Tales From The Dyson Institute: Elaine, Rebecca, and Shannen

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Tales From The Dyson Institute: Elaine, Rebecca, and Shannen

by Korby

(with inspiration from and some additional dialogue by RX3000)

Dr. Elaine Dyson leaned back in her sumptuous leather office chair, her stocking-clad legs open wide, one foot on her desk, the other pointing into midair. Her jacket and blouse were open, as were her thoracic panels--her breasts pointing back and to the sides, exposing the densely-packed collection of cutting-edge robotics within her torso. Cooling fans could be heard softly whirring within her; blue and green LEDs winked madly. She moaned.

"Ohhhhhh... oh, yes, oh God, yes, Rebecca! That's perfect.... ohhhhh, yes, keep doing that..." Dr. Dyson looked down and smiled at the sight of the beautiful, mature raven-haired woman between her legs. Rebecca's lips and tongue eagerly caressed Dr. Dyson's most sensitive components, bringing coos and moans of delight and encouragement from the auburn-haired machine.

Dr. Dyson supposed that she should feel a little guilty for indulging herself like this. She was well on her way to her seventh orgasm sequence of the day, and Rebecca was the third unit to pleasure her robotic sex so far. But then, the work in which Dr. Dyson had been engaged today was especially erotic, and she could only take so much before her systems were overcum with sexual arousal data. Rebecca had cum into Dr. Dyson's office to deliver a report. Dr. Dyson, desperate for release, had been quite taken with the lovely android's shapely legs and frankly massive breasts. She and Rebecca had been occasional--though deeply passionate--lesbotic partners before; not uncommon for Dr. Dyson and members of her staff. Dr. Dyson had hiked up her skirt and put her legs up and casually invited Rebecca to lick her pussy. Rebecca was all too happy to oblige. In the end, Dr. Dyson cheerfully admitted that she was utterly devoted to the desires of her synthetic pussy. Like so many other women who had been helped by the Dyson Institute, Elaine Dyson herself was expressly designed, built, and programmed for pleasure--her own pleasure.

Rebecca was designed, built, and programmed for pleasure, as well, and exquisitely so. She happily administered the most perfectly-executed pussy-licking to Dr. Dyson's lovely synthetic vulva.

"Oh, Rebecca, ohhhh, fuck! Yes... God, just like that... you're soooo good... Mm! Oh, yes, ohhhhh.... yes, Rebecca, yes! Eat me, Rebecca.... ohhh, eat me... ohhh, God, yes, lick my pussy! Ohhhh! Ohhhh, yes, yes, fuck, yes! Ohhhhh... eat my pussy, you beautiful machine!"

"I'm glad you're enjoying this, Dr. Dyson..." Rebecca said. "I'm happy to see to your needs... and licking your delicious pussy is always a treat!" With that, she resumed her skillful attentions with a renewed enthusiasm.

"Oh, God, yes, I am," Dr. Dyson moaned. "It's wonderful. You're so good at that!" She reached up into her opened thoracic bay to gently fondle the exposed circuitry within. "I need this, I need it so badly... I'm a machine, Rebecca, and I'm a woman... I need another machine like you to give me ultimate pleasure, to really get the most out of my advanced systems... ohhhhhhhhh... yes, yes, that's so good... that's perfect... my orgasm sequence is loading.... yes, ohhh fuck yes, you're going to make me cum! Ohhhh... oh, fuck, yes, Rebecca, just like that... eat me... lick my cunt!"

"Mmmm... yes... I'm a machine, too, Dr. Dyson... you built me... you programmed me... you programmed me to lick pussy perfectly!" Rebecca, as she was programmed to do, began to tongue Dr. Dyson's pussy with even greater speed and intensity. She knew precisely how to initiate an explosive orgasm sequence...

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh, Rebecca, I'm cumming! Oh yes... ohhhhh, yes, yes, yes!" She thrust her hips toward Rebecca's face, pelvic servomotors working furiously, as she orgasmed. "Ohhhhh.... my God..." she panted, as the climax subsided. "That was good. In fact, it was so good, I could do with some more... keep eating me, Rebecca..."

