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Chapter 1

So...Robotman and I have been working on a new idea for him to write about. And in the process I mention that he never did follow up on the possible thread in Soccer Mom Story, with the pub and its waitstaff. Well after some light arm twisting and encouragement, Rman got me to start it up and so I've been busily writing the idea into some very small, bite-sized story chapters. Hope you enjoy and as always blame Robotman! Icon biggrin.gif

“Thank you for your patronage,” exclaimed the cheery-faced blonde barmaid to the departing guests of Frenchy’s Bar & Grill. As the door closed, her face momentarily became blank as the next set of instructions spooled out into her electronic mind. That same pink-cheeked face turned and her electronic, blue eyes alighted on the men dining at table four, in her designated section. Straightening her stylized barmaid’s uniform, she approached them with a frosty, cold pitcher of a local, craft beer.

Frenchy’s Bar & Grill, was a gastropub located in a trendy part of the city. On paper it was owned by Farnham Cochran and Associates, but no one had ever physically seen the man. All his business dealings were done by phone call, email or through a group of lovely women who identified themselves as secretaries and associates of the company.

As Sonia finished serving the diners their refills of beer, she replied to her customers, “Thank you for your patronage!” Her manager poked his head out from the back,“Sonia, take your break! I’ve got Alexandra to cover for you!” The fembot named Sonia nodded and flashed that same pre-programmed, cheery smile at Bill. Behind that smile were a complex series of miniature servomotors that moved the soft, latex skin of her face into its range of expressions, all part of the intricate electronics that made up her mask of a face.

Sonia stepped into the back, passing through the kitchen area where the human cooks worked to fill orders for the hungry customers. In the empty female employee’s restroom she locked the stall door and automatically reached up to her cheeks. A series of quiet clicks and a slight hiss of pressure preceded the seam line of her faceplate before it was pulled away to reveal the intricate series of electronics that functioned as her eyes, ears, and voice.

Disguised as a rather lurid artwork on the wall, the scanning panel emitted a green light, slowly moving across the circuitry, and flashing electronics of Sonia’s exposed, inner skull. When the light dissipated, a series of heavy bolts automatically slid back into the wall, and the toilet, along with the back wall of the stall opened inwards to reveal a series of stone stairs cut into the floor and leading into a chamber below. Faceplate still cradled in her realistic fingers, the machine called Sonia stepped down into the darkness, lights from her opened head illuminating the dark passage, intermittently as they flickered.

Another heavy vault door opened automatically at the fembot’s approach, revealing a well-lit, room filled with complex machines, tables and several glass tubes situated along the far wall. Inside the tubes stood more fembots, dressed in Frenchy’s barmaid costumes, staring blankly into space. A series of cables ran beneath each fembot’s frilly dress and into a port recessed in the small of their back. These cables fed power to the rechargeable lithium ion batteries in each girl’s shapely thighs, and updated programming to their firmware minds.

As if on autopilot, the faceless fembot continued across the lab and sat down in a chair surrounded by complex machinery. “Hello Sonia, how is your day?” asked Moira, one of the 700 series technicians assigned to the lab beneath Frenchy’s. “Fine, thank you,” the speaker set into Sonia’s electronic jumble of a face vibrated as she replied. Moira nodded, then pressed her fingers to a spot in Sonia’s collarbone, exposed by the deep-cut cleavage of her uniform. A rectangular section of skin in Sonia’s chest popped up, and Moira removed it, exposing more of Sonia’s electronics and ports.

Moira plugged a few cables into Sonia’s ports and head, then began working at the terminal connected to the other fembot. The technician model fembot’s realistic fingers flew over the keyboard as she collected data from Sonia’s storage drives. Sonia’s batteries showed 65% charge, and should have been more than sufficient to finish her 8 hour shift. What concerned Moira was the indicator that Sonia’s elbow servoes were showing a marked degradation in performance, likely from the work she was doing. She scheduled Sonia for a complete arm replacement, rather than taking the time to strip the skin, remove the servoes and replace it with new components, as it would take longer to do so. Moira noticed that Sonia had used the same response 30 times with the customers and began to add variations to the unit’s responses and changed the allowed number of responses between recycle.

