The Delivery

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Part 1: Delivery

Five thirty-two P.M. . . .

I glanced around the living room. Everything was in order. Getting up, I paced a bit.

Five thirty-three P.M. . . .

I figured the package would have been here by now. Sadly, I’d been keeping myself busy all afternoon by cleaning up around the house (not that any of that would have really mattered ultimately), but now I’d ran out of things to do to keep my mind occupied.

Five thirty-four P.M. . . .

. . .


I was startled awake by the sound of the doorbell, and jumped up to see who was there. Opening the door, before me there was a giant wood box, about 6 feet tall, and a buxom blond in a barely-there delivery outfit asking me to sign for the package. She drew out the word package so it hung in the air just long enough to make me pause. I looked up to see her coyly and absent-mindedly stroking the top part of her breast that was almost popping out of her uniform. “These folks sure know how to handle customer service,” I thought. I was eager to open the container though, so I thanked the delivery vixen, to which she responded that I should “enjoy getting into that box.” “Another time,” I thought, as she strutted away.

I wheeled the box into the center of the living room, set it down, and pulled the small plastic packet of the outside with what I assume was the instruction manual. “PleasureCompanion 9002. Quick Start Guide.” No, I preferred a quicker start than that even, and I set the guide down for later. I pulled out a crowbar and popped off the front of the box to see a beautiful woman standing inside in the most awkward of fashion. She was supported from behind by some sort of a form fitting plastic shell, but she was dressed in a form-fitting lace bustier with stockings and high heels. Shoulder length blond hair in soft curls spilled loosely around her face. Her eyes were closed, no doubt merely to preserve whatever paucity of an illusion of reality was left associated with this whole thing. I stepped back a moment to admire the view. This had set me back a bit, but all in all, not too shabby.

It was time now for a closer look. I stepped in and began to feel all over. At first my instinctive timidity limited me to parts of her covered by fabric. Slowly grazing the stockings, I half expected some sort of response, but obviously received none. I then began to work my way up, stroking the lace fabric of the bustier. Next I decided to finally take a peek at the goods I so desired. I pulled aside one of the cups to expose a pert breast. I cupped it, massaged it, and played with the nipple. Again I paused to await any sort of response I knew must surely be coming. Yet again, nothing. This was far too much fun.

I pushed in on her cheeks, and examined her face by moving it from one side to the other. I was able to pry open her mouth and stick my fingers inside. Quite the odd sensation that was, nary a drop of saliva in there. Certainly a bit disconcerting, but not terribly unexpected. I then picked her up and extracted her from the box, and laid her on the couch. Looking back in the box, I could see a remote in a small space behind the area her bod occupied in the box. Taking quick note, I decided I would save that for later. Limp and pliable as she was, I was able to move her arms and legs around in any fashion I desired. Her flexibility was quite amazing, as I was able to move her legs all the way up to her head, nearly bending her in half. At this point I took the opportunity to slip her panties down just a touch to inspect a little further. They were on the outside of the garters and slipped down ever so easily. Again, I was impressed by the manufacturer’s foresight and attention to detail. Everything was well manicured, offering the illusion of reality while clearly paying attention to detail. Prying open her lips, I explored a little bit further, again subconsciously expecting some sort of protestation at this point. No wetness at all, but everything definitely felt quite real.

I dropped my pants, and grabbed her well-manicured hands, which I then wrapped around my now exposed member. Sliding it up and down, I allowed myself to enjoy the sensation for a few moments before moving on. Next, I placed her seated on the floor, propped up against the couch. Prying open her mouth again, I got myself in a position to place my now hardening shaft inside her mouth. As she held whatever position I put her in quite well, this became quite easy for me. I moved slowly and gently inside to get a feel for things. Once I got comfortable with the sensation, I began to move a little faster, while I brought her hands up to cup my balls. Then I took her hands and placed them on my ass as moved myself around inside her mouth. Quite the pleasant feeling this was. But something was missing. . . I hadn’t paid tens of thousands of dollars for a glorified love-doll. I pulled out of her mouth and composed myself.

“Perhaps I should have a look at this remote,” I thought to myself. Reaching into the box, I pulled out the remote. “Requires 2 AA batteries, not included,” stated the packaging. Sure, they had thought to put the panties outside of the garters, but hadn’t included two measly batteries. I fetched those and got back to the business at hand. Exploring the remote, there were only a couple of buttons: Power (of course), Play, Pause, Settings, and Command. “I suppose I should start with ‘Power’,” I mused. I pressed the button, and heard a distinct “beep” from the woman now seated on the ground. After a quick second, her eyes opened, she appeared to take a shallow breath, and then she spoke. “PleasureCompanion 9002, powering on. . . Please wait . . . Loading operating system . . .” There were a few seconds of silent awkwardness, after which the robot finally spoke again. “Good evening, I am a PleasureCompanion 9002, unit serial number NGC7456GTX. I am intended for service and companionship. Would you like to give me a name?”

“How about, ‘Brandi’?” I told her.

“Confirmed. PleasureCompanion 9002, unit serial number NGC7456GTX will now be designated as ‘Brandi’. Would you like to continue with first-time setup?”

“Yes, I think I would,” I responded.

Part 2: Initialization

“Initiating startup protocols,” she responded, as she stood up. She then resumed, what appeared to be her default posture, standing straight up, legs slightly apart, arms at her sides but slightly akimbo. At this point, there was no mistaking her artificial nature, even though she blinked intermittently and took the occasional breath. She stared blankly into space as she continued, “Registering on network . . . Checking for software updates. . . Updates are available, would you like me to proceed with download?”

“Yes, please,” I answered.

“Software updates will continue while the startup routine is completed. Please tell me your name so that I may address you correctly.”

