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Part 0 - Eve

Simon and Eve, good friends of Tammy and her Friend Jim since years invited them to a nice evening. They were all sitting in the living room for hours, talking eating and enjoying a nice evening. By having a nice meal that Eve did for the friends, Tammy was wondering why Eve didn’t taste her meal. Now she remembered that they met often, and she never saw her friend eat or drink in the last weeks.

Eve was a breathtaking brunette beauty with long slender legs, perfect breasts and smooth shimmering skin. She was sitting at the desk near Tammy who couldn’t resist asking her a lot of questions about Eve’s beauty.

“I envy you Eve, you look so beautiful, I would do everything to be like you, I’ll do everything to make Jim happy, please, please tell me your secret”, Tammy said. Simon, who followed their conversation looked to Tammy and Jim and started to explain.

“My friends…Eve is very special, I will show you something.” Simon looked at Eve while he said ”Eve, please run pleasure routine RF9931”.

Tammy and Jim looked puzzled at each other as Eve immediately unbuttoned her white blouse. She revealed her perfect C cup breasts supported by a very sexy black satin shelf bra. She stood up and undressed her black leather skirt. Under that she wore a black satin garter belt. Her longs slender legs ended with a pair of classic 4-inch black patent leather high heel pumps. The smooth shiny black sheers wrapped on her legs crackled slightly as she moved. Jim knew that Simon had certain affection to lingerie as himself.

As Eve moved up from her chair, Jim felt his dick swell as he could see that she was wearing no thong to cover her hairless and very lovely looking pussy. She kneeled down beside her husband and started to unbutton his shirt and opening his trousers. Then she stood up and sat on Simon intruding his now hard dick into her pussy. Eve started to moan and moved her hips rhythmical. Simon started to enjoy her movements for a minute as Jim And Tammy curious looking at their friends making love.

On the brink of his climax Simon suddenly grabbed a remote control from the desk and pushed a button.

“Not yet, my love”, he said. I small beep was heard from within Eve and she suddenly froze in her movement. A sound like a whiling down hard disc came from within her underbelly.

Like a statue frozen in the most arousing moment she was sitting on Simon, her eyes and mouth wide open.

Simon looked at Tammy and Jim now at the same time embarrassed but excited.

“My friends, Eve…is a machine, a robot, a Marina GX-3200 sexual companion model, custom designed and build for my and her own pleasure.”

Jim looked at him in disbelieve. “You are kidding Simon, she can’t be a robot, I know you booth since seven years.”

Simon smiled at Jim, then, he grabbed behind Eve’s left ear and a fine line appeared around her face. Simon gently removed Eve’s face panel and Jim and Tammy looked shocked at the thing that appeared to be their friend.

“Come and have a look, it’s really admirable.“ Simon said to them. Tammy and Jim looked fascinated into the artificial head, which was cramped with dozens of wires, tubing and LED´s blinking rhythmical in different colours. They noticed her large beautiful white eyeballs with a lovely green iris connected to small servo motors, now out of power, two rows of white perfect teeth made from special plastics. Tammy came near to take a close look.

“Simon, this is incredible, I can’t believe that we can build robots who look so real!” Simon smiled, “Yeah she’s really a work of art. I sometimes forget, that she’s a robot when we make love.” Tammy notices a removable vial, which was filled with a clear liquid behind Eve’s plastic cheek.

Tammy pointed to it. “What is that?” “Oh, that’s just a lubricant she needs, to please my when making oral sex…you see, she’s basically designed for pleasure.” Simon said.

“She’s beautiful”, said Jim fascinated, “and it seems like she’s very complex programmed, I thought for a moment, that it’s the real Eve.”

“This is the real Eve my friends”, Simon explained, while he gently pulled the faceplate back to Eve’s head with a small click. “Eve made the conversion to this machine some weeks ago, the technicians digitised her memory and uploaded it to a hard disc inside that body”. Simon pushed deep inside Eve’s naval, as she was still sitting motionless on his leap, a large square seem appeared and Simon removed the covering of Eve’s most delicate internal system. He carefully located a disc and pulled gently out of the socket. “This is Eve’s memory…” Simon carefully placed the disc on the table.