Sonia’s faceless head began to emit each new response as it was added to her database, “Why thank you Sir/Madam, It’s been my pleasure to serve you Sir/Ma’am, thank you kindly Sir/Miss, thank you for your custom Sir/Ma’am, Frenchy’s thanks you Sir/Miss.” And on the list went until a total of 15 new responses were generated for Sonia to use when interacting with customers. Moira noted the time and unplugged the barmaid from her terminals, and replaced Sonia’s panels. “Resume job function, Sonia,” responded Moira as she stepped away to attend to another barmaid who lay supine on a table nearby.

Sonia stood up from the chair and proceeded back out of the lab, and up the stairs. Straightening her clothing, she stepped out of the bathroom stall with a customary flush of the toilet and back out into the pub.

Chapter 2

Well I'm about an hour and a half early to post this, but I feel confident that its ready for viewing. The board always ruins my formatting, but I think it will still be intelligible. Please enjoy!

Bill Edwards had the world’s best job. He’d applied to be a manager at Frenchy’s Bar & Grill, through an online form and almost instantly he’d gotten a response that there would be an interview that same day. Upon arriving at Frenchy’s, the girls who would be the pub’s barmaids were busily cleaning the place and decorating. Bill had to admire each of them, working diligently, so pretty and well-shaped. He’d had a short interview with Megan, a raven-haired beauty, who represented Farnham Cochran and she’d given him the job. The barmaids had already been hired, all he had to do was get the kitchen staff.

Bill guessed that Megan had hired the barmaids, and apparently she had an eye for talent. These girls never seemed to tire, were always pleasant and never needed to be told what to do. When they weren’t on break, the barmaids were busy serving customers, cleaning the pub, or restocking the supplies. They never gossiped or got on their cellphones, and they never seemed to get involved in any drama at the pub. They rarely called in sick, and never for more than a day. In short, they were the perfect employees.

The only oddity about the girls was the way in which they moved. It wasn’t jerky or halting, but rather just the opposite. Each girl moved very smoothly and economically, without any wasted motion. Even during peak rush, they never bumped into each other and always managed to get around customers and furniture without any problems. Bill had even witnessed one of the girls lightning fast reflexes, catching a carelessly knocked aside glass of beer before it hit the floor. Only the smallest splash of the liquid sloshed out onto the floor, and Alexandra had quickly squatted down to clean it with a dishtowel, whilst placing the mug back on the table and promising the patron a refill.

Now that he pondered on it, the other thing about the girls was the odd way they looked at people. Most people blinked or their eyes might shift to some other distraction in their line of vision. The barmaids had a piercing gaze, and when they spoke to him, they maintained direct eye contact at all times as though he were the most important person in the pub. Which of course he felt he was. The girls did in fact blink, but it seemed measured and somewhat regular, as though it were on a timer.

As he supervised the cooks working in the kitchen, Bill noticed that it was time for Beth’s break. He’d once forgotten to advise a barmaid, Ella of her break time, and she’d worked the entire 8 hour shift without one. She’d never complained a single word about it! Just maintained her pleasant smile and demeanor like all of the barmaids. Bill walked over to where Beth was carefully cleaning a table after the lunch rush.

Beth was as pretty as the other barmaids, her figure filled her uniform perfectly and her generous breasts stood out dramatically in the low cut neckline of her dress. She turned her head, auburn hair falling in ringlets around her face, as her bright green eyes seemed to light up and she flashed him a red-lipped, smile. “Greetings, Mr. Edwards!” she exclaimed at his approach. “Time for your break, Beth,” Bill gushed as he smiled at her. Even over the smells of cooking meats, he could smell Beth’s signature, rosewater scent that she wore. Her smile made his pants tent a little as he looked at those plump, red lips and imagined what they tasted like. But Frenchy’s had a strict employee dating policy, and Bill was not about to ruin his job for a touch of those lips.

Beth’s audio system filtered Bill’s words as the data was parsed and translated into code that was written into her memory banks, then processed. She blinked as her visual sensors highlighted the sudden rush of heat in Bill’s crotch, and detected the scent of his pheromones in her olfactory receptors. The data was easily translated and a response mapped out. Clearly, he was aroused by her, but Beth’s sexual programming had a block on it that prevented her from doing more than light flirting during her work shift. She nodded casually and her chosen response was transmitted through the high definition speaker hidden behind her faceplate, “Thank you, Mr. Edwards!”

