Tales From The Dyson Institute: Mile-high Club

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Dr. Elaine Dyson pretended to be thoroughly engrossed in her book as the airliner made its long way across the ocean. The cabin was dark and quiet, with most of the passengers asleep. Dr. Dyson, of course, had no particular need for sleep; she had been certain to charge her power cells fully before leaving, and the long hours of relative inactivity would not tax her reserves to any notable degree. She had in fact devoted as much of her attention as possible to the book, but even careful, comprehensive reading left a considerable portion of her system resources available. At the moment, while continuing to read, she was casting a glance at the attractive flight attendant who glided down the aisle.

The flight attendant was a sexy, full-figured brunette, perhaps mid-to-late thirties. The short skirt of her uniform, together with professional-but-sexy heels, showcased her shapely legs to good effect; her blouse did very little to conceal the fact that she had a perfectly spectacular chest beneath it.

She seemed not to be especially busy, given the fact that the passengers were largely asleep. She merely made her way through the cabin from time to time, presumably en route between whatever minor tasks might require her attention in various parts of the aircraft. Dr. Dyson watched the woman as she reached the forward end of the cabin and disappeared through the curtain. As she did, Dr. Dyson became aware of a message in her field of view, indicating that her arousal levels were beginning to rise. The book was becoming less interesting by the second. The flight attendant was very attractive, of course, and Dr. Dyson could not resist re-running the cached image of the woman's long legs and curvaceous posterior walking away. But as enticing as the woman's appearance was, Dr. Dyson was all the more excited by one particular piece of knowledge: that the flight attendant was an android, too.

The Dyson Institute had a long-standing arrangement with this particular airline. In return for providing and maintaining a 'fleet' of flight attendants (largely experienced organic flight attendants who, upon joining the company, would agree to become androids), the airline provided Dyson's staff with virtually free air travel... as well as ensuring that female androids could avoid potential complications that might arise with other airlines ignorant of the existence of such machines.

The flight attendant made her way back through the cabin. As she approached, Dr. Dyson looked up and caught her eye.

"Excuse me," Dr. Dyson said softly. "Are you very busy right now?"

"No, ma'am," the flight attendant smiled. "Actually, I really don't have anything to do right now, except to be available should any passengers need assistance."

"I might need some assistance," Dr. Dyson said. "This is a fascinating book, but I think I've had all the reading I can handle for the moment. Frankly, I'd love to have someone to talk to for a bit."

"I understand," the woman smiled. "It can get almost too quiet for my tastes on these long flights, with most of the passengers sleeping."

"Please, sit down," Dr. Dyson indicated the vacant seat next to her.

"Thanks," the brunette said. "My name is Carol."

"I'm very glad to meet you, Carol," Dr. Dyson said. "I'm Elaine Dyson."

There was a moment where various emotions flickered across Carol's face--one that Dr. Dyson relished, for despite all the Institute's efforts to ensure lifelike facial articulation and emotional expression, conflicting commands from the complex software drivers created the tiniest, most imperceptible momentary freeze of Carol's facial features. No one but another android would have been capable of perceiving it, but Dr. Dyson took particular notice of it. The reinforcement of Carol's android nature sent a tiny jolt through Dr. Dyson's circuitry.

"Doctor Elaine Dyson?" Carol asked.

"The same," Dr. Dyson smiled.

"Well," Carol said, struggling to find words. "This is a real honor. I'm so glad to meet you! I had no idea you were on this flight..."

Dr. Dyson could well imagine the sudden spike in system activity within Carol's robotics, another very pleasant prospect. "I have an arrangement with the airline. They keep my presence on a flight quiet," Dr. Dyson said. "I usually don't want to cause any unneeded fuss, and I like the chance to see some of my clients in their normal working environment."

Carol nodded. "I understand. Is there anything I can do for you, Dr.Dyson? I'm here to make all my passengers' experience as pleasant as possible... but in your case, well, honestly, it'd be my pleasure to help out any way I can."

Dr. Dyson met the other android's eye and smiled. "There might be something," she said. She surreptitiously slipped a hand between the beautiful flight attendant's thighs. Her fingers trailed up under Carol's skirt, gently stroking the android woman's inner thigh.

