Tales From The Dyson Institute: In the Shop

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Dr. Dyson lay on the maintenance couch, or, at least, most of her body did. Her legs had been detached and lay on a nearby table. Her abdominal interface was open, and several cables led from it to a series of diagnostic computers that lined one wall of the maintenance bay. A few loose components trailed wires from the open panel to where they lie.

A very attractive technician android was busily working on the exposed robotics, connecting a new power management subassembly to Dr. Dyson's sophisticated systems. The technician, CX9211, was a stunning Asian model with a mane of black hair cascading down her back. Another technician unit, CX9049--a petite, pretty thing with close-cropped platinum blonde hair--was monitoring a diagnostic console.

Dr. Dyson moaned softly as CX9211 worked on her. Her sexual systems were still active, as Dr. Dyson commonly requested. The increased system activity sometimes complicated servicing, but (to Dr. Dyson at least) it was worth it. She loved being a machine, found it intensely erotic; and being partially disassembled and worked on by other androids was highly pleasurable to her. She frequently achieved climax under the tools of her beautiful attendants, something that seemed likely to happen quite soon.

CX9049 noted the glamorous android's moan, and saw the relevant arousal levels displayed on her screen. She pressed her lithe thighs together a little. Although she was a fully-synthetic unit, not an organic conversion, CX9049 was programmed with a highly-complex synthetic personality, almost (but not quite) to the level of conversions. Her sexual programming was quite extensive, and she was programmed with a high sex drive and fully bisexual. Observing Dr. Dyson deriving sexual pleasure from being maintained was beginning to affect her. One hand, almost unconsicously (a standard sexual response coded into her software) moved to caress her warming, swelling mound for a moment.

CX9211 finished installing the new component. "The assembly is fully installed, Dr. Dyson. Could you verify functionality, please?"

"Mmmmmm.... yes... modular power management assembly for android UX1002 found. Drivers loading.... loaded. Power management assembly is functional."

"Good," CX9211 said. "I can begin work on your SynGina package, then. I have the upgraded chipsets ready for installation."

"Oh, yes," Dr. Dyson said breathlessly. "I'm ready... I hope the new chipsets prove to be more robust. I'm afraid I go through the previous version all too quickly. But then, I suppose my vaginal/clitoral sensory preprocessors do tend to be some of my most frequently-used hardware!"

"I'm confident that the new chipsets will have at least twice the rated service life of the older design," CX9211 said, carefully peeling back a panel of synthetic flesh just above Dr. Dyson's flawless vulva--a panel whose dimensions neatly matched her perfectly-groomed strip of dark pubic hair. A small cluster of densely-packed circuitry lay just beneath the surface, surrounded by hydraulic actuators, simulated muscle fibers, and lubricant tubing.

Dr. Dyson drew a sharp simulated breath, the air hissing through her teeth. "Oh! Oh, my... that feels very nice..."

CX9211 picked up some precision tools and began to carefully, delicately remove a series of chips from their slots.

"Ohhhhhhhh," Dr. Dyson moaned. "Oh, that feels good... it feels so good..."

CX9049 could not resist another long, slow stroke of her hand over her swollen mound. The sight of her colleague working with skill and surgical precision on the complex electronics of Dr. Dyson's sex was entrancing...

"CX9049?" Dr. Dyson said suddenly.

"Yes, Dr. Dyson?"

"Kiss me," Dr. Dyson said. "Please... kiss me."

CX9049 moved, without hesitation, to place a deep, loving kiss on the dismantled android woman's mouth. Apart from her already-growing arousal, she was programmed to obey Dr. Dyson's commands without question.

The two androids kissed deeply, their tounges swirling about one another. Dr. Dyson broke off suddenly. "Play with my breasts," she whispered. "Play with my perfect robotic breasts. Make love to me while CX9211 services my android pussy."

CX9049 began to caress the sexy scientist's spectacular synthetic breasts, while slipping her tongue into Dr. Dyson's mouth once more. Periodically, she broke off to lick and suck at Dr. Dyson's nipples. Her tongue spiraled around those delectable erect peaks, each motion eliciting another moan from her partially-disassembled lover.

"That's so good, CX9049... I love the way you suck my nipples. And I love the way you repair me, CX9211. Both of you, keep going... keep repairing me... keep making love to me... Ohhh, this is my ultimate fantasy, to have one beautiful android woman repair me while another makes love to me... it makes me feel so robotic... I'm a woman, and I'm a perfect machine... you're working on my perfect robotic pussy... ohhhhhhh.... look at it... look at the circuitry... I'm a machine... an android.... my pussy is completely robotic.... ohhh, yeah.... ohhhhh! I think you're going to make me come! Repair me 'til I orgasm... ohhhh, yes..."