The power packs in her thighs sent a surge of DC current to her motor systems and she gyroscopically stabilized herself as she moved to pass by her manager. Bill, unable to help himself, intentionally stood in such a way as to force her to brush his body with hers as she passed. The sensors in Beth’s dermal coating registered the warmth and pressure of the physical contact between the two of them as she brushed against Bill’s body. Her breasts in particular were stimulated by the sensation, as the powerful sensors in each nipple were activated and registering arousal data to Beth’s core processor. Beth’s sexual subsystems queried her higher level processors as to whether they should activate, but her programming blocks denied the activation automatically. Beth paid no more attention to her manager’s arousal as she proceeded down to the lab for her shift check-up. Bill hurried to his office, walking with the outline of his erection clearly visible through his pants.

As Beth greeted Moira and the two went through their usual, pre-programmed greeting routine, another pretty fembot dressed in a form-fitting white bodysuit entered from a room, adjacent to the lab. In the dark-skinned, technician’s hands were a pair of lightly tanned arms, ending in a tangle of wires and metal components at the shoulder. Erica, one of the technicians in Fembot Command’s gastropub lab, set the arms on either side of Sonia, who lay on a lab table, nude and staring blankly at the ceiling.

Placing her hands on Sonia’s sides, Erica commanded, “Sonia, release torso panel interlocks.” Sonia did not reply, or move, but merely sent the signal to her torso interlocks and released her front panel. Erica lifted away the entire front of Sonia’s torso, from the top of her neck, to her belly. The technician laid the heavy panel on a tale nearby, breasts pressed into the table top. Sonia’s exposed inner systems whirred softly, and blinked with status lights. Fluid lines gurgled softly as they fed lubrication through her body and circulated cooling agents around her operating systems.

The ebony-hued technician paused for a moment as the Master Computing Device uploaded the necessary information for the replacement procedure to her memory banks. Erica’s dark hands snapped open, revealing the skeletal inner structures and a series of complex tools emerged on miniaturized armatures from her fingertips. She began to carefully disconnect the systems around each of Sonia’s inner shoulders, lifting away each arm in the process. Sonia’s old arms were discarded into a reclamation bin where they would be refurbished or parted out during the night whilst the pub was closed. Sonia never blinked as her new arms were installed into their housings and carefully wired, then socketed into place. She lay blankly on the table, only recording the sensory data that was filtered into her electronic mind, powerless to act upon it as she was in command mode.

Erica reached over to Sonia’s blank face and at the touch, it released its own interlocks, forming a seam around the perimeter of Sonia’s face. The technician robot pulled Sonia’s faceplate away to reveal the electromechanical systems within. She watched Sonia’s status lights in her head and exposed torso as she commanded Sonia to bend her elbows, raise her arms and flex her fingers. Sonia mindlessly complied with each of the technician’s orders, testing the range of motion and ensuring her new arms were working correctly before laying them back down on the lab table.

Erica lifted Sonia’s component heavy torso panel off the table and laid it atop Sonia’s bare mechanical chassis. Carefully aligning the interlocks by hand, Erica clicked the torso cover back into place on the other fembot’s body. The visible seams in Sonia’s torso disappeared as the interlocks snapped into place and sealed her outer skin together. “Sonia, redress for programmed job function, and enter your recharging bay until your next appointed work shift,” commanded Erica as she wheeled the reclamation bin to the back of the lab and received her next set of instructions.

Sonia sat up on the table, then utilized her new arms and hands to lift her heavy faceplate to her head reattaching it. She gracefully and efficiently, swung her legs off the table and stood up, gyroscope stabilizing her as she did so. Picking up her newly cleaned uniform, she carefully put on her undergarments, dressed, and stepped to the charging booth. As the tube opened, she removed the square of synthetic flesh from her lower back and placed it in the holding tray on the tube. Sonia then connected each of the cables to the specific ports inside her body. The power plug was inserted, sending a stream of current into the heavy, li-on batteries in her thighs. The computer cable plugged into the port and instantly began updating her system files, and downloading data into the Master Computer. She finished the insertions to herself and stepped inside the tube. As the tube closed, Sonia’s joints locked themselves into standing position and she stared ahead as her programming was updated, and her batteries topped off for her next appointed shift.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3! Hope there's still people enjoying the series thus far!

A flu rampaged through the city, and not even Frenchy’s Bar & Grill was spared its effects. Three of the cooks were at home, sick with the bug and Bill was frantically trying to keep the place from imploding under the load of orders. His remaining cooks agreed to work 12 hour shifts for overtime pay for the day, but Bill was still understaffed at the busy gastropub. Bill decided he’d have to get some of the barmaids to help.

