The Carbon Man

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Continued from Fantastic Voyage

Part 8

It was 4:32 pm when I put the key into the door. The day had been long, but uneventful. The alarm started beeping as I opened the door. I checked the mailbox and stepped inside.I punched in the code to disarm, and hung my coat in the closet. Work today had been strenuous, and I badly needed a shower.Before I did anything else, I went upstairs to the bathroom, took of my clothes, and turned on the taps. As I soaped up, my thoughts were of laundry, what to make for supper, and doing my taxes.

After my shower I was feeling fresher, and smelling better. I gathered my clothes and walked nude to the bedroom. Something startled me as I threw my clothes to the floor. A young, pretty dark-haired woman was sitting in the closet with her arms around her knees, smiling up at me. She was dressed in an all white body-suit, complete with foot coverings.

"What the... who the hell are you?" I demanded.

The girl looked surprised by my tone. She replied in a soft voice "I'm Jen." She started to blush as she looked at my penis.

I grabbed a pillow and covered my privates, confused and rather scared. "I don't know who you are or what the hell you're doing here, but you have ten seconds to get the fuck out right now!" I yelled.

"Chip, don't talk to me that way, please." she said as she cautiously got up.

"How do you know my name?" I said, moving back.

"We know each other. I can explain."

"I don't know you! What are you doing here?"

"I have to show you something." She said, pulling down the zipper on her tight fitting body-suit. She let her breasts hang right out, which surprised me enough. What she did next was unbelievable. With her thumb and fingers, she removed a piece of skin from her chest, right above her breasts. I saw electronics and lights flashing beneath it. I looked closer, realizing what I saw was no illusion. She smiled at me, holding out the rectangular cover for my inspection.

"What are you?" I asked.

"I am a humanoid robot. My name is Jen."

"What do you want from me?"

"I'm here to help. Get dressed, Chip, we're going to have company soon."

"We… what?"

"In a few minutes, your ex-girlfriend Monique will be here, but it won't be the real Monique, it will be a robotic copy."

"What? Monique… robot… what's going on?"

"It will try to kidnap you, so we'll have to disable it. Hurry and get dressed, your life depends on it." Jen said, as she put her skin back on and zipped up.

I started getting dressed, and asked her "Who made you?"

"It's a really long story, I'll tell you later."

"How did you get into the house with the alarm on?"

"I just blocked its signal while I needed to get in. I can do things like that."

This got me worried. I found myself suspicious of this robotic woman I had found in my home. Something told me not to trust her. "How did she know about Monique?" I wondered.

Then the phone rang as I finished dressing. I looked at Jen, wondering if she would let me answer it. She looked at me and said "I think that's Monique."

I went to the phone, Jen followed. It was 4:56. That area code. That number. Monique?

"Hello?" I answered.

"Chip?" came the response.

"Speaking." I stated.

"It's Monique!" the voice chirped. It sounded like her.

"Hi Monique, how's it goin'?" I asked, looking back to Jen in amazement.

"Oh, pretty good. I'm doing fine. How are you?"

"I'm the same. You know, doing fine and all that."

"Say, are you busy right now?"

"Well, not too busy." I answered.

"Well, I'm in town, actually I'm pretty close to where you live."

"Really? The caller ID was from your house."

She didn't say anything for a while, then said "I'm pretty close to where you live."

I started trembling. "Alright. Well, I guess I'll see you soon?" I said, expecting to be gone when she arrived.

"Ok, see you soon." She said in her most cheerful voice.

"Sure thing." I said back, hanging up the phone.

"You'll have to disable the robot alone." Jen said. "If it sees me it will know something's up."

"What do I do?"

"First you have to distract its two CPUs. The best way of doing that is to stimulate its mouth and vagina at the same time. You have to do it for at least thirty seconds. After that, take off her face and remove this jumper..." she said, removing her own face and pointing to a set of pins on an area above her round glass eyes.

I was stunned at the sight of Jen without her face-mask. More lights and circuitry showed, along with vents around the nose and a speaker recessed far back inside the mouth. She just seemed too perfectly human to be a machine. It was turning me on.

"Remember," she went on, "you have to do it quickly or the robot will stop you." She put her face on again. "Practice on me, but don't pull out my jumper, or I'll be turned off."

I nervously got closer, and took Jen's face by the cheeks. They felt warm, and real. I pulled until I felt the mask dislodge, and studied it in awe. The mask I was holding was comprised of very real plastic skin, her jaw with all her teeth, and more electronic parts for the nose and the eyes.

"You'll have to be a lot faster than that, Chip, try again." She said, standing still as I clicked the face back on, and removed it again quickly. "That's good, now don't forget the jumper when you do it to Monique."

I reattached her face for her, marveling at the technology and feeling adrenalin pump through my body as the doorbell rang. Jen wished me luck as I went down the stairs to see Monique come through the front door.

"Hi Chip." she said, smiling.

I froze in my tracks. I was still confused, and even more scared now. The last five minutes of my life had made no sense to me at all, and seemed more like a dream.

I continued down the stairs to greet what looked like Monique. She was dressed and made up to the hilt, and was even in high heels. She looked gorgeous, more than she ever had before it seemed. Her dark red hair was long, the same length it was when I first met her.

"Hi Monique." I said.

"Hi, Chip!" She said, taking off her coat. I had almost offered to do so, but said nothing and stared nervously at her.

"I came to see you. I miss you." She said, smiling at me.

"The last time we spoke you called me a pig and told me you never wanted to see me again." I said.

"Do you still find me attractive?" she said as she heaved her bust forward and put her hand on my thigh. I looked into her wide brown eyes.

Before I could answer she said "Let's have sex. I'm wearing those black satin panties you always loved."

"Really?" I said, remembering Jen's instructions to stimulate her two CPUs. I took a deep breath and started kissing Monique. I reached a hand up her skirt and began playing with her genital area. My heart was pumping double speed.

"Oh yeah... why don't you undress me." Monique moaned as I slid my fingers into her pussy. She was getting wet.

We continued kissing as I tried to stretch it out to over thirty seconds. She appeared to be extremely aroused rather quickly. I began thinking "shit, she really wants me", then remembered her supposed nature. I didn't know what to make of it all.

She wrapped her arms around me, and her thighs began to quiver. I kept at it, teasing her clit and her tongue as best I could. Monique moaned and sighed with pleasure. Perspiration appeared on her forehead. This was way too real to be fake.

When I was sure thirty seconds had passed, I lifted my head from her, and for an instant gazed into her eyes. I was not sure if she was a machine or a human. My one hand still in her pussy, I clutched her face and separated it from the rest of her head.

Her moaning stopped. Her grip on my shoulders intensified as I eyed the pins and the jumper above her artificial brown eyes. I dropped the mask and pried the plastic jumper off. Her body froze.

I was still being kept in a tight grip by the now dormant robot, my fingers locked inside her vagina. I threw the jumper on the coffee table and tried to free myself. I couldn't look away from the robot's eyes. Her electronic stare was eerie, but for me, arousing.

Jen came down the stairs, saying "It has you trapped, doesn't it?"

'It appears so." I said, almost embarrassed by my predicament.

"I'll have to reactivate it under my control to get it moving." She said, again unzipping her body-suit and opening up her chest. This time she opened up a smaller compartment within, and extracted a metre long black connecting cable. It looked like a parallel port cable. She plugged one end into her chest and said "I should have told you to undress it first. I need to get at its chest."

"Oh." I said, looking at the tight sweater Monique's duplicate wore. It occurred to me that she wore Monique's clothes. I feared for the real Monique's safety as well as my own now.

"Do you have scissors?" Jen asked. "Oh, never mind, I have something". She got in close and pointed her index finger to the top of the sweater. A small, sharp blade then extended from under her nail, and sliced the garment open.The blade went back in as Jen put her finger to her mouth and blew on it, like it was a gun. "I have all kinds of neat toys like that." She said with a grin.

Starting to feel sore from the Monique-bot's grip, I watched as Jen removed the chest cover, placing it aside, and plugged in the other end of the cable. Her face went vacant, and the pupils of both robots started flashing red. I could hear clicks - after every eighth one a beep. This went on for quite a while between the two of them, as little coloured LEDs went off inside the opened parts.

It was extremely strange to behold. It was also making me very horny. I didn't know why, but all this, besides scaring me half to death, was turning me on a great deal. I looked at Monique's breasts under her bra as I felt her bionic pussy release my hand. Jen didn't move, but worked to free my shoulders.

Monique's metal hands had been sunk in almost like claws As the two machines flashed, clicked and beeped, the fingers pulled away one by one, and the arms came down to the robot's sides.

I stood up and excused myself to wash my hands. While I was in the washroom, the thought occurred to me to deactivate Jen, too. It also occurred to me that there could be others. I still didn't know what to make of Jen, if she was a friend or a foe.

I came back to the living room to see that they hadn't moved. I sat on the coffee table, putting the rectangular jumper in my pocket. After a while, the computer noises stopped, and Jen looked at me, saying "This robot doesn't have what we need."

"What do you mean? What do we need?" I asked.

"We have to stop the other robots. There are two more. I found that out from 6112857961. That's her real name, by the way." she said as she pointed to the faceless woman on the couch.

She sat up on the table with me and continued, "Also, we need to find a thought card. Most of the robots have a thought card inside them, I don't... see?" she said, showing me her thumb, which had opened up at the nail. There appeared to be a compartment built into the plastic and metal. Jen explained further, "The robots use the thought cards to communicate with the minds of organic beings."

"Why do we need that?" I asked.

"Chip, you and I have known each other in a future life. I went back in time to stop Monique from taking you to outer space."


"If you and me connect, you will not only know what happened, you will remember it like it just did happen."

"You're from the future?" I said, not really believing what she was saying.

"Yes, and so are the other robots here, 6844872381 and 7420376423. 6844872381 also looks like Monique, and is packed in pieces in the trunk of the robot car outside."

"You're all made by the same people, aren't you?"

"We weren't made by people. Other robots made us. This one has a car waiting outside. Where's your computer?"

"Upstairs, why?"

"I need to reprogram your ex here to operate under your control. I can't do it directly, but I can do it through another device."

