent endless hours already drooling over everything in the halls, but my real goal was to walk away with something. Unfortunately, I had nothing. No money, no tickets, only a pass into the hall and a phone in my pocket. I had already filled it with pictures of all the cool things I know my friends are jealous of already online. However, I had nothing with which to purchase any merchandise. Being broke sucks.

There was no chance I would ever be able to show off the cool new toy I bought to my friends, because I would never have anything new. That is until about 5 minutes prior to this. Someone had announced that there was a drawing at one of the booths. A contest! And the tickets were free! Well, the first ticket was free, but every additional ticket was $5, and that was the difference between eating today and starving. So I decided to starve.

There was only one problem with this… the drawing was starting in just 5 minutes, and it was clear on the other side of the convention hall! So of course, I gunned it!

"Sorry! Was that your foot? Excuse me!" I fought my way through to have a chance at winning something, anything. I had never won anything before in my life, and I was sure I would probably lose this time too, but I figured that if I didn't play, I'd never have a chance to win anyways.

"Excuse me sir" a young lady behind a booth said as I finally got free of the crowd and made it to the booth with a minute to spare. "You'll have to wait in line with everyone else if you'd like an autograph."

"I'm here… for the drawing…" I said keeled over and breathing deeply. "I'd like… 2 tickets please!"

"Oh!" the young lady said. She looked down at her watch and up at a large digital display on the other side of the table. "Just in time!" She took my $5 and pulled 2 tickets stubs of a reel of tickets and ripped them in half, handing me one half and dropping their counterparts in a large plastic bin.

I looked closely at the numbers on the stubs. 107944 and 107945. I was feeling lucky. I knew I would win something today!

A second later, a man came up and took the plastic bin full to the top with ticket stubs. There must have been over 1,000 tickets in there, and I had 2. By now a crowd was forming next to the line of people waiting to get a signature from some designer person. I wasn't sure who they were, what they designed, nor did I care at this exact moment. All my attention was focused on the little plastic bin and the man holding it.

He hooked the box into a large machine that sucked up all the ticket stubs and threw them in the air around in a chamber mixing up everyone's tickets. There must have been a lot of excitement building because the room got quiet.

Finally, the girl took the stage and reached inside the large container of little red flying pieces of paper. After a short struggle to grab one, she pulled a single ticket half out of the container. It glowed with radiance and awesomeness as she held it out to read the number. Well, maybe it was just my imagination.

"One Zero Seven," the girl started… so far so good. "Gee I can't read this" she said quietly before showing it to the man next to her. He whispered something to her and she continued. "Eight Eight Six".

Ah shit!

Another bust! The crowd let out a big simultaneous moan.

But nothing else.

No one screamed. No one yelled out Bingo. Nothing.

"Any takers?" the girl repeated over the microphone so everyone could here. "The rules clearly state you must be present to win a prize" she said.

"107886" the man yelled out over her. Still no one said anything, and murmurs of hope filled the crowd.

They gave the poor sap 5 whole minutes to collect his prize, but no one ever came. I feel sorry for the chap, but not that sorry. His loss, right?

"Alright, the next number is" the girl said as she reached in to grab another number. "One Zero Six…"

I was out already.

Someone yelled. Some prize got handed away. I didn't pay attention. Was there another prize? I looked around to see if there were any rules. Sure enough, there were 3 prizes. I still had a chance. Looked like they had just given away the smallest prize, and were saving the grand prize, for last. Of course I didn't know what the grand prize was; it was described on the rule board as a bunch of question marks.

"One Zero One" the girl yelled out. Again I turned off my brain except to see if anyone took the prize. This time a girl squealed and jumped on stage with more excitement then I'm sure whatever the prize was deserved.

Finally it was down to the final prize. The Grand Prize. Numero Uno. The Big-

"One Zero Seven" the girl yelled. I almost missed it. "Nine Four Six." WHAT! One number away?! Nine four six?! NINE FOUR SIX?!

"I'm sorry" the girl said after the man whispered something in her ear. "Nine Four Five. The 5 looks like a six" she commented just loud enough for me and a dozen others to hear. Wait, what did she say?

"One Zero Seven Nine Four Five" she repeated. Bingo!

"BINGO! I mean YES!" I yelled as I held up my ticket stub. "That's me! I mean, that's my ticket! I mean, I WON!"

The crowd booed. I deserved it.

I ran up to the stage next to the booth and waited for my prize.