“Alice! We need a little help back here,” he called to the tall, brunette with the robust figure. Alice smiled pleasantly as her audio receptors detected Bill’s voice and her speech synthesizer emitted a happy, “Yes, Mr. Edwards!” She walked into the kitchen, seeing the remaining cooks, frantically trying to keep up with the orders. “Alice, I need you to help the cooks today. Shouldn’t be anything too difficult, just do what they tell you to do, okay?” asked Bill as he headed out of the kitchen to manage a customer complaint. “Yes, Mr. Edwards!” Alice replied cheerfully to his back as she turned to the kitchen.

Alice was an E-type android, which was a step up from the quite artificial and somewhat dimwitted D-type androids produced by Fembot Command. All of the barmaids at the pub were E-Types and they had been deemed adequate for usage in that role by the central computer in charge of the station beneath the popular eating establishment. Thus, Alice was well equipped for most duties she was programmed for, cleaning, serving, and light conversation. However, cooking was not among her programmed skillsets.

The patrons at Frenchy’s enjoyed how efficient and powerful the wi-fi network of the pub was. Some diners would bring their laptops and camp out to take advantage of the clean signal and fast speeds, ordering snacks and drinks as they worked. Alice took advantage of this wireless network, which had been installed and was controlled by the central computer below. She quickly relayed her status to the computer and it determined her next course of action.

The central computer quickly chose to send Alice the software packages needed to fulfill the task. However, since it was being sent wirelessly, and the files for cooking and kitchen maintenance were quite large, the download speed would be affected and thus Alice would have to use her heuristic processors to get around the problems until the downloads finished. Her first instructions were to slice vegetables for the entrees. As she’d been programmed to slice fruits for some of the cocktails the pub sold, this was not a problem, and within 35 minutes she had a goodly amount of carrots, and other veggies sliced in quick order. Her next task would be much more challenging.

One of the cooks, a bald fellow named Larry, asked Alice to turn the meats over on one of the grills. Alice gave her preprogrammed smile and “yes, Sir” response as she approached the grilling station. Alice’s processors began to warm up, not only from the external heat of the grill, but also from trying to process what the tools at the grilling station were for. She wirelessly queried what each tool was used for and how it was properly utilized in grilling, all while her new programming was downloading into her electronic mind, filling her download buffer with 1s and 0s.

Alice’s keen visual sensors picked up on the fact that the other cooks were perspiring from the heat of the kitchen and she flicked water on her face when they weren’t looking so as to mimic them. Fortunately Alice’s facial interlocking seals were intact on her facemask, and the water trickling down her forehead and cheeks did not enter her body, but rather, rolled down her slender neck and into her cleavage where it pooled in the hollow of her breast. She gingerly picked up the tools and first temperature checked the meats with the thermometer, then carefully turned them over with the long spatula. Charlie, another of the cooks pointed out the grilling chart on the wall near the grilling station. This laminated poster showed Alice all of the meat temperatures and appearances based on how done the meat was supposed to be. Alice carefully tracked which cuts of meat were supposed to be at what temperatures and turned the pieces as needed with machine precision.

The longer Alice stood there, the more the heat from the grill began to affect her systems, and she encountered a staggering amount of processing difficulties from data loading into her systems from the wireless network. She temporarily lagged and allowed one cut of meat to go from medium rare to medium. Cooks shouted instructions at her as her fellow fembots brought in more orders from the hungry lunch crowd. Her task manager was now overburdened as she qued up orders and the programming necessary to execute them. All while her systems were taking on more and more downloaded data.

Flipping a steak over and checking it with the thermometer, Alice blanked out momentarily as her system tried to compensate for some overheating component in her torso. She regained systems integrity momentarily, when a damage indicator blared at her. Looking down, Alice could see that she had set her hand on the grill and her latex skin was melting off into the catch tray! Quickly pulling her hand away, Alice surveyed the damage: the metal structure beneath the fingers was undamaged, but several of the sensors within the fingers as well as the outer skin were destroyed. Larry saw Alice jerk her hand away from the grill and inspect it, “Hey hun! Use the oven mitt if its too hot!” Alice’s overburdened systems struggled to parse a response and she stared blankly at Larry for a moment, then nodded and replied with her pre-programmed smile, “Thank you, Larry!” as the front of her apron smoked and scorched a little from the grill. Her internal temperature was setting off alarms and her artificial circulatory system was straining to pump fluids through her chassis to keep her temperature under control. A soft whine could be heard in her chest, just beneath the hissing sounds of the grilling station and the radio blaring out its cheery music in the kitchen.