"I'm very aroused, Carol," Dr. Dyson whispered, planting tiny kisses on her neck and behind her ear. "You know that my body is packed with all the most advanced sexual technology... and frankly, I've programmed myself with an enormously powerful sex drive. All these sophisticated robotics, all this hardware and software within me, are filling me with an overpowering desire for sexual gratification. I chose this carrier because I knew they exclusively employ Dyson androids like you as flight attendants. And I've never yet met an android flight attendant that didn't have a perfect juicy pussy and a talented tongue. Would you like to accompany me somewhere more private, where the two of us can make love like the two perfect android women we are?"

Dr. Dyson knew that she needn't worry about the lovely machine's answer. So many android flight attendants--so many female androids, in general--were often very willing to leap right into a session of eager, casual pussy-licking with another female android. And all the more so to make it with Dr. Dyson...

"Oh, God, yes, Dr. Dyson," Carol whispered back. "I had the chance not long ago to make love with another unit, a passenger... it was amazing. And ever since I've been obsessed with the idea of making love with other androids. I had my sexual software upgraded with expanded lesbian sex applications, and it's a rare flight that doesn't give me a chance to make it with one of the sexy units in my team. Making love with a machine like myself is so satisfying, so erotic... I never pass up a chance to engage in some shared pussy-licking with a beautiful android woman! And when I get home, I get to enjoy telling my husband all about it while he fucks me!"

"I know just what you mean... it drives my husband wild, too!" Dr. Dyson let her fingers lightly tease Carol's warm, swollen mound through her black leather panties. "Would you like to ask another unit to join us, Carol?"

"Oh, God... I've never been with two machines at the same time! That would be so intensely hot! And I know just the unit... her name is Lana... she's so incredibly sexy, Dr. Dyson, I know you'll want her as much as I do!"

"I'm sure I will, Carol... why don't you ask her?"

Carol rose, a little reluctant to leave Dr. Dyson's talented fingertips. "I'll meet you in the private lounge!"

A short time later, Carol walked into the lounge to find Dr. Dyson waiting for her. She stepped up to the beautiful android woman and kissed her passionately. "Lana will be here shortly," she said.

"I can't wait," Dr. Dyson said, kissing Carol deeply. She slid one hand inside the blouse of Carol's uniform, caressing the android flight attendant's lush breasts.

"Oh, neither can I, Dr. Dyson... Lana's an amazing lover... so beautiful... such a superb unit! She and I have made it several times... just wait 'til she licks your pussy, Dr. Dyson, she's incredible! And I'll lick her pussy at the same time... she's simply delicious!" She all but tore open Dr. Dyson's blouse, pulling her bra aside to reveal a perfect erect nipple. Her tongue snaked out and made contact, eliciting a shudder of delight from the sexy machine.

"Oh, yes, Carol, that's divine... I love having my nipples licked and sucked! I've recently been upgraded, and my robotic breasts are simply packed with the most advanced pleasure circuitry!"

"They're fantastic, Dr. Dyson," Carol said, moving her attentions to the android's other breast.

"You know, I don't think I can wait for Lana..." Dr. Dyson said. "This is simply too erotic. I want you to do me, Carol, I want you to lick my perfect android pussy!"

"Love to," Carol smiled, sinking to her knees and sliding up Dr. Dyson's skirt. The lovely android wore no panties; just sexy stockings and a garter belt. Carol leaned in, burying her face in Dr. Dyson's beautiful synthetic sex, and began to eat her ferociously.

Dr. Dyson was moaning in no time. The other android's cuntlapping was unsurprisingly skillful. "Ohhhh... ohh, fuck, Carol, that's amazing... you really have been programmed well!"

"I know," Carol said proudly. "I'm programmed to give great head... pussy or cock! My oral sex programming is very good... and it's it's my pleasure to eat you! You've got such a great pussy, Dr. Dyson... You taste so good!"

"I do, don't I?" Dr. Dyson smiled. She had often tasted the delectable nectar of her synthetic sex, sometimes on the lips of other machines after a rousing bout of cuntlapping; sometimes directly, removing her head module to place it between her legs and pleasure herself. "My pussy was built to be perfect, of course..."

"It is perfect," Carol said between licks. "That's what I love the most about making it with other android women... eating a perfect, beautiful, juicy, delicious robotic pussy! It drives me wild, Dr. Dyson!"