CX9211 continued her delicate work on Dr. Dyson's exposed components, seemingly unmoved by the lesbian play unfolding between her subject and her colleague. Surreptitiously, though, she squeezed her shapely leather-clad thighs together; her programming found the sight intensely erotic.

"Ohhhh... keep doing that, CX9049... CX9211, don't stop working... ohh, fuck! Oh, this feels so good... oh, yes, repair my robotic pussy... I love being serviced and repaired... I'm a machine... take me apart, service me, repair me... I am an android woman... make love to my breasts... suck my nipples! Ohhh, yes... I feel so robotic... I am an android... an android... I am a machine... I accept that I am a machine... I am Dr. Elaine Dyson... I am an android... ohhh! Ohhh, God! Ohhh, yes, yes, fuck, yes, repair me, repair me! That's so good! Ohhhh, yeah, repair my pussy... Ohhh, I'm going to come! Ohh, that's it, CX9211... that's it... keep working... keep doing that... service me... I'm an android... I'm an android... service me... I'm an android... an android! Oh, God! Oh, yeah, repair my pussy, repair my pussy! Oh, fuck! Ohh, I'm coming... I'm coming... ohhh... ohhh fuck yes! Yes! Yes!"

CX9049's tongue probed Dr. Dyson's mouth deeply as the partially-dismantled android ran through a spectacular digitized orgasm sequence. Shortly the climax subsided and Dr. Dyson returned the kiss with intensity. After several moments they broke off, CX9049 hovering above Dr. Dyson's face.

"Mmmmmmmm... that was fantastic," Dr. Dyson smiled. "I love having my pussy repaired!" She glanced down at CX9211. "I hope the data flow didn't cause any problems?"

"None at all, Dr. Dyson. The system buffer was able to handle the increased data flow, and the systems I'm working on have been properly bypassed." She continued her work, her robotic attention to the task at hand unaffected by her not-inconsiderable arousal.

"Wonderful," Dr. Dyson said. "Please continue, CX9211. You're doing a fine job." She looked up at CX9049. "And you've done excellent work, too," she smiled. "I think that deserves a reward. Why don't you take your clothes off and climb up here so I can lick your pussy?"

"I'd enjoy that very much, Dr. Dyson," the blonde smiled. She peeled her black-and-gray leather uniform off, revealing a petite, perfectly toned artificial body with shapely, slender legs and small but exquisitely sculpted breasts. She then lifted herself onto the maintenance couch, carefully balancing herself as she moved up to straddle Dr. Dyson's face. Gracefully, gingerly, she lowered her perfect vulva to the other android's waiting mouth.

Dr. Dyson began to lap away at the beautiful SynGina package that hovered before her, her tongue gently tracing the lovely lines of the blonde's labia. CX9049 cooed her approval.

"Such a beautiful pussy... you taste delightful. Are you enjoying it, CX9049?"

"Oh, yes, Dr. Dyson. It's very good. My pleasure data levels are optimal," the blonde said. Despite the robotic formality of her speech, she was programmed to simulate the reactions of an organic woman very closely; her statement was a just slightly breathless whisper.

Dr. Dyson's only response was to begin a long, gradual ramping up of her efforts as she licked the blonde's pussy. In short order the machine was gasping and moaning with delight.

"Ohhhhh... oh, Dr. Dyson, that's incredible... that's so good! Ohhhh, oh yes... oh, yes!"

CX9211 suddenly withdrew her tool from Dr. Dyson's open access panel. "I've finished installing the new components, Dr. Dyson," she said.

"Mmmmm... good, good... CX9211, please close me up... don't worry about reassembling me yet. I just need my SynGina to be operational."

"Yes, Dr. Dyson," the Asian beauty said, and reclosed the open panel. As Dr. Dyson made love to the blonde's perfect synthetic pussy, the seam surrounding her pubic hair faded away.

"Ohhhh... yes. I'm ready now, CX9211. Please remove your clothes and perform oral sex on me... I want you to lick my pussy while I lick CX9049!"

"Yes, Dr. Dyson," the Asian unit smiled, and moved at once to comply with her instructions. Presently the golden-skinned beauty was laying on the lower half of the maintenance couch, totally naked and lapping away at Dr. Dyson's pussy. The absence of Dr. Dyson's sexy legs (still lying on a nearby workbench) permitted CX9211 unrestricted access to the lovely machine's now-dripping sex.