Alice placed the mitt on her damaged hand, sending a status report to the central computer. As she did so, she blanked out again as her processors strained under their load. She turned back to the grill as her systems warned her of more damage. The front of her apron had caught fire and her systems within her torso were being affected as fluid lines boiled and ruptured, splattering her internal electronics in coolant. Alice’s vision crackled on and off as her systems shorted and she twitched. The fire on her apron was burning through the skin of her chest and her chin! The smell of burning meat filled her olfactory sensors as well as burning plastics and circuitry. Her self-preservation mode engaged and she frantically patted at the flames with her bare hand and mitted hand, succeeding in damping out most of the flames. But then an oil line in one of her arms overheated and burst, splattering the inside in pressurized liquids. Her arm dangled limply at her side, and her lips and mouth bubbled and melted on to her burning apron. Her processor flashed error after error and her joints locked her into place as her systems forced her to emergency shutdown.

The central computer sent emergency directives to the barmaids in the pub. Sonia and Beth’s eyes flashed for a moment as the new directives overrode their current programming and they looked at each other. As one they raced for the kitchen. The cooks were still busy at their stations, and hadn’t yet noticed the inert chassis of Alice, standing still with her breasts and face melting off from the fire on her apron and uniform. The fembot barmaids walked in and saw their sister unit on fire. Sonia quickly doused Alice’s melted faceplate and chest with a pan of water from the nearby dishes, causing the liquid to get inside the deactivated fembot’s head and torso, ruining her still further. Locked ridgidly into position, the spatula still gripped in her mittened hand, Alice stood there, face and breasts melted into rubbery goo on her torso. Sonia put her hands beneath Alice’s armpits depressing the concealed unlocking switch. Alice’s joints unlocked and she ragdolled into Sonia’s arms, while Beth grabbed Alice’s feet. The two fembots hurriedly lifted Alice and carried her to the bathroom. The door swung open automatically as the master computer overrode all systems to ensure the swiftness of the action. The two mechanical women, moved as one, marching down the stairs and then into the lab, where they hastily deposited Alice on a lab table.

The android girls, stiffened and looked at each other a moment, processing more commands from the central computer. Then each girl reached over to the other and straightened the other’s uniform. Their high resolution eyes made sure there were no stray bits of Alice’s burnt skin and uniform on each other, before they turned in unison and proceeded back up to the gastropub to resume their job functions, no one the wiser for the mishap. Meanwhile, central computer took command of its technician unit, Moira. In perfect mimicry of Alice’s carefully programmed voice, Moira placed a call to Bill, with some appropriate fatigue and stuffiness added for effect. “Hello Mr. Edwards. I’m sorry I had to leave work suddenly. I felt so ill, I didn’t want to get anyone else sick in the kitchen. I’ll see the doctor tomorrow. I apologize for the inconvenience.” Bill sighed as he heard the news. This damned flu bug must be REALLY bad if it put one of the bar maids down!

Chapter 4

Hey look! A sex scene!

As the last cook left Frenchy’s Bar & Grill for the night, Sonia waved goodbye and locked the door, ostensibly going to lock up and leave soon. When he was out of sight, Sonia’s smile vanished and her face became blank as her programming took over. The 1s and 0s of machine language rewrote her mind and instructed her to follow her nightly maintenance routine. Arms, stiffly at her sides and all pretense of humanity, completely gone, she marched with mechanical efficiency towards the restroom. Sonia walked stiffly through the women’s restroom entrance to the lab below the pub. Crossing the laboratory and repair area she continued straight up to her empty recharging tube, passing by the ruined body of Alice, laying on the table nearby.

The dark-skinned, technician unit called Erica and her pale-skinned counterpart, Moira stood on either side of the lifeless machine and stared blankly into nothingness. The two technician’s eyes flickered briefly as data was uploaded into their processors. As the central computer fed them their instructions they began to move and work, silently and in tandem. The two machines carefully stripped Alice’s damaged clothing off and tossed it into the trash bin, where it would be incinerated later. They scanned Alice’s burnt torso, then reached to remove the entire front covering. Alice’s torso covering had fused somewhat, and though the interlocks released themselves automatically at the press of a concealed, subdermal button in her lower back, the covering remained melted into place.