"Mmmm... then I'm glad to oblige you! God, this is just what I needed!"

Carol diverted her entire attention--the entire runtime of her electronic mind--to pleasuring Dr. Dyson. Her digitized personality lurked in the background, making Carol little more than a spectator to the intensive pussy-licking in which her robotic body was engaged. Dr. Dyson likewise was enthralled, in her case allowing the vast flow of pleasure data to overwhelm her consiciousness matrix. Neither machine took notice as another flight attendant entered the lounge, locking the door behind her.

She was a petite but spectacularly built woman of Asian extraction, perhaps twenty-five years old. Her long, loose dark hair was highlighted with blonde streaks. She smiled as she witnessed the two android women deeply awash in the delights of lesbian lovemaking. "I see you couldn't wait to get started," she said.

Dr. Dyson looked up, drinking in the lovely young woman in her sexy uniform. "Mmmmm... no, indeed... you must be Lana..."

"Yes... it's a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Dyson..." she began to open her blouse. "I've looked forward to meeting you for a long time."

"I'm sure the pleasure will be all mine," Dr. Dyson smiled seductively. "I understand that you're a machine, Lana... just like Carol..." as she spoke, a seam appeared and demarcated a rectangular section of flesh in her toned belly. It sank beneath the surface of her skin with a soft whirr, and a hiss of releasing pressure, and then glided upward to expose Dr. Dyson's innermost circuitry and mechanisms. "Just like me."

Lana gasped softly. "Oh..." she was transfixed by the sight of Dr. Dyson's robotics. "I... I didn't know! It makes sense, of course... but I never really thought about it!"

"Yes," Dr. Dyson smiled. "I am an android, Lana, just like you. I made the transition very early on, and I've never looked back! But please... tell me about yourself. About your real self."

Lana likewise opened her abdominal interface. "I am Lana Hsu Unit UX1627. I am a UX1000 series female android, designed, built, and programmed by the Dyson Institute. I have been a machine for seventeen months."

"Superb," Dr. Dyson said. "Simply superb. And I believe you're already acquainted with the pleasures of inter-unit sex... of machine-on-machine lovemaking?"

"Yes, Dr. Dyson... I love all forms of sex, but especially making love with other android women. God, there's nothing better than lesbian sex with another android, another machine as perfect and sexy and beautiful as I am! I am programmed with a full array of sexual performance software, including several advanced lesbian sex applications. My robotic systems are optimized for lesbian lovemaking..."

"Excellent," Dr. Dyson said. "Then let's put them to work, shall we? Please... leave your abdominal panel open. I love being reminded that I'm making love with another machine." She beckoned the now naked Lana closer. "Kiss me," Dr. Dyson said. "Kiss me while Carol makes love to my android pussy."

Lana obediently leaned in and placed her mouth on Dr. Dyson's. The two androids' tongues intertwined sensuously.

Dr. Dyson broke off the kiss. "Mmmm... very nice. Your programming is very good, UX1627... let's see how good. I want you to play with my robotic breasts."

"Yes, Dr. Dyson," the pretty Asian machine said, and immediately began to tongue the older unit's nipples. "You have such marvelous breasts."

"Ohhh! Thank you... they were built to be, you know, just like the rest of me. God, this is wonderful... I'm a machine, just like you, UX1627, built and programmed for pleasure. And I love how you're licking and sucking my breasts while Carol eats my pussy... mmmm! I'm better than seventy-five percent to climax...."

"Can I taste your pussy, Dr. Dyson? I'd love to make you come... I'm very good!"

"Ohhh... that's so tempting... but I'm getting so close... eighty-two percent... you and Carol are going to make me come already... eighty-nine percent... ohhh... I promise, you'll get a chance to taste me, Lana, I'll want you to eat me 'til I come... but... Carol's so good... and I love what you're doing to me! Oh, don't stop, don't stop, both of you... ninety-four percent... ohhh, ohh God, ohhhh fuck yes... ninety-seven percent... I'm going to come! Make me come! Make me come now!"

Lana obligingly lapped away at Dr. Dyson's nipples as Carol's tongue stabbed at the sexy android's synthetic clitoris. Dr. Dyson cried out.