"What do I get?" I asked the girl who read my number.

"I don't know sweetie" she said in an overly cute but somehow annoyed way. "You'll just have to wait and see" she said as she handed me a pen and paper.


"Just fill out this form, and your grand prize will be delivered to you within 2 to 4 weeks."


Oh well, better than nothing.

I filled out the form as carefully as I could; making extra certain my 5s didn't look like 6s. The girl took my form and handed me another paper with contact information on it, in case there was a problem I guess.

By now the crowd had dispersed, and I was free to go about my way. Whatever way that was. I felt somehow jipped, but reminded myself that I was the big winner. The big dog. The golden ticket holder. The big cheese. The top-

"Dog gone it" someone said behind me at the booth. "I missed the big robot giveaway!” His southern accent reminded me of old redneck jokes.

"Don't be. Some schmuck won the robot" someone else told him as they walked past.

I was that schmuck and I grinned. Wait, a robot? Really? A robot? I looked back at the booth and looked more carefully at the sign. "Custom Androids and Gynoids." The sign read. "Pygmalion Industries.” Never heard of them.

I studied the business card the girl handed me for a week. They hadn't told me anything about what I was getting, or when. I mean, 2 to 4 weeks? That's like saying sometimes in the next month we might get around to giving you something. By now I had already waited for at least 2 weeks, maybe longer. I needed to calm down and stop thinking about the stupid contest already. I had work to do.

I swiveled around in my office chair and faced my computer again. Editing images of supermodels sure sounds like a fun, even erotic job, but let me tell you, it isn't. You wouldn't believe how fake these girls are. I mean, sometimes I have to erase their underwear through lace panties… you try to make that look good! It's hard, and annoying. I mean, sure when I'm done they look fantastic, but if anyone ever saw the before and after, I'm sure someone would make a deal about how I turn perfectly normal beautiful girls into objects of desire with unachievable beauty. But hey, that's my job, and I'm good at it. I turn the beautiful into goddesses, and the ugly into… something less ugly. It can be pretty boring though. Erasing moles, hiding scars, giving digital tummy tucks, and worse. I swear some girls have no business in the modeling profession.

I had been hard at work on a series of images for a particularly scandalous photo shoot (It's rare that I have to cover the girls who are often too shy to take it all off, but this girl must have believed she was posing for playboy), when I got called into my boss's office. This can never be good.

"Vincent, you've been doing some great work, Great work" my boss, a hairy balding man, said. Sure he's hairy and balding; his hair just isn't on his head. "But you know I can't pay you overtime this week. You've been working so hard on these images; I think you need a little break."

Overtime? A break? Was he firing me?

"Um sir? What do you mean a break?"

"Well, I have a special client who wants me to accompany their photo shoot in Hawaii this week."

Oh… a special client. I get it. Pervert. I was going to put my job aside so he could go frolic with the big wigs in paradise at my expense. Great.

"So you want me to go to Hawaii with you?" I asked jokingly.

"Go to- HA!" he laughed a great big belly laugh for until the joke became more awkward than I intended it to be. "No. I just need to make some temporary budget cuts while I'm away." Here it comes… "And this job you’re working on is not high on my list, so I'd like you to take the rest of the week off."

Unpaid of course. Ah the glories of working hourly for a cheap perverted-

"Unpaid of course." He had to rub it in.

"Of course" I moaned.

"I knew you'd understand. You can take off the rest of the day and I'll see you here bright and early on Monday."

"It IS Monday" I said more than visibly annoyed.

Again, another belly laugh like my comment was mean as a joke worth laughing at. Ha ha. I get to live another week with no pay. Hilarious. I never should have gone to that stupid convention.

As I saved my files and packed up my gear to head home, I realized that I wasn't that bad off this week. Sure I needed the money… badly… but I was already stocked up on food, had a new video game to try out, and my parents, god bless them, just visited and left me another $100 bill to hold me over till they visited again. I would survive somehow.

I drove home, coming to a realization that it was about time I started looking for a new job. One that paid me for the work I did and didn't take all the credit I deserved. Salary would be nice but let's not try my luck.

It took me half the time to get home than it usually took, thanks to driving back in the middle of the day instead of rush hour. It was just about time for a late lunch in fact as I pulled into the driveway of my small but stylish house. Well, as stylish as a bachelor pad can be. Minus the suave look and feel of a playboy. Ok… stylish is pushing it. But it looked nice and I kept it clean. If there was anything I learned from my mother, it was that cleanliness is next to godliness, and breaking your leg while cleaning can get you a lot closer to God a lot faster. No really.