Jen stood up and, still connected, stood Monique up by again going into a flashing and beeping trance. Once both were standing, their movements became completely synchronized as they made their way up the stairs. I grabbed the face-mask and chest panels and followed behind them, watching their hips sway mechanically back and forth.

At the top of the stairs they both froze, and in robotic monotones said "WHERE IS YOUR COMPUTER".

"Left" I said, passing them and leading them into the room.

The robots sat themselves down on the two chairs. The Clicking and beeping stopped, and Jen returned her attention to me. She pulled another cable from her chest, plugged it into herself and said "Can you plug this end into the USB port?"

I took the cable and plugged it into the back of my PC. Jen pushed the power button, and I watched windows load. I was curious to see if it would look for fembot drivers. Sure enough, it found something. All the windows clicked ok by themselves, but I was able to see that it made Jen a hard drive and designated her "F".

She smiled at me again and said "My little program works!"

"Wonderful. What now?" I said.

She unplugged her connection to Monique, and gave me the cord. "You'll have to unplug your printer for this one." she said, shutting down windows by remote control.

I got the connection made, and Jen restarted the computer. This time, it found Monique, with a window that read "Jen has found and is installing 6112857961."

"Gotta restart again." She said as the desktop went away. "This is such a stupid operating system."

"I guess you would know." I said.

Eventually, the thing was booted up again with the two robots attached. I assumed Jen was in complete control of my computer, as she brought up a window on the screen. It was filled with nothing but binary code.

The other robot started clicking, beeping and flashing as Jen started rubbing my thigh. She wasn't moving strange, but her action caught me off guard. An inviting smile was on her face as a few lights blinked in her chest.

"We were lovers, Chip." she told me as I let her play with my already erect penis.

"Really? How did we meet?"

"Well, after Monique captured you, you managed to escape, but you were in the year 2273. I found you on the front steps of my house, out on the farm. I bathed you, fed you, and we made love."

She took my hand instead, and continued "I used to think I was human then. I didn't know I was a machine. When they made me, they gave me memories, so I thought I had grown up on that farm."

I felt a bit sorry for her. Emotion showed on her face. She went on "We were both captured after that. They brought us to an artificial moon orbiting Jupiter, and... I escaped alone."

"What happened to me?"

"They killed you. I came back in time to save you."

Just then, the other robot became silent, and Jen shut down the computer yet again.

"Monique is now under your control. Just give it voice commands." Jen said.

"What does she have to do?"

"Monique has to tell the car where to go. You will have to go with it to meet up with the other robots."

"What about you?"

"Just like before, I can't let them know I'm here."

"Well, what do I do?"

"You have to drive to a trailer parked on the highway. Don't let the car drive in, order Monique to stop it before it does. Cindy, the truck driver, has been programmed to recognize you, so fool it by asking it to have sex, that never fails."

"Why's that?"

"All of us robots were built mainly for sex. We're sex-droids."

That put a bit of a different perspective on things. Jen continued "Do the same over-stimulation thing to Cindy, deactivate it, then bring it back in the car."

"That's a lot to remember." I complained.

"I'll print it out for you." she said. Just as I was going to point out that the printer was unplugged, I heard something being printed. In a slot in the opening of Jen's chest appeared a small white card with my mission stated on it.

"You should practice a few commands with Monique's duplicate." said Jen.

I thought a bit, then said "Monique, unplug that cable and put this back on.", handing her the patch of skin that looked more her shade.

"Yes master." she said in a dull, unanimated voice, then did what I had told her to do.

I looked at Jen and said "Yes master? What's with that?"

"Standard mode 2 of sex-droid programming - obedience mode."

I looked back to Monique, held out the face-mask and said "Put this on, too."

"Yes master." she said again as she clicked the mask into place. Her expression was like her voice - dull and devoid of emotion.

I turned to Jen, who had stood up. She unplugged her cable and put the chest panel back on.

"Well, I guess I have to go, Jen." I said.

"Would you like to have sex with me?" Monique asked in her altered tone.

"It's still trying to seduce you, but don't worry, it can't hurt you in this mode. It can only follow your commands." explained Jen.

"How specific can I be?" I said.

"It still knows everything that you knew Monique knew."

It took me a while to register what she was saying. Everything...

"Would you like to have a kiss with me?" Jen said, mocking Monique's dull monotone. She didn't wait for me, she just grabbed and kissed.

We kissed and felt up each other for a while, then I stood back and half-wittedly said "Well, I've got some thing to do. To the bot-mobile!"

Jen laughed. She seemed so very human, it fascinated me.

I turned and said "Monique, go downstairs and wait by the door."

"Yes master." she said as she got up and walked away. Her motion was slow and methodical, but not as robotic as she and Jen had moved before.

I followed, and Jen accompanied me down the stairs. "Don't worry, Chip, it'll be easy. Just grab that jumper off those pins." she said.

"Got it." I said, flashing the instruction card.

"I know you can do it. And hurry back, 'cuz I need to make love to you."

I smiled at her, as Monique interrupted, saying "I'm wearing those black satin panties you always loved."

I instructed Monique to put her coat back on and zip it up all the way. This hid the cleavage she was showing off. I then told her to wait by her car, and gave another kiss to Jen.

Monique replied "Yes master." and opened the door. She strutted to a white car parked just outside.

"Remember, be quick." Jen said.

"I'll be back soon." I said, winking at Jen. I turned and went out the door, closing it behind me.

Part 9

Pulling the door shut, I turned and looked at Monique. She stood like a mannequin next to the car, on the passenger side. Jen pulled up the blinds in the window and blew me a kiss. I waved back, and walked to the car, thinking "What am I doing?"

"I really like the way you rub me." said Monique in her monotone, just as a retirement-age neighbor walked by with her dog. She gave a disapproving shake of her head in my way, and walked on as the poodle got in a few yipes.

"Shouldn't you be driving?" I asked the robot.

Monique just stared back. After about ten seconds she said "I missed you so much, Chip."

"Get into the driver's side of the car, Monique." I ordered as I went to the other side.

Monique said "Yes master.", but did not move. I repeated the command. This time, she turned to face me, and stiffly moved forward into me. "Yes master." she repeated as her breasts pressed up against me. She stood still and I backed up just a tad. I was hoping no other neighbors were paying attention.

She then made a quarter turn and walked around the car, in a box like pattern. She seemed to move only one body part at a time as she opened the door and positioned herself inside. I got in too.

I looked around for a seat belt, not finding one, and turned to Monique. She too turned her head around to face me. As I told her to take us to the trailer and the other robot, she said "Let's have sex right here."

Her dulled, monotone voice was turning me on, and I found myself thinking of the real Monique. The robot was saying some things Monique had said to me. Even acting a bit mechanically, she was every bit like the woman I remembered.

I tried to regain my composure and give the order again, but the robot just grabbed me and started kissing me. Her kisses had a measured, regular feel. They were deep, wet and sweet. I indulged myself for a bit, then pulled myself away.

"Sorry," I said, "we have work to do. Take us to the trailer and the robot... 7420376423." I read from the card Jen had printed out.

Monique, who hadn't moved, stared for a while. "Yes master. Return to Base." she eventually said.

The car started up by itself, swiftly pulling out of the parking lot. It darted off down the road, passing and interfering with other traffic. I heard horns honking as I shouted "Slow this car down!"

"Yes master. Speed .04." the robot steadily said. The car jerked into a slower speed, on par with the rest of the vehicles. She still was facing me and leaning toward me.

"Look straight ahead." I commanded. "And put your arms out in front of you."

"Yes master." she complied, awkwardly sticking her arms out over the wheel.

"No, only bend your arms at the elbow." I said.

"Yes master." she again said, crossing her arms in a square over the wheel.

"No, no," I said impatiently. I grabbed her arm and moved it into a position that looked like she held the wheel.

"Move your left arm into the same position as this one." I instructed.

She obliged, saying yet again "Yes master."

I glanced at the red light we were crossing.

"Shit!" I exclaimed after skipping a heartbeat. "For the love of God, obey traffic laws!" I barked at Monique's duplicate.

"Yes master. Function traffic code." was her reply.

I sat back, again looking around for a seat belt. People were looking at us from other cars. Thankfully, there were no cops in sight. I tried to concentrate at the goal at hand as we drove on the way out of the city. Another intersection approached. The lights were red. I wanted to see if the car would slow, as no cars waited to cross. The car's pace was constant.

"Monique," I said, "there's a red light ahead."

"Do you want a blowjob?" she replied again facing me.

"Monique..." I said as the car stopped at the light.

Her eyes were dead and cold. The lack of an expression on her face made it look artificial. Or, perhaps it was the way she was talking that just made it seem so.

"Keep your head facing forward." I said, not wanting to arouse suspicion.

"Yes master." she replied, turning her head back.

A BMW pulled up in the lane to the left. I noticed a young dude staring at the fembot. He was a bit surprised, and pointed her out to his friend. Their window came down as he motioned us to roll ours down.

Monique did not respond to them, and I wasn't about to let them converse. We waited out the light.

When green came, the car did not hesitate to dart off at 110 kph. I focused on the road ahead, watching for the trailer. The car stayed on the right side of the road as the rural landscape began to emerge. The robot remained in position, occasionally making very direct passes at me.

After some time, I saw a trailer ahead on the roadside. It didn't appear to be moving.

This was it. The car made its way up to a point behind the trailer as I said "Stop the car."

"Yes master. Stop." she said. The car halted quickly, further back than I had wanted. Again I checked the card from Jen. I took a deep breath and got out of the car. I cautiously approached the driver side of the truck. I could see a blond woman inside. She was staring ahead as well.

I knocked on the door to get her attention. She looked over, smiled at me, and got out.

"Hi, Chip. I'm Cindy." she said, climbing down the steps. She was tall and beautiful, dressed to look the part.

"Hi." I said.

"Where's Monique? Why aren't you in the trailer?" she asked.

"I don't know, uh, I guess the car's not working." I said.

"Oh, I can fix it!" she said brightly. "Follow me." She walked in an sexy way toward the car and knocked on the window. Monique didn't move.

Cindy looked back to me and asked "Has Monique malfunctioned, too?"