Erica and Moira extended cutting tools from their fingertips and began to carefully slice the skin at the seam, cutting the once life-like plastic covering away from the ruined shell. Once the two technician machines finished, they pulled at the section of torso until it came loose with a ripping sound. Inside of Alice’s shell, were damaged chipsets, shorted out circuits and components that had overheated. The Master computer processed the data it received from the camera-like optical units of its machines. It was quickly decided that the Alice unit would need to be replaced, rather than repaired. The two technician’s fingertips sprouted other sets of tools and devices, removing damaged components and tossing those in the bin. They carefully began salvaging working parts that would be set aside for cleaning and re-use. Alice’s heart-like central cooling pump was ruined and discarded, as were most of the components near the lines that ran from it. These coolant lines had ruptured and spilled the red, cooling fluid that the androids circulated inside of their mechanical bodies to redistribute heat. The chipsets and components that could be salvaged were carefully handed off to Alexandra, who took them for cleaning and stocking on the shelves in the parts section of the lab.

A few hours passed as the three machines worked in silence, leaving behind a mostly stripped inner housing and skeletal structure of a fembot, which would be refurbished into a new model at another facility. Having finished their duties, the two technicians looked at each other, lifeless eyes scanning one another for signs of damage or fatigue. The Alexandra robot continued to clean and stock parts as the technician androids stripped out of their clean, white bodysuits and set them aside. Each unit began to remove the flesh-like, panels from the other, scanning the exposed machinery and electronics within. As they did so, each girl reached into the other and made sure a component was not loose here, or that a coolant tube was functioning properly there. Each touch of the other, sending small spikes of data, that was parsed and stored, but not acted upon while this current program was running.

After an hour, the tables on either side of them were piled with synthetic skin covered panels and removable components. As the two, denuded machines stared at each other, faceless optical units scanning back and forth for signs of error, they began to reverse their process and carefully put each other back together. Each touch upon the other unit transmitting more data that was stored and accumulated into a sort of sensory buffer to be processed and parsed when the current task was completed.

As Erica’s dark-skinned faceplate snapped into place, she blinked and looked at Moira. The accumulated data was unspooled into her electronic consciousness and her preprogrammed responses were now active. She emulated heavier breathing, and licked her lips as the data was deemed to be arousing. She gently rubbed at her thighs as her sexual unit pumped a bit of her lubricating solution into her artificial vagina. Erica noticed that Moira was experiencing a similar response, and that the other technician had even managed to blush.

“I find you quite attractive without your panels, technical unit Moira,” stated Erica, in a calm, almost matter-of-fact way. Moira’s blue eyes flashed a little and she ran her moist tongue over her lips, “Technical unit Erica’s chassis is also quite attractive, on the inside and out.” Erica smiled and put her hands on Moira’s pert, pink nipple units and began to massage them with her thumbs and forefingers, “I am programmed to be attracted to female androids, Technical unit Moira.”

Moira moaned in response to her stimulation, as the sensor laden clusters in her nipples were stimulated, sending pleasurable jolts back to her cortex. Her sexual firmware automatically loaded, causing the pump in her lower abdomen to activate and moistening her sexual unit. She caressed Erica’s cheeks and lips, then leaned in and kissed the other machine, motorized tongue snaking inside Erica’s mouth and swirling inside. Erica moaned softly and wormed her own tongue inside Moira’s mouth, continuing to tug and stimulate her nipples.

Erica squealed responsively, as her clitoral sensor was brushed by Moira’s fingertips and she panted softly to help expel the waste heat building up in her systems. She lay back on the lab table, previously occupied by her own panels and spread her legs automatically. Moira’s programmed dominance in this role had her climb atop Erica and rub her own sexual unit against Erica’s. The two fembots moaned almost rhythmically as they ground their sexual units against each other, wet, sucking sounds filling the otherwise quiet lab. Alexandra continued to clean and stock parts, paying the two technicians no mind. The fembot’s current directive was still running, and until that task was completed, she had no time to process secondary programming.

Moira arched her back as her hips bucked. Both girl’s vaginal units were slick and wet with each other’s musky lubricating solution. The blonde-haired technician gasped realistically then stated robotically, “vaginal unit stimulation at 98%. Loading orgasm program. Orgasm commencing in 3…2…1…OOOOHHhhhhh!” Moira tossed her head and her hands flew to her breasts, lifting each to her face as she leaned over and licked the tips of the nipples in post coital bliss. Erica’s orgasm program loaded and executed instantly as Moira came. The other fembot gripped Moira’s sides as her sexual unit squirted her lubricating solution on the table top and all over Moira’s pussy.