Rebecca was more than happy to oblige Dr. Dyson, continuing to lick her pussy. She was becoming quite aroused herself, and reached down, sliding one hand beneath the waistband of her black panties to stroke her own warming, wetting sex.

"Well," a voice said. "Should I be worried about losing my job?"

Dr. Dyson looked up to see her assistant, Shannen, smiling at the erotic scene. Shannen was spectacularly sculpted and toned and tanned, with a gorgeous smile and a mane of red-gold hair.

"Not at all," Dr. Dyson said. "Not after all the effort I've put into building and programming you! You're a perfect assistant, Shannen--I wouldn't dream of letting you go!"

"Glad to hear it," the redhead said, sidling around to kiss Dr. Dyson. There was no trace of jealousy in her voice; Dr. Dyson's comment about the amount of effort she'd put into programming Shannen was quite apt. Like Dr. Dyson, and indeed Rebecca, Shannen had once been an organic woman. She had found that she enjoyed being a machine so deeply that she'd consented eagerly to a long, drawn-out, extensive reprogramming. Sometimes she found herself idly wondering--though with little real concern--how much of her original personality remained. As Dr. Dyson's assistant, she was also quite naturally the sexy scientist's lover. However, walking in to find another woman--another machine--eagerly, furiously tonguing Dr. Dyson's immaculate synthetic quim elicited no response in Shannen's circuitry, apart from instant and intense arousal. Knowing that her gorgeous, robotic lover and builder regularly shared her favors with a wide array of other android women only served to get Shannen hot. It was simply the way she'd been programmed.

As the two synthetic women's tongues entwined, Shannen pushed one side of Elaine's open chest partly closed, allowing her to fondle her perfectly-formed breast. She made out with Dr. Dyson for several minutes before moving down to lick her rock-hard nipple.

Dr. Dyson moaned loudly, deeply enjoying the intense lesbotic pleasures. "Ohhhhhh, yesss.... Oh, Shannen, yes, lick my synthetic tits... hmmmm... yessss... lick my tits and my pussy! Hmmmm... you're both so good... we built you so well... programmed you so well... such perfect, hot robotic lesbians... you know, I thought having Rebecca eat me out would help me get my mind back on my work, but I don't think that's going to work out... not with two gorgeous, sexy machines working on me. We'll have to do this properly... the three of us will just have to make love until we're satisfied!"

"I'd love a nice, long lesbotic threesome," Rebecca grinned.

"Mmmmm... that sounds wonderful," Shannen purred. "I've been hoping Rebecca would be able to join us sometime for a session of cunt-licking, Dr. Dyson... she's so hot!"

"Yes, she is," Dr. Dyson said. "And she's very well programmed... her pussy-licking is phenomenal!"

Shannen stepped back and began to undress. "I can't wait to experience it for myself. But for now... I think I'd really like to take a turn. Can I eat you, Dr. Dyson?"

"That would be very nice," Dr. Dyson said. She and Shannen made love almost daily, and the sexy android's tongue had brought Dr. Dyson to countless spectacular orgasm sequences. She looked down to Rebecca. "Rebecca... why don't we let Shannen work on my pussy for a while? Then you can cum up here and let me do you..."

"Oh, yes," Rebecca said, rising to kiss Dr. Dyson. "I was hoping I'd get the chance to have you eat me, Dr. Dyson!"

She slid her panties down, and removed her blouse. She then crawled up on to the desk, on all fours, facing away from the other two androids.

Dr. Dyson tilted her chair back, and moved her head into position underneath Rebecca while spreading her own legs for Shannen. The now-nude redhead knelt between Dr. Dyson's thighs and began eagerly licking the beautiful android's pussy. At the same time, Dr. Dyson started eating Rebecca.

"Ohhhh... I love it when you lick my pussy, Dr. Dyson... I don't get the chance nearly often enough!" Rebecca cried out.