"Ohhhh, ohhh, fuck, yes, yes, yes, I'm coming, I'm coming!" As she cried out, she noticed a message window appear in her field of vision; in a moment of inspiration, she enabled vocal repeat of the message window. "Dr. Elaine Dyson UX1002 orgasm sequence: executing." Then: "Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhh, fuck, yes, yes! Ohh!" Her pelvic hydraulics jerked her perfect android sex toward Carol's mouth once, twice, three times, and then relaxed. She slumped back against the bulkhead.

Carol and Lana rose and moved in to kiss Dr. Dyson simultaneously. Three long, lithe, synthetic-saliva drenched tongues slithered out sensously, meeting one another.

"Mmmmm... thank you both... I needed that!" Dr. Dyson breathed. "Now... Carol said she wants to lick your pussy, Lana, and I know you want mine... and I could certainly stand to eat some pussy, too! Shall we try a little daisy chain?"

"Oh, God, yes," the lovely Asian machine all but moaned. "I so want to taste you, Dr. Dyson, I want to eat you!"

"Then let's do it. Carol said it; there's almost nothing as delightful as eating a perfect android pussy! Especially while another sexy machine is licking you at the same time. Now--I'll eat Carol, Carol will eat Lana, and Lana will eat me! Shall we, ladies?"

"I've wanted you to eat me for so long, Dr. Dyson..." Carol purred as she arranged herself between Lana's thighs. The other two androids likewise posistioned themselves for optimal access to their lover's dripping sex. In short order each machine was feverishly lapping away at the delectable SynGina before them, moaning with delight as another robotic woman delivered powerful and precise pleasuring to her own sex module.

"Your pussy is superb, Carol," Dr. Dyson murmured between laps, savoring the android's creamy synthetic sex. "Such a delight to make love to!"

"Mmmmmm... ohhhh, thank you, Dr. Dyson," Carol said. "I love the way you're eating me! You're so good... everything I'd hoped for!"

"Ohhh, don't stop, Carol," Lana panted. "Keep eating me--I need it!"

"I won't," Carol replied, giving Lana's synthetic clit a few good laps. "I so love eating you, Lana; even if Dr. Dyson hadn't come on to me, I was planning on bringing you back here and eating you out! You have the most delicious pussy!"

"Ohhh, I would have let you, too," Lana said. "I love it when you eat me, baby!" She probed Dr. Dyson's SynGina with her tongue, savoring the synthetic juices. "Mmm. You have a terrific pussy, Dr. Dyson. I could really get to love eating you. If I didn't already know you were an android like me, I'd be very suspicious... your pussy is too perfect not to be robotic!"

"Ohhhhhh," Dr. Dyson moaned. "And your tongue is too perfect not to be robotic! Yesssss... you're a machine, Lana, programmed to eat pussy perfectly! Ohhh, yes, lick my pussy...."

"I just had a new head module installed before this flight," Lana said. "When I was lying there in the intensive service bay, seeing my new head being initialized, I never dreamed that it would be servicing Dr. Dyson's pussy a few hours later!"

"This is simply white-hot," Dr. Dyson said. "Making love with two gorgeous, bisexual, robotic flight attendants... I'm used to making it with other units at the Institute, but I don't often get a chance to experience machine-on-machine sex in the field. I'm very pleased with your performance... simply perfect!" She tongued Carol's pussy at length before going on. "It makes it even hotter to know that the two of you have been lovers before."

"Oh, yes," Carol said. "We make it together all the time. We eat each other out on a regular basis."

"Carol's just so good! She may be the best lesbian lover I've ever had... and I've had a lot!" Lana said.

"I can only imagine how intense it would be to see the two of you in a sixty-nine!"

"You don't have to imagine it, Dr. Dyson," Carol said seductively. "We'd be happy to put on a show for you, wouldn't we, baby?"

"Ohhh, God, yes... I love having Carol eat my pussy, but I love eating her almost as much!"

"Come on, baby," Carol purred, leaning in to kiss Lana. "Let's eat each other!"

"By all means--please do!" Dr. Dyson said, rolling out of the love triangle. "I'd love to watch you make each other come!"

