Tennis Anyone?

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The afternoon sun beat down on Mark, his forehead was already slick with a sheen of sweat. He brought his wrist up and drug the sweatband across his head and for a moment felt cool and somewhat relieved. He clutched a tennis racket in one hand and a tennis ball in the other. He was currently bouncing up and down ever so slightly, knees bent and staring down his partner across the court. A woman in her late twenties, or maybe even very early thirties, sood in a similar stance. She was sporting a pair of vibrant pink athletic shorts that clung to her leg at about mid thigh. Her auburn hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail behind her, but there was little she could do to keep her bangs out of the way.

She was sweating significantly less than Mark, though her breathing was steady, it was coming in long breaths. She clutched her own tennis racket between two hands and watched Mark, ready to spring at a moment's notice. Mark took one last look at Joy, his tennis instructor, and tried to focus on everything she had been teaching him over the last few months. Even from where he stood, her tank top did an admirable job of covering up her cleavage, but there was still just enough of her olive coloured skin on display to pose a distraction for him. Mark closed his eyes and deftly tossed the ball into the air. His eyes snapped open and he swung his racket, almost purely on instinct and connected with the fuzzy yellow ball.

Joy sprang to life and sprinted across her side of the court, her arm stretched out and impacted the ball and sent it sailing back towards Mark. It was a move he had seen her do dozens if not hundreds of times at this point and he was ready. He dashed to one side and was ready when the ball bounced once and came at him. He was able to perfectly return the ball towards Joy. They had been going back and forth like this for upwards of thirty minutes and were approaching the end of their daily lessons. Mark wanted so desperately to impress Joy with his progress, and maybe for once finally beat her.

Joy was an amazing teacher, no one could debate that, but the way she played was so perfect. Mark swore to his friends that she was literally unbeatable and had to be cheating somehow. To his credit, Mark wasn’t far from being correct, because from a certain point of view, Joy was cheating. Joy was, afterall, a machine built with the specific purpose of being a perfect tennis player, coach, and instructor. She was a robot, with an incredibly fast core of processors built into her chest. Everything about her was designed specifically to make her appear human, from the sweat that was used as part of her cooling system, to the internal workings that helped her move in a very convincingly human manner.

Unsurprisingly the complex camera assembly behind each of her false eyeballs tracked the movement of the ball as it sailed across the court, calculated its trajectory, potential return trajectory and once Mark had hit the ball, recalculated the trajectory again. All of which her operating system and CPU calculated in an instant, then sent orders to her various body parts to move to intercept. She was a perfectly crafted machine and was able to send the ball flying just over the net on the opposite side of the court form Mark, bouncing once inside of the court and then back out, just out of reach of his tennis racket.

Mark had been dashing across the court to try and get to the ball, but came short and as soon as he saw that he had lost he came to a quick stop. He placed his hands on his knees and sucked in fresh air, panting and trying to begin the process of cooling down. The sweat trickled down his forehead to his nose and then dripped off. He turned his head to look over at Joy who was simply standing there smiling at Mark from across the court. Mark looked back down and stood back up, nodding his head and, despite losing again, smiled and walked towards the net that separated the two.

“Good game, as always” Mark was saying as Joy approached him.

Joy was having some issues though, many of them her well coded and complex operating system coupled with her A.I. were trying to cover up. The heat was well under what was acceptable for her to operate properly, but her processor had been working so hard to move her, calculate the variety of mathematical variables, and keep up a facade of humanity that she was approaching critical operating temperatures. Luckily the slightly stilted gait to her walk went unnoticed by Mark, or if he did notice he didn’t mention it.

“Yes good-ood game Mark. You’ve made some great pro-proress” She said. The vocal tics in her speech caused an alert to pop up in her field of vision each time there was an occurrence. She was dismissing them as soon as they popped up, but they would have to be confirmed as a non-issue by the club’s technical support team when she went in for maintenance. Though her programming was doing a good job of covering up the occurrences, by huffing out a breath after each one. Her programming strictly dictated that she maintain a human appearance at all times, and covering up a vocal glitch like this wasn’t something new to the android woman.