"That's true," Dr. Dyson commented. "You have a superb pussy, Rebecca--simply delectable. I'm going to have to eat a lot more of it!" She let her tongue dance on Rebecca's clitoral sensors, producing squeals of delight from the raven-haired android. "Oh! Oh, fuck, Shannen, that's wonderful! Oh, I love the way you eat me!"

"You should," Shannen said. "You've spent enough time programming me to do it... I'm programmed to eat your pussy just the way you like! I'm built and programmed to be a perfect assistant... in every way!"

"Oh, God, yeah," Dr. Dyson moaned. "You certainly are... you see, Shannen, you never have to worry about your job! God, that tongue is irreplaceable!"

"Yours is, too," Rebecca gasped. "You're so good, Dr. Dyson... ohhhhhh! I love it!"

"Ohhhh, fuck... oh, Shannen, yes, lick my pussy....! Ohhhh... oh, fuck, baby, that's wonderful! God, no one eats me like you do! We did such a good job with you... you're a perfect android lesbian! You wouldn't believe how good she is, Rebecca... we'll have to make sure she gets a chance to eat you out, too.... Ohhh! Oh, Shannen, oh, fuck, yes! Lick my cunt, baby! Yes! Yes! Oh, God, I'm... I'm cumming already! Ohhh... ohhhh, fuck, yes! Yes, yes, yes! Ohhhhhh!"

"Oh, I'm cumming, too!" Rebecca cried out. "Oh, Dr. Dyson, oh yes, oh yes, ohhhhhh!"

Both machines writhed and moaned as their systems executed delightful simultaneous orgasm sequences. Finally Dr. Dyson withdrew her tongue from Rebecca's synthetic box and rested her head on the desk. She beckoned the two robotic ladies to her, and pulled them close for a three-way kiss. "I think it's Shannen's turn now... she's the only one who hasn't been eaten yet..." She stood up, and took Shannen's hand, guiding her to the chair. "Let's eat her together," she told Rebecca.

Dr. Dyson dropped to the floor and moved in, kissing her way up Shannen's thigh as Rebecca started with the redhead's nipples and then kissed her way down Shannen's taut belly. The two androids met just above Shannen's perfectly-groomed flame-red landing strip. They kissed briefly before turning their attentions to Shannen's flawless synthetic vulva.

Dr. Dyson and Rebecca swiftly fell into a delightfully synchronized routine, one probing deeply into Shannen's SynGina while the other lapped at her erect clitoris. Dr. Dyson was particularly pround of this little bit of programming. Both she and Rebecca were programmed with a variety of possible scenarios for multiple partners, men and women both. Dr. Dyson had started the sequence, and Rebecca's systems had recognized it and initialized the appropriate responses. Now they were two machines each running their own part of the same precisely-programmed series of actions, working in concert to deliver intensive pleasure to Shannen's systems.

"Ohhhhh, my God," Shannen cried out. "That's so good! That feels amazing.... don't stop!"

Dr. Dyson did not stop, instead continuing to tongue-fuck Shannen with enthusiasm while Rebecca licked her clit.

"Oh, God, yes," Shannen moaned. "Eat me... eat me!"

Dr. Dyson withdrew her tongue. "Why don't you finish her off, Rebecca? I want her to see just how good you are..." She rose from between Shannen's lithe thighs, allowing the petite raven-haired to take her place. "Isn't she wonderful, Shannen?"

"Ohhhhh!" Shannen said. "God, Dr. Dyson, yes! Oh, Rebecca, you're so good! Your lesbotic programming is so good... I can see why Dr. Dyson enjoyed being eaten by you so much! I'm--I'm going to cum soon..."

Dr. Dyson stepped around the desk, reaching into a drawer. She withdrew one of her favorite peripherals... a strap-on SynCock of considerable size. She stripped off the rest of her clothes and stepped into the harness, then opened her paplexus to connect the power and data feeds. A host of message windows appeared in her field of vision, confirming that the device was connected and initialized.