I was surprised as I pulled into my badly-in-need-of-a-refinishing driveway to see a large delivery truck in front of my house.

Instantly my mind raced back to the contest! 2 weeks! What good timing. I could spend the rest of the week playing with whatever new gadget I won. I hope it was worth it.

I walked up to the front door, the only real way into my house, and saw a young lady in a red and white delivery-guy style jacket and pants. She wore a matching baseball cap with the logo for some delivery company called PDS on it.

"Oh! Hi! Do you live here?" the girl asked. She had apparently been waiting for someone to answer the door. Good timing on my part.

"Sure do!" I said with a smile. Maybe today wouldn't totally suck after all. "You're lucky I came home early. Hope I haven't kept you waiting too long."

"Not really. Are you Vincent Foster?" she asked all friendly-like. The baseball cap perfectly hid the majority of her face since she wore it so low and never looked up from her tablet. It didn't help that she was about a foot shorter than me too.

"Sure am" I said as I fumbled with my keys to open the door as the girl stood behind.

"Great! Then I have a package delivery for you!"

I opened the door and walked in, leaving the door open for the girl behind me to drop off my package. It had to be the grand prize; I just knew it had to be.

"Awesome" I said as I put my keys and brief case down nearby.

"I'll just need you to sign here please" she said handing me a tablet pc, one of those fancy full screen ones too, and a stylus to sign my name with.

I took the tablet and realized there was a lot more fine-print than I normally would see with a package delivery.

"Alright, just put the package over there" I gestured as I tried to read the fine print. It was really technical boring stuff, and I gave up after about 10 seconds of trying and scrolled to the bottom of the screen to sign. I signed the tablet and hit "Accept" at the bottom, and handed the tablet back to the girl. She had moved since I looked down at the tablet and was now standing in the middle of the room. But…

"Where's the package?" I asked as she took the tablet. I heard a truck engine start up behind me, and then take off.

"You're looking at it" she said.


The girl took off the cap and tossed it aside, revealing a stylish and short haircut of bright red hair. With the same motion, she unzipped her jacket and let it hang open to reveal she was not wearing anything underneath. She struck a sexy pose like I see models make every day, except she was the real deal.

"You're looking at it. I AM the package, Vincent."

"WHAT?" I said a little more shocked.

"Didn't they tell you?" she asked with a coy expression, one finger to her mouth. I just shook my head as though all capacity for speech had left me. It must have been the blood rushing south. "You won the grand prize at the Pygmalion Industries booth at the Technology and Robotics Convention." I gave her a blank stare. "You know… your own top-of-the-line personal gynoid, with all the bells and…" she allowed the jacket to slide down her shoulders, revealing her lightly tanned and toned torso, "… whistles."

I wasn't sure when I blacked out, before or after I hit the ground. Either way my head hurt like a-

"Are you okay?" a girl's voice rang out.

"What happened? I asked. I opened my eyes to see the cute delivery girl hovering over me in a panic. Oh yeah, the package. I looked lower and realized she was still completely topless. Oh yeah… the package.

"You fainted! Do you need any water? Medicine? Are you alright?" she asked again with urgency in her voice.

"Wh- wh- why are you naked?" I finally asked, trying to avert my eyes.

"I'm not naked" she answered. "I still have my pants on." I couldn't tell if she was being serious, cute, or making a joke.

"That's not what I meant!"

"I was programmed to try to seduce you when we first met by removing my clothes, assuming you were alone" she replied. "Are you sure you're ok? Let me get you some water."

She got up and looked around; I assume looking for the kitchen. A moment later, I was left staring up at the ceiling alone. My head hurt a little; I hadn't fainted like that before. I suppose it was like trying to stand up quickly after having sat down for too long, except all I could see when I closed my eyes was a pair of beautiful breasts.

I tried to sit up, and realized she had rolled up her jacket and placed it under my head. I must have been out for a minute or so before I woke up. I suppose seeing a naked girl like that so unexpectedly can do that to a man. Right?

The girl ran back into the room holding a glass of water. I couldn't help but stare at her. At least this time if I fainted I was already on the ground.

"Here, drink this" she said as she handed me the glass. "Slowly."