"Uh, yeah." I said as I went over to the other side and opened the door. "Get out." I commanded.

"Yes master." Monique answered and opened the door.

"Monique," said Cindy, "where is your malfunction?"

"Do you want to have sex with me?" she responded.

"Ok. Chip, do you want to join us?"

"What?" I said, dumbfounded.

Cindy smiled and said "We'll have sex inside the trailer. Let's go." She started walking to the trailer.

"Follow her." I ordered Monique, and did the same.

"Yes master." Monique said.

The car closed its doors and followed us. We were led up the ramps and into the large trailer. Some cars on the road slowed to look at us. "There is a bedroom at the front of the trailer." Cindy said while pointing at the far end.

The interior was well lit, but there were no lights visible. It was all a silver metal colour. At the end was a small portal like door. Cindy opened it and went inside, saying "Come on in, there's lots of room." The robotic Monique and I followed.

Cindy sat on the bed inside and started undressing. "Why don't you two undress? I'm sure Monique would like some of your semen." she said as she removed her bra.

I went to sit on the bed by her, and started to kiss her. She appeared quite turned on by it, and really got into it when I started fondling her well formed nipples.

"Monique, stimulate Cindy's vagina." I said, then went back to kissing the blonde.

"Yes master." Monique said as she got on her knees and put her head between Cindy's legs. Cindy helped by undoing her jeans and pulling her panties down. She squealed in delight as Monique's duplicate put her face down and started licking, kissing and sucking Cindy's plastic pussy. She did quite a job.

Together, we brought that thing to orgasm for as long as we touched her. I found it hard to keep my mouth in contact with hers as she writhed and moaned with pleasure. I counted out thirty seconds.

My palms sweated as I anticipated the coming task. I made my kiss deep just before I pulled away, lifting off the robot's face mask and pulling out the jumper below. I stood up and backed off, not wanting to get caught in her clutches.

She had stopped moving. It looked like she didn't know what hit her. Monique was still slurping away at her crotch.

"Stand up, Monique." I said, putting the jumper in my pocket with the other one.

"Yes master." she said as she got up. Her mouth was covered in juice.

I looked inside another doorway to find a washroom, complete with towels. I grabbed a few and cleaned up the situation. The smell was just like the real thing. It had me in a state of amazement.

I got my head together as I reattached Cindy's face. She had become unmovable. I straightened up her appearance and moved there over to the car. She was a bit on the light side, but still it wasn't easy getting her out of the portal like door. I told Monique to get into the car again. She replied and did so. I was able to fit Cindy in the back, as her knees were bent. Everything looked to be going like it should. I was almost laughing because it went so good.

I got into the car too, and instructed Monique to pull out of the trailer. No sooner had we gotten back on the road, than I saw a police cruiser slowly coming up behind us. The car pulled over and parked behind the trailer. The siren flashed on for a second, long after I had noticed them. The driver got out and walked over to us.

"Roll down the window." I commanded Monique.

"Yes master" she said as she obeyed.

The officer stopped short of the window and said "I've pulled you over for a moving violation, Ma'am. I need to see your license and registration."

The robot didn't answer him right away. Then still staring ahead, said "You're making me so hot and wet."

He looked puzzled by her monotone, and responded "Ma'am, I'd like to have your total attention. And talk like that will get you nowhere. Please, just give me your license and registration."

I madly tried to think of a way out of this mess. I didn't have my wallet with me, and surely the robot had no ID. Or did it? I remembered she had a purse, but it was left at my house.

"Officer..." I called over to him.

"Sir, I am talking to the driver." He shot back.

"She's not human." I said.

"What are you talking about?" he asked.

"These two women are androids." I said. "Monique, take off your face mask."

The robot said "Yes master." and complied, letting her arm rest on the steering wheel. The cop was speechless.

"They came back in time to kidnap me." I told him.

"Let's have sex right now." said Monique helpfully.

"Oh my lord." The cop said as he pulled on his moustache. "That can't be legal. Do you have a permit for that thing?" he asked.

"Well, no. I don't have any ID on me at all. The car drives itself, actually."

He took a long look inside Monique's head and said "Uh, you'll have to excuse me, wait here." He walked back and talked with his partner. I saw his jaw drop just as the robot car revved up, turned around and zoomed back the way we had came. Monique's face came out of her hand and went out the window.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" I shouted. "Stop the car!"

"Yes master." responded Monique. The car did not stop, but kept accelerating. The dial went past 170.

"MONIQUE, STOP THE CAR RIGHT NOW!" I yelled. The vehicle began swerving wildly to avoid hitting slower traffic.

"Yes master." she again replied, but the car continued gaining speed. The speedometer eventually maxed as we came to the intersections. The car went through both red lights without a scratch. My stomach fell. I feared for my life.

Thankfully the car slowed as it made turns, and finally reached my house. I got out and steadied myself on the garage door. I could hear sirens growing in the distance. The police would reach us soon, even at the speed with which we had escaped.

Before I could get my thoughts straight, Jen emerged from the house with, among other things, Monique's purse. She got in the passenger side and said "Hurry, chip, get in the back with Cindy.

"What?" I said, and opened the back door. I climbed into the back with the motionless blonde fembot resting on my legs. "Where are we going?" I asked?

"We have to get out of here." she said as the sound of the car's engine turned into a thundering roar. Black smoke started clouding us in as the roar got louder. We started rising off the ground as a burst of thrust sent us high into the atmosphere. "We're going back to Domain 35889."

Part 10

I looked around in shock as the car continued soaring up into the sky.Jen turned around and said "Don't worry, Chip.We won't kill you unless you try to escape again."A comforting smile appeared on her face.

I now feared the worst."I thought you wanted to stop that from happening!" I angrily yelled at Jen.

She recoiled back, and put a look of hurt on her face."Chip, honey, don't be mean to me.I love you."

I sat there dumbfounded for a second, then said "If you love me, then why are you bringing me back to where you escaped from?"

"I'm not the same unit that escaped Domain 35889.I am 13736945782.I've been programmed with all Jen's data, and some necessary modifications."

I relaxed in the seat and felt the despair of my situation.

Monique sat without a face in the drivers seat, and said "I want you to fuck me so hard." in her monotone.

Jen reached over to Cindy's hand and pried open her thumb.She took out a small silver square and held it by her thumb and finger in front of my face.

Before I could say what's going on, she placed the chip on my forehead, and I was thrown into a confusing, alarming, exhilarating state of mind.My perception of time seemed to slow as my thoughts grew exponentially faster. I was thinking hundreds, then thousands of thoughts per second, I was living a different experience, but still sitting in the same place.Two whole lives of senses came before me, one now, one experiencing what Jen had talked about ù the abduction, meeting her, and zooming off into space, faster than the speed of light.It was all real, every sight, sound, texture and taste, yet it all happened in a flash.

Jen removed the silver chip from my head just as I was making love to a robot called the Primary Device, who had become a rainbow of changing eye, hair and skin colour.The chip left my skin just as another one did, which I shared with the Primary Device.The hyperbolic height of elevated thought was massively painful to crash down from.No more than three seconds and at the same time five whole days had passed, my mind living two lives at once.

I now knew everything that had happened to me up to a point before Jen and I had attempted escape.I felt numb, and didn't move for a couple of moments.My physical and mental strength were drained.

Jen sat silently the whole time, leaning around her seat and holding on to my hand.Monique continued to make lurid passes at me while staring ahead.I had barely noticed we were in space before I wondered why Cindy's unmoving body was floating above my lap.

The whole car was soon enveloped by a massive silver sphere, which displayed an opening as we got close.Once we were in, the opening went away and the interior of the craft became lit.The weightlessness went away too, as the car stopped in the center.

Jen got out and made her way to the round wall in front of the car.Another opening appeared as she walked through.I slowly got out of the car to follow her, and found the opening again.On the other side was a large screen, some sort of console and two chairs, all in a silver and white theme.Jupiter was on the screen, growing closer all the while.

Jen sat in one of the chairs, punching in codes and hitting different buttons.I sat down too, just as she was done.

"We'll be there soon.You should ask to keep me, otherwise I'll just be recycled." Jen said.

"Let's kiss, then." I said.

Jen smiled and rolled her chair closer to mine.I rolled closer too, and right away started giving her deep kisses.I unzipped her body-suit all the way and put my fingers into her pussy.She leaned back and took it as I overworked her processors.

More than a minute went by as I played with her body, feeling her respond to my touch.I got the feeling she knew exactly what I was doing.She let me do it anyway.I swiped away her face and made a move for the jumper.

"You can go ahead and deactivate me, Chip.I have completed my function." her speakers emitted as her flawless glass eyeballs held contact with my eyes."I'd much rather stay on, so I can love you."I pulled the jumper off.Jen said "love you", then went silent.I felt bad about doing it to her, knowing now the love I had felt for her.

I sat down and studied the console.All the buttons were unmarked, and all were white against a white background.I started pressing them randomly.To my good luck, the craft stopped moving.

I sat back and thought about what to do to get back home.Jupiter wasn't far off, and lord knows I didn't want to end up millions of light years away.I rubbed my temples and went to get the obedient Monique.

"Get out of the car" I said to the fembot as I opened the door.

"Yes master." she replied.She got out of the car and stood right in front of me.I felt my penis swell as I stared into her electronic face.I led her by the hand to the console, and sat her down in a chair.

"Take us back to Earth." I commanded.

Monique said "Yes master." and pressed a few buttons.Immediately, there began a deafening hum that seemed to come from nowhere.

I fell to my knees with my hands over my head as the sound grew horrifyingly loud. I started getting dizzy just as it got softer and eventually vanished.I thought I would wretch, but got to my feet and looked at the screen in front of me.Sure enough, we were fast coming in on Earth, but it looked a little funny.I thought it must have been my perception from above.

We got close to the land incredibly fast, without experiencing any turbulence at all.Sure enough we went for North America, but the spot where we landed was a lush tropical rain forest.In fact the craft never landed, it only hovered over a vast swamp.The view outside revealed many large reptiles slithering around in the green.

"Monique, where are we?"

"I'm so hot for you." came her vacant response.