“James,” I responded. “You can call me James.”

“Thank you, James. At this time I can load several task and personality subroutines. Please select from the following list which routines you’d like to have loaded. Domestic duties?”


“Food preparation?”


“Service work?”


“Home repair?”


“Sexual activities?”

I paused a moment as the realization washed over me. “Yes, definitely,” I said back.

She continued, “Please select from the following list any personality profiles you’d like loaded: horny, insatiable, dominating, submissive, coy, seductress, asexual, ice queen, bimbo, exhibitionist, or normal.”

“All of the above, please,” I answered back.

“Confirmed. Loading task and personality subroutines . . . completed. You may now begin normal operation of this unit, ‘Brandi.’ Please consult the operators manual for further guidance and operation warnings. Would you like introductory instruction?”

“Yes, please.”

“Full or basic?”


“Confirmed, commencing basic instruction. This PleasureCompanion 9002 is the most advanced and sophisticated android on the market today. I am capable of most basic and several advanced tasks, and designed to be totally at your beck and call.”

The oddity of receiving this information from something that looked like a gorgeous woman, but who was staring blankly into space was a bit unnerving, but still quite the turn-on. I felt an increasing warmth below my waistline.

“You may power me on or off at any time using the include remote. Pressing the ‘Pause’ button on the remote will freeze me in my current position, while ‘Play’ resumes normal operation. Pressing ‘Command’ at any time allows you to directly address and command me. This command protocol overrides nominal operation. Command overrides can even occur when personality emulation is active, though the call and response protocols may be colored somewhat by personality programming. ‘Settings’ will allow you to access deeper programming functions, such as further specific personality modifications, or loading additional subroutines. This concludes the brief introduction to the PleasureCompanion 9002.”

My mind was spinning now. The possibilities were endless, and ideas were now starting to take shape in my head.

“Power advisory: This unit has approximately 30 minutes of power remaining. Please charge this unit at your earliest convenience.”

“How do I do that?” I asked.

“The included footwear is compatible with the included charging plate. You can plug the charging plate into any standard wall socket. If the charging plate is available and I am directed to recharge, I will stand on the plate and revert to suspend mode while charging. If this is not an option, a standard microUSB cable can be plugged into my navel charging port.” She paused a quick moment. “Would you like me to begin any personality emulation?”

“Not just yet I responded.” I wanted to examine the goods a little further, plus I didn’t want to get anything too exciting going, a half hour wasn’t all that much time after all. I walked around inspecting her up close. I repeated my stroking and petting again, though this was a little more interesting now. She continued to exhibit the barest signs of life, but showed no awareness of me at all. I walked around behind and smacked her on the ass. There was an appropriate amount of jiggle, and then things settled down. I noticed a bit of redness where my palm had struck. “They had sure thought of everything,” I mused to myself.

“Take your panties off,” I told her. No response. “Please take your panties off,” I tried again. Ahh, I had already forgotten about the ‘Command’ button. I picked up the remote and pushed ‘Command.’

“Command please,” she responded.”

“Take off your panties,” I told her again.

“Confirmed.” She then pulled her panties down and stepped out of them, leaving them in a crumpled pile on the floor. I pushed the ‘Command’ button again. “Command please.”

“Show me your tits,” I told her.

“Confirmed.” She then undid the top portion of her bustier so that her breasts spilled out from over the top of it. I pushed the ‘Command’ button again. “Command please.”

“This was slightly cumbersome,” I thought. “Brandi, discontinue verbal command conformation in this mode until further notice. In addition, follow all direct commands without regard to input from the remote in this mode until directed otherwise.”

She twitched her head slightly as this processed, and there was no confirmation. “Much nicer,” I said. “Now, grab your breasts.” She did just as she was told. “Play with your nipples.” She took one nipple between each thumb and forefinger and began to twist her nipples, back and forth. The repetitiveness, monotony, and artificiality of it was both simultaneously disconcerting and a huge turn-on. “Remove your top,” I told her. She unfastened the last of the fasteners and her bustier fell to the floor around her. “Please come forward a couple steps,” I told her. She marched more into the center of the living room as a strolled leisurely around this now half naked work of art. I meandered about her a couple of times, casually reaching out an index finger here or there to explore a bit further.

There she stood, clad only in her stockings, heels, and garter belt. “Not a bad look,” I said to no one in particular. “Bend over,” I told her. Again she demonstrated her magnificent flexibility as she bent over and put her palms flat on the ground. Realizing that she was in probably four-inch heels, this was another moment when a bit of artificiality leaked through the façade. I came up behind her and stroked her back, creeping down to her butt, and finally moved down and around the front. It felt the same as before . . . something missing.

“Stand up,” I told her. “Lubricate your pussy,” I commanded, taking a shot in the dark. After all, half of the fun was in the experimentation right? I waited a second and then began to explore her with my hands again. Now there was a noticeable wetness alright. A small bead of fluid trickled down her inner thigh. I kneeled down in front of her and explored her pussy with my tongue; it tasted like strawberries. Still no response from her. I suppose that was what I should have expected, but it was very hard to get used to the absence of any kind of feedback. I figured it was time for me to get a little bit more out of this arrangement . “Walk over to the chair and place your hands on the seat.” She did just this, bending over enough to provide quite the view of her lovely backside. With only twenty minutes or so remaining, I thought I may as well do some more . . . ambitious exploring. I pulled my pants down and freed myself from their confines. All of this foreplay had already got me quite worked up. I inserted myself into her easily due to her now copious lubrication. Yet again I was thoroughly impressed with the manufactures attention to detail. I slid rhythmically in and out of her while she was bent in half over a chair staring off into nothingness.