The two shook hands and retreated to their individual gym bags and began to towel off and pack up now that their match was over. The two made small talk for a bit, and Joy’s vocal hiccups subsided quickly as the fresh air from the air conditioned club house helped quickly cool the processors inside of her body. Their banter was flirty, but not inappropriate for the pair. One might have even mistaken them for good friends if they didn’t know about the professional relationship between the pair. Soon though, Mark said his goodbye and retreated to the men's locker room and Joy did the same, moving to the private staff washroom. As Mark showered, scrubbing himself and lingering in the warm water, he felt weary, but the warm water was refreshing him and soothing the tight clumps of muscles after an intense afternoon of tennis. Meanwhile Joy was in the private staff room, preparing herself for the end of her shift at the clubhouse. For as upscale and posh as the club was, it didn’t quite have the funds to purchase dedicated androids as staff, not entirely at least. There were two dedicated receptionists that were kept in the clubhouse and rotated throughout the week. Joy, though, was one of the many robot trainers that the club had contracted with to staff their club teaching classes, and like Mark, offered one-on-one coaching.

The room was, in a word, sparse. It was used primarily by the robotic staff to store personal belongings, or in most cases, store equipment for other jobs that they had. The androids were paid a small amount of money for their services which was normally used to pay for upgrades to their chassis or maintenance and repairs. Joy had used the majority of her income from both her position at the club and her secondary job elsewhere in town to buy components that would aid her in one job or another. The complex array of processors inside of her torso was proof of that. Joy had spent plenty of her hard earned money to buy new internal components that would make her more valuable to anyone looking to hire an android like her.

The only difficulty in her existence was that androids were something of a secret. There were discreet locations around every city that serviced them and sold parts, but they were never prominently advertised. The country club that Joy worked at was one such location. It was run entirely by a robotic staff and contracted androids as it’s staff. As such, Joy’s very existence was a secret, meaning she was able to easily take on wildly different roles. With a few small cosmetic changes she could go from the sweet and skilled tennis coach that she was by day, and transition into a voluptuous stripper and call girl by night. The latter was precisely what she was in the process of doing at the moment. Her shift had ended at the country club and in two hours she was required to be on stage at another club of a different variety.

IT would take her nearly an hour to get across town to the gentlemen's club, “City Limits.” Meaning that she would have to change her outfit and her appearance at the country club before boarding a bus and heading to a bus stop. This wasn’t much of an issue as the locker room was currently empty, save for the receptionist android standing in the corner with a power cable running up under her shirt. Joy wasn’t at all embarrassed about what she was or her other sources of income, she knew many other robots in the employ of the club had alternate incomes that were of an equally seedy nature.

Joy pulled open the sheet metal door to her personal locker and inside were several items. Her gym bag was slung over her shoulder and she set it on the floor, inside was her racket and towel, two items that would stay there until she got home to wash the towel and her clothing. She unfastened her athletic shorts then slid them down her shapely legs until crumpled them on the floor. Joy left them there for a moment while she reached down and pulled her tanktop up and over her head, causing her auburn hair to tumble out of it. She stepped out of her shorts then squatted down and placed the tanktop and shorts into the gym bag. Finally she wiggled her way out of her sports bra and tossed it in the bag as well, then stood back up.

Now fully nude she looked down at her breasts, they weren’t small by any stretch of the imagination, but they weren’t big either. Somewhere in the B-cup range currently, they matched up nicely with her slender well toned athletic body, but for her second job as a stripper and call girl, they simply wouldn’t do. Joy passed a simple request through her operating system and a moment later there was a small hiss. Joy’s chest slid away from her torso about half an inch, allowing her to see inside of herself slightly. She brought her hands up to her chest and wiggled her fingers inside of the gap between the chest plate and the rest of her torso. With a sudden upward and outward motion the entire chest piece popped off of her body, leaving eight small chrome coloured posts jutting out from her body.

Inside of her now opened torso, an array of blinking LED lights could be seen, many of which were showing red at the moment due to the remaining high heat or just a simple alert that a piece of her body had been removed. Snaking their way around the multitude of status lights and circuit boards that comprised the majority of Joy’s internal workings were cables and wires of nearly every colour. Many were bundled together into black mesh tubes that allowed similar components to be held together for ease of repair and installation. All the circuit boards, fiber optic cables and multicoloured wires were, in some way or another, attached to the framework that gave her body its natural slim shape. Some of it was hooked into troughs around her hard plastic artificial rib cage, and others were screwed securely into place along any number of plates lining her body.

Joy set the chest panel down on the ground and leaned it up against her gym bag. The whole assembly was just under five inches tall, and started about where Joy’s collar bone might be and ran down to just above her abdomen. Next she reached into the locker and pulled out one of the few items she kept there, a similar chest panel. This secondary chest panel was the same skin tone as the rest of her body, an ambiguously tanned olive tone. She aligned the new panel against the eight small chrome plated posts that dotted the outer rim of the opening into her body. Pushing inward and slightly downward resulted in the new panel clicking in place, and Joy released her grip on it.