I sipped at the water, glancing at her body. It wasn't just her breasts that impressed me, it was her entire form. She was lightly tanned, with a slim but clearly athletic build. Her body was well-toned, like she worked out, except still petite and feminine. Her breasts were perfect, not too large, and not small at all, with pink perky nipples. She even had tan lines revealing her lovely pale skin (only a few shades lighter than the rest of her body) and her penchant for bikinis. I couldn't help but stare.

I finally managed to look higher up and study her face as I sipped at the cold water. She was more adorable than I thought. Her large blue eyes were piercing and deep. Her face had an angular look that was still soft and feminine but with a little tough-gal mixed in. She had a nose that belonged on a statue of Aphrodite, and lips to match. Her hair was short, but not quite as short as a boy's, and was sexy and girlish. It was a lovely dark red that I thought couldn't possibly exist in nature. She held an expression of concern on her face that showed real emotion and empathy.

It took me a minute to realize I was looking at a girl who was claiming to be a robot! That was impossible. This had to be a joke. Someone must have been playing a prank on me. Robots that look this human are still decades away, right?

I finished my glass of cold water and was glad to see it helped with my headache. I was feeling much better, but I was still uncomfortable with a topless girl I didn't know this close to me. I had never gone to strip shows before, and even though I worked on images of beautiful often nearly naked (and occasionally all naked) ladies, they just didn't compare to this!

"I'm sorry, could you put something on?" I finally said.

"Do I displease you?" she asked, covering herself up in an incredibly cute fashion. "Am I ugly?"

"No no! It's not that. I just- I'm not used to talking to a naked girl."

"Oh!" she said. I handed her the jacket she was using to proper up my head and she unrolled it and put it back on.

"Thanks" I said.

"Sorry. I was hoping you'd like me" she said as she zipped up the front half way, "breasts and all."

"I do, I mean, I will. I mean. Who are you?"

"Oh right!" she said getting to her feet. She helped me stand up before continuing. "I'm the current top-of-the-line model GSX-5770. Pygmalion's ultimate female companion bot."

"Companion bot?" I asked.

"You got it. I'm designed and programmed to fulfill all your needs. I have an active AI learning system, so I learn on the go too! I'm sure our time together will be a lot of fun!"

"Fun?" I asked.

"Yeah, I can do anything you want! Both in and out of the bedroom" she added with a wink.

"Bedroom?" I asked. They gave me a sexbot!

"Of course! You didn't think I'd have a hot bod like this for nothing did you?" She winked at me and I had to wonder how any robot could have a 'hot bod' like that. Or any human for that matter.

"I don't believe you. This is some sort of joke! Ok. Where's the camera? You guys got me" I said looking around to see if there was a hidden camera or something.

"Camera? What are you- oh. No, this isn't a prank! I swear!" she said. I couldn't help but noticed how cute she was acting; always swaying her hips, jumping around in little motions, striking a pose for fun…

"Prove it" I said. "Show me that you're a robot!"

"Are you sure? I mean, I don't want you to faint again." She had a concerned look on her face again, and I swore it was too real to be faked.

"I'll be fine, you just caught me by surprise last time" I said. On second thought… "Let me just… sit down first" I said taking a seat on my nearby couch.

"Ok, if you insist" she said with a seductive voice.

The girl walked up to me, and started to dance erotically. First, she danced around a little striking sexy poses and playing with her top. It didn't take long for her to start slowly unzipping her jacked again, and reveal her perky breasts. She continued to tease and dance while the jacket hung loosely from her shoulders, giving me glimpses of her fabulous body as she moved. As the jacket fell from her shoulders and hit the ground, she paused and looked at me. I didn't faint this time, so she smiled and continued.

I shifted in my seat as she started to play with herself, grabbing at her crotch and squeezing her breasts. I felt my face get red and started to get light-headed as she danced closer and closer to me. She bent over and stuck her round ass toward me, gyrating it as she danced to music in her own head.

"Wha-" I cleared my throat. "What does this have to do with-" I started to ask.

"You'll see" she cooed playfully. "Just sit back and enjoy the show."

Slowly but surely, her pants came undone and she started to pick up the pace of the sexy dance. Little beads of sweat started to form on her skin, glistening in the light as she entertained me. I knew this had to be a prank. No robot cold sweat! She slid her hands down her sides, and her fingers disappeared under her waistband. Slowly the pants came down. She had on no panties, and I could now see she was perfectly shaved as well. However, that's where she stopped.

