Tales From The Dyson Institute: Making Movies

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(from an idea by RX3000)

Julie plunged her tongue deeper into her lover’s steamy sex, lapping away with abandon and coaxing forth ever more ardent moans of pleasure from the beautiful redhead. In moments, the red-haired woman was writhing and convulsing with an evidently explosive climax.

Scarcely taking time to recover from her intense orgasm, the redhead sat up to meet, tongue to tongue, with the sexy blonde. The two women kissed and caressed each other until the redhead turned herself around on the bed, laying back and placing her hands on Julie’s thighs. She gently guided the blonde to a position straddling her face, and wasted no time in starting to lick the lovely womanhood that hovered above her. Julie savored the sensation for only a few moments before leaning forward between the redhead’s legs for a second helping of the delectable treat that lie there.

The fevered sixty-nine went on for some small time, until Julie raised her head, arched her back, and cried out in ecstacy. “Oh, fuck! Oh, God, Tara, that feels so fuckin’ good! Oh, yes—lick my clit! Right there! Oh, yeah, just like that! Ohhhhhhh… I’m gonna come!” A powerful orgasm rocked the blonde’s statuesque body until at last she all but collapsed, still entwined with the petite, voluptuous redhead and placing tiny, tender kisses on her vulva and the insides of her thighs. The pair, at length, unwrapped arms and legs and shifted around to kiss each other softly, holding each other close.

“And… cut!” a voice snapped. The bell rang; the two girls broke character and propped themselves up on the bed. Crew members began milling about the set. “Thank you, ladies, that was fantastic!” the director said.

“It really was,” Julie told Tara quietly. “That was so hot! I know it’s been a while since we’ve done a scene together… but I don’t remember it ever being like that before!”

“That’s sweet of you,” Tara smiled, and gave the blonde a friendly kiss on the cheek. “I had a really good time, too.”

Robes were brought in for the two starlets, who set about their own business. Julie accepted a bottle of water from a PA with a smile. She took a long drink and reflected upon the just-finished scene. Julie was certainly bisexual, and enjoyed being with women both professionally and on a more personal basis… though she hadn’t been involved with many girls off-set recently. Perhaps the fact that the movie they were shooting was an all-girl feature had more than satisfied her interest in other women for the time being.

That said, she had to admit that the sex she’d just had with Tara was absolutely unbelievable. Julie seldom had to do too much ‘acting’ when having sex on camera, but in this instance there was nothing to fake whatsoever! She had barely remembered to throw in the obligatory porn-flick dirty talk during her climax. Julie had always enjoyed the past scenes she’d done with Tara, but this had been something on an altogether new level.

Julie watched the curvaceous redhead as she walked over to the director. Tara was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, barely standing five feet tall but absolutely stacked. Her unabashedly-enhanced breasts were almost beyond description, and the cascade of flaming red hair that fell down her back was breathtaking.

Julie was standing just close enough to overhear the conversation.

“Absolutely marvelous, love,” Tony, the director said (in a Mockney accent that Julie was all but certain was an affectation—he had probably never been any closer to England than New York City). “Absolutely fucking marvelous.”

Tara smiled. “Thanks… I loved doing the scene with Julie! But listen… I know you need me for the next setup. Can we take five first? I need to take on some more lube and charge..."

“No worries, love. I’ll have your ASU brought out here for you…” he motioned for a production assistant and gave a few terse, quiet orders.

Julie frowned a little, unsure what they might have been talking about. She watched Tara undo her robe, and was further confused by what she saw next. A faint—all but invisible at even this modest distance—seam appeared in the smooth flesh above Tara’s impeccably-groomed strip of pubic hair, defining a trapezoidal area starting just above the pubic patch and ending just a few centimeters below her navel. The outlined area then suddenly, smoothly, sank beneath the surface of Tara’s skin before sliding upward to uncover a tightly-packed mass of circuitry, wiring, complex terminal connectors and madly-winking LEDs.

Julie stared in sheer open-mouthed wonder as the PA returned with an object that resembled a sort of overfed laptop. Tara accepted the device from the PA with a smile, as if nothing were amiss, and sat in a nearby chair. She drew a few cables and lengths of tubing from the device and deftly plugged them into various terminals within her exposed interface.

Tara was an android? A machine? Julie was overwhelmed by what she was seeing. She felt a little lightheaded; she made her way to a chair and sat in it rather heavily.

Android women were not an unprecedented sight on adult film sets any more. But Julie had never seen one in person, and had most certainly never done a scene with one! She’d had sex with a machine… with a synthetic woman. The thought stunned her; she’d had no idea, no indication that anything about Tara had been out of the ordinary. The thought was also curiously arousing. Sex with this machine had been one of the most amazing things Julie’d ever experienced—and she was a woman of no modest fund of sexual experience.

Tony crossed by a few feet away. Julie gestured to him, trying to appear something less than frantic about it.

“Awright, love?” the director said.

“Tony… I… I don’t… Tara’s a… machine?”

“Eh? Oh, yeah… you mean you didn’t know? Yeah, amazing, innit?”

“But… I… Tony, she and I have done scenes in the past. A few years back. A long time before they started using androids, before anyone ever even heard of anyone making androids… You mean to tell me she was always…”

“Oh. Oh, no. Not at all.” He laughed a little. “Sorry. This happens every time… see, the androids some of the production companies have been using, they’re made by this outfit called Dyson, right?”

“I think I read something about that, yeah,” Julie said.

“Well, turns out that this Dyson place, they don’t just make androids for dirty movies, see? They’ve got some other irons in the fire. And it turns out, one of the things they’re really known for, it’s… well… basically, they can take women and… well… make them into androids, right?”

“Wait a second,” Julie shook her head. “You’re telling me that Tara… became an android?”

“’S the long an’ short of it, yeah,” Tony shrugged. “Who you should really be asking about it is Tara.”

Julie stared at the sexy machine, sitting casually across the set with an array of cables plugged into her opened access panel, apparently recharging her batteries or whatever. “Right,” she said absently. “Listen… you don’t need me any more today, right? I… I think I’m going to go home…” She stood abruptly and headed for her dressing room.

“Well, be careful going home, love… see you tomorrow…” the director called after her. She was out of sight by now. The director shrugged and turned to a clipboard, studying the day’s shooting schedule.

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