The lack of feedback was slightly disconcerting, but again, quite the turn on. Realizing that I could have my way with her as I pleased with nary a protestation was quite the power trip. I slowed down for a bit, as there were still a few minutes remaining. I figured I should probably try to use as much of that remaining charge as possible. I backed out of her slowly. “Stand up,” I told her. I licked her nipples a bit, and sucked them a touch, just for my own edification. “You’re really going to enjoy that later,” I told her.

“Kneel down,” I commanded. She descended delicately first to one knee, then the other. “Open your mouth and lubricate it.” She opened wide, and shortly it became clear that her mouth will filling with artificial saliva. I inserted myself into it and began to pump slowly and rhythmically again. As I basked in the intense sensation of pleasure, I heard a muffled chime coming from Brandi. “I’d guess that’s about my five-minute warning,” I thought. I pumped faster and faster and finally climaxed violently into her mouth. I pulled out of her. No response. “Are you . . . self-cleaning?” I asked as I noticed fluid leaking down the side of her mouth.

She swallowed. “Affirmative. I regularly process any non-toxic fluids that are ingested and expel them at regular intervals.”

“Another touch of genius,” I thought.

Another chime. “Approximately four minutes of power remaining. Please charge this unit immediately.”

“So much for the afterglow,” I mused. I pulled the charging plate out of the box and plugged it into the wall. “Start your recharge cycle, Brandi,” I directed. She then stood up, walked over to her charging plate, heels clicking on the hardwood floor as she did so, and did a smart pivot to face me.

“Commencing recharge cycle,” she stated. “Expected charge time remaining is 7 hours. Now entering standby mode.” With that, I noticed the blinking and breathing both stop. Amazing how subtle that was but how much of a difference it made. I could see a small amber light blinking half-heartedly on the plate. “Not bad for the first night,” I thought. I strolled over to the manual and picked it up. “Not terrifically thick for such an impressively complicated piece of equipment. Must be awfully user friendly.” Of course, I’d already experienced at least a portion of its user friendliness. No doubt there were more tricks and fun to be had. I strolled off to bed for a bit of light reading. . .

Part 3: Good Morning

The next day was Saturday. I leisurely crawled out of bed, until I realized what was waiting for me. Once I was fully conscious I made a beeline to the living room to begin my day. Picking the remote up off the table, I pointed it at Brandi and pressed ‘Power.’ Her eyes opened and she began to take normal breaths again. I figured now was a pretty good time to dive into some of the settings I had read about last night. I pushed the ‘Settings’ button on the remote.

“Would you like a verbal explanation of my settings?” she asked.

“No thanks, I think I’ve got a good enough idea. I’ll wing it for now.” No response. “Set personality emulation to ‘Normal’.”

Brandi’s eyes batted a little and her head cocked to one side just a touch. “Well how ‘ya doin’ there suga’?”

“Set accent to ‘American Standard’ and resume command confirmation.” I quickly responded.

“No problem, hon’,” she answered back. “So watcha’ got on the agenda to do today?”

“I thought we’d hang out here mostly so that I can get to know you a little bit, put you through your paces, so-to-speak.”

“Sounds like a good plan to me,” Brandi answered. “What’s first on the list?”

“You should probably go get dressed,” I told her.

“You bet babe.”

I pushed the ‘Command’ button for good measure, and then followed up with, “Find the most indecent thing you can to wear that still makes you look presentable.”

“Sure thing, James,” she answered back. With that she stepped off of her charging platform and strutted nonchalantly into the bedroom. Even though it was clear she wasn’t making any extra effort to look sexy, it was hard not to in (what was left of) her get-up. I sat down on the couch for a second, contemplating my next move.

It took me only a moment to decide to not sit there any longer. I jumped up and made my way into the bedroom behind Brandi. Before popping in on her, I pushed ‘Pause’ on the remote. Stepping into the closet, I found Brandi stark naked except for thong panties that were almost on. Both her hands were in the middle of pulling them up as her back arched slightly. I casually walked up and flicked her left nipple. Enjoying the moment, I placed my hands on her bare feet and ever-so-slowly moved them up her naked body. I moved them slowly up her silken legs, detouring up her inner thighs and over her pussy and then behind to her ass. I continued up her stomach, chest, lingering on her breasts momentarily as I massaged them.

I stepped back, pulled out my remote again, and pushed the ‘Settings’ button. A small confirmation chime came from Brandi. “Set personality mode to ‘Horny.’” Again another chime. “Set arousal level to 8.” Chime. I pushed ‘Command.’ “I want you to ignore my presence until I give you a direct command otherwise.” Chime. “Complete your dressing, and then before leaving, you will begin masturbating because you are so horny and you cannot control yourself.” Chime.

I pushed ‘Play.’ She picked up right where she left off finishing pulling up her panties, giving a little wiggle to get everything to settle correctly. I could see her perusing the rack of clothes until she found what I was hoping for. There was a small dark blue minidress that she decided would fit the bill perfectly. “Oh, yes. This will do nicely. . .” she mused quietly, as she absentmindedly stroked her right breast. Looking at her face I thought I saw her bite her lip and her eyes roll back a bit, but it was fleeting. She pulled the dress off the rack and pulled it over her head.

The hemline of the dress was just long enough to cover all of her naughty bits, but she probably wouldn’t be able to maintain her decency if she bent over to pick up something on the sidewalk. She did her little shimmy to get everything sorted out again before checking herself out in the full-length mirror. She adjusted and tugged here and there in order to embellish the assets she had at her disposal. “And the finishing touch,” she said, as she stepped into some matching high heeled pumps.