Taking a deep breath, she sighed "Are you ready?"

I nodded, expecting her tight pants to hit the ground. Instead, she stood before me with her pants still barely clinging on, and stayed perfectly still.

A whirring noise came from within her, and invisible seams stretching down from her neck to her groin suddenly appeared. With the hiss of air, her entire torso opened up, her skin retracting in panels, to reveal her true mechanical nature. She really was a robot. And an amazing one!

I had never seen a robot this complex before. Inside her body were thousands of optical wires, tubes and bladders of various sorts, plastic bits, artificial muscles, miniature screens with readouts, gauges, dials, buttons, and things I had no idea how to describe. She continued to breathe deeply from her dance, and I could see her artificial lungs contract and expand as she did.

I stared for several minutes, trying to get an idea of everything going on, trying to wrap my head around this. She was amazing. I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe as I stared into the torso of what looked like a living girl. She wasn't a big girl either. Her body was svelte and toned, and she looked like she could run a marathon, but she was still slim. Seeing all those mechanical parts inside such a tight body astounded me. Not an inch of space was wasted except to allow motion and flexibility.

"This is... really embarrassing" she said with a nervous laugh standing there before me.

"Uh-huh" my mind was still not quite over this hurdle of understanding.

"Are you satisfied?" she asked.

Something in me snapped me back to awareness, and I looked up at her face. She was blushing and clenched her eyes closed as I was studying her. "Y- Yes. Yes, I believe you are a robot. How can I not?"

"Can I close up now?" she asked.

"Of course" I said with a wave of my hand like it was nothing. She relaxed and let out an anxious sigh. I watched carefully as the panels of skin and muscle slid back into place, slowly forming a tight seal, and recessing back into her body until there was no evidence of her robotic nature left.

"Wow" I exclaimed as I watched.

The girl giggled and put on a coy expression, one hand to her mouth while her arms squeezed her breasts together a little. "Thanks" she said.

"Can I see that again?" I asked. "Ah- A little later?"

The red-headed gynoid blushed again and looked down at me with sultry eyes. "Sure, whenever you want. You're... ah... still hard down there."

So I was. Seeing the robotic nature of this girl didn't turn me off at all, in fact, I think it made me even more excited. I crossed my legs and shifted in my seat.

"Do you want me to continue from where I left off?" she asked, leaning in close to me.

"You mean-?"

"Uh-huh" she nodded. I gulped as she closed the distance between our faces. She kissed me long and hard, and I loved it! Her tongue danced playfully against mine, and her warm breath filled my nose with a sweet smell.

I was about ready to explode.

"I'll take that as a yes" she said seductively as she stood up close to me. Her pants slid off her hips, with a little work, and revealed her full natural yet artificial body. Sure enough she was clean shaven down there, and another faint tan line showed she liked skimpy bikini bottoms. I couldn't help but wonder how a robot could have tan lines.

She started up her dance again, sliding her feet out of her pant legs one at a time, always keeping a sexy pose. I was amazed at how well-balanced she was. She danced slowly while she turned around, giving me a full view of her erotic body. I had seen pictures of beautiful girls, hell I made half of them out there, and I knew that the girls you see were never as flawless as they appear. Imperfections, body fat, scars, tattoos, every girl had something she wanted to hide, or at least the magazine people wanted me to hide for them. But this robot girl before me was perfect. Her skin was flawless, her complexion was superb, and her body was the ideal feminine form. There was nothing about this girl that wasn't perfect, inside and out.

She turned her back to me and I caught a glimpse of her womanhood before she sat down on my lap and rubbed herself against me. This really was a lap dance. I could feel her warmth and wetness through my clothes, and I wasn't sure how much more I could take.

"You know, Vincent, this isn't a lap dance" she whispered into my ear as she leaned into me. I stared down her body at her perfect breasts as she put one hand behind my head.

"What do you mean?"

"Touching IS allowed."

With that, I no longer held back. I held her body in my hands, caressing her skin, feeling her warmth, fondling her breasts. She felt all too real; this had to be a dream!

"Oh! Vincent! Ahh" she let out moans and gasps as I caressed her. I gently pushed her onto the couch next to me so she was on her hand and knees, and grabbed her butt. "Vincent!" she cried before I dove in to lick her impeccable pussy.

She was surprisingly sweet, and very responsive to my touch. Her moans of ecstasy filled the room as she climbed higher and higher toward her climax. Suddenly I stopped when something occurred to me.