The two android flight attendants moved together, Lana on the bottom, and commenced a session of intense mutual tongue-fucking. It was clear that both androids were superbly programmed, and that they were accustomed to each other's desires. They moaned into each other's pussies, never withdrawing their tongues for a moment as they devoured each other.

Dr. Dyson sat back, legs parted, and slowly, sensuously masturbated as she watched the two robotic women making love. As her fingers teased her robotic clitoris, she exulted in the spectacle before her. They were magnificent--perfect machines, functioning perfectly, each delivering flawless sexual service to the other. Dr. Dyson's self-pleasuring grew more heated; as one delicate, perfectly manicured fingertip slipped between her flawless labia, the status LEDs in her still-exposed interface began blinking more rapidly. The whirring of a cooling fan was audible--just--over her moans, and those of the two android women making love.

Lana and Carol cried out as they each neared climax. Dr. Dyson knew what was happening; the two machines, carefully observing each other's reactions, tailored their efforts to synchronize their pleasure levels. At once, they all but literally exploded into digital orgasm.

"Oh, my God!" Dr. Dyson cried. "Oh, yes, oh, fuck, yes, make each other come, like only perfect female androids can, yes! Ohh, yes, ohh, fuck, oh yes yes yes yes yes!" Her fingers danced on her synthetic sex as she too tipped over the precipice into the throes of a phenomenal orgasm sequence.

Presently, the three machines' cries of ecstacy died away. Dr. Dyson crawled over to the other two, who rose to embrace her. The three robotic ladies kissed once more, their hands travelling the lengths of one another's lovely artificial bodies.

"Thank you," Dr. Dyson said. "That was incredible... explosively hot!"

"It was our pleasure... literally!" Lana laughed.

"Mmmmmm... yes it was..." Carol sighed. "We are good together, aren't we?"

"Amazing," Lana agreed, slipping her tongue into Carol's mouth.

"Well, ladies... are we ready for more pussy-licking?" Dr. Dyson asked.

"Oh, God, yes," Carol said. "I can't get enough... this is the best lesbian sex I've ever had! Making love with two other machines is so amazing!"

"The other ladies in the team have us covered. I told them that Carol and I would be tending to you, Dr. Dyson. They understand--but they might get jealous. Carol and I will have to make it up to them... they'll want to know all the details!"

"Then let's give them a good story," Dr. Dyson smiled. "Now... Lana, I did say I would want you to eat me 'til I come..."

"Oh, yes," Lana smiled devilishly. "I want to show you how good I can be, Dr. Dyson! And I can't wait to taste your delicious pussy again!"

"Good... because I can't wait for you to eat me again! And as for me..." she turned to Carol and kissed her deeply. "I haven't had a chance to make you come yet, Carol... would you like me to lick your pussy?"

"You have no idea how badly," Carol said, kissing back.

"One thing, though, Carol," Dr. Dyson said. "You're a little out of place. We can't see your beautiful robotics. I want to know that I'm licking and eating and pleasuring another machine..."

Carol smiled and happily cupped her spectacular breasts as she parted her chest panel, a faint hiss of escaping nitrogen audible as she did. A complex, densely packed array of electronics, hydraulic tubing, and status LEDs was revealed. "How's that?"

"Superb," Dr. Dyson said, all but transfixed. "Simply superb. You're a gorgeous machine, Carol, a fantastic piece of female android robotics. Lay back now... and let me eat you!"

Carol did, and Dr. Dyson went straight for her hot, wet android sex. Lana positioned herself with robotic precision beneath Dr. Dyson's dripping pussy and began to lick for all she was worth.

Carol writhed as Dr. Dyson' oral attentions triggered her most intimate sensors, sending surges of data through her sex bus. Whirring, humming actuators within her open thoracic bay could be heard, as could small fans. LEDs winked on and off with phenomenal speed as Dr. Dyson tongued her pussy. Carol reached in with one hand and gently caressed her exposed robotics.

"Mmmmm... yes, Carol," Dr. Dyson said, pausing her attentions for a moment. "Enjoy this... enjoy being a machine. Let me help you..." she dove back in, drinking in the delectable synthetic juices.