“Does Eve hear us now?” asked Tammy.

“No, I’ve switched her off, I can maintain a lot of the needful service on her while she is online, like replacing her liquid vials, adding new hardware or updating her software, but sometime it’s better to shut the robot down to avoid short circuits.”

“Does that hurt?” asked Tammy now more and more curious.

“Well, ask Eve,“ said Simon, as grabbed the memory drive and put it into Eve’s belly. With a small click it went into the socket. Then he grabbed the remote again and pushed another button. Eve instantly continued her pleasure routine. Overwhelmed by the pleasurable movement of Eve’s hips and the contractions of her artificial pussy on his dick Simon hardly could find the reset button on the remote. Tammy giggled, as Simon finally pushed the button and Eve stopped her pleasure routine instantly.

“Eve my love, please return to normal mode. Eve was standing up and sat down at the table. Tammy whispered into Jim’s ear. “Honey, would you love to have me converted too?” Jim smiled at her. Eve looked at Simon, “My dear, I have shown my friends your robotic body”, he said, “now they know now who you are.” Eve looked down to her open belly panel, than she smiled at Tammy. “Darling, will you join me, to become a robot too? I can see in your eyes, that you would love to become a perfect robotic wife like me.”

Tammy smiled, ”Oh Eve, I don’t know, I’m such a jerk when it comes to computers, I don’t know if I would fit in such a body”

“Darling, you don’t have to know anything about computers, everything you need will be pre-programmed onto your hard disc. Did you see me lovemaking with Simon? That was a pre-programmed routine, my memory consists dozens of routines to please my husband and if he wants something new, they can make an update anytime. He even can program me by himself, there’s an standard fire wire connection at my input“

Eve stood up again and looked down to her crotch. I small beep was heard from within her underbelly followed by a silent servo whirl which extracted her entire pussy unit some inches. With robotic preciseness, she removed her entire latex pussy unit. A terminal was now visible at the large opening in her crotch featuring a small array of connectors. Some status LED´s were visible there too. Tammy looked curious to Eve’s exposed crotch, Jim’s dick was near to explode by all the things that he saw here, but he tried to stay cool.

Eve started again to explain, “Tammy, there are so many things that have changed my life now. I don’t feel pain, I don’t need to eat or to drink, and I look perfect anytime, all I need is an eight-hour reload session for my battery unit. When I malfunction I can easily repaired by a qualified team of robotic experts. And finally, I can please my loving husband with any sexual fantasy that he wishes. That’s what I’ve been build for…I’m a sexual companion robot.”

Eve looked at Simon, “Honey, my power recourses have been exhausted after our extensive lovemaking session, I need the adapter for a complete reload.

”Sure my dear” Simon answered and took the power adapter from the nearby locker and connected it carefully to her crotch panel and the wall outlet.

Eve finally looked deep into Tammie’s eyes. “Tammy, I think you would be a perfect robotic wife. Think about it…it’s a wonderful new life. You won’t regret it.

Then Eve froze and started to speak “Connecting DC terminal….reload cycle activated. Unit GX-3249 shutting down.

Tammy still looked fascinated at the beautiful robot, now sitting motionless on her chair while reloading. She looked at Simon. “I want it…I want to be like Eve!”

To be continued…

Part 01 – Conversion

Tammy and Jim were walking thorough the corridors of a large building in the middle of the city. They were looking for the address they got from their friends Eve and Simon.

“Here we go” said Jim as he found the sign. With small letters the name “CDI RESEARCH” was standing in the door. Jim looked to Tammy.” Are you sure you want to do this?”

“More than ever” she said while she opened the door.

As they entered they came into an office. A gorgeous blonde wearing a headset was sitting behind the desk at the administration area. “Welcome to Companion Dolls, what can I do for you” she said with a professional smile.

“My name is Tammy Phillips, I have an appointment with Miss Farnsworth.”

“Oh yes, Miss Phillips, I see your name here…I will call Miss Farnsworth, she will be here in a minute. Please have a seat.” She pointed to a waiting area and Jim and Tammy sat there for a short while.