"Why- why did you stop?" she asked out of breath.

"I can't do this" I said. "Not without knowing your name."

"My name?" she panted. "I don't have a name."

"No name?!" She shook her head at my question, looking back over her shoulder while still on all fours. She wiggled her butt at me to continue. "Then I'll have to give you one" I said as I rubbed at her clitoris.

"AH! Yes!" she moaned.

I couldn't hold back any longer. Quickly I unzipped my pants, and aligned myself behind her.

"Oh my!" she said as she caught a glimpse of my erect shaft. Her soft warm folds were already soaked, and I had no trouble entering her, despite how tight it felt. "Ooohh!!" she moaned as we became one.

"What name should I give you?" I asked as I thrust into her.

"Anything you want! Just please don't stop" she gasped as I began to move inside her.

I thought about what name would suit her best while pumping away at the sexy redhead, her moans of joy and pleasure filling the house. She grabbed onto the side of my couch as I increased the speed and force, making my couch creak.

"How about Faye?" I said between breaths.

"F- Faye? Ah!" she repeated, sort of.

"Yeah... it's pretty, like you." Not to mention my favorite model was named Faye.

She laughed a little, but it was instantly overtaken with sounds of lust again. "Faye! Alright... My name... is Faye!" She said before arching her back. She gasped as her body started to shake uncontrollably. "Sensory overload! Ah!" She continued to shake from her orgasm, until she finally lost her strength and collapsed on the couch.

"Did you cum?" I asked taking a break.

She lay there, still connected to me, and nodded as she caught her breath. "Yeah."

"Then it's my turn" I said and I lifted her up and flipped her over. She was lighter than I would have expected a human-sized robot to be, and lifting her up wasn't an issue. She squealed with delight as I repositioned myself for a frontal assault.

Again she responded well, and again she felt and looked amazing! I couldn't help but take off my shirt thanks to all the sweat from our spontaneous lovemaking.

She came yet again as I approached my climax, her hands grabbing at my back and her hips humping uncontrollably. I never yielded though and she continued to climax, one after another, as I finally reached my own. With a final thrust, I burst inside her as she came down from her own high.

We lay together on the couch, our warm sweaty bodies entwined, for who knows how long. She felt amazing, and I knew that my life would never be the same now. I looked up in her eyes with awe, and she looked down at me with joy.

"I've never had sex like that" I said when we finally relaxed. "The closest thing I've ever had was over 10 years ago."

"I've never had sex at all" she said. I looked up at her and realized she was making a joke. "Well, not in real life, only in simulations."

"You were amazing. You ARE amazing!" I sat up on the couch, collecting myself.

"Thank you" she giggled. "You felt pretty good yourself."

"Faye?" I asked.

"Mm?" she answered as she started to sit up.

"Do you like me?" I asked.

"To be honest, I only just met you, Vincent. But so far so good" she winked. "I hope you will like me too" she added.

"What isn't there to like? I've never met a robot like you before."

"Is that a good thing?"

"A very good thing" I answered getting up from the couch and holding my hand out to her.

She took my hand and stood up before leaning into me and giving me a kiss. "And I'm all yours."

"How long will you stay with me?" I asked. I had a bad habit of asking stupid questions, especially to girls. My last girlfriend left me after only 3 months together, and I didn't take it too well.

She gave me a sly grin and struck the cutest pose. "As long as you'll have me, Vincent."

I was glad to hear that, and gave her a smile. We gathered up our clothes and I led Faye on a brief tour of my house, ending in the bedroom. It wasn’t a big place, but it was all mine. Well... ours now I suppose. Good thing I kept the Queen Size bed from my last girlfriend.

"I can't wait to learn more about your life" Faye said all excited. We were still not dressed, and in all honesty she only had the one thing to wear. I wasn't in the habit of keeping woman's clothing around.

"Well, it's going to be different now with you in it" I said, returning a wink to her. "I want to learn everything I can about you too. How do you work, what can you do?"

"All in good time" Faye said. "We need to pace ourselves." I got the distinct impression she wasn't just talking about getting to know each other.

"I do have one question though."

"What's that?" she asked.

"Why the delivery girl routine? I mean, what was that all about?"

She smiled coyly. "Besides the surprising reveal and amazing sex afterwards? It saves on the budget. No packaging or shipping costs when your deliverer is the package."

"And the driver?"

"Just another package waiting to be delivered" she said with a wink.

The End

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