“James will be no match for this,” she said to the mirror. “Of course, there’s no shame in getting a little fired up first, right?” she asked rhetorically. She began to run her hands lightly over her body, closing her eyes and throwing her head back gently. She pulled the hem of her dress up a few inches to expose herself to the world, and gently slid a couple of fingers down the front of her panties. I could see the movement of her fingers underneath the fabric as she slowly worked on arousing herself. I pushed the ‘Command’ button. “Lie down on the bed and finish yourself off,” I told her. “I think I need to lie down,” she said to no one in particular in a bit more of a breathless tone than usual. She tugged gently at the dress to make herself almost presentable again and strutted over to the bed. She hopped up on the bed, and then pulled her dress up to expose her pussy and down to expose her breasts. I pushed ‘Pause,’ quickly yanked off her panties with abandon, and then pushed ‘Play’ again.

She bent both legs at the knees, one leg lying flat on the bed, and one up in the air. She was working on her clit with one hand, and massaging a breast with the other. Every so often, a soft moan would escape her lips. “Yeah . . . oh yeah. Yeah. That’s it. Oh yeah.” Her eyes closed again as she bit her lower lip and tossed her head back. She began to writhe, moving her whole body in a slow rhythm with her hands. Her ministrations became faster and faster, as did her breathing and moaning. “Uhhh, uhhh. Uhhhuh. Oh yeah. Yes. Yes!”

I pushed ‘Pause’. She froze mid writhe, a look of ecstasy on her face. I walked up to her, lowered my underwear, and teased her mouth with my cock. Then I parted her lips just ever so slightly more than they were already, climbed up on the bed on top of her, and inserted myself into her mouth. I pumped in and out gently, pleasuring myself in her inanimate body. “Not quite enough lubrication,” I thought. I pulled out and then moved lower, pushing myself into her pussy. This was still quite wet, and I thrusted over and over again, enjoying the sensation. Getting close to climaxing, I changed gears again, now that things will a little more well-lubricated. I climbed up on top of her again and pushed myself into her mouth again. As the scent of strawberry flavored lubrication filled the air, I came violently into her mouth for the second time in two days. I pulled out of her and rolled off, lying next to hear as I came down from my climax high. I reached over, grabbed the remote, and pushed ‘Play.’

She swallowed briefly and then continued. “Yesss! Ahhhhh! Uhhh. Uhhh.” She climaxed as she writhed about in ecstasy, and then slowed herself until she appeared to wind down completely. Then Brandi collapsed delicately to the bed with a coy smile on her face. She lay there motionless except for the occasional absent minded exploration of her naked body with a single finger. Soon, she decided that she was done with the afterglow and decided to try to put herself back together a bit. She pulled her dress back into place to cover everything back up, and tousled her hair a bit to try to return it to a presentable state. “I’m not sure I need to tell James about that,” she mused to herself. With one more look in the mirror and a quick adjustment, she stepped back out of the bedroom and made her way out into the living room.

Part 4: Introductions

I got up to follow her out, and as I did so, I pushed ‘Settings’ on the remote. “Change personality type to ‘ice queen’,” I told her. Her gait then changed in mid stride. Where before she was exhibiting a confident model-type strut, now she began to walk with an awkward and unsure shuffle. She carried herself the rest of the way precariously to the living room. “James! James!” she called out. She turned about in a circle look for me, her gaze passing right through me as she did so.

I pushed ‘Command.’ “You may notice my presence now,” I stated. On her next spin around, she finally exhibited recognition.

“Oh, there you are. Where did you run off to?”

“I just went to the bathroom,” I said.

“Oh okay. Nice of you to leave me here all by myself. And what’s with this ridiculous outfit? Don’t you think this is just a touch . . . immodest? How am I supposed to get anything at all done in this?” She said.

“I’m not sure work was what I had in mind,” I told her.

“It never is,” she retorted with derision.

I pushed ‘Command.’ “Lift up your dress,” I told her. She let out a frustrated sigh, rolled her eyes lifted up her dress, and said, “There, satisfied?”

“Not quite,” I told her. I walked up to her and reached around back to squeeze her ass.

“Not even a pleasant request? You just come up and accost me like I’m some piece of meat? How disrespectful, how. . .” I pushed ‘Pause.’

“Now, now,” I said to her now motionless form, a look of reserved rage frozen on her face. “You’ve been a bit naughty there talking back to me like that, you need a punishment.” I gave her a healthy smack on her rump. “And another for good measure,” I said, giving her another sharp slap. I pushed ‘Play.’

“rude, how impolite. . .” she continued . Pushing ‘Command’ again, I said, “Now show me your breasts.” She paused a moment, a look of extreme dissatisfaction on her face. I nodded at her, and then she pulled down her top to release her breasts.

“Are we through now?” she asked.

“That’ll do for now, Brandi.” I said.

“Thank goodness we’re done with all this silliness,” she said, stowing all her exposed body parts away in a desperate attempt to regain some dignity. “Can we get on to doing something a little more productive now?”

I pushed ‘Settings.’ “Change personality type to ‘seductress’,” I told her. Instantly her posture softened.

“After all,” she continued, “there’s so much I want to do to you, I mean do with you today.” As she said this, a coy smile crept across her face. “I’m awfully tired though,” she said, stretching her arms high above her head. As she did this, the hem of her dress crept up just enough to expose the tiniest sight of the thong panties beneath. Again, a coy smile. “I like to limber up in the morning though before starting in with anything,” she continued. She kicked off her shows and began to twist about sharply at the waist. She put her hands on her hips and leaned back, daring me to stare at the two mounds that were now on display right in front of my face. She ran in place a little bit, causing her breasts to jiggle ever so appealingly.