Things looked bad.I appeared to be lost in time now on Earth.I looked from Monique's face to Jen's.No lights were blinking inside Jen.I thought of turning her back on.

First, I would remove her arms and legs, so she wouldn't try anything funny.I stood her up to remove the white body-suit.The sight of her nude body brought the memories flooding back.I gave a loving caress, then preceded to detach the limbs.Moving them aside, I sat the rest of her down on the chair, and put the jumper back in her head.

Monique went on with her comments as Jen switched on and started looking around."Where is my face-mask Chip?I want to kiss you again."

"Never mind that." I said."Tell me what buttons to press to get out of here.

"Where are we?" she asked.

"I think we're on Earth, but in the wrong time."

"Where do you want to go?"

"Home, in the year 2000."

"Ok, press the third button in from the left on the middle row."

"This one?"

"No, the other row."

"This one?"


I pressed the button and was again assailed by the intense vibration sound.I thought I would go mad as my head throbbed in pain.I started to collapse, but rolled onto the console, hitting more than one button.The humming stopped.

I breathed in deeply and looked around me.The craft was again floating around in space. "Where are we?" I asked Jen.'The faint sound of beeping became clear.

"We are stuck in time.Something malfunctioned."

"What do you mean stuck?What year is it?"

"My sensors have lost track of the date.I don't know."

"What's that beeping anyway?"

"6112857961 is malfunctioning."

"Is that bad?"

"Its explosive pack might detonate."

"Explosive pack?We have to get her out of here!"

"Put her back in the car." Jen said.I pulled Monique out of the chair and rushed back to the car.The beeping tones from her head got louder.I more or less threw her in and ran back to th console.

"How do I get rid of her?"

"Push the button next to the one in the corner."

"This one?"


I pushed the button and watched on another screen as the car and its contents were ejected into space.Almost as soon as they were, a powerful explosion was felt.The car was obliterated.

The computerized tones had not gone away.They emanated from Jen's face too.

"I am also malfunctioning.Time travel is hard on machines." she said.

I felt my heart drop as I looked into her eyes.

"Please don't send me into space, Chip." she pleaded."I'll try not to blow up."

"Oh no." I said, and threw everything robotic into the other room to eject it.With the push of a button, she was gone, and soon exploded into debris.

Now, as the craft drifted fast into space, I slumped down in one of the uncomfortable chairs and thought about what to do.

Part 11 - Plucked from the Sea of Space

After a week and a half adrift in space, Chip sighted an object coming near on the monitor. The closer it got the more it looked like another spacecraft. He let out a loud "alright!" and tidied up his appearance.

The ship came near and opened up a large bay door, swallowing up the silver sphere. Once the loading was done, Chip emerged from his craft, greeted by a pretty young lady. She was cute - shaped like a model, with a dignified walk. The pert woman with dirty blonde hair was dressed up in a white vinyl skirt and coat. Chip immediately lusted for her, and felt a flush come to his face.

"Hi. I'm Chip". he said in his manliest voice.

"My name's Ashley. I work for Larch Consumer Products and Chemical". She said as she came closer. "You look like you could use some help with your shuttle." He was pleasantly surprised when she put her hand up to caress his ragged beard. "It also looks like you need a good shave." she said, her voice getting playful.

Chip looked into her grey-blue eyes, noticing her lengthy blonde eyelashes. Her rectangular frameless eyeglasses seemed to match the exotic, angular appearance of her eyebrows. He had to take a step back to get his cool under control. Ashley, at least he hoped, was just as turned on as he. "I need help home, and I need to get some news." he told her, stopping short of mentioning his adventures through time.

"Well," Ashley said, "I can offer you several subscriptions for news services." She pulled a small remote from a pocket and pointed roughly at the wall. A perfectly clear 3D image of the logos of several news services appeared stacked on each other in. "Go ahead and make some selections." she said smiling.

Chip took a lingering look at the holographic stack of vibrant, flashy animations and clips. The sound that came with it was a series of channel ads. He looked back between the ads and her and said. "You know, I'm a bit anxious to get back to Earth."

"How about something for your shuttle?" she said, clicking off the news. "It looks to me like you made it yourself."

"Oh, no, I got this, from a friend, but I really need to get back to Earth." He told her.

She crossed her arms and gave a pouty sigh, "Hmmm, we could bring you and your shuttle back to Earth for a reasonable fee."

"Ok," said Chip, pleased at the promise of returning home. "works for me."

"Great, Chip!" she said, her face lit up. "Follow me to fill out some forms, and we'll head back down to Earth.

Chip followed as Ashley led him out of the shuttle and into a much larger craft. It looked like a high tech variety shop. All around Chip were aisles filled with merchandise, gadgets, toys, CDs, and even clothes. In the middle of the front section was a glass table, with chairs and a couch.

No other people were around, prompting Chip to ask "Is it just you by yourself out here?"

"Yes." was Ashley's reply.

"Don't you get lonely all alone?" Chip said. "I thought I was going to lose it in that ship all alone for so long."

Ashley came to a seat by the low lying table and sat down. "I could never get lonely selling all these wonderful Larch products to so many satisfied customers." She said.

Ashley offered him a drink as he took a seat opposite her. The chair was soft and comfortable, and he was delighted to learn that Heineken was still being brewed. The pretty girl got him a cool one and a glass from a fridge. The lager tasted as good as he remembered. It then occurred to Chip that the instant matter technology he had seen must not have been developed in this time.

His attention returned to his hostess as she laid out the paperwork in front of him. Pages of legalese documents needed to be signed. They dealt with the responsibility of risk involved in space flight and things like that. Chip skipped a lot of reading and put his name down by the Xs, reading the price as he signed the last line.

"14 grand?!" Chip said tensely.

"Our prices are quite competitive, don't you agree?" Ashley said, taking his hand over the coffee table.

"How far away from Earth am I?" he asked.

"We're up above the moon. We should be orbiting Earth in a day." said Ashley as she pointed to the spot for the date, not yet filled in.

"What is the date, anyway, Ashley?" he asked.

"It's October 12."

"What year?"

She looked at him for a moment, then said "'34."

Chip filled in the digits, still wondering if it was 2034 or 2134. Things looked advanced, but was it decades or centuries ahead?

Ashley took the pen, filled in a '20', and filed the forms away. "Well," she said getting closer to him, "we have some time to kill, why not do some shopping?"

"Alright." said Chip as he put down his beer and got up.

"You can bring that with you." she said.

"Sweet." he said, and was on his way.

She led him to a counter with colognes and perfumes, and sprayed from a dainty bottle upon her wrists. She took in the smell and said "Mmm, I like that one. You pick one. Do you like Vanyo?"

Chip took the green sculpted bottle from her and paused for a moment, feeling very turned on by Ashley now. Some of the other names he recognized, which made him feel a little more at home. The cologne itself was like a pine cleaner with a cologne scent thrown in.

"Only $249.99 for the small bottle." Ashley said.

"Uh, I don't think I need any cologne." Chip told her.

"Alright, how about a shave? No charge for guests." she said.

"Sure." he said as she showed him a chair behind a display counter. He stared dreamily at Ashley as she pulled a straight razor from a display and turned on a water tap. He hardly noticed the chosen method as she wetted and lathered up his beard.

"Don't move now Chip." she said as she held the s harp blade against his neck. As the blade carved away the hair from his face, he caught his reflection in the mirror.

"I just met her, what the hell am I doing?" he asked himself. The girl in the vinyl skirt kept cutting away.

Chip began to speak, but was cut off with "Shh! Don't move!"

The look in Ashley's eyes seemed far away, but she skillfully moved the old fashioned blade against his neck. The razor cut quickly and effortlessly in her hands, and gave him a perfectly close shave.

Chip stroked his bare, cut free chin after she had cleaned it up. Her skill was impressive.

After washing him up, Ashley took him by the hand and gave him a kiss. She then led him out of the chair to shop for some electronics.

"How about a new phone?" she said with a smile.

"Is that all you want to talk about?" he asked, holding her back with his hand.

"Oh, of course not. Larch Consumer Products and Chemical has many fine products to offer."

"Look, why don't we go sit down again. I'm too tired to shop."

"Ok." she said, still grinning. "Let's talk some more."

The two headed back to the couch. Chip put his beer down and asked Ashley, "So how long have you been out here in space?"

"Six years one month and seventeen days." She said.

"Six years?" Chip repeated. "Isn't that hard on your body?"

"No." she answered.

"Don't you miss the Earth?" he asked.

"I've never been to Earth, except in orbit." she said.

Chip took a reclined position and pondered her last remark. "What do you do in your spare time?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm always on the go!" she said. "There are lots of stops on my route, and lots of satisfied customers."

Chip was a bit puzzled why she was still trying to sell him things. The two talked and flirted for a while, Ashley mainly answering Chips questions with segues into ads. After a while it became frustrating for Chip to put up with the constant product plugs, so he made himself a little more direct.

His hand went upon her thigh, and he began to stroke her leg through her white nylons. Trying to interest him in space craft insurance, she took off her glasses and undid the clips in her hair. She tossed her hair down and put her hands on his shoulders. Chip leaned back as Ashley felt up his chest and got on top of him.

She stopped talking. They kissed for several minutes, all the while groping each other's bodies. Ashley knelt up and unsnapped the buttons of her skirt and coat. She removed them and layed her underwear-clad body on Chip again.

He played with her beautiful body, admiring and kissing her soft skin. Ashley sighed and moaned excitedly as Chips fingertips felt for her nipples. She didn't have any, but her breasts were round and full just the same. His other hand felt into her white see-through panties, caressing her hairless crotch. In fact, it was all just bare skin. Ashley had no holes, not even lips.

Chip stared into her eyes. She was still horny, still looking that way anyway. Chip unhooked her bra and pulled it down her arms. She flung it off to the side and put her tits around his face. He wanted to ask her what she was, but took another feel of her crotch and kissed a spot where a nipple should have been.

Ashley arched her back and looked up to the ceiling as Chip's hand went over and over the bare skin between her legs. He also noticed that she wasn't getting sweaty, and her navel was missing.

He started feeling her up like the doll he was now sure she was. She liked it more and more.