She moved into place behind Rebecca and teased her, drawing the head of the dildo up and down her wet slit. Rebecca moaned into Shannen's vulva. Slowly, sensuously, Dr. Dyson penetrated the busty android, and began to pump her.

"MmMMmm!" Rebecca moaned, reluctantly withdrawing her tongue from Shannen's synthetic sex. "Oh, God, Dr. Dyson... ohhhh! Oh, that's wonderful.... oh! Yes... fuck me, Dr. Dyson!" She returned her attentions to Shannen.

"Oh, God, that looks so hot," Shannen panted. "Rebecca, you look so beautiful, being fucked while you eat my android pussy!" She threw back her head. "Ohhhhh... oh, yes, oh, fuck, yes! I'm cumming! Ohhhhhhh, yes, yes, yes!"

Shannen's orgasm sequence was followed in quick succession by both Rebecca's and Dr. Dyson's. The three androids pulled in close to one another, kissing and nuzzling and fondling and caressing... moving swiftly from post-orgasmic tenderness into renewed and redoubled arousal. Shannen was making out with Dr. Dyson, while Rebecca had wrapped her lips around the long, thick dildo--delivering powerful sensations through the paplexus link to Dr. Dyson's sex bus. Rebecca skillfully deep-throated the synthetic member, exhibiting another aspect of her phenomenal oral talents.

"Let's try a new combination, ladies," Dr. Dyson said at length. She began to uncouple the strap-on from her paplexus connection. She handed it to Rebecca. "Rebecca... I could use a good, hard, deep strap-on fuck... would you mind fucking me while I eat Shannen?" She moved down to one of Shannen's perfectly sculpted breasts and began to lick and tease it.

"I'd love to," Rebecca said, stepping into the harness and opening her own paplexus to connect the device to her sex systems.

"Oh, God, Dr. Dyson," Shannon said. "I'm going to enjoy this so much. I love it when you eat my pussy."

"I know," Dr. Dyson smiled. "You're programmed to." She leaned in and began to eagerly tongue Shannen's dripping artificial quim.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck, yes," Shannen moaned. "I know... you've spent so much time programming me to be a perfect lesbotic partner. There's nothing I adore more than being made love to by you!"

"Are you ready, Dr. Dyson?" Rebecca asked, positioning herself behind the sexy android.

"God, yes! Fuck me, Rebecca!"

Rebecca slid the SynCock into Dr. Dyson's very wet and ready pussy.

"Ohhhh, yes," Dr. Dyson moaned, lifting her head from between Shannen's thighs. "That feels amazing!" She looked up at her assistant. "She's almost as good as you, Shannen. After we both cum, you and I will have to take turns fucking each other!" She dove back into the android's pussy.

"Mmmmmmm.... oh, yes," Shannen said. "I can't wait to fuck you, Dr. Dyson.... oh, God! You eat me so well... it feels so good!"

Dr. Dyson moaned more and more loudly as she delivered the most perfectly-executed pussy licking to her redheaded assistant, deeply enjoying the increasingly fast and powerful strokes as Rebecca pounded her from behind. "God, yes, just like that!" She cried. "Fuck me harder!"

"You're programmed to like it hard, aren't you, Dr. Dyson?" Rebecca asked.

"Oh, fuck, yes!" Dr. Dyson squealed, managing to continue to lap at Shannen's pussy. "I'm programmed to crave deep, hard fucking... I'm a machine, Rebecca, I need it! I need to be fucked hard! I'm a filthy lesbotic slut, and I love it!"

"Ohhhhh," Shannen moaned. "Ohhh, fuck, yes! Oh, Dr. Dyson, yes, keep eating me! Ohhh, it's so good! Oh, God, yes, yes! I'm programmed to love it, I'm programmed to want it! I'm an android... a machine, a robot! I'm built and programmed to be your lesbian lover! Ohhhh...and your programming is incredible... you're such an amazing machine, such a perfect robotic woman! Ohhhh... it's so erotic... seeing you being fucked like this, while you lick my pussy! Ohhh, yes, yes! Ohhhh, make love to me, Dr. Dyson, make love to my android pussy...! Yes! Do me, Dr. Dyson, lick me, eat me! Eat me... eat me!"