The two woman shaped machines lay with one another on the table, panting softly as their systems cooled down. Then suddenly they became blank faced again as their programming took over. Each silently stood up, walked to upload terminals and removing their chest panels, connected themselves via cabling to the central computer. The machine downloaded their data and examined it, filing it away for comparison with other units in the field, then sent them new instructions.

Erica and Moira disconnected themselves and replaced their chest paneling in unison, then redressed and went about their work in the lab. Erica assisting Alexandria, by taking the remaining chassis and re-useable parts of Alice to the storage area, and Moira placing a cellular call to Bill Edwards. “Hello,” answered Bill from his home line. Moira, in exact approximation of Alice’s voice, but tuned to sound congested and pained replied, “Mr. Edwards? It’s Alice. I’m sorry Sir, but this darned flu got me. I’m afraid I’ll be out of work for a couple of days.” Bill nodded on his end of the phone, “It’s okay Alice, the girls said you passed out at work today and drove you to the doctor. You stay home and get to feeling better! We’ll manage without you for a couple of days.” Moira replied without a hint of a smile as she spoke into the receiver, “Thank you Mr. Edwards! Goodbye!”

As she clicked the hang up button the cellphone, Moira set the phone in its charging bracket next to the other 8 cellphones used by the barmaids at Frenchy’s. As the next set of programmed instructions unspooled inside of her electronic mind, Moira began to prepare the lab for Alice’s replacement. Giving no further thoughts or attention to the other fembot she’d made love to only minutes before, she set about her duties.

Chapter 5

Unit FC1842D, also known as Morgan, drove the brightly colored “Finest Cuisines” food delivery truck to her destination: Frenchy’s Bar & Grill. Within her field of vision, a 3D electronic map was superimposed over the city. The electronic map was updated constantly via satellite feed and allowed Morgan to save valuable time by avoiding traffic delays and congested areas, basically a more complex version of the standard GPS system. However, with the flu running rampant in the city, traffic was surprisingly light. Many of the city’s inhabitants were staying home to nurse their illnesses, and thus Morgan made excellent driving time to the gastropub.

The powerful servoes in Morgan's arms let her shift the gears and turn the wheels of the heavy truck with the speed and efficiency of the machine she was. Normally her cargo consisted of meats, cooking supplies and vegetables for the pub. But as a Fembot Command delivery vehicle, it also carried a secret cache of goods for the underground base located beneath Frenchy's. Today she carried the freshly manufactured, chassis of a replacement E-type Alice unit for the lab, packed carefully in a wooden crate marked “BEEF RIBS.” As she came within range of the lab's wi-fi network, she received a ping from it, then transmitted a burst back to the base. She pulled the vehicle to the rear of the pub and carefully backed it up to the sliding door, which rolled up as she applied the brakes.

Inside the pub, all was dark in the predawn hours before opening time. A flurry of activity began as the master computer began transmitting programmed instructions to its fembot minions. Two of the pub’s barmaids, Ella and Hannah stepped fully clothed from their charging tubes. As their new instructions unspooled in their computerized chests, they each in unison reached up and removed the pretty pieces of complex hardware they used as faces. Each android placed the heavy masks in the cloth pouches in the aprons of their uniforms. With their true "faces" exposed, each machine activated its infared sensory equipment located inside the head. The infared gear could not operate with the facemasks in place, and now they sensed the heat, and ambient light all around them as they walked up from the basement, into the dark pub.

Ella and Hannah, faces still exposed, walked to the back door where the loading docks for the pub were located. They sent a burst ping to Morgan, who used her own visual and audio systems to confirm there was no one around to see the exposed fembots. The fembot barmaids opened the back of the truck and began to take the cargo of food inside, transmitting stocks of inventory automatically to the lab’s central computer as their electronic sensors scanned the barcodes on the boxes. Morgan stepped to the back of the truck and lifted the heavy, long rectangular crate with the new Alice inside as if it were nothing. As she did so, the master computer took direct control of her systems. Having observed the data from the other fembots, it guided Morgan's movements precisely in the darkness, remembering exactly where everything was located, to avoid collision. She moved towards the women’s bathroom and the door opened automatically as the scanning screen concealed in the picture over the toilet focused on her eyes. Carrying the heavy crate down the steps and into the lab, Morgan stood the crate up on its end then turned to see Erica and Moira moving towards her. Both units had been cleaned and freshly recharged after their programmed love session, and they bore no hint of emotion as their programs ran throught heir electronic minds.