At this point, she turned around and did some toe-touches, which naturally exposed the hindquarters she had no-doubt purposely pointed right at me. On the third or fourth toe-touch, she paused, looking back at me between her legs. “Are you staring at me?” she asked, feigning indignation.

“Uhh, well, um, I suppose I am, I guess,” I said, taken aback just a bit.

She stood up, turned around and kicked her leg up over her head, holding it up and standing perfectly sable on one leg. Now she had fully exposed her lacy undergarments to me, and she locked my gaze. Expertly and deliberately, she brought her leg down so that she was standing normally again, never averting her gaze. She then ascended gracefully into the heels she had just nonchalantly kicked off. “Okay, I think I’m limber enough now,” she said. “What should we do now?”

I pushed ‘Settings.’ “Set personality type to ‘dominating.’”

“Actually,” she said, barely skipping a beat, “I think I might have a few ideas of my own.” She walked up to me full of self-assurance, grabbed me around the back of my head and pulled me in deep for a passionate kiss. She continued to do this for a few seconds, and then put her hands on my hips and began to walk me backward. Getting to the couch, she put her hands on my chest and pushed, causing me to fall comfortably backwards so that I was seated on the couch.

She reached down a grabbed my shirt, grabbing it at the bottom and slowly bringing it up over my head, making sure to take her palms and feel every inch of my bare chest along the way. Next she kneeled down and unbuttoned my pants, pulling them down and off of my body, leaving me stark naked on the couch. In a ludicrous attempt to preserve what was left of my modesty, I placed a hand over my bare crotch.

“Now, now,” she said, taking a hold of my hands, “we’re all friends here.” Grabbing my wrists, she forced them down to my sides and climbed up on top of me. She began to writhe subtly, clearly pushing herself against my exposed member in the most sensual yet most nonchalant way possible. “First I’m going to give you a little show,” she said, “but after I do, you best be ready to perform.” “You can count on me!” I answered back, perhaps a little too enthusiastically.

With that, she stepped back and began to sway gently to unheard music. She writhed gently for me, fixing her gaze to mine to hold my attention. She then smiled and popped a breast out of her top and then quickly back in. “Just a taste,” she told me, as she continued to gyrate. Then she laid down on the floor and began to thrust her pelvis up into the air. “Another taste of what’s to come?” I asked.

“I bet you’d like a taste,” she responded, kicking her leg up over again and gently stroking her nether regions. Next, she stood up and quickly flicked up her dress exposing her backside ever so briefly. Looking over her shoulder, she coyly asked me, “Care for a longer look?”

“Absolutely,” I told her.

She flicked up her dress again, these time leaving her ass exposed. I reached up to give it a pinch, but she batted my hand away with a quick swat. “Now, now. I don’t think you should be sampling the merchandise just yet,” she said, pulling her dress back down. With that, she turned back around and climbed back on top of me, leaning into me and kissing me deeply again. After a bit of that, she pulled back just a bit, and pulled down her top, letting her breasts spill out of her dress again. “I think I’m okay with you sampling this merchandise, though,” she said. I leaned in and began to tease her exposed nipples. She began to moan softly with pleasure as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

She kissed me again and I took the opportunity to give her a firm smack on her exposed ass. She let out a brief startled exclamation, looked at me and began to rub against me again. I figured I’d had about enough of the teasing at this point. I reached over to the remote and pushed ‘Pause.’ She froze in mid gyration, and I stopped for a moment to admire her immobility. I flicked a nipple again for good measure. “Pleasant,” I thought, “but I do enjoy it more when she’s a bit more into this.” I pushed ‘Settings,’ which was followed by a soft confirmation chime. “Set personality type to ‘insatiable.’ Set arousal level to ‘9.’” I followed this with a push of ‘Command.’ “When I begin to orgasm, you will begin to orgasm as well so that we both come simultaneously. You will not come until I do though.” Another soft chime came from her frozen form. I pushed ‘Play.’

“Oh, James. I need you inside me NOW!” She cried out. “I’m so hot, I’m so wet! Please!”

“Take off your panties,” I told her. She stood up quickly, pulled her panties down, then climbed back on me, kissing me deeply, harshly, and passionately. As she was doing this she moved herself around so that I could slide into her moist pussy. She was so wet that I slid in quite easily. We continued to kiss as she thrusted in rhythm with me. First slowly, then faster and faster. Then she slowed again, a look of ecstasy on her face. Small moans emanated every so often from her.

She leaned back a bit while I stayed inside her. I took the opportunity to bury my face in her tits, licking and sucking one while I played with the other, then vice versa. With each suck, I could hear a small moan, and the more I did it, the louder the moans became. I leaned back a bit, gave one a small slap, and from out of her came an excited gasp. I leaned in again and gently bit one of her tits, rolling an erect nipple between my teeth. “Oh, yeah! That’s it, just like that!” she sighed. “JUST LIKE THAT!” she yelled out loudly. I bit the other nipple. “Oh please! I have to come! Please let me come! Make me come!”

I disengaged and then then pulled her in tight for a passionate kiss. She wrapped her legs underneath mine and kissed me deeply. I felt her muscles tightening on my buried shaft, they pulsed in rhythm with our simultaneous thrusting, which had now reached a fever pitch. Unable to contain myself any longer, I exploded intensely inside her. Crying out with relief and ecstasy, I spasmed uncontrollably. With that, Brandi began to shudder violently as well. “Oh, yes! YESYESYESYES!” she screamed, as her simulated orgasm was executed in synchronicity with my genuine one. After a few seconds of both of us quaking passionately, I collapsed backward onto the couch with Brandi collapsing on top of me. She lay her head on my shoulder and lightly stroked my chest as I tried to recover. After a few minutes of this, she reached down and grabbed my cock, lightly stroking it.