"Ohhhhhhh, God," Carol moaned. "Oh, Dr. Dyson, it's wonderful... ohhhh.... you look so beautiful, eating my pussy... I've always wanted to be eaten by you, I've fantasized about it for so long... ohhhh, fuck! Oh! Ohhh, I've been with other androids who've made love with you, they say you're so good! Ohhh! Ohhh, fuck, yes, ohhhh, it's all true... ohhh, yes, yes, eat me, Dr. Dyson, eat me...!"

Dr. Dyson's head shot up for a moment; she emitted a cry of delight. "Ohhhh, yes! God, Lana, you are good! Your programming is superb... you really know how to lick pussy! Yes... that's it, right there, right there.... oh! Oh, I love being eaten from behind, too! Ohhhh, fuck, yes, lick me, lick my android pussy... keep that up! Oh, you're going to make me come... mmmmmmm!" She returned to her own intensive tongue-fucking of Carol's sex.

Carol swung one of her thoracic panels back into place, and immediately began to play with her nipple. With the other hand, she continued to fondle her open interface. "Ohhh... ohhh, Dr. Dyson, yes... ohhh! Oh, I'm going to come, too, I'm going to come... oh, don't stop, Dr. Dyson, eat my pussy, make me come! Ohhh!" She was almost unaware, consciously, of the graphic in her field of vision indicating progress to climax as it passed ninety-seven percent... ninety-eight... but that last little reminder that she was an android, a machine, a highly-sophisticated piece of technology, was the proverbial last straw. "Ohhhhhhhh! Oh, I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Dr. Dyson moaned loudly as she continued to tongue Carol's SynGina. Carol's orgasm was all that was needed; she held out as long as she could, still servicing Carol, but at last she threw her head back with a cry of delight. "Ohh! Oh, fuck, oh, yes, Lana, yes, I'm coming too! Oh my God, yes! Yes! Yes...!"

Once again, following Carol and Dr. Dyson's spectacular climaxes, the three androids moved together--closing Carol's thoracic panels--and shared a long, lingering kiss.

"We still have some more time for lovemaking," Dr. Dyson commented. She caressed Lana's lithe synthetic body. "I think you deserve a reward for making me come like that, and I haven't had the chance to give you an orgasm yet..."

"Oooooh, yes, Dr. Dyson... I'd love for you to make me come!"

"And as for you," Dr. Dyson said, kissing Carol, "Perhaps you can help me out. What I really need now, Carol, is a good sound fucking... can you oblige?"

Carol smiled and rose, moving to a storage compartment on the far wall. From it, she withdrew a strap-on dildo, into which she began to fasten herself. She opened her paplexus, and skilfully connected a few wires leading from the base of the shaft to corresponding terminal connections within her interface. "I'm plugged in and ready, Dr. Dyson," she said.

"Wonderful," Dr. Dyson said, gently pulling open her own thoracic panels. "You'll love this, Carol," she said. "Fucking another woman with a paplexus-connected strap-on, while her thorax cavity is exposed to you... nothing drives home the fact that you and your lover are machines more effectively!" She lay back, parting her long legs invitingly. "I'm ready for you both," she said. "Lana... come here and let me lick you!"

Lana smiled, straddling the beautiful android's face, lowering her dripping synthetic sex to Dr. Dyson's eager tongue. "I was waiting for my turn," she said. "Carol is phenomenal, but I can't wait for you to eat me!"

Dr. Dyson slid her tongue into Lana's groove as Carol eased the synthetic cock into Dr. Dyson's very wet, warm, and ready pussy. She moaned into Lana's sex as she was penetrated, and as Carol began to slowly, sensuously pump her. After a moment she withdrew her tongue. "Ohhhhh! Oh, God, Carol, yes... I need this so badly! That's it... fuck me, Carol! Fuck me while I eat your lover's android pussy..." She resumed her licking, eliciting a moan from Lana.

"Oh yeah..." Lana cried. "Yeah...! Oh, yeah, eat me, Dr. Dyson! Oh, God, you're so good! I love the way you eat my pussy!" She leaned forward and began to fondle and suck Carol's breasts, occasionally kissing her colleague as she worked the dildo in and out of Dr. Dyson. Lana writhed and moaned as she rode the beautiful android's tongue. "Oh, God, Carol, she's so good... she's making me so wet! God, it's never been this good before!"