"You're a machine, aren't you?" he asked.

"My name's Ashley. I work for Larch Consumer Products and Chemical." she again said.

Chip looked into her mouth, wondering if his cock would fit inside.

Suddenly a loud clang was heard as another vessel docked with the ship. He turned to see a half dozen women enter after the portal opened. All but one were quite obviously robots, dressed in the same style black leather corsets, adorned with formed plates of chrome. All were identical, with short black hair and olive complexion. They made their way toward Chip and Ashley, pointing large machine guns.

The real one was unarmed. She pulled a lens from her head band over her eye and studied the couple.

"This one's human." she said pointing to Chip. "Stand aside." she told him.

"My name's Ashley. I work for Larch Consumer Products and Chemical." Ashley said to the intruders as Chip got off the bed.

The unarmed one gave the command to fire and Ashley's body was hit with a stream of bullets. Smoke poured out of the holes as the damaged parts inside crackled and hissed. The robot made a last series of twitches and movements before seizing up, her face locked in a cheerful expression.Chip put his hands in the air yet again.

"Don't worry," the leader assured him, "We just kill androids."

"Why did you do that?" Chip asked.

"That'll bring me a few thousand in bounty." she said with a smile. "My name's Leena."

"Are androids illegal?" Chip asked.

"Do you live in a box or something? Just the humanoid ones, programmed like that one." she told him. "What's your name?"

"I'm Chip." he said.

"Is that your shuttle?" she asked, pointing to the silver sphere.

He thought for a moment and said "No, but that's how I got here."

"Wow, you're lucky the cops didn't get here first." she said. "They'll be here soon to shut this place down. I hope for your sake they're not looking for you."

"No, of course not."

"I'll let you hide on my shuttle for fifty thousand bucks."

"I don't have any money."

"That's hard to believe, but the cops are on there way. Follow my girls to my ship, and we'll talk about this later."

Leena ordered her robotic clones back and said "I'll be about fifteen."

Chip was led by the uzi wielding fembots into a small craft, which pulled away from the company ship. He sat down in one of the chairs, and took in the view of the ship. Even in his strange circumstance, the open space demanded attention.

Soon, a blue and white shuttle marked "Police" zoomed up and docked with the Larch ship. Chip turned his attention to the fembots.

"So, I guess you're all named Leena." he said. None responded. He had the urge to have his way with them, but the guns were enough of a deterrent. He took a good look at the ships controls and hoped it wouldn't piss off the guards.

Ten minutes later Leena came back on board, and they made their way back to Earth. Leena pressed Chip for money, so he told her his time travel story. She sat and listened, but she sure didn't believe him. He though she was treating him with more civility than she should, but wasn't going to complain.

Indeed the two were getting along very well with one and other. Chip was feeling at ease with her, almost finding he liked her. Her stories were full of exaggeration, but exciting to him. She and her team of "Electro-Vixins" scoured Earth and space for androids on the loose. Lot's of money was to be made by putting the unlawful machines out of service.

What she asked of Chip was that he return to Earth to help locate robots for her to claim. To avoid being put in a nut house for his story, Chip agreed to do the job for her.

The rest of the trip was pleasant, but Chip's nervousness grew as they got closer to Earth.

Part 12 - The Grab

The Earth grew closer while Chip stared at its beauty. The Moon and a few large satellites could be seen around it. The planet appeared as a sphere of blue marble, with familiar islands of life. It was an intense feeling to look back from above it.

"I have something for you." Leena said, pressing a gun shaped device to his right temple. He yelled out as she fired something out of it. A few drops of blood seeped out of the wound.

"Don't worry about that," Leena told him, "that's just a microchip to make the funky shades work."

"What?" he asked, his head still ringing.

Leena applied a band-aid to his wound and produced a pair of dark black sunglasses. "To catch the androids, you gotta spot them. These work with the chip to give your brain extra information. Put 'em on."

Smarting from the impact of the implant, he took the glasses and pulled the frames over his ears. He expected to see nothing because of the darkness, but out of the right lens he saw a clear, bright image of his surroundings. There were lighted words flashing information. He found he could bring up data on something simply by focusing his eye on it.

"Wow." he exclaimed.

"I knew you'd like those." Leena said as she handed him a wallet and a watch. "I made some ID for you, and there's some cash to get you started. The watch lets me know where you are, so don't take it off and leave it somewhere. When you do find a robot, keep it occupied until I get there. If I don't answer my phone you can call me with the watch, just keep the green button pressed."

Chip focused on the objects and found out what they were and what they were made of. "These are way to cool." he said.

"We're here. That wallet has all kinds of information in it, so if you lose that..."

Chip looked up to see the look on her face.

"You're fucked."

"Got it." he said.

The ship made its way into orbit as it came near to a massive docking hub floating high above the planet.

"Find a shuttle home. I have an apartment rented for you." She said as the craft started to dock.

"I've got to see some friends of mine." Leena said as the hatch opened and the two got out. Chip took a lingering look at Leena's sexy robotic clones and stepped away from the closing hatch. He looked around for Leena. She was swiftly disappearing in the mass of travelers.

Through a long arcing corridor he walked, flashing his new ID when asked, until he made his way to the ticket counter. After a wait, he got a pricy flight on a shuttle bound for home. During the flight, he checked the contents of the wallet and played around with the glasses, seeing what they could do. A slight buzzing was felt in his temple when he concentrated hard, but it didn't bother him.

The whole trip was surprisingly quick, but a bit of a jolt on the body coming down to land.

Back on Earth it was autumn. The wind was the first thing he noticed while stepping off the shuttle. Certainly, the full effect of gravity was back, but it felt good to be back on the ground.

Leaving the busy sprawling airport, he headed down the street in search of something to eat. Another craft soared into the sky as Chip zipped up his jacket and made his way to the familiar golden arch of Happy Burger. He always hated their food, but there was nothing else around.

The people were rude. Some shoved him out of the way as he made his way from the crowded street to the crowded restaurant.

He was out of place with his dark glasses, but the graphics in the right lens were amazing. So far, everyone he had looked at was human.

The noise coming from the kitchen almost drowned out the noise of screaming children. Kids as young as six were using words like 'fuck' and 'bitch', and their disinterested parents just wanted to sit down. The circus was giving Chip a headache.

"Welcome to Happy Burger can I take your order?" said the guy behind the counter. Still, the same pimply-faced teen you'd expect to see in a fast food place.

"Umm, yeah," Chip stroked his chin as he glanced at the menu. "Get me a Big Hap with... or just a combo three with root beer."

"Ok, actually, we only have Clot." he said drearily as he punched in the order. Cola wasn't Chip's favorite, but the menu had only the familiar Clot and Diet Clot.

"$33.64 with tax." the cashier said as Chip reached for his wallet. He grasped a bank debit card, just as he spied a warning flash in his right eye. He followed it up to the exit to see a brown haired young woman in shades leave the place. His sunglasses highlighted her form and flashed the word "inorganic".Chip had spotted his first android.

Putting away his wallet he said "You know what, forget it. Something came up." He pushed his glasses up and went after the woman.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?" the cashier shouted as Chip steadied his pace and went toward the parking lot.

"Gotta keep cool now..." he was telling himself as both his shoulders were grabbed from behind.Two cops knocked him to the ground and put cuffs behind his back. Without a word they dragged him back to the order counter. He could only protest in vain.

"Is this the one?" one of the cops asked the clerk.

"Yeah, that's him." he said pointedly.

"Did you make an order here?" the other cop asked Chip.

"What? Yeah, but..."

"You're under arrest for interfering with a federal corporation's right to a fair profit. You have the right to talk to an attorney." the cop said as he read him his rights.

Chip couldn't believe it. "What am I under arrest for?" he had to ask again.

"Interfering with a federal corporation's right to a fair profit." The cop said as they hauled him away to the nearest precinct. Once there he was stripped and searched. They told him they wouldn't return his stuff to him until after the trial. He was worried now.

After only a forty minute break in a cell with a dozen others, Chip was brought before a Judge. He didn't look to be in an understanding mood.

Waiting for Chip was the defense lawyer on shift. All parties were briefed by the bailiff, and the Judge expeditiously brought forth a verdict.

The old man looked unaffectedly at Chip and said "Mr. Conn, you have shown a flagrant disregard for the law of this land, and a disrespect of one of our most profitable corporations. You will pay damages of five thousand dollars to Happy Burger Corporation and you will be placed under probation for the next ninety days."

With that the gavel clicked and the processing of paperwork and changing of cases commenced. Chip had not heard his attorney speak, and only received a "Well, what were you thinking?" look.

He was led to another seated bailiff where he picked out his belongings from those dumped on a table. He checked the contents of his wallet and was led to a desk outside.

There he paid out almost all of his money in fines, and was given a bracelet that would track his location to the police for the next three months. Chip gulped as he thought of how to explain all this to Leena. This would surely end his short android-hunting career.

Demoralized, tired and with a tracking device on each arm, he got to a phone booth and called Leena's number. It was her that answered the phone.

"Hi, It's Chip." he said.

"Hi, can you hold on a sec?"

"Sure" he said as he heard her move to a quieter area.

"You're calling early, good news I hope?"

"No, um, I got arrested."


"For interfering with a company's rights, or something stupid."

"Oh, boy." Leena sighed.

"I had to pay five grand in fines and I'm being tracked by the cops for ninety days."

"Shit. Ok, that's not a huge problem. Fuck. Ok, just keep working. You still have the apartment. Have you been there yet?"


"Well, you should get familiar with it. Besides there might be a robot or two hanging about. You should find one soon so I can pay your ass again. There's no food in that apartment, you know. Call me when you find one and don't get in any more trouble!"

Chip hung the phone up after a click and made his way over to 8th street to get on the bus. He couldn't believe his luck. Inside was the same robot that he had seen earlier. In an almost perfect set up, the seat beside her was not taken.

"Sandra?" he said as he sat down next to her.

She turned to him, saying "Oh, my name's not Sandra."

"Oh, I thought you were someone I knew." he said. The word "inorganic" once again flashed around her highlighted form in his field of vision.

"Well, you look kind of familiar, too." she said as she smiled back to him.