The new panel had its purpose though, the breasts on it were much larger than the smaller, more trim one leaning against the bag at her feet. It was also built to be the most realistic feeling and looking breasts she could afford. They jiggled and swayed like a real woman’s would, but she could control them in ways that no human could. They were designed with a mechanism to allow Joy to stiffen her nipples whenever she wanted and could even control them individually or as a set, though she mostly let the default settings handle those operations.

Once Joy let go of the chest panel, the faintest sound of straining servo motors could be heard. Joy knew the sound all too well, it was the sound of her artificial spine taking on the full weight of her new larger breasts. There was no worry of damage, but the increased strain was expected, and she knew that her spine could handle it. The back bone had been another one of the many upgrades she had purchased in order to make her a better stripped and a better tennis player, it was an expense that was well worth every cent. Once her chest plate receded and locked into place she bent down and picked up her previous panel and placed it into her locker. Once the chest panel was secured in her locker she pulled out a set of strappy looking lingerie and dropped it into her gym bag and then zipped the bag up.

She then took out a much larger bra than her sports bra had been and put it on, hooking it in place behind her back with only the kind of precision that a robot like her could. She wiggled her shoulders a bit and settled the straps into place before pulling out a simple black shirt and shorts. She slipped the shorts on before pulling the shirt on and over her much larger breasts. She stood up straight and sent another command sequence through her operating system. Inside of her skull powerful magnetic locks disengaged all along her scalp and hair line. Joy reached up to her head and pulled her bangs up, then skin began to wrinkle slightly above her forehead and Joy was able to slip her fingers under the artificial scalp. Once there she peeled the whole of her scalp, and with it her hair, off of her head. Under the artificial flesh was a clear hard plastic casing, under the casing was a densely packed array of circuitry, wiring and tubing, she then placed the hairpiece onto the top shelf of her locker.

Joy retrieved from her locker what looked like a wig of long flowing red hair then moved her hands to the back of her head. She began snapping the new hairpiece into place along the back of her head, the magnetic locks clamping it into place with unseen force. After a few moments of making sure none of the strands of hair got caught under her scalp, the new hair piece was in place and Joy’s operating system alerted her that it had detected the new device and was ready to use it. Finally joy reached into the locker and pulled out a small hard case that she unzipped and took out a small card with gold plated contacts along one side of it.

Joy reached up to the side of her head and pushed into her left temple with her thumb and there was a small click and a rounded piece of the side of her head stuck out. Grasping it with her thumb and index finger she pulled it out to reveal a similar looking card clamped in place inside a plastic case that secured the card but left the golden contacts exposed. She pried open the case and extracted the card, putting it in the hard zipper case and placing it inside her locker next to the auburn hairpiece. As soon as she had ejected the card her internal operating system alerted her that a device had been disconnected and that certain programming sets could not be found. She knew it would happen and she quickly closed the alert, she wouldn't need the information on the card for her next job.

She snapped the new card into the holder and brought it back up to the opening in the side of her head and pushed it in, a satisfying small click letting her know that the programming chip was in place. Immediately her operating system read the information from the chip and began to load it into her A.I. While her previous card had been filled with move sets for tennis, calculations for trajectories and predicting player movements, this new one was primarily body motions, how to balance while exaggerating one's hip movements and perhaps most importantly dance moves. It contained everything Joy needed to transition from being a slender tennis coach at a local upscale country club, to a sultry stripper who could spin on a pole and entice men and women out of their hard earned money.

Joy was satisfied that she was ready to move out to the bus stop and closed her locker. She ducked down and picked up her gym bag and slung it over her shoulder. She would have liked to make it to her small apartment and store the bag first, but today there was no time for it. She could store it in the dressing room at City Limits and simply take it home after her shift there ended. As she moved back into the country club she was thankful that there was no one around to see her slip out, though the cool air was doing wonders for her still hot processors.

Mark left the country club shortly after finishing his shower and redressing in street clothes. Simple blue jeans and a polo shirt, with his sweat covered athletic shorts and shirt in a duffle bag. He walked across the parking lot and tossed his bag into the trunk of his car and then flopped into the front seat. His drive home to his small apartment was mercifully short and once there he tossed his clothes in the washing machine and started it before sitting in the recliner facing the TV. He had just picked up the remote to turn it on when he was overwhelmed by a sense of loneliness.