“Wake up. Ready for round two?” she asked slyly.

“A tempting proposition,” I said. “Let’s take a brief respite however.”

“Ahh, but I’m sooo horny. I need you again! I need you now!”

I pushed ‘Settings.’ “Set personality type to ‘normal’.” I told her. With that, she sat up and gently rolled off of me to sit next to me on the couch. She took a brief pause and then pulled her dress back up over her exposed breasts, then reached down, grabbed her discarded panties, and put them on again. Adjusting herself slightly, she then turned to me. “So what do you feel like doing now?” she asked.

I hadn’t thought that far ahead. “How about we see where this day takes us?” I told her. “Tell me what your power state is,” I added.

“I slept pretty good last night,” she responded. “I suspect I can be up for around another eleven and a half hours before I need to get some shuteye again.”

“Sounds good,” I said. “Now, what can I do with a beautiful and totally compliant woman for the next eleven and a half hours?” I asked to myself. My mind began to churn with the possibilities.

Part 5: Exploration

I picked up the remote again and pushed ‘Settings.’ “Set personality type to ‘asexual.’ Set arousal level to ‘0’,” I commanded.

“Now then, where were we?” she asked, standing up and looking around again.

Pushing ‘Command’ again, I added, “Go and get changed into something respectable, maybe a nice sundress, but leave something fun on underneath that I’ll enjoy finding later.” “I should probably go change into something a little more . . . respectable,” she said, turning and heading into the bedroom. I let her go take care of this and she came back a few minutes later in a royal blue backless dress with a slim black belt and some wedge sandals.

“Well, I’ve had a very enjoyable morning, but I think it’s about time for me to eat. Could you make some breakfast?” I asked.

“No problem, any special requests?” she responded. “How about banana pancakes?”

“Sure thing, I’ll get right on that.”

“Would you like an orgasm?” I asked.

Brandi chuckled heartily. “No thanks, I think I’m okay right now. I think I’ll be fine just getting to work on breakfast.”

I pushed ‘Command.’ “Orgasm,” I commanded her simply. With that she threw her head back violently and started to convulse.

“Yes! Yes! Oh YEEEESSSS!” she screamed out, before the shuddering petered out and finally stopped. “I’m so sorry,” she said, “I don’t know what came over me there. That was highly unbecoming of me. I really should get to work on breakfast. I really should get to work on breakfast. I really should get to work on breakfast. Yes, yes, I need to get to work on breakfast.”

She moved to head toward the kitchen again as I pushed ‘Command.’ “Orgasm again,” I told her.

As before, she went from being totally together to being a shuddering mass of passion, and then petering out back to her normal self. “I’m so sorry,” she said, “I don’t know what came over me there. That was highly unbecoming of me. I really should get to work on breakfast. I really should get to work on breakfast. I really should get to work on breakfast. Yes, yes, I need to get to work on breakfast.”

“Strange,” I thought. “A little laziness on the part of the programmers perhaps.” I let her walk into the kitchen this time following a step or two behind. I decided I wanted to have a little fun again. I watched her do a little preparation before I pushed ‘Command.’ “Ignore my presence until further notice.”

A look of puzzlement washed across Brandi’s face. “Now where did James, run off to? He was just here a moment ago. Oh, well, better keep going,” she said cutting a banana. I pushed ‘Command’ again. “Pull down the top of your dress.”

“Awfully warm in here all of a sudden,” she said, wiping her brow. She then slid her arms out of the holes in the dress and pulled the top down, letting it fall around her waist. Underneath was a white lace bra with the nipples cutout. I leaned over and blew across her exposed nipples. “Awfully drafty in here all of a sudden though,” she mused, not registering the slightest bit of pleasure. As she continued to cut, I reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall indelicately to the floor. “Oh my,” she commented, “not the most reliable clothing, is this?” she said, looking down at her undergarments on the floor. “Oh well,” she said, shrugging, as she now moved to mixing up pancake batter. As she worked on mixing batter, I came up behind her and began to knead her breasts and pinch her nipples. A quizzical look came over her face as she looked down at her bare chest, but she didn’t say anything.

I stopped kneading as she reached over to the sliced bananas and poured them into the now mixed batter. She then ran the bowl under the water to rinse it and placed it to the side. Moving over to the hot griddle, she poured the batter on the surface and stood there waiting for them to cook. I pulled up her dress and reached down the front of her panties. “Hmm, lace also,” I thought. “I’ll bet they match.”

Another quizzical look came over her face. “Quite the odd draft in here,” she mentioned again as she made a futile attempt to try to smooth her dress out and push it down.

Pushing ‘Command,’ I told her, “Lubricate your pussy.” A small sigh escaped her lips before quickly being stifled. As she did this, she became noticeably wetter to my touch. I fiddled around with my fingers for a bit, as Brandi alternated oddly between strictly business, and the occasional stifled moan of pleasure. Just for grins, I thought I’d check something out. Pushing ‘Command,” I told her, “State your arousal level.”

“I’m not aroused at all,” she stated matter-of-factly, “but then why am I so wet?!” she exclaimed with the faintest hint of excitement. I’d wondered if I’d gotten her in some kind of program conflict. I wondered where this was going to go. She flipped the pancakes and stood waiting for the other side to cook.

I pushed ‘Command.’ “Shouldn’t you put the bowl in the dishwasher?” I asked.

“I guess I could put the bowl in the dishwasher,” she stated. I extricated my hands from her undergarments and allowed her to walk over and move to place the bowl in the dishwasher.

As she bent over, I pushed ‘Command’ again. “Stay just like that,” I directed.