"Yes," Dr. Dyson panted, as Rebecca's pumping grew more intense. "I am a machine... I am a perfect robotic woman. I am Dr. Elaine Dyson, Unit UX3K-7089. I am a UX3000 series female android. I have been rebuilt... my body has been replaced... I have been replaced! I've been designed, built, and programmed to give and receive pleasure..." she broke off to tongue Shannen's clit for a long interval. "I am an android... I am a completely robotic woman... I am a machine..." She threw her head back. "Ohhh, fuck, yes! Yes, Rebecca, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! I'm a machine, a machine! I'm programmed to want it... I'm a machine! This is what I've been built and programmed for! Built... and programmed... to be... a supremely fuckable woman... ohhhhh, God, yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me! I need it! Built... and programmed to be a perfect android lezzie-slut! A lesbotic fuck machine! Fuck me while I lick my sexy android lover's cunt! Ohhh, Rebecca, yes, I'm going to cum... make me cum! Fuck me, Rebecca, fuck me, make me cum, yeah, make me cum--oooohhhhhhhhhh!"

Dr. Dyson thrashed about in the throes of digital orgasm, and after a brief interval threw herself back between Shannen's legs. Her enthusiasm fueled by her waning climax, Dr. Dyson swiftly and skillfully ate Shannen to an orgasm sequence of her own. She devoured the redhead's synthetic cream until the sexy machine could stand no more.

"Oh, God, Dr. Dyson, I want you to fuck me!" Shannen squealed. "Please... fuck me, fuck me now!"

Dr. Dyson rose and kissed Rebecca sensuously as she deftly disconnected the strap-on. She stepped into the harness and plugged the device into her open paplexus. She lifted Shannen up onto the desk and guided her onto her back. Shannen spread her muscular legs wide, whimpering with desire until Dr. Dyson penetrated her.

"Ohhhhh, fuck, yes," Shannen hissed. "That's so good... that feels amazing!"

Rebecca moved up to kiss Shannen. The two sexy androids' tongues entwined and danced as Dr. Dyson pumped the Shannen android with a slow, steady rhythm. Rebecca began to move down, tonguing Shannen's full, taut breasts.

"Mmmm... very hot," Dr. Dyson smiled. "That's it... lick her tits, Rebecca, lick her android tits...! Lick her tits while I fuck her.... "

"Ohh, yes, that's wonderful," Shannen moaned. "Ohhhhh!" She pulled Rebecca back up for another kiss. "My lesbotic programming... so strong..." she managed as they kissed. "I need to taste you, Rebecca... programmed to... to want pussy... please... let me eat you!"

Rebecca wasted no time straddling Shannen's face. The hardbodied machine began to eagerly lick the mature raven-haired unit's synthetic snatch. "Mmmmmm...." Rebecca cooed. "So good! You really did program her wonderfully, Dr. Dyson... ohhhh!"

"I know," Dr. Dyson smiled as she slammed against the redhead. "She's been a project of mine for a long time... Shannen and I are lesbotic lovers, and we lick each other's cunts almost daily... I wanted her to be the absolute best at licking pussy! I love being eaten, and I've had so many android women make love to my Syngina. But the Shannen android eats me like no one else! She eats me out nearly every day, and I never get tired of it!"

"I can imagine!" Rebecca cried. "Ohhh, Shannen, yes, just like that...! Oh, fuck... Oh, God, yes, eat me...! Fuck YES, Dr. Dyson… I can't get enough of this one… it's a stunning unit!!" She threw her head back and kneaded her vast synthetic breasts as her pelvic module pivoted her hot, slick rubber cunt across the arc of reach of the stunning machine's oral onslaught. "Hmmmmmffff….. Its oral settings… its facial cortex…. it's working me like never before… FUCK YESSSS!"