Mark lived alone, and was completely unattached. He didn’t have a girlfriend or even a girl he was close with, and it had been years since he had had sex. He let out a drawn out huff and on a whim decided that instead of wallowing in his misery tonight or drowning it with booze, that he could at least be content with a distraction. He jumped out of the chair and grabbed his car keys, tonight he would have some fun. He started his car and drove off towards a strip club he had visited only once before. Mark was headed towards City Limits.

Joy’s bus stopped several blocks away from the stip club, which was fine with her. It allowed her some measure of anonymity from the regular crowd of bus riders that she had become familiar with seeing. She was still wearing the simple tennis shoes she had been wearing at the country club, but they would be swapped for shiny black heels once she arrived at the club. She walked casually along the sidewalk to the club and stepped inside, the bright midsummer light crashing hard against the dark interior of the club. The microscopic iris’s inside of Joy’s eyes immediately adjusted the light intake and allowed her to progress through the club. There were no patrons at this point, but the bouncer just inside the door recognized her and nodded curtly as she walked past.

Preparations for the evening were well under way, as the bartenders squeezed fruits into juice and then poured them into containers for later. A small contingent of janitorial staff were making sure that the stage that featured prominently in the center of the large open room was clean and ready for the dancers. Meanwhile servers, both human and robot alike were setting candles on tables and lighting them and making sure that the private show rooms were clean. Joy strutted across the room, waving at her coworkers as she did and moved to the dressing room behind the stage.

The dressing room was already bustling with several other girls, all of which were in some state of dress or undress. The room was used for both android workers and humans alike, but like Joy, none of the androids who worked there made their true nature known to anyone else. Joy stepped up to her locker and opened it, setting down her gym bag and opening it. She took out the strappy lingerie she had packed along with her and draped it across the top of the bag. Joy pulled her top shamelessly off of her body and then followed up by removing her bra, letting her breasts jut off of her chest prominently. There was little sag to them, and Joy appreciated that they looked as if they were perfectly natural but almost impossibly perfect. She packed away her top and bra, and soon after, her shorts into the bag. She started to slip into the complicated lingerie, hooking and buckling the silken black straps around her body. None of them did anything to hide her nudity, her nipples her practically accentuated by the outfit and the petite womanly sex between her legs had all attention drawn to it. Joy took out a simple white cotton button up shirt and wrapped it around her shoulders then buttoned it up, leaving the top three buttons undone. The outfit showed off just the right amount of her body, but would require just the right amount of work to remove it, perfect for drawing the eyes of her patrons.

Joy moved to one of the vacant vanity style desks that lined one wall of the dressing room. Many other girls were here already, applying makeup, body glitter, or some type of style enhancing jewelry. Joy was still wearing the simple makeup that she had been wearing at the country club and made no effort to touch it up, instead she began to bundle her hair up into a messy bun on her head and hold it in place with a scrunchie. That was when she noticed that her lipstick was slightly smudged, probably from changing clothes or her previous tennis match with Mark

She picked up cloth and wiped off the rest of the red substance from her thick pouty lips and then picked up an even darker shade of red from the available choices on her desk. Running the stick over her synthetic lips and then puckering and kissing them to evenly distribute the makeup before applying a layer of lip gloss to make her lips shine. She turned her head left, then right, looking herself over. It was a simple movement that any one of the girls in the room would do constantly, but Joy had a special purpose, before going on stage she needed to look herself over to make sure there was no sign of her robotic nature on display. Finally, satisfied that she looked as human as any other girl in the room, she stood and moved to the hallway leading to the stage and leaned against the wall. She closed her eyes and put herself into a low power mode. Her processors were still running hotter than usual and it was beginning to concern Joy. A lowered power mode would conserve power and leave only some rudimentary systems online while shutting off anything that wasn’t necessary.

Soon the club opened and a steady trickle of early evening patrons started to funnel in, ordering drinks and food or taking up residence in some of the seats arranged around the stage. Mark was among the crowd that arrived early and, after ordering a whiskey sour for himself as well as a VIP pass. The pass was a simple card with the clubs logo on it that when shown to any of the girls would indicate he wanted to move to a private session. Once he had his drink he sat in one of the seats near the side of the stage. He was only a few sips into his cocktail when the music that had only been a dull background buzz faded into existence as a loud booming bassline. Along with the sudden increase in volume the stage lit up, illuminated by any number of spotlights.