“Oh my, I think my back went out,” she stated. “I can’t straighten up.” I came up behind her, lifted up her skirt, and pulled down her panties. I inserted my aroused member into her as she continued to protest that she could no longer stand up. “A fine time for this to happen,” she said. I slid in and out of her, enjoying myself tremendously. “A fine time for this to happen. Uhhh. A fine time for this to happen. Uhh,” she said over and over, alternating between pleasure and dissatisfaction. I turned to see a bit of smoke rising from the pancakes, so I quickly extricated myself from her, turned off the griddle and threw the now slightly overdone pancakes onto a waiting plate. “A fine time for this to happen. Uhhh. A fine time for this to happen. Uhh,” she continued in my absence.

Pushing ‘Command,” I directed her, “You can get up now, please finish breakfast.”

She twitched slightly and then straightened herself up. “Now that’s better. Yes, now that’s better,” she said to no one in particular. She rushed over to the pancakes seeing the smoke now as well. “Oh, dear,” she lamented. “These look ruined! James will be so disappointed.” She picked up the plate of pancakes and shuffled ungainly over to the table. I realized that she likely still had her panties around her knees and hadn’t realized it yet.

“I would have thought her programming would have taken care of something like that,” I thought. I pushed ‘Pause,” and she froze as she was setting the plate on the table. I pulled up her panties, placing them back in place, making sure to feel her silky thighs all the way up. I then pushed ‘Play’ and she resumed her activities. “James! James!” she called out. “Breakfast is ready.”

I pushed ‘Command.’ “You may notice my presence again,” I told her.

“Oh, there you are,” she said with a hint of exasperation. “Breakfast is ready,” she mentioned again. “Sorry, I got a little sidetracked and the pancakes got a little burnt.”

“No trouble,” I responded, as we both sat down. “Care for some?” I asked her.

“No, thanks,” she responded. “Not all that hungry right now for some reason. I’m just not that hungry. Not all that hungry.”

This didn’t seem right. “I might need to take a peek in that user manual a little bit later. I hope I didn’t screw something up,” I mused aloud.

“You better believe you screwed something up,” she told me coyly. “Oh my, don’t mind me,” she said quickly. “I don’t know where all of this verve is coming from.” I smiled and ate my pancakes.

Part 6: Breakdown

I finished off my pancakes quickly as I was eager to move on to other things that morning. “Still hungry?” she asked.

“Yes, but not for food,” I answered.

Brandi cocked her head to one side and looked at me quizzically. “I’m sorry, I don’t believe I understand your statement. It appears to be a contradiction.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I told her. I pushed ‘Settings’ on her remote. “Change personality type to ‘submissive’,” I told her. “Set arousal level to ‘5’.”

“I’m not sure what we should do now,” she said. “Tell me what you’d like to do.”

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” I told her.

She got a bit of an excited but trepidatious look on her face, but then said, “Okay, I think that’s a good idea.” I reached out and took her hand, and led her into the bedroom after me. I sat on the bed as she stood in front of me. “What now?” she asked with a hint of excitement.

“How about some role-playing?” I stated. Not waiting for her to answer, I pushed ‘Command.’ “Go into the closet and pick out the secretary outfit. I want you to change into that. After you get changed, come back into the bedroom. You’re going to play the role of Brandi, my secretary. You’re helping me put together a presentation, but the first draft was not that good, and now you’re having a meeting with me, Mr. Stafford, to see if there’s anything you can do to fix it. I’ll take things from there.”

“This sounds like an interesting game,” Brandi responded as she turned smartly and headed into the closet, closing the door behind her. I waited a moment, but then as I figured I might as well look the part as well, I pushed ‘Pause’ on Brandi’s remote and went into the closet too. I put on a smart business suit while Brandi stood motionless with black lace panties and one thigh high stocking on. She was moving to place the other one on just as I had frozen here. After I had made myself presentable, I left and moved over to sit at the desk in the corner of the room, closing the door behind me again. I pushed ‘Play.’

A few moments later, I heard a knock on the closet door. “Come in,” I said, towards the direction of the closet. Brandi walked through the door into the bedroom, clad in a short business skirt, a smart low cut maroon top, black stockings, and black patent leather pumps. Her hair was tied back and she had glasses on. “The quintessential slutty secretary fantasy.” I mused quietly. “Now what can I do for you Brandi?”

“You said my draft presentation wasn’t up to snuff and you wanted to discuss it. I’d like to find out what the problem was, fix it, and try to make it up to you."

“Well, my dear,” I began, “your grammar and punctuation left a lot to be desired. Plus your story was full of holes. In addition, I would have preferred a good deal more technical background. Why should I buy what you’re selling me here?

“I suppose those are all good points,” Brandi answered. “So is there any way to get back in your good graces?” She asked coyly.

“Awfully aggressive for being submissive,” I thought to myself. ”Perhaps,” I said. I reached out and unbuttoned her jacket, then grabbed the front of her blouse, and began to unbutton that as well. As I did so, I could see a conflicted expression on her face. One of both discomfort and of pleasure. I could see a black lace bra peeking out from underneath her top as I continued to unbutton.

After the release of the last button, Brandi spoke up. “Mr. Stafford!” she exclaimed. “This seems highly inappropriate!”

“Most likely,” I responded. “I’m sure no argument that I put up in my defense for an H.R. inquiry would be acceptable now. Would you like me to stop?”

“I’m . . . I’m not sure,” she said unsurely.

“I can work with that,” I responded. I flicked open the clasp on the front of her bra, and her breasts spilled out from beneath. “Are you sure you need that anymore?” I asked.

“I suppose not,” she responded.