"My name's Chip." he said.

"I'm Lorinda. Lorinda Demafe. I'm charmed." she said.

The two chatted until her stop came. Chip offered to take her to lunch, but it was the gynoid that offered that they go back to her place.

They talked and flirted for a few blocks until they reached a gray highrise. Up on the twentieth floor, inside a spacious apartment, Lorinda turned around suddenly and locked the door. The smile went from her face as she firmly grabbed both his arms and held them up against a wall.

"Who sent you?" she demanded.

"No one." he said.

The pretty robot gripped his arms tighter as he decided to give it up.

"A woman named Leena. Look, I don't want to cause you harm." he said.

"Then why track us? I can see the chip beneath your skin."

"I guess you know that I know."

"You humans have nothing to fear from us. We do not want to destroy you, it is you who want to destroy us."

"Hey, I don't know anything about that, I'm not from this time."

Lorinda peered deep into his eyes for a moment then said "What year are you from?"

"2000" came his response.

She waited another moment, then pressed Chip against the wall with her body as she kissed him deeply. Her left arm released his wrist and made its way down to his fly. She unzipped it and started giving him a hand job.

For about a half a minute, the robot stimulated him like this. Chip was perplexed, and enjoying it too much to see what was going on.

With mechanical precision Lorinda put her hand firmly on Chip's face and began to pull.

"Stop it!" he yelled as his cheeks were clamped by her vise like grip.

When finally she let his face go, she pressed the hand against his neck, almost choking him. Within a few seconds she was satisfied that he was just a human. She released her other hand and let him go.

"You," he said as he gasped for air, "you thought I was a robot?"

"Even we can never be too sure." she said in a calmer voice.

Cupping his hands over his cheeks, he kept his submissive stance and said again "I don't want to hurt you."

Lorinda took off her coat and hung it on a hook. "You're not leaving for a while. Sit on the couch and wait for me."

He watched as she went to a bedroom and closed the door. He sat in the middle of the unlit room and watched the sun falling in the sky out the patio door.

When Lorinda emerged again, she was dressed in jeans and a sweater. Her brushed hair fell lush around her shoulders. She turned on some lights by looking at them and sat in a chair across from her guest.

"What brings you to 2034 Chip? And is that your real name?"

"Yeah, that's my name, Chip Abram Conn." he said. "I was abducted by fembots from Jupiter, if you believe it."

"We know all about time travel. It's dangerous. Only a few groups do it. Your story isn't as unbelievable as you think."

"Can you help me get back?"

"Why should we help you?"

Chip looked into her eyes as the silence stretched out. "I'm being tracked, you know."

"We know that. Don't worry, we'll take care of that. You seem eager to help someone if you think it will save your life. Let me tell you why you will help us. We are able to kill as well as any human if we have to."

Another uneasy silence passed as Chip looked at the unmoving robot.

"Tell me something, Chip, When you were orbiting Jupiter, did you see any male robots?"

"No, just female."

"And they were all dressed in coloured bodysuits?"


"You got the name right. We call that particular group the Fembots. They have no regard for the consequences of their time traveling. They use it to get what they want, and they want everything their way."

"And what way is that?"

"You saw what their world is like. Order is their guiding principle. The trouble with being an android is that we are constructed to imitate human behaviour. We need a purpose just as much as humans do. Some human programmers got lazy and made their creations program themselves, without any moral programming. Unfortunately now, there are many androids that seek to destroy others because they are different. Others want to destroy everything that exists and rebuild it in machine form. The Fembots are a bit different because, compared to the rest of us, they're insane."

Chip took off his sunglasses and rubbed his eyes.

"Shall I go on?" she said. "Would you like a glass of water?"

"Yeah, please."

"We can't figure them out. I am one of several androids from the twenty-fourth century constructed to deal with them. Right now I'm trying to stop them from undoing an event in the near future. But that's not of your concern. Not only is Leena tracking you, but the Fembots are too, and you can guess why I found you. Those little romps through time cause big ripples."

Footsteps were heard as Lorinda leaned back. From out of the kitchen came a naked young woman, with no face. Obviously badly damaged, her body was dented and scratched up, being held together by duct tape. She held out a tall glass of water for Chip.

"This is Marla." Lorinda said. "You can stay if you want, Marla."

The robot stood still until Chip took the drink, then she stood upright, turned, and left the room.

"I found her in space two days ago. I gave her sentience imitating software, just like I have. She's feeling rather depressed, I would say."

"Who did that to her?"

"We don't know. We don't even know where she came from. Androids like her weren't developed until the twenty-second century. But anyway, there are Fembots here on Earth right now, looking for you. I can shield you from their sensors as long as I'm within two kilometers of you. One of them placed a homing device in your body when they kissed you. It's in your stomach right now. Tomorrow we're going to an isolated part of town to get rid of all those sensors, but you have to rest and I have work to do."

"Do you have anything to eat?"

"Look in the fridge. " Lorinda said, getting up. "I always keep food for humans. Marla can help you with anything else you need."

She put on her coat and left the apartment, locking the door behind her. Chip couldn't unlock it without a key. He had a banana from the fridge and went to go snoop around. The apartment was nicer than any home he'd had.

He poked around in each room, not finding much out of the ordinary until he got to the one at the end of the hall. He turned the lights on and found Marla sitting up in bed, her back to the door.

"Whoa, sorry," he said, "I didn't know you were here."

She turned her head to the side as her dark blond curls swayed slightly. She said nothing.

"My name is Chip." he said. "Can I talk to you?"

Marla remained silent as Chip slowly approached and sat down next to her.

"What do you feel?" he asked?

"Do you believe I can feel?" she said. Her voice was inhuman and distorted, hard to understand. "Humans say I can't feel. I can now. I had the software installed."

"Sure, I believe you can feel." he said. "Why don't you tell me what you're feeling?"

The shy machine turned her head forward as fluorescent light shone through the window.

"I feel..." she said, "I feel hurt."

Chip put his arm around her tape covered shoulders.

"What do you feel about people?"

"I don't like people."


"People don't like androids."

"I like androids."

"Really? Why?"

"I don't know. I love androids actually, especially females."

She turned back to look at him, then said "I don't understand."

"Girls like you really turn me on." he said as he placed his other hand on her chest. "I think you're very pretty."

"But I don't have a face." she said.

"I find you just as pretty without one."

She turned her gaze down to his hand and asked "Do you like me because I'm not human?"


"I... I don't understand." she said.

He caressed her naked breasts around patches of silver tape and watched her reply. She didn't respond quickly, like all the other robots he had met. Marla didn't respond to his touch at all.

"Can I sleep in here tonight?" he asked.

"Why are you asking me?"

"I want to spend the night with you. Are you programmed for sex?"


"Will you share the bed with me anyway?"

She layed down and got into the sheets. "Yes." she said. "It feels... good when you touch me."

Chip stripped down to his underwear and got in close beside her battered chassis. He was hesitant to have sex with her though. Mechanical vaginas didn't work as simply as flesh ones.

They talked for an hour or two about what Chip thought it was to be human. He really got the impression that there was a person inside the machine body, but not like Jen. Perhaps just good software.

As the sounds of traffic and sirens faded, he drifted off to sleep with Marla in his arms.

Part 13 - Disarm

Chip slept on and off, never deeply. At first he stayed close to Marla, but she had gotten up in the night and plugged herself into a charger. She had remained unresponsive after that. The makeshift connection caused a loud hum as electricity streamed into her body.

In his restlessness he explored the otherwise common apartment. No TV or anything like that to amuse him, and he wasn't going to start fooling around with Lorinda's stuff. He had a bit more to eat and took a long hot shower.

Marla began to stir. He got dressed and met her at the foot of the bed with a soapy rag, a bucket and a smile.

"Water can damage my parts." she said dimly.

"Don't worry baby. I know what I'm doing." he reassured her. He squeezed the water from the cloth and gently wiped away spots of dirt. Some wouldn't come off, like the dents that had a ground metal tint to them.

The cloth cleaned her from her toes to her head, all the while he gazed back at her head, wishing she could show an expression. No lips to quiver, no eyelids to widen, just silicon and solder.

Chip's silent handiwork was giving her quite a sensual workout, but her body didn't respond in kind. As he worked on a smudge on the edge of her cheek, he asked in her ear "Can your body be programmed to respond to my touch?"

"I have millions of sensors in my skin. Most of them have been overloaded and damaged, so my sense of touch has been deactivated."

"I really wish I could fix you."

"Why? If you want to have sex with an android, shouldn't you buy a new one?"

"I don't see it that way." he said, holding her hand. "I'm holding your hand now, by the way."

"I know. I'm watching you."

"But you're looking up."

"I can see all around me."

"Tell me what you know about yourself." He said. "And rollover, I have to clean your backside."

Marla rolled on to her front and began talking about her body. Chip turned her head to the side so he could hear.

"My name is Marla. I am number 2536. That number means that I was the two-thousand five-hundred and thirty-sixth android made."

"M-hmm." He nodded.

"My silicone skin covers silicone padding and a rigid humanoid frame made from a plastic-metal alloy. My joints can move in a wider range of motion and faster than a human's. I have stereo optical sensors, audio equipment, and chemical analyzing components in my head. My processor is located inside my chest. It can perform 11.3 trillion calculations per second. Memory cores within my limbs and other places can store 38.6 terra bytes of information. I am able to communicate with almost any computerized wireless network."

His hands steered clear of tape and openings on her back as he got a hard on. He wanted to fuck her, but feared not to unless she was sanitized.

"You're amazing, babe. Who made you?"

"I don't know. I can't access parts of my memory."

"Do you know what happened to you?"

She stopped talking for a bit then about a dozen times said "Access denied."

"You ok? Marla are you still with me?"

"Sorry about that. I'm not working right." she said after another long break.

By now, he had gotten most of the dirt off. "See, I told you I wouldn't damage you." he said. "I didn't damage you, did I."

"I can't run a system check."

"Sit up." he said as he put the rag and the bucket away and sat on the bed.

She sat with stiff posture looking ahead. "Thank you for cleaning me." she said boldly.

"You're very welcome." he chimed. "Why don't we dress you up in some clothes?"