The crash of sound was Joy’s cue to load up her programming and take action. A trio of other girls were with her and the four of them strode onto the stage. The groups walked smoothly to the center, their long soft but luxurious legs exposed for all to see, and the front row guests had the best view, able to just barely sneak a peek at the girls panties. Mark took another sip and looked up at the group that fanned out along the edge of the stage, pacing along it, giving everyone a sample of the four women who would be performing.

Joy took up a position at the front of the stage and, along with the other women, began to dance. Swaying her hips back and forth and letting her hands roam over the shirt she wore, along the length of her legs, and across her rear end. On occasion she would just barely catch the edge of her shirt and drag it upwards enough to tease a hoot or holler from a member of the club. Mark watched in delight and it wasn’t long before he was squirming in his seat, his drink was almost immediately forgotten as he dug into his pocket and pulled out a small stack of dollar bills. Like the other men there he offered up some of it to the girl dancing in front of him, a slender looking woman with short dark hair and even darker eyes. She swayed for him, squatted down and let him tuck a few bills into the waistband of her lacy black thong.

Soon though the song ended and rolled gracefully into another electrifying beat. The girls on stage swayed and moved with it, seamlessly transitioning their positions on stage. Mark only felt a small pang of disappointment, he had really enjoyed the girl before. As the song began to build in tension, so too did the girl begin to lose clothes. Mark took another sip of his drink as the red headed dancer in front of him began to unbutton her shirt and let it fall off of her, revealing a complex looking array of lingerie below it. Mark felt himself become suddenly so much harder than he thought he could be. Part of it was the exquisite dancing and part of it was that he swore the dancer in front of him was someone he recognized. He knew that there were probably thousands of women in this city, but there was just something about the way this olive skinned dancer reminded him of someone.

Mark didn’t wait too long, he had missed his chance before and now he wanted to make sure he got what he wanted. He held aloft his VIP pass to the girl who smirked at him, winked and then smoothly dropped to the floor of the stage, writhing on her back and somehow scooting closer to Mark. His view of her perfectly rounded breasts were almost enough to distract him away from the girl in front of him. She was close enough to call out to him and Mark leaned in close. Her head and shoulders were dangling off of the stage now and she whispered into his ear a simple number. Mark nodded stupidly and the girl sat up and clutched her legs close against her large breasts before extending one leg high in the air and running a hand along it.

Mark picked up his drink and stood, looking over his shoulder at the girl and swore again that he knew her from somewhere. He moved to a spiral staircase that led to an upper floor, lined with rooms with locking doors and a single number etched on it. Mark walked into the room that the girl below had told him and closed the door behind him. Inside the room was a comfortable looking couch, stretched along the long side of the room, and a side table. Mark had no sooner set his drink down that the door creaked open and the stripper from before stepped in.

Joy had been moving on stage and swaying her body around and her processor core hadn’t lowered the CPU cycles it was using and it was still running as hot as it had the last time she saw Mark. As she stepped into the room she immediately recognized Mark, but didn’t show it at all, she was programmed better than that. She instead slid into the seat next to him and brought her lips close to his ear, brushing the very edges of her soft synthetic lips against his ear and letting out a breath. Mark quivered and let out a small low gasp, on the very edge of a moan.

Joy stood and yanked the tie from her hair and let her red hair tumble down around her shoulders. She straddled against Mark and began to grind her hips into his crotch, placing her hands on his shoulders. The action put a tremendous amount of strain on her legs, since she was suspending herself over Mark and undulating against him. After only a few moments of grinding against him Joy’s operating system alerted her of a high heat warning, despite the cool air conditioning in the club. Joy sucked in another deep breath, hoping to cool her CPU but it wasn’t enough.

Joy’s smile froze in place, her facial expressions being one of the few systems that could be shut off if an emergency happened. Her head lolled to one side as her hips continued to thrust back and forth in a measured tempo. She let out a small enticing moan, but her mouth didn’t move, the sound simply played out of the speaker assembly in her throat. Mark took notice of this and looked at Joy with concern, and then a dawning realization fell upon him. He had seen this girl before, specifically he had seen that smile.

“Joy?!” He questioned, enthralled at the prospect but also confused by several things. Her hair was different, but that could have been a wig, the bigger confusion came from the breasts. Mark had spent almost every lesson the two had trying to sneak glances at Joy’s chest, but these, these breasts were much larger.

“Hel-hello Mark. It’s good. It’s good. It’s good good good to see you. Good to see you. You.” Joy said, her mouth moving again, but now it was lagging a half second behind the words it was producing.

“Wh-are you ok?” Mark said, his voice now filled with concern.