Miss Farnsworth entered the room. She was a gorgeous blonde woman in the late thirties with a fabulous figure. Her black business suit was cut extremely tight-fitting to her petite figure. The black miniskirt matching the jacket nestled alluring on her hips. Her perfect long legs looked even longer supported by four inch black classic high heels and black satin sheers.

“Miss Phillips,” she asked with a sultry voice as she came in. “I’m Victoria Farnsworth, welcome to Companion Dolls, please follow me.”

Tammy and Jim followed Miss Farnsworth through some corridors. Tammy looked at the perfect face and the body of Miss Farnsworth. “Excuse me, may I ask you a question?” Tammy said.

“Of cause, “answered Miss Farnsworth.

“Are you a machine?” she said.

“Of cause, I am”, she smiled to Tammy. She pulled the Jacket up and opened a little service panel at her lower arm to show Tammy and Jim her true nature,“ I’m unit DX-7753, model Angela, build and programmed for business function and management. I’ve been converted from my human life seven months ago. How did you find out?”

“Well,” answered Tammy, looking fascinated at the blinking lights, cables and connectors inside Miss Farnsworth’s arm,” you are so…perfect…and so beautiful.”

Miss Farnsworth smiled, “And you want to be perfect too?”

“Yes”, said Tammy, “will I be converted today?”

“If you wish”, said Miss Farnsworth while directing them into a lab room, ”we will finish your conversion in just a few hours. First we need a scan of your face, please come in.”

Tammy sat down at a movable seat. A kind of laser device came from the ceiling and started to scan every inch of her face. “Don’t you scan my whole body for my robot duplicate?” she asked.

“This isn’t necessary”, said Miss Farnsworth, “you will choose one of our six body types, we then will custom build your face panel. That way we save a lot of money and can easily exchange damaged parts.”

“Sounds logical”, said Tammy as the scanner finished the work and moved back to the hatch at the ceiling.

“Fine”, said Miss Farnsworth, “if you please be so kind and come with me to the office, we need you to fill out some forms and answer some questions.”

“Of cause, “ Tammy said, while they followed her.

Back at her office, Miss Farnsworth took out some forms and handed them to Tammy and Jim. “So, Tammy, what do you prefer…we have different types of basic programming procedures. As your memory disc will not contain all our available programmes, you need to choose. Do you prefer to be programmed as independent individual unit, sexual companion, or service unit?.“

Tammy looked at Jim. ”I want to be a sexual companion.” She said smiling at him.

“Good” said Miss Farnsworth, “then you have to choose a body type.” She typed some data in her notepad. Then she pushed a button on her desk and a hidden door on the side of her office was sliding away. Behind that door was a showroom with a dozen of female bodies in different sizes and build. Like living statues they were standing there. Jim’s mouth dropped open. Tammy walked to one of the more voluptuous bodies. It had an adorable figure with well formed big breasts and a hairless pussy. Tammy caressed the breasts, then she turned to Miss Farnsworth. “I want to be like this one.”

“Good choice”, said Miss Farnsworth, while typing in some data in her pad “that’s a Marina GX-3200 body type, we have many customers in the media especially adult TV business who choose it. It’s equipped with the finest sexual sensor devices and the most female build. I need some details…do you want to keep your eye colour…your hair?”

“Yeah, that’s fine” said Tammy while examining the body again.

“Please select your makeup wishes” said Miss Farnsworth as she handed the notepad to Tammy. Tammy selected different colours for her lips, nails, eyeshades and some other makeup related things. Then she handed the pad back to Miss Farnsworth.

“Very good” said Miss Farnsworth”, now I need some info about your sexual affections, you know we can change them in your programming.”

Tammy smiled and looked to Jim. “I think Jim likes Lingerie”, Jim looked bashful to Miss Farnsworth.

“It’s O.K. Mr. Simmons, she said. “She will be your sexual companion robot and we will program her the best we can. How about oral sex, the price of your body well grow when we install oral capable devices.

“Please do that”, said Jim. Tammy looked at him and smiled.

Miss Farnsworth continued, ”Tammy, how about your sexual orientation?”

Tammy smiled, “I always wanted to know how it feels to be bisexual.”

“I see”, Miss Farnsworth typed in more data. Then she stood up. “I think, that’s all we need now for your basic programming, we can do updates later. We are through, please follow me. Mr. Simmons, please follow my assistant, we have to do some paperwork and the payment.”