“Replacement unit Alice 600 series, delivered to base,” Morgan intoned, emotionlessly. “Delivery of replacement unit Alice 600 series android confirmed,” replied Moira as she stepped past Morgan and began to pry the packing nails up from the wooden frame, to reveal a metal case with a scanning screen on the lid. Moira removed her own facemask and let the scanning screen on the lid of the metal case within the crate identify her as an authorized recipient. With a hiss the case unsealed and the lid pushed open slightly. Erica's motion systems acted and she leaned over, placing her tool hands on the lid pulling it open.

Within the standing box, packed in soft, form-fitting, memory foam was the replacement Alice, ordered from central construction and repair 24 hours prior. She had been wrapped in an anti-static bag, and secured by straps within the box. Moira carefully lifted the unit out of the box and laid her on the table. Erica removed the bag and began removing Alice’s face and chest panels. Wordlessly, Moira and Erica inserted cables into the new unit and began the download to her systems from the central databank. The two technician androids then turned and began to pack Alice’s previous chassis into the crate.

Morgan stood blankly as her directives changed and new programming took hold of her processes. She lifted the newly filled crate and was again taken over by the central computer as she turned without further conversation and left the lab. Morgan carried the case, containing the previous Alice unit to her truck, and after stowing it safely inside, began to help the other two androids unpack. After the truck had been unpacked and the loading door firmly secured, Morgan's new instructions took over and she proceeded to make the drive back to central assembly and repair. As the Finest Cuisines truck left the loading docks, Ella and Hannah moved about the pub, making sure tables were clean and everything was in order for the day to start at Frenchy’s.

Beneath the gastropub, Alice’s downloads were complete. As her memory and programming arranged themselves in her digital mind, the two technician androids had opened her body panels and checked all of her systems to ensure proper operation. The technician units continued their work, Moira replacing each of Alice's panels and carefully locking them into a seamless state. Erica was carefully painting each of Alice's toes and fingernails in the predetermined shade of blue the central computer had chosen for Alice. Moira removed Alice’s heavy faceplate and attached it to a makeup stand nearby. With machine-like precision she applied preset makeup pattern 24 to Alice’s face, carefully painting her eyelids and lips in blues to match the toe and fingernails. She then removed the facemask from the stand, and approached Alice. As Erica disconnected the cables from Alice, Moira pressed the realistic facial covering device to the front of Alice's head and reattached her face.

Satisfied that Alice's external appearance was complete, Moira pressed the reset buttion in Alice's chest panel, then replaced the synthetic flesh covered panel. Alice blinked as she rebooted then stated, “Fembot Command Unit FC42093E, testing functions. All systems nominal.” Moira set Alice’s new uniform and shoes beside the fembot as she commanded, “Alice, attire yourself in your proper uniform, and enter the charging booth until it is time for your next shift. Be sure to apply post-illness algorithims to your personality programming for at least 2 days.” Alice sat up and swung her legs over the edge of the lab table, “Yes Moira.” She picked up her clothing and set out to follow her instructions as she had been programmed.

As the sun crept in through the windows, both Ella and Hannah removed their facemasks from their apron pouches. In unison the faceless machines replaced their facemasks and blinked, deactivating their infared sensory systems. The central computer alerted the units that the car of the pub's manager, Bill was approaching. Each fembot stopped and stood still, staring blankly as their personality emulation programs activated.

Bill unlocked the front door and stepped inside the pub, “Good morning Mr. Edwards!” Ella’s tangle of blonde curls fell over her face as she smiled alluringly at him. Bill nodded and smiled at Ella, unable to help himself from staring at her cleavage. Ella's generous breasts wiggled with each circular motion of her hand on the tables, as she wiped them down. Hannah had already stationed herself at the greeter’s post, soft, electronic brown eyes twinkling at Bill as he passed, “Good morning Mr. Edwards!” Bill nodded to Hannah and passed through the doors to the employees area. The cooks soon began filing in and prepping for the day. Bill smiled and sat down in his office, turning on his computer. Alexandra entered the office and set a steaming cup of coffee, prepared exactly the way he liked it, down on his desk and gave him that smile all the barmaids had. Bill watched her ass outlined by her uniform as she left the office. He had the world’s best job.

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