“I’m fine. Fine. fi-fi-fi-” Joy responded, her head beginning to spasm to one side with each vocal malfunction. Then her voice changed from the dark lusty voice she had been using before to something completely devoid of emotion, devoid of humanity.

“Alert. Heat levels at critical levels. Emergency heat ventilation.”

With that, Joy stood up and three panels opened, one above her breasts, and one on either side of her rib cage. Each one perfectly displaying much of her internal circuitry and wiring. Mark could see the distorted waves of heat drifting out of her open body. Joy had frozen completely while the heat ventilated, her head cocked to one side and her expression frozen. Her eyes remained open and unblinking, and her mouth hung slightly ajar.

“Fucking hell..y-your a robot?” Mark said, scooting away from Joy, but unable to tear his eyes away from her. His eyes roamed over her body, and more specifically over the wiring inside of her. She remained frozen and ventilating heat for upwards of thirty seconds before the panels automatically closed and Joy’s face returned to a more neutral position and she blinked several times. Eventually her A.I. and operating system returned to full operation and she looked down at Mark. When she saw the recognition on his face her hands flew to her mouth and she gasped.

“I. Mark this isn’t what it looks like..” She said, trailing off.

“Really? Because it looks like you’re a robot that teaches tennis by day and strips by night.” Mark retorted.

Joy stopped for a moment and nodded, “Well, you kind of nailed that on the head.”

Joy let out a huff and sat on the far end of the couch, putting as much distance between herself and Mark. Her programming was to be as human as possible and she had blown that cover to one of her clients. She knew that there was a consequence for that kind of thing, her manufacturer would likely remotely recall her to a facility where she would be disassembled and her various components used as refurbished parts for other androids. She looked up from the floor where she had been staring and looked over to Mark who was no longer looking at her with a look of utter confusion, but more one of concern.

“What?” She asked.

“Well, it’s just that you’re actually a robot. That’s so awesome!” Mark said. Then he had another realization, “That’s why you always beat me at tennis!”

“Ah, yeah, you got me there.” Joy said, biting her lower lip a bit, then looked towards the floor again. She even began to fidget with her hands in her lap, then looked back at Mark, who was smiling at her, a real genuine smile.

“I won't tell anyone. I’m sure you need to keep it a secret and all. Right?” Mark said. Joy looked hopeful at that, her A.I. began to make some calculations, there was a possibility that her manufacturer hadn’t been alerted to her exposure.

“Thanks, but that might be more difficult than you think. You see, as soon as I connect to a wireless network, my manufacturer is going to be alerted to the breech. And that's bad.”

“So don’t connect to a wireless network...or flush the log files or something.” Mark replied. Joy opened her mouth as her A.I. already had a response, she couldn’t do that, she wasn’t allowed to modify her log files, but someone else was. She closed her mouth and then spoke again.

“Okay, I think I have an idea, but it’s going to be tricky and I’m going to need you to do something to me, you’re going to have to take me apart a little.” Joy said, and judging by Mark's reaction, he seemed to be on board with it. She bit her lower lip and then continued.

“Okay, I’m going to go down and tell my manager that I’m feeling sick and then leave. You meet me about two blocks away, over by the bus stop and I’ll let you know what to do there. Okay?” Mark agreed and the two of them set their plan into motion. Mark left the room first, and walked down through the club and out. He got into his car and drove the three blocks and found a parking lot near the bus station. He parked and stood outside of his car leaning against it, furiously trying to process the information that his long time crush and tennis coach was really just a machine. Nearly fifteen minutes passed before he saw the familiar frame of Joy walking down the sidewalk towards the station. He walked towards her and once she noticed him she veered off course and followed along with him. She nodded her head towards the car and the two silently got it.

“Okay, here’s where things are going to be tricky. Let me just explain what to do and then you do it, if you still want to that is.” Joy said, her words tumbling out of her mouth.

“Yeah, sure, just walk me through it.” Mark said, feigning confidence.

“Right. So, behind my left ear is a little raised bump of skin, that’s a power switch. Hold that down for fifteen seconds and that’ll completely power me down. Then we’re going to have to go somewhere that I’ve never been to before, your place will probably be good. Once we get there power me back on and we can delete the log files.”

Mark nodded along with Joy’s tirade, “Okay, but why do you need to be, uh, powered off?”

“So that I don’t accidentally connect to a network between here and there. I probably won't, but I just have to make sure.” Joy replied.

“Oh, that makes sense. Good thinking there.” Mark said. Then he looked towards Joy, steeling himself. “Ready?”

“Yep” Joy said, chipper as ever.