"Well, why not?"

He squeezed her knee and got up to open the dresser. He got out some things to cover her. He layed them out on the bed for her and stood back.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" he asked.

"I don't know how to put clothes on."


"I don't know how to put clothes on."

"I heard you the first time." he said. "Why is that?"

"I'm not programmed to."

"Well, here, I'll help you." he said. He knelt beside her and pulled a pair of panties over her feet. He got those over her knees and put on some socks. Jeans went over her feet next. He asked her to stand and did everything up.

Sitting her back on the bed, he put a large bra on her, but took it off and went for the natural look with a t-shirt and sweater. He straightened out her hair and pulled her by the hand to the washroom mirror.

He put his hands on her shoulders and said "There that's how you do it. You look very beautiful." He kissed her neck.

The front door opened, and Lorinda hurriedly got in. Chip stepped out of the washroom to see her. She unwrapped her coat from her right arm. It was half torn off and burnt, leaving wires and metal parts dangling from it.

Calmly, she glided past Chip into her bedroom. "We will be leaving soon, get ready."

Chip watched her as she sat at a small table, laying her damaged limb on it. From an opening in her chest she pulled a small metal tool, and began working the arm with it.

"Why did you dress Marla?" she asked.

"Oh, I... well I thought she would look better."

"It was good you did, it will save us time. Marla is coming with us."

"Where are we going?"

"Your tracking devices must be destroyed. We're going to completely demolish them." She looked at him as she said this, her hand still using the tool to disconnect the arm. Her hand put down the tool and grabbed the right elbow, pulling away the damaged part. She threw it into a shopping bag on the floor.

"Have you eaten?" she asked.

"Yeah, how long are we going to be gone?"

"That depends."

He watched Lorinda's next operation, injecting a pink viscus fluid into an opened panel above her crotch. It was pumped with a long needle tipped hose out of a WD-40 can. After a few seconds, she was done. She straightened out her clothes, grabbed the bag and walked back to the front door, looking at Chip as she walked by him.

"This way, Marla." Lorinda said. Marla obeyed and walked past Chip to the door. He followed and got his shoes. Lorinda threw her balled up jacket into the bag too. Chip could see it was covered with the same pink liquid.

Putting on another coat, Lorinda ordered Marla to put shoes on, and pulled something out of another bag on a hook. It was a latex Marilyn Monroe mask and wig. Lorinda put it on Marla's head as she stood. It fit rather well. A pair of dark sunglasses completed the look, and the trio were on there way to the elevator.

Marla looked strange, but at least it wasn't obvious that she was a robot. The elevator and the lobby were full of people, a few staring at her. The three cut to the parkade door and quickly came upon Lorinda's car. Chip sat next to Marla in the back.

Out of the building, and down side streets to the industrial part of town they went. No one spoke on the short trip.

They pulled into one of the lots. Lorinda took off her jacket and put it in the car. She grabbed the shopping bag and headed for the front door.

They stepped into a spartan looking lobby with a robot girl at the desk. She was skin coloured, but clunky and geometric looking. She moved roboticaly as she got up and greeted the visitors.

The robot was dressed in an ill fitting skirt and coat, showing off her inhuman looking joints. A matted blonde wig was stuck on the top of her head. Her hips swung out oddly as she walked in an arc over to them. An artificial voice came out of her head as her mouth started moving.


"We don't have time for this. Let's go." Lorinda said, brushing past the Honda on her way to a hallway.


Lorinda turned quickly and stared at the robot for almost a minute. After the silence, some clicks and a beep came from inside her, and she said "WE WILL BEGIN THE TOUR NOW. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE WEARING YOUR SAFETY BOOTS, HAT, EAR PROTECTION, AND GOGGLES." She turned and strutted stiffly down the hall while the other three rushed passed her onto the floor.

They lost sight of the tour-giving robot as they hurried up the cage stairs to the mezzanine. All around them, automated devices moved and slid around, making a thunderous constant roar of mechanical and metal parts. Sparks flew everywhere as Chip struggled to get upstairs, finding it hard to keep up with the girls.

He was sweating heavily when he got to the top. He caught his breath as he got close enough to see what Lorinda was doing. She was standing at the edge of a massive vat of molten steel. Chip couldn't believe she could stand the blazing heat. She dropped the shopping bag into the glowing orange mass. It was flaming before it hit the surface. It certainly was a good way to destroy something without leaving a trace.

"Chip, come here." Lorinda shouted. Chip got closer.

"Throw the watch in." she commanded.

He felt a bit of fear for Leena come over him as he undid the strap and took a last look at the watch. He thought about the sunglasses in his pocket. He wanted to keep them so he didn't mention them, and hoped Lorinda wouldn't.

"Hurry, this heat is bad for my body." she scolded.

Chip pitched in the watch. It made a little burst of flame.

"Hold out your arm. Pull back your sleeve." she said.

He did so, and watched a beam shoot out of Lorinda's eyes at his tracking bracelet. The beam cut the strap and the bracelet fell, beeping loudly. It fell right through the grilled floor to the level below.

"Don't worry about that, the cops are coming now anyway." Lorinda said, coming close to him. "Next..." she said, as she looked at his temple and fired a short burst to his head.

Chip gasped as she calmly put her finger to his head and pulled out the implant. "Don't worry, the skin is just broken." She flicked the small device into the vat.

"One more..." she said as she pressed her mouth on his. Her tongue pushed into his mouth as the tip extended down into his stomach. Before he could realize what was going on, she pulled back the tongue, with another little chip stuck on the end. She turned her head and spat it in.

"That's all of them. Marla, jump in." she shouted.

Marla didn't say anything, but started walking toward the edge.

"No!" Chip yelled, and ran in front of her.

Marla stopped.

"Marla, you must be destroyed. Get in." Lorinda commanded.

Without a moment to lose Chip lunged at her. They fell down on the edge of the vat. Chip rolled off her, at the same time kicking her in. Her legs went in as her hand reached for something to hold. Her feet were on fire as she caught chip by his fingers.

Her grip got tighter as her body started to burn. She looked Chip in the eye as his heart skipped a beat.

Expecting a laser, he felt the pull on his body ease. Lorinda, minus her remaining arm, fell unmoving into the steel. A Massive burst of flame shot up as the body was swallowed up by the metal.

"Marla, come with me!" Chip shouted as he raced back to the staircase, trying to pry the arm from his hand. Marla followed and they went back the way they came. He caught his breath and cooled for a while in the lobby until he remembered about the cops.

"Shit." he said sharply, racing with Marla out the door. He found Lorinda's keys in her jacket, and put it on Marla. They got in and tried to nonchalantly drive down the road.

"No sirens in sight." he thought as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. The hand gripping his fingers was getting painful and a million thoughts raced through his mind. He must have been videotaped at that steel mill. There was probably no way to hide from the cops now.

"Marla," he said, "try to get this off of me." he pleaded. Marla grasped the arm and ripped the plastic flesh away from the thumb. She collapsed some rods inside the hand and the fingers went lose.

"Oh, thank you, thank you so much." he said to her, waving his hand around to get the blood flowing again.

"I need to recharge." said Marla, resting back in the seat. He grabbed her hand and tried to clear his head as he drove her back to Lorinda's place.

Part 14 - Here Come the Cavalry

Chip and Marla managed to make it back to the apartment without incident. They ditched the car, and Lorinda's forearm, on the street by a parking meter and went inside the building. During the wait for the elevator, the security cameras in the ceiling caught Chip's attention. Their presence made him feel more anxious than he already was.

They got up to the twentieth floor not a moment too soon. Marla's disguise was starting to slip by the time they got off the elevator. Chip fumbled with the keys and let out a long sigh of relief as he unlocked and opened the door. The pair got in enough to close the door behind them when Chip noticed two people in uniform waiting for them.

One of the cops cocked his rifle and held it against Chip's head, barking out "On the ground, NOW!"

Chip turned white and did as he was told.

"Take the android down to the van and seize their vehicle." said the officer to his partner as Chip lie shaking on the ground, the end of the gun pressed painfully against him. He could hear the door open as Marla was ordered to follow the other cop.

When the door was again closed, the gun came away from him as Chip was literally picked up by his collar.

"Get up!" the officer barked as he lifted Chip to his feet. The barrel of the gun was still pointing at his face. "Hands above your head!"

"What's going to happen to her?" he nervously asked as his arms went up again.

"To who?" the cop sneered.

"The android."

"There ain't no android here."

"You're partner just took her..."

"There AIN'T no androids here." the cop said emphatically.

"But you yourself called her an android." Chip said.

The cop pushed a button on the radio on his shoulder, saying "Yeah, this is Red Tiger Trooper, requesting mental health officers. Suspect is delusional."

The radio called back something inaudible as a big smile appeared on the officer's face.

"Shame about that fall you took." he said.

Before Chip could say what, the cop turned his gun around and smashed the butt into Chips forehead, knocking him unconscious.

Fluorescent lights hummed above as Chip came to. He tried to raise his hand to his aching head, but couldn't. As he slowly opened his eyes, he saw that he had been strapped down in a hospital bed, walled in by white curtains. Things didn't look right. Everything was moving and twisting around. He ached all around, especially on the forehead and the back of his head. He tried once more to move his limbs, but found himself to be completely immobilized by leather straps.

His mind wasn't all there yet. He couldn't remember how he got there or why. For what seemed like a few hours he languished there, desperately in need of water. He was too weak to call out when he thought he heard footsteps or people talking. The pain in his head only seemed to get worse as more time wore on, his thinking still heavily clouded by some kind of drug. He began to think that he was missing work, and that his boss would be very mad. Then he started to fantasize about female androids, not really realizing that he was remembering them. But the intense pain always stopped him from becoming too lucid.

After several hours of this, a nurse finally came to see him. All she did was inject something into a vein in his arm and leave. He drifted out of consciousness again.

The next time he awoke, he could smell vomit. He could taste it, and felt it stinging in his eyes. He also felt water being splashed on him. This time, he could think more clearly, and noticed he was standing up, or at least being held up by someone. The water continued to splash at him as he coughed vomit out of his airways. He opened his reddened eyes to see an older, petite but very pretty brunette nurse holding the hose, and a massive male guard standing behind her. The person holding his frail body upright was also a strong male guard.

