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18:47, June 14, 2015

03/29/15 - Homepage story snippet suggestion

“Which… ahhh… which s-s-scene are we shooting?” she asked in a desperate whisper, her thighs trembling as she tried to straighten herself, then emitted another barely-contained squeal of pleasure, sweat beading across her pretty face.

“What has gotten in to you?” Will asked, feigning concern.

“I-I-I d-do nnnot nnngh! I do nnnnot-t-t-t ohhhh! I ahhh! I! I!!!” She lost all composure, bending forward, legs yawning apart, one hand clutching at her ripe bosom, the other sandwiched between her thighs. As she howled, vents opened at her chest, fans whirring audibly as her body shuddered with release.

“Kimiko, shut down,” Will said quietly, and with an arresting lurch and a droning cry, she fell forward. Her head thudded against the café table, her body now perched precariously at the edge of her seat as the fans throughout her interior were still audibly venting heat. Will carried her to the nearby office set, hurriedly posing her in her chair and queuing up a video on her screen.