Mark reached out to Joy and slid his hand along the left side of her head and around her ear. His fingertips brushed against the small mound of skin there and pressed into it. As Joy had said, after fifteen seconds her eyes suddenly closed and she seemed to slump down in the seat. Mark sat in silence looking at Joy for a minute and then started the car and drove to his apartment. Once he pulled into the parking lot it was nearly seven’o’clock and the majority of the residents were in their apartments for the evening. Mark spent a moment looking around the parking lot to make sure everything was safe and sound then quickly got out of his car, opened the door on Joy’s side and, somewhat awkwardly, lifted her out of the car and into his arms. He managed to make it to his apartment door, unlock it and get inside without being noticed.

Once inside he laid Joy down on the couch in his sparsely decorated living room. After he caught his breath he tapped the power button on the back of her head again and waited. When Joy didn’t immediately pop back up Mark began to panic a bit, pacing back and forth in front of Joy. As he paced Joy’s operating system was coming online, initializing her various components and attempting to connect to any available network. When none was found she continued her boot sequence and her eyes clicked open.

“Model number three eight nine zero seven online. Operating name, Joy Hatford. Enabling human emulation now.” she said in a flat, emotionless voice before her eyes closed again, then opened up but looked more natural. She sat up on the couch and looked to Mark, and a wide smile spread across her face.

“Yes! Okay, good, okay. So, this is going to be the uh, the more difficult part. You’re going to need to connect me to a computer or laptop or something and then manually browse through my file system and find the log files that I generate. Don’t look so concerned, I can walk you through that.” Joy said, standing up now and wearing a comforting smile on her face. Mark nodded along and held up a finger before dashing down the hall to his bedroom and returning a moment later with a laptop.

“Perfect! Okay so, I can tell you what to do from here on out, but you’re going to have to be the one to do it. I’m not a full administrator on certain parts of my own system, but an external source can be.” She sucked in a breath and smiled, “So, let's get started shall we”

Joy turned her head to the left and tapped her temple on the opposite side of where the programming chip had been inserted earlier. “Okay, go ahead and push in here, pretty hard, until you feel a click”

Mark placed his index finger on her temple and pressed inward, and in response Joy scrunched up her face and sucked in a breath through her teeth, hissing slightly as if in pain. Mark immediately stopped pushing and as a result, Joy’s face returned to normal.

“Something wrong?” Joy said, looking towards Mark.

“Well, you just looked like it was hurting you is all.” Mark replied.

“I’m just a machine Mark, I can’t feel pain. It’s just a preprogrammed response to a human trying to access something that would give away that I’m a robot. It’ll stop when you finish opening the port there.” She smiled at him, attempting to comfort him. “Try again.” Mark did, pressing his finger into the side of Joy’s head and despite her hissing in simulated pain he did feel a small click under his fingers. When he did he stopped applying pressure and a small round section of her skin moved away from her head. This time Joy reached up and tugged off the small patch of artificial flesh and set it on the table next to the couch.

“Okay, good. Now, reach in and pull out the data cable. It’s just a regular USB cable, so you can plug it in to your laptop.”

Mark did as he was told, gingerly gripping the tip of the cable with his thumb and index finger, he pulled the length of the thin cable out and plugged it into his computer. Immediately a small window popped up asking for his permission to install drivers and management software. Naturally, he clicked through the prompts and let the software install. Once it was done there was a small chime to let him, and Joy, know that the process was complete.

“Good, good. Okay so you should see a new drive added to your computer. It’ll be my name and a bunch of numbers after it.” Joy said.

“Yep, right here.” Mark said with a small measure of glee.

“Okay, good, open that then look through those files, you should see a folder called event logs. Right?” Mark scanned through the folder, it took him a while before he found what he was looking for, but with time, discovered the event logs folder. Inside of it were hundreds of simple text files, all noted with a date and time.

“Safe to assume you want the one with today’s date at about the time we were at the strip club?” Mark said.

“You got it. Open that up and look for a line in it that says something like privacy breach”

“Okie dokie”

Mark found the proper file and then the right line, in bold letters there was a line after a series of malfunctions and temperature warnings that said there had been a breach in her human emulation. The line after it noted that a network could not be reached to report the error and then several hundred lines of the same alert ending in a single line that said “power loss”

“Got it, ok yeah it says there was a breach in human emulation. Now what?” Mark said, his eyes darting from the screen up to Joy’s face.

“Highlight that line, then replace it with one that says ‘no action required, colon, emulation exception handler, colon, no issue report. Then just save it.”