They entered a room which looked similar to a laboratory. Tammy looked fascinated at the robot body that was lying on one of the two tables in that room. As they came in a pretty female technician took the face panel which looked exactly like Tammy pretty face and placed it carefully to the robot’s head. The large belly panel was still open and a bunch of cables were connected to a computer device. Tammy watched curious as the female technician opened a panel at the robots stomach and placed a full flask of clear liquid in a bracket inside. She took another flask and with a click it snapped in the bracket inside her open sex panel.

“Those vials will be empty somewhere”, Tammy said to the technician.

“We refill and clean the robot bodies on the monthly service sessions.” Said the technician while she smiled to Tammy.

“Tammy, make yourself comfortable here.” said Miss Farnsworth and pointed to the empty table. As Tammy lied on the table, Miss Farnsworth carefully injected a calmative. “This will help you” she said caring.

At the same time Jim was sitting nervous in the waiting area waiting for the competition of his new robot wife.

“Tammy, I will inject now a liquid witch contains Nano-bots.” Said Miss Farnsworth, ”those are little devices who will scan your brain and will give this information to the new hard disc. It will feel a bit dizzy in the next minutes, but it will not hurt. Then you will fall asleep and will be reactivated I your new body.”

“All right”, said Tammy smiling, “see you in a minute.”

Tammy felt more and more dizzy, then she finally felt asleep.

Out of the darkness, a technical data stream of information appeared in her field of vision. Some numbers scrolling down, then a message appeared:


A white flash and then the face of Miss Farnsworth appeared in Tammie’s field of vision. In the first seconds it pixelated slightly, then it was crystal clear.

“Unit GX-3286, please give me a status”, she said. Tammy’s programming forced her to reply immediately.

“Processing…”,she said while her CPU collected all the necessary data from the different sensors. “Unit GX-3286…model Marina…human emulation sexual companion robot, serial number 0034423d. Checking hardware…..…all servo systems calibrated…gyro systems balanced………processing…….please wait……….power cell resources at 99.3 percent, remaining activation time 9 hours 45 seconds……sensor check……..all necessary sensors working within parameters……Unit GX-3286 is ready for human emulation mode…..

“Execute human emulation mode”, said Miss Farnsworth.

Tammy’s eyes blinked. Miss Farnsworth typed in some data into the nearby computer. “Tammy, please remain on the table, I need to do some more tests.” “Okay, said Tammy, now functioning in her human emulation mode. Miss Farnsworth typed in some commands, as in Tammy’s field of vision suddenly a message appeared:


Tammy started to move her hips rhythmically, her voice unit started to moan convincing. Miss Farnsworth watched the data on the screen for some time, then she typed in some data again. A message in Tammie’s field of vision appeared again:


Tammy’s body started to shake wilder, as her moaning became more and more heavy. Every system in her body now leaped to the most basic function of her existence. At the brink of the orgasm sequence Tammy let out a scream of lust, then she laid frozen on the table again. Some drips of the lubricant running down her lovely pussy panel. The technician removed the cables from Tammy and closed all open panels. Miss Farnsworth ended her test session.

“Tammy, you can stand up now, your testing was successful…no errors I can see.”

“Thank you”, said Tammy while she stood up and dressed her up. The first thing she noticed was, that her bra didn’t fit anymore. As she squeezed her lovely breast in her black satin bra the sexual sensors on her nipples misinterpret the pressure it as an act of lovemaking. A message in her vision appeared:


Tammy ignored that message while some systems in her started to run a sequence which would lead her to a sexual climax again. She concentrated on dressing her up. Her skirt was also a bit to small and she hardly could close her jacket at her new breast. She remained the first two buttons open, which showed her new voluptuous breasts squeezed sexy together. As Tammy pulled on her suspenders and stockings, she got numerous message from her sexual sensors. The crackle of the taffeta inside her skirt make her shudder while it touched the satin stockings and she manually had to override and block another orgasm sequence which started executing in her field of vision. She realized more that all those sensors and programs were installed for her new being. A sexual companion to her lover. She couldn’t wait to test her new body with him.

To be continued…

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