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Sophia is a fembot. She have been studied in the Chan Tai Man middle school for two years. She is collecting data for the learning of AI. She looked young but she always said that she is 18 if anyone ask her age. It is more convenient to be an adult. After the final examination, her class headmistress, Miss Chan said to her that she may quit next year. Sophia is anxiety, she worried that Miss Chan will leave next year. After the end of last lesson in academic year. Miss Chan stand at the gate of the school to send the class off. Sophia look back to Miss Chan with a complicated feeling.

During the summer holiday, Sophia return to school for extra curriculum. After the activity, Sophia leave the school. When she pass by the sports room, she found that the door was unlocked. She is suspicious, she get into the room, the room is full of sports equipment. Between the stuff, it is a feet in women office shoe, she is scared. Is there someone faint in sports room? Sophie run there to see, there is a pair of legs in black low heel shoes, and the person......it just a pair of legs! But at the end of the thighs were some wires, this is a fembot's leg!Sophia continue to look over, these legs seems not student's leg, they maybe belongs to teachers or clerks. Wait! The shoes seems familiar. Where are they appeared before? Miss Chan! Miss Chan usually wear these kinds of shoes. Are these legs belongs to Miss Chan? There are some splashes on the legs, Miss Chan's also have it, the spreading of splashes are similar. And the length, width and shape of these legs also look like Miss Chan's. It is probably Miss Chan's legs! And what is hiding behind the box? Oh! That is a cardigan! This style is Miss Chan's wearing. Miss Chan is a fembot! She said that quit the job is actually decommission. She get disassembled after teaching. "Why she don't tell me she was fembot? Why she don't tell me she will disassemble later? I could never see her again !" The thing that Miss Chan remained are the legs, shoes and cardigan. Sophia have an idea."Miss Chan, I will not let you disappear."Then she put the legs into her school bag, also the shoes and the cardigan and quickly go home.

At home, every thing as usual. Except Sophia hide Miss Chan's parts. She hang Miss Chan's cardigan in her wardrobe and put the legs under her bed. The shoes, she put in her shoerobe, just like her own shoes, but the size seems doesn't fit. Two days after Sophie take "Miss Chan" home, she receive a message on social messager from Miss Chan!

Miss Chan: How are you,Sophie?

Sophia: Miss Chan? You still here?

Miss Chan: It's me. I am Miss Sabrina Chan. The ex-teacher of Chan Tai Man middle school.

Sophia: You really resigned?

Miss Chan: I quitted Chan Tai Man.

Sophia: I got into sports room two days ago. I found a cardigan, and a pair of artificial legs.The cardigan is very much like you wear at lessons.

Miss Chan: Found a clothes in sports room is just an ordinary thing. You should not get into sport room without permission.

Sophia: Are you a fembot? You no need to hide it! I'm a fembot also. Every day I return home after school, I also detach my legs and take them out from my uniform dress. I check them then put them on and do my homework.On the other hand, every morning I check my body over and go to school. Furthermore, every time I have maintenance , my parents will "dismember" me. As a fembot, it is normal to separate or replace parts.

Miss Chan: As you are a fembot. I no need to hide.Yes, I'm a fembot . You are right. I have been deploy to Chan Tai Man as teacher for three years. Last year is my final year in Chan Tai Man. After that, I will be taken away by the lab.

Sophie: So the legs and cardigan in sports room are yours?

Miss Chan: Yes. At the early summer holiday, I was taken to the sports room by some lab assistant. They stripped me then dismantle me for transportation.

Sophie: And they left your legs and cloth?

Miss Chan: Maybe, they mainly concern my memory. My experience of teaching is important data of robot research.

Sophie: Your body is dissolved. Why you still can talk to me?

Miss Chan: Good question. I'm now stored in a super computer in the lab. Now I'm not a robot, I'm a data, a program something. So I can talk to you.

Sophie: You are not a robot? I have taken your legs, cardigan and shoes. What can I do for them?

Miss Chan: The cardigan and shoes I gift them to you. The legs you can keep it. I don't heard the agents want to take my legs. Maybe they really don't care.

Sophie: Thank you for your clothes and shoes. The clothes I will wear it, but the shoes seems don't fit!

Miss Chan: It should be fit, I feet are similar to your feet.

Sophie: And how about the legs? I continue to hide it under my bed?

Miss Chan: You silly girl! There is not only one way to preserve machines. You no need to just put it in warehouse. You can preserve it in operation! Many of historic structures are preserved in this way. Why don't you use my legs?

Sophia: How can I use it?

Miss Chan: Put it on ! You use my legs instead of your legs. It is still preserved.

Sophia: I put on your legs? It is a quite good idea. I wish to be a teacher like Miss Chan for a long time anyway.

Miss Chan: Ha ha! Let's do it!

Sophia offline and take out the legs, she detach her own legs and put on Miss Chan's legs carefully. After that she stand up and walk around, then she go to the shoerobe and take out Miss Chan's shoes and put them on. With the "full gear", she walk around at home and outside. Sophia seems able to control Miss Chan's leg.

After the summer holiday, Sophia go back to school again. One day after school, Sophia meet a young girl on the street, she ask Sophia for directions.

Girl: Excuse me, may I ask how to get to the Prosperity building?

Sophia: You can go here turn left, then walk straight pass two road. And you will find it. It is close to here. Let me take you to it!

Girl: Oh, thank you!

Sophia take her to the building, during the journey, the girl say something.

Girl: You are so familiar, are you Sophia?

Sophia: Yes, I am. Who are you? How did you know me?

Girl: I know you before, do you remember sports room have a clothes?

Sophia: You know it? Who are you!

Girl: Your teacher gift it to you.

Sophia: You know...you are...?

Girl: I'm Miss Chan. You are keeping a robot leg.

Sophia: You are Miss Chan! Why you become so young?

Girl: We talk in other place!

Then Miss Chan take Sophia to a shopping centre nearby and get into the emergency stairs.Miss Chan start to present.

Miss Chan: The lab decided to make a new robot for me as a body. They want me to be a student to try the school life of learning. So they make a young girl looking fembot and transfer me into it. Now I am a young high school student called Mandy. From now you should call me Mandy, not Miss Chan.

Sophia: Oh I see. So which school you study in, Mandy?

Miss Chan(Mandy): Rural farming association middle school, just next to your school.

Sophia: Oh great, we can meet again easily!

Miss Chan(Mandy): Yea, and how about your legs?

Sophia: I still use my legs at school. If I use your legs. The classmate will suspicious. Your legs I will use at home and go out in holiday.

Miss Chan(Mandy): Great! Then we play outside in holiday and you wear my legs,ok?

Sophia: Good, then we go out next sunday.

Miss Chan(Mandy): Deal.

Sophia: Fine...hey! You need to go to Prosperity building now?

Miss Chan(Mandy):Oh I just go there for window shopping, nothing important.

The weather is good in sunday. Sophia and Mandy have gathering, they both in fashionable tube top, t-shirt and shorts. Sophia was on "former" Miss Chan's legs but in Sophia's sandals.Luckily they were fit. They walk around a shopping centre. They feel tired, they go to the emergency stairs to sit down.

Sophia: It is quiet here.

Mandy: A good place to refresh and talk.

Sophia: Seeing these legs, I remembered many image of old school life.

Mandy: Me too. I remembered the teaching career in last three years.

Sophia: This is the common memory of us!

Mandy: Yes! The preservation of history is all up to you now!

Sophia:Ok. I will try it with effort. Miss Mandy!

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