“Lie back,” I told her. She climbed backward on the bed and then slowly let herself lie down. I placed my hands on her knees and slowly caressed up her body, reaching her shoulders and then caressing down her arms. I grabbed her hands and then moved them both up over her head. I reached up and undid my tie, and then wrapped it around her wrists, tine them together over her head. I looked down at Brandi’s face to see her eyes closed, but with the look of insecurity still there as well.

“Turn over,” I told her. She rolled onto her stomach. I smacked her on the ass sharply. “This is for submitting a substandard presentation.” I told her. A quiet whimper escaped from her lips as I did so. I figured I might as well customize this scenario a little bit. I pushed ‘Settings.’ “Set arousal level ‘1’,” I told her. Next I pushed ‘Command.’ “Every time I spank you, raise you arousal level by one.”

“I’m not sure this is doing it for me,” came Brandi’s response.

“Hang on a bit and let’s see where this goes,” I told her audaciously. I struck her again on her ass. Another small whimper escaped her lips. Another sharp smack. And another. Each time, the whimper got louder, and frankly, less like a whimper. Another two slaps and she began a full on moan. “Two or three more ought to do it,” I thought. Two more slaps and she began to writhe to her own rhythm.

“Turn over,” I told her. She did so. “Get off the bed and kneel down.” As she did so, I undid my tied from her wrists, then I placed her hands behind her back and retied the tie. “Suck my cock.” I commanded. She looked up at me again with both passion and fear, and then began to suck, first delicately, licking and caressing with her tongue. The eventually taking all of me in and sucking mightily. “Do you like to suck my cock?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, it makes me so hot,” she answered. “I love the taste of your cock. Your cock tastes so good, I love how it tastes. I love how it tastes.” Quickly, she took me in again.

“Stop,” I told her, to which she looked both relieved and disappointed. “Stand up and turn around.” She did so and then looked over her shoulder at me, awaiting what was next. Pushing ‘Settings,’ I told her, “Set personality type to exhibitionist.” Then ‘Command.’ “Take off your skirt and panties.”

She reached behind herself and looked straight ahead while she unzipped her skirt, and pulled down both that and her panties in one slow, smooth movement. As she did so, she bent over exposing herself completely to me. As she slowly straightened up, she grabbed her legs and began to caress up herself. She reached her waist, then stopped, lowered herself back down, and then raised herself up again. She repeated exactly the same motion a few times, and then finally continued up, caressing the sides of her body, then her breasts. Next she reached down and slapped both cheeks of her ass, and then grabbed them both firmly.

I pushed ‘Command.’ “Bend over,” I told her. She leaned over, laying her upper half over the bed softly. I attempted to enter her from behind. Oddly, she was totally dry. Pushing ‘Command,’ I told her, “Lubricate.” Soon after I saw beads of liquid running down her thigh. I entered her again. A small moan of pleasure escaped her lips, and she began to thrust against me in rhythm with myself.

I moved a bit faster. More moans from Brandi, followed by, “Mr. Stafford, I think this is highly inappropriate.” More moans. “Mr. Stafford, I think this is highly inappropriate.” She was alternating back in forth between unbridled lust and righteous indignation. She turned her face to the side and I could see a look of pure pleasure as she moaned, and then gross dissatisfaction when calling me on the carpet. "Mr. Stafford, I must insist that you stop this at once!” She exclaimed. “Oh no, don’t stop, don’t stop!” she continued. “No, no, you must discontinue this activity! Keep going, keep going, oh yes!” I felt her muscles tightening and releasing in time with her abrupt shifts in personality. Unable to hold it any longer, I pushed deeply into her pussy and released myself intensely. During my orgasm, I saw Brandi alternating between the throes of passion, experiencing her own orgasm, and bouts of puzzlement and displeasure. “Uhh, uhh, yes! YES! This is most unusual behavior, sir. Yes! Oh, yes! Mr. Stafford, we should have a discussion with management about this activity. Oh my!!!” I pulled out of her, at which point her head turned to the side and she began to repeat her protestations in and endless loop. “Please stop this sir <twitch> . . . Please stop this sir <twitch>. . . Please stop this sir <twitch>. . .”

I pushed ‘Pause,’ and she froze mid-sentence. “Please sto-.“ I hoped that I hadn’t done any irreparable damage.

Just then I received a phone call. “Hello,” I answered.

“Mr. John Stafford? This is CyberMech Corporation. We’ve received a programming fault notice from one of our units, serial number NGC7456GTX, registered at your residence. We can have one of our technicians at your address within the next hour to service your faulty PleasureCompanion 9002. Will this be acceptable?” the voice on the line asked.

“That will be fine,” I told the voice. “See you in an hour.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Stafford,” the voice said.

I turned Brandi over and took a look. Her face was screwed up in some sort of odd mishmash of ecstasy and revulsion. I stood her up and attempted to dress her back up so that she looked marginally respectable. As I pulled on her underwear a stopped momentarily for a detour to explore her again with my hands. I lifted her legs up one leg at a time and inserted them through her skirt, and when that was on, I gave her another sharp slap on the ass for good measure. “You’ve been a very naughty girl, malfunctioning like that,” I told her motionless form. “Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to punish you for that when you’re feeling a bit better.”

I took my time replacing her bra and shirt. As I did so, I went in for the occasional grope or two; it never got old doing that. Finally now that she looked somewhat presentable, I stood back. I pushed Brandi’s ‘Power’ button and her body went totally limp. The expression melted from her face, her eyes closed, and all rigidity left her frame. I gave her a small push with one finger and she collapsed backward onto the bed, bouncing once. Now I had about an hour to kill. I looked at the clock. Eleven thirty-two A.M. “I suppose this is as good a time as any for lunch,” I mused, as I headed off to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich.

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