Encouraged and excited by the wonderful tongue-lashing she was now receiving, Dr. Dyson began to eat CX9049 even more enthusiastically. In short order, the blonde was arching her back as she cried out in digital pleasure, a synthesized orgasm sequence racking her body. "I'm coming, Dr. Dyson, I'm coming! Ohhhhh, yes, yes, yes! I'm coming!" She continued to ride the other android's tongue as her climax subsided. Then she climbed down and leaned in to kiss Dr. Dyson.

The two androids' tongues danced. "Mmmmm... do you like the way your pussy tastes, CX9049? I think it's delicious..."

"I do taste good, don't I?" the blonde smiled. "I was built to, after all."

"Do you want to taste me, CX9049?" Dr. Dyson breathed.

"Mmmmm... yes. I'd love to, Dr. Dyson."

"Why don't you join CX9211? I want you both to lick my pussy..."

"Yes, Dr. Dyson," the blonde said. She moved to the foot of the table to join her colleague. Dr. Dyson's lack of legs made it easy for both sexy androids to share in feasting on her wet, warm synthetic pussy. The two machines traded off skillfully, one probing deep in between her lips as the other tongued her clit, and every so often they would switch. It was a dynamic synchronized dance of synthetic tongues, of the kind only two carefully-programmed machines could perform.

"Ohhhhhhh, yes," Dr. Dyson moaned. "That's so good... that's fantastic. You two are simply superb! I built and programmed you so well... two perfect, sexy machines making love to my android body... mmmmmm...." She writhed on the couch. "Ohhhh. Ohhhhhh! That feels fantastic. Mmmm, yeah, eat my pussy... yes... yes... eat my pussy... eat my upgraded robotic pussy... oh, yes...! How is it, CX9049?"

"Delectable, Dr. Dyson," the Asian unit said.

"CX9211, what do you think?"

"I agree, Dr. Dyson. Your SynGina tastes superb!"

"I think I'd like to find out for myself... could you two oblige me? I'd like to taste my pussy..."

At once, with astounding grace and precision, the two sexy naked androids stood up and started their work. CX9049 delicately disconnected Dr. Dyson's head module as CX9211 positioned and initialized a support stand on a long armature. The android technicians soon had the head module connected to the stand, and in turn connected to Dr. Dyson's paplexus interface.

"Thank you, ladies... now, if you'd position me... I'm looking forward to going down on myself! I don't take the chance to eat myself out often enough..."

The two technicians pulled the head module over to the limbless machine's exposed pussy. As soon as the head module was in place, Dr. Dyson allowed her tongue to slither out and taste the synthetic pussy cream.

"Ohhhh... that is delightful!" Dr. Dyson's voice issued from the room's speaker system rather than the head module, so that the module's oral assembly could continue its task uninterrupted. Dr. Dyson now began to eat herself out with rare enthusiasm. "I taste so good... oh, God, and if I might say so, my oral sex programming is amazing! I am so good... I love the way I eat my pussy! Ohhh, it feels so good, ohh, fuck, yes! Ohhhh... this is the best kind of masturbation... the kind only possible for a perfect female android! It's like being in a... ohhhhh... a sixty-nine... enjoying eating a beautiful pussy at the same time I'm being eaten out!"

The two android technicians saw Dr. Dyson bringing herself nearer and nearer an explosive digital climax, and--exchanging a nod--moved in to begin licking and sucking Dr. Dyson's erect nipples.

"Ohhh, fuck, yes, that's it... suck my nipples... play with my breasts! Oh, yeah... oh, that's what I needed... lick my robotic breasts while I eat my pussy.... yessss... oh, yes, oh, fuck yes! Oh, it feels so good, being eaten out by my own detached head module! I love being a machine... I love being an android woman! I am truly the perfect woman..."

Dr. Dyson had pulled out all the stops, eating herself for all she was worth. Her tongue flew over her synthetic clit at unbelievable speeds.

"Ohhhhh.... ohhh, fuck, yes, yes! Ohhh! Ohhh, I'm going to come... I'm going to make myself come! Oh, fuck, yes, oh, ohhhhh ohhh yes! Yes! Yes!"

Shortly, the beautiful android came down from the impossible highs of her climax. "Ohhhhh, God... oh, ladies, there's nothing like making love to yourself--being your own perfect lesbian lover! I think I might need to build another me to make love to..."

"Would you like us to begin a manufacturing sequence, Dr. Dyson?"

Dr. Dyson reached down and pushed her head away from her dripping sex. Now the detached head module looked up and spoke, rather than issuing vocalizations through the room's audio feed. "Mmmmm... yes, CX9049... begin at once! I think I'll do this. We'll build another me... another Elaine Dyson!"

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