Mark followed along with her each step of the way and in the end saved the file. After he saved he only briefly saw Joy’s eyes flutter for a second, presumably as the new information was entered into her operating system, but aside from that everything seemed just fine. At Joy’s behest, Mark disconnected the USB cable and it immediately gained tension. He guided it back into her head so it didn’t whip around her face and she replaced the patch of skin over it, pressing inward and clicking it into place. Had Mark not just seen a cable dangling out of her head he would have sworn she was a real woman, but now he knew better.

“Okay, that’s it. I think we’re all good now. Only one real way to find out though. Can I connect to your wifi?” Joy asked and Mark nodded, telling her the password. Her operating system quickly connected and Mark found himself holding his breath. After a few seconds he couldn’t wait any longer.

“Well?” He said, impatiently.

“No alerts or anything, I think we did it!” Joy said and smiled brightly. She wrapped her arms around Mark and hugged him tight. She took a step back and lowered her eyes a bit and chewed on her lower lip for a moment.

“You know, you did pay for a private session at the club and you didn’t really get it. So maybe as a way of saying thank you I could, you know, do that for you now?” Joy said, a coy smile creeping across her face. Mark wouldn't turn that down and nodded gleefully at Joy.

Mark found himself pushed down onto his own couch with Joy looming over him. Her shirt was quickly off of her followed immediately by her bra. Mark was already enjoying the view, though it was certainly quicker than any strip tease he had seen before. Joy was already working her shorts down her lean slender thighs and letting them fall off of her. She was now fully nude, her lightly tanned skin made her look exotic in Mark's dimly lit apartment, a look that was accentuated by her large breasts and her pouty lips. Joy didn’t stop there though, she tossed her red hair to one side and leaned forward, her hands landing on the back of the couch on either side of Mark’s shoulders. Her breasts were now delightfully on display directly in front of Mark.

“Go ahead, you can touch me. There’s no rules here, and goodness knows I’m going to touch you.” Joy said, as one of her hands fell to Marks shoulder and trailed over his chest down to his crotch. Her slender delicate fingers began to expertly unbutton and unzip his jeans. Mark figured she had some very specific programming on how exactly to do that without fumbling. Once his zipper was undone he couldn’t stop his rock hard cock from springing out from the opening in his boxers. Joy’s hand was immediately on it, stroking up and down the shaft while her thumb teased at the head.

Mark's hands flew, as if completely beyond his control, to cup both of Joy’s breasts. He marveled at just how real they felt, there wasn’t a single trace of the plastic feeling he would have expected from a robot with fake tits. These felt like they were a real woman’s breasts. He played with them, toying with the feel of them and delighting in the natural sway they had as her body moved. He teased her nipples, briefly and gently pinching or rolling them slightly between his fingers. Joy was already moaning from Mark’s touch, and the complex system of pumps in her pelvis was seeping artificial lubricants into her robotic vagina.

The two had been toying with each other for long enough, Joy suddenly stopped rubbing Mark's cock and instead began wiggling his pants and boxers down his legs until they too were a crumpled heap on the floor. Without any hesitation she swung herself into Marks lap and aligned herself with his crotch. She lowered herself onto him and he penetrated her without any issue. She felt tight, perfectly wet and absolutely amazing to Mark. Her hips rolled and she bounced ever so slightly up and down on his shaft. Each motion causing her breasts to sway and jiggle realistically.

Mark's hands were immediately on her body. He was already blinded to the lust that he was feeling from Joy’s body against his and her robotic sex taking in his cock. He groped and grabbed at whatever his hands could find and both of them were grumbling and growling with pure lust fueled pleasure.

Mark lost all track of the time they were together but soon he felt the swelling of an orgasm travel through his body. Great spurts of hot sticky fluids filled Joy and in that moment she threw her head back and cried out. The two of them orgasmed together and in the end Joy fell forward against Mark. The heat from their bodies passing between the two and Mark noted that Joy felt so much warmer than he did. After seeing the log files from her operating system, Mark gathered that she, perhaps, needed a better cooling system.

The two panted and kissed and held each other long into the night, but in the end Joy let Mark know that she had to leave or else her internal battery power would force her to. Mark reluctantly nodded, gave her one final passionate kiss goodbye, and she left for the evening. Mark couldn’t remember the last time he had had that much raw sexual pleasure or heart pounding fun with a girl. He made the choice that very night that the next time he and Joy met for tennis lessons that he would ask her to go on a date with him, a real proper date. With any luck, maybe this would be the start of many evenings the two of them would spend together.

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