Carol moaned, savoring the unfamiliar sensation of being inside another woman. She had never used a strap-on on a lover before, but she found that her software was up to the task. She felt deliciously robotic as she allowed her subsystem software to guide the synthetic cock in and out of Dr. Dyson's pussy, carefully regulating speed and depth and angle of penetration.

Lana squealed with unmitigated delight as Dr. Dyson, perhaps driven on by Carol's skillful pumping, ate her more and more ferociously. "Ohhhhh! Oh, God, yeah, oh, fuck! You're so good, Dr. Dyson, you're the best! Ohhhh! Oh, right there--yeah--just like that! Yes... ohhhhhh... oh! Oh, I'm going to come, I'm going to come, oh, fuck, yes, yes, ohhh! Yes!" She thrashed her pelvic module back and forth over Dr. Dyson's mouth as she orgasmed. Then she quickly crawled off, turning around to kiss Dr. Dyson, lapping her own synthetic cream from the other android's face.

"Ohhhh, yes, Carol, yes... give it to me... fuck me, fuck me harder! Yeah! God, that's it... yes, yes, ohhhh... yes, Carol! Fuck me!" Dr. Dyson cried out. "That's it, that's exactly what I need! Ohhhhh... fuck me!" She kissed Lana passionately. "My breasts, Lana, play with my robotic breasts, lick my nipples!"

Lana moved to comply, swiftly but gently swinging one of Dr. Dyson's chest panels closed, and allowing her tongue to dance on the erect peak.

"Ohhh, yeah, that's it," Dr. Dyson moaned. "Ohhhh, fuck me, Carol, fuck me, fuck me!"

"Mmmmm.... God, Dr. Dyson, it feels so good... your pussy is amazing!" Carol pumped her faster.

"Uhhhhhh," Dr. Dyson groaned. "Ohhh, yeah... fuck me, Carol, fuck me... you're fucking a machine... do you like it?"

"I love it!" Carol cried out.

"Are you going to come, Carol?"

"Ohhh, yes... I am, I am!"

"I'm ready to come, Carol, my orgasm sequence is set to be triggered when my SynGina detects--ohhh!--ejaculation... oh, fuck, yes... fuck me... I'm ready, Carol... come inside me, I want you to come inside me!"

That was as much as Carol could take. "Ohhhh! Oh, God! Ohhh, yes!" She shuddered as her own climax exploded through her circuitry. The orgasm sequence triggered the strap-on device, causing it to release its synthetic ejaculate deep within Dr. Dyson.

Dr. Dyson kissed Lana furiously as her SynGina detected the presence of the fluid. She broke off as her systems launched into an insanely intense orgasm. "Oh, fuck, yes, yes, Carol, yes! Ohhhh my God, yes!"

Carol could barely stop herself from collapsing onto Dr. Dyson's open thoracic bay. She sighed with contentment.

After what seemed like a long time, Dr. Dyson let her head drop to the deck. She smiled broadly, her eyes closed. "That... was phenomenal." She closed her thorax completely now, and sat up to kiss her two synthetic lovers.

"Lana and I are going to have to get back to work," Carol said, smiling but reluctant. "We'll be landing before long." She and Lana moved to help Dr. Dyson back into her clothes.

"Thank you so much, ladies," Dr. Dyson said, pulling her skirt up. "I don't know when I've ever had a nicer flight."

"It was our pleasure, Dr. Dyson," Lana said, starting to pull her own uniform blouse on. "Believe me."

"Yes," Carol said, likewise dressing herself. "I did tell you that we were here to make the flight as pleasant as possible for our passengers..."

"You've done that," Dr. Dyson said. "And ladies... the next time you come into the Institute's main facilities, be sure to let me know. I'll want to be sure to give you both my personal attention the next time you're in for servicing!"

"I'll look forward to it," Carol said, smoothing out her uniform. She leaned in to embrace Dr. Dyson, leaving her with one last long, deep kiss. Lana followed suit.

"Enjoy the rest of your trip, Dr. Dyson," Lana said, finally breaking off the kiss.

"If it's half as enjoyable as the flight, I'm certain to," Dr. Dyson said, and turned to return to her seat.

The two flight attendants watched Dr. Dyson leave. They allowed themselves one final kiss, and then--instantly becoming professional and poised--set about preparing to land.

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