The Brytestar Chronicles: The Early Years

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Part 1

(The set had a green screen in the background in the foreground was a black leather sofa divided by armrests. Attached to each part of the sofa were what appears to be collapsable tables. This sofa was on an elevated blue carpet platform. A man in his mid 20s walks to the sofa and sits in the middle seat. The lights begin to brighten revealing more of his features...)

Female Voice off-stage: Is this what you had in mind Jake?

Jake: Not bad Erica thanks for letting me use this wonderful set.

Erica: You have an interesting project The Brytestar Chonicles: The Early Years but why now?

Jake: Simply honey pie history no matter how big or small shapes people, events and objects. TBC: The Early Years will make some attempt to explain and perhaps put some things into focus now this won't be all happy and smiles all around to say that my entire history all good would be doing a great disservice to everyone involved plus the fact I will be lying to myself and I simply can't have THAT!

Erica: I see your point Jake. Besides the water you have everything you need?

Jake: (nods) Yeah so can I spin my first tale?

Erica: Floor's all yours Jakey...

First I'm going to give you just the basics how I began. I was born to William and Elle Brytestar and I came from a well to do family I have a twin sister Ellen. Up until I reached the age of 18 I lived most of my life in Detroit. My father owned BryteCorp an ultra high-tech firm as well as Brytestar Academy in which I attended during my high-school years. I'm not going to talk about what happened between Kindergarten and 8th Grade. Simply put nothing is worth mentioning at this time.

Things really started picking up during my freshmen year at Brytestar Academy. I didn't have that many friends and simply because most of them transfered to the 'burbs it was something that became a sticking point between my mom and dad. No, they didn't call each other names or have hissy fits just in case you were asking.

My first date of all people was a maid in my folks employ. Her name was Belle she has a grayish complexion with permed blond hair and a hot bod even then of course I only found out later that Belle was an android and was programmed to look after me. She was the first (and definitely NOT the last) encounter with an android or in this gynoid and/or fembot. Although I was full of hormones at the time so it didn't matter. I dated some real girls but I kept coming back to Belle. Sure I found out that my dad made gynoid cheerleaders for the academy. Hey they really passed for the real thing as I said with the full weight of BryteCorp behind him it didn't matter.

Now I know what you were gonna say. 'Jake do you date real women?' the short answer is yes. But we'll get to that in a minute so chill out ok? I dated all the Varsity Cheerleaders during my sports career at the academy. Football, Soccer, Basketball and Baseball were the sports I was in. My favorite gynoid cheerleaders were Angie,Kelly,Erica and Jenny. I won't give them their last names or their locations at this time its classified but if I wanted to summon them I could with relative ease.

AS you can see I fell in love with gynoids at an early age. While in college at the University of Michigan I dated or two 'real' women. One was Kari who was unique because she was a bodybuilder dated off and on in my freshmen and sophmore years. Now Vanessa on the other hand was entirely different. Can you say bad to the bone? If you could that explains Vanessa to a tee. The first initial meeting went great but in my final year I found out that she was way too manipulative. It was so bad I simply stopped seeing her I think she has been embittered ever since I saw her in Egypt.

Erica: Well Jake that takes care of the first part. So this Vanessa was sleazy?

Jake: She sure was vindictive would fit her to a tee. Don't worry I'll tell more info on Kari and the gynoid cheerleader I met at U of M very soon.

(Erica frowned at that as Jake heads to the dressing room..)

Part 2

OOC: and now the next phase of the Brytestar Chronicles: The Early Years..

Now being in the city especially with no real mall to speak of. I had to go 'burb side first to the north burbs and sometime I would swing by downriver. Of course my folks own a place downriver and again I'm not going to disclose the location. During the summer of my Junior year at Brytestar Academy I was given an opportunity to go to Egypt and it was there I met Vanessa. Yes, I'm talking about the same venomous woman that I got to see way too much off. Now when I first met her she had charm especially when I had a rare chance in going to the pyramids near Cairo. Of course I came alone simply because I wanted a break. Yes I was just 17 and my twin sister Ellen went to Denmark. Something about some art exhibit I never inquire the exact details but let's just say that she enjoyed herself while she was there.

Now getting back to my venture in the pyramids. Vanessa somehow got clearance to go within a part of the complex normally sealed from the public. I agreed (much to my regret later on) to travel with her. Of course I did much more then note taking. Now at the time I was clueless about the hieroglyphs and did I pay that price. Vanessa was guiding me along one of the paths recently discovered of course I had my head lamp on but no torch. It was supposed to be part of a hidden chamber dedicated to RA. The god that only the pharoah can worship at least that's what I heard at the time. Now getting there was 'half the fun' as my guide explained it. Of course I was still taking it all in.

At the end of the passage was an open door. 'This is the chamber dedicated to RA.' My guide explained. 'While the pharoah himself was in a much deeper chamber this room acts like a waypoint for the spirit.' Of course curiousity got the better of me and I ventured in. However I was overcome by some smell and I began to feel light-headed and blacked out.

Erica: Then what happened next?

Jake: I'm going to tell you in the next installment..

The scene fades to black.

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