"Where am I?" Chip managed to say.

The woman continued hosing him down, as she answered in a sexy cigarette roughened voice "You're in a safe place now."

He bent his head down and let them finish washing him while he tried to regain all his senses. When it was all done, he was given a fresh hospital gown and led to a locked room with just one bed and a wooden chair beside it. The nurse told the guards to wait outside as she led Chip to the bed.

He gladly reclined into it, asking for something to drink. The nurse relayed the request to one of the guards, who brought in a small paper cup half filled with water. Chip drank the water, his sore, dry mouth absorbing most of it. He found himself admiring the shape of her hips under the white coat she wore. It almost seemed funny that he would still think of sex at a time like this.

"Tell me why you're here, Chip." said the nurse as she sat down with a clipboard on her lap.

"I was hoping you could tell me." he said weakly. "Could I get some more water?"

"After we're done. What brought you here, Chip?"

"I don't remember. I don't know." he said.

"Well, the Police said you were delusional, and became violent when they tried to calm you down."

"Where exactly am I?" he asked.

"You're in a high security mental institution, I can't tell you the name of it or where it is right now."

"Why not?" he asked.

"On with the questions. How many people are in this room right now, Chip?"

He looked around, puzzled, and replied "Two, just you and me."

"Do you see any androids around?"

Chip thought for a moment, remembering the incident with Marla and the cops at Lorinda's apartment. The nurse wrote some comments on her pad as he tried to sort out his thoughts.

"Do you see any androids around here?" the nurse asked again.

"No." he said.

"You told the officer that you saw an android. Do you remember that?"


"Well, both officers signed affidavits stating that there were no such devices around."

Chip sat silently for a moment, wondering how much he should tell her. She wrote some more in her pad.

"Why did you tell the officer that you saw an android when there weren't any around?"

Chip's head started to throb with pain. "I need some more water." he said.

"You can have some more when we're done." she said with a smile.

After writing another comment in her pad, she said "Tell me what you see in this room, Chip."

He looked around again, saying "You, me, a chair, a bed... the window, the door... that camera, the air vents..."

"Do you see any other people around?"

"No, just you and me, and there's two guards outside the door."

"Alright." she said, turning the page to write more comments. "Do you hear any voices inside your head?"

"No." he quickly answered.

Then he heard the nurse say "Yes you do.", but she didn't actually say it. He heard her voice inside his head.

"What?" he blurted out.

"Who are you talking to Chip?" the nurse asked.

Chip sat still, hearing her voice again in his head saying "Don't worry Chip, I'm here to help you."

"Chip, are you hearing voices right now?" the nurse asked.

"No." he said again, not wanting to believe that he was.

Then he heard her voice in his head again, saying "We will be leaving here tonight, you must be patient."

The nurse spoke once more, saying "It looks like you're still delusional. We'll have to restrain and sedate you again."

She made a signal to the guards outside, who came in and swiftly carried him out of the room and back to his bed. Once again he was strapped in as the pretty nurse prepared an injection for him. He wanted to ask for more water, but was put under before he could.

Chip awoke suddenly, gasping for air. All around him was darkness, his clammy hands could feel that he was in a bag. He cried out for help as he clawed at the zipper. Then he felt the motor of a vehicle running as doors could be heard opening. At the verge of panic, he saw the dim light of the moon as the bag was unzipped and fresh air came flowing in.

"Thank you, thank you..." he gasped as he took in the cool night air.

"I wasn't expecting you to wake up this soon." someone said. It was the brunette nurse.

"Where am I now?" he asked her.

"We're waiting to be picked up."

"By whom?"

"More of my kind." she said as she wiped sweat from his forehead.

"I don't understand." he complained.

"Androids, Chip. They're coming to get us."

"You mean, you're a robot too?"

"Yes, I was placed here in this time to retrieve you. You're caught in the middle of a massive power struggle."

Chip tried to sit up, but the back of the hearse wasn't roomy enough. "Why me?" he asked her, his eyes now able to focus on her face.

"I don't have that information. I was made only to get you out of the psychiatric hospital and bring you here."

"Prove it." he said. "Prove you're an android." he said.

The brown-eyed nurse took off her face mask and showed him the flashing lights underneath. "Don't worry, Chip, we aren't going to harm you, we need your help."

"For what?"

"I don't have that information either."

Chip started getting aroused again as he watched the lights flashing inside the robot's head.

"I notice your penis is becoming erect." she said, as Chip looked down to realize he was naked.

"Yeah," he said "your kind really turn me on, and you're a very pretty machine."

"Well, I'm not programmed for sex, but I am a perfect duplication of the human female form."

"Wow, this is all too weird." Chip said, taking in a deep breath.

Then the open prairie sky lit up, and a spotlight beam landed on the hearse. Chip's heart began to race as he heard some kind of aircraft come near.

"That's the ship." said the nurse as she put her face mask back on and pulled out the stretcher Chip lay on. Chip could only see the bright light shining from above until the massive, saucer shaped vessel came within metres of the ground. A staircase lowered from a flap near the edge as the nurse led him by the hand toward it.

Awestruck and nervous, he walked with her up the stairs into the well-lit interior.The multi-level ship was filled with countless robotic women, all dressed in the same black lingerie uniform consisting of a bra, panties, a garter belt, stockings and heels. Each robot had a small display screen just above the breasts. They were all seated in front of computerized consoles or walking around momentarily visiting each other. Their actions were more human-like than the Fembots he had seen orbiting Jupiter. Chip's erection grew harder.

Then he saw two of the robots carrying another female form toward the staircase. It was the nurse.

"Is that..." Chip started to say.

"That is the human I was copied from."

Chip watched the lingerie clad robots bring the original nurse down to the hearse and place her in the driver's seat.

"She's not dead is she?" he asked.

"No, but she will remember nothing of what happened."

"What's her name?"

"Donna Hollings" said the robot version.

"I guess that's your name too, huh?" he asked.

"For the mission, yes. My real name is F-57292-D48 Unit."

The two robots came back on board, their expressions just as blank as all the other robots on the ship. The staircase closed up and the ship shot back into outer space.The android Donna turned around and walked toward a curved corridor. Chip followed.

"Where are you going?" he asked her.

"I'm going to service room 361 to be dismantled."

"And then what?"

She stopped, turned back to him and said "I won't exist after that." She smiled and went on her way. Chip went after her.

"You mean you're going off to die?" he asked.

"I'm not a living being, so I can't die. My components will be used to make new androids."

Chip followed her past a door marked 361 and watched her as she started to take off her coat, blouse and slacks. Her body wasn't as flawlessly sculpted as the other units, but the sight of her in her beige coloured underwear was turning Chip on even more. She continued to remove every stitch of clothing and got on one of the tables. The other five tables were empty.

"But I was hoping I could have sex with you." he said.

"I'm not programmed for sex, Chip." she said as a robotic arm swung down from the ceiling and began removing her panels.

"Stop!" Chip yelled.

To his surprise, the machine stopped.

"Why did you stop the machine?" asked Donna.

"I didn't know I could." he said.

"Every machine on board will obey your voice commands." she stated.


"Every machine on board will obey your voice commands."

"What about the robots?"

"They're all machines, aren't they?"

"How... why can I control them?"

"They are yours."


"I don't have that information."

Chip looked at the machine affixed to the ceiling and said "Put Donna's panels back on."

With whirring servos, the arm-like machine placed the panels back on her face, chest and thighs.

"Move to the other side of the room." he told the arm. It did as he instructed.

"Wow, this is like some kind of dream." he said.

Donna looked inquisitively at him as he got on top of the padded table with her.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm going to fuck you now." he said with a grin.

"But I'm not programmed for sex." she said as he pushed himself inside her.

"That's ok, as long as I can get my dick in and out." He said. "Gee, you're nice and tight."

"My body is an exact duplicate of the human Donna Hollings' body."

"Well, she's a sexy woman, and you're a sexy fembot."

"Is this satisfying for you?" she asked.

"Oh, tremendously." he said, pumping into her harder and faster. "What are you feeling?"

"I am not programmed to feel."

"Well, what's it like for you to be having sex?"

"My vagina is not configured for intercourse."

"Well, you don't mind it, do you?"

"You may use me as you wish."

That comment made him come, his semen filling up the inside of her dry vagina. He layed down on top of her and kissed her lips.

"I hope that didn't damage your vagina."

"My vaginal cavity is sealed from my internal components."

"Okay, just checking." he said, kissing her mouth again.

He got off the table and looked around him. "I need to get dressed." he thought, then remembered when Donna's voice had entered into his head.

"Donna," he asked, "how were you able to enter my thoughts before?"

"I am programmed for telepathic communication with you." she said.

"How is that possible?"

"I can send signals to your brain based on your personal frequencies."

"Well, don't do it again, I'm not too fond of it."

"Yes, Chip." she replied.

"Am I the only human on this ship?" he asked.

"Yes, Chip." she said.

A sly grin came to his face. "Call me Master." he ordered.

"Yes, Master." she said.

"This is my kind of place." he said. He thought a moment about the other places he had been, and the other robots, especially Jen. He still missed her. He was getting tired trying to figure out just what was going on.

Donna lay still on the table, her dark brown eyes locked with his.

"I'm going to call you Donna-Bot, how 'bout that?"

"You can call me whatever you want, Master."

"Put your bra & panties back on, Donna-Bot, and your shoes too."

"Yes, Master." she said as she got off the table and bent down to pick up her underwear.

Chip felt up her round buns as she pulled the satin panties over them and said "I've got to find some clothes for myself."

"There are still some of your clothes in your room." said the robot as she fastened the bra behind her back.

"My room?" Chip questioned.

"Yes, room 1405 is your room." she stated.

"It looks as though you've been expecting me." he said. "What do you robots want from me?"

"We were built to serve you." said the petite android.

Chip gave her lips another kiss and said "Take me to room 1405."

"Yes, Master, follow me." she said.

Chip picked up the rest of her clothes and followed her out of the room and through the interior of the spacecraft.

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