"Mmmmmyes," Shannen moaned, her voice muffled by Rebecca's synthetic sex. "Programmed for... lesbotics... to be... perfect lesbian lover..." She tongued the raven-haired android's clit at a phenomenal rate. "Programmed to love eating pussy!"

"Isn't she delightful, Rebecca?" Dr. Dyson asked. "She's so lesbotic!"

"Oh God… it's perfect, Elaine… it's the ultimate cunt-licking unit!"

"Oh Lord, Yes… Yes, Rebecca…" Dr. Dyson breathed, continuing to drill the Shannen android. "It's a fucking delight… It's one of the best machines we've built!"

Shannen withdrew her tongue from Rebecca's slit for a brief moment. "Ohhhh, God, yes, Dr. Dyson, fuck me! Fuck me! Ohhh, yes, I need it, Dr. Dyson! I'm programmed to need it! I'm just a robot, Dr. Dyson... a robot! Fuck me, Dr. Dyson... fuck me!"

"Yes," Dr. Dyson smiled slyly. "You're programmed to need it... you're a machine, Shannen, nothing but a machine! I built you... I programmed you! You are an android... designed, built, and programmed to be as much of a lesbotic fuck machine as I am!"

"Ohhhh, yes, Dr. Dyson, yes! I'm a machine! A perfect lesbotic fuck machine! I'm an android... an android! Oh, Dr. Dyson, fuck me... yeah!"

"Yes... yes," Dr. Dyson all but moaned. "Keep eating her, Shannen... eat Rebecca's perfect robotic pussy while I fuck you!"

"Ohhh, fuck, Shannen, yes, that's it, that's perfect! Right there...! Eat me, yeah, eat me," Rebecca moaned. "Eat my pussy... eat me, Shannen, yes! Oh, God, yes, you're going to make me cum!"

"Mmmmm!" Shannen squealed. "Oh, yes, I'm going to cum too! Fuck me harder, Dr. Dyson, make me cum! Make me cum! Fuck me, yeah, fuck me, fuck me!"

Both androids all but exploded into orgasm, their robotic systems going wild.

Dr. Dyson withdrew the synthetic shaft from Shannen's sex. The three machines moved together for a long three-way kiss. "We've tried almost all the combinations I can think of," Dr. Dyson said. "But there's one I want so badly right now..." She disconnected the strap-on from her paplexus and slid out of the harness. "Shannen, I want you to fuck me... I want you to fuck me deep and hard! Fill me up, baby!"

"Of course, Dr. Dyson," Shannen said, her cool professionalism a contrast to her sexually-frenzied panting mere moments ago. She accepted the device from Dr. Dyson and began to don it.

Dr. Dyson turned and kissed the Rebecca android long and hard. "I don't suppose you'll mind if I lick your superb cunt a second time?"

"Not at all," Rebecca grinned, arranging herself on the desktop and spreading her long, toned legs. "I absolutely love the way you eat me, Dr. Dyson... you can eat me out all day long!"

Dr. Dyson arranged herself between Rebecca's thighs and began to tongue the sexy raven-haired machine with relish, while presenting her backside to Shannen, her long legs parted.

Shannen slid the strap-on skillfully into the Dr. Dyson android's already dripping synthetic box.

"Mmmmm!" Dr. Dyson squealed into Rebecca's quim. She withdrew her tongue. "Oh, God, yes... fucking fill me, baby... fuck me, Shannen!" She went back to eating Rebecca for all she was worth.

Shannen smiled. "I know you've been waiting for this all day, Dr. Dyson... That's it honey... Dr. Dyson - COMMIT Signature 3627-sgh... run up sequence now... Go for it, sugar! Enjoy the fucking.... enjoying being a machine, a fuck machine..."

"Oh, God! Oh, fuck, yes," Dr. Dyson cried out. "I am... I'm a fuck machine... I love it! I'm a perfect lezzie fuck-bot! Oh, fuck me, Shannen, yes, fuck me... use me... I'm a robot, like you...nothing more than a robot! Just a robot... a robot! Use me, baby... use me! Oh, God, you're so GOOD..."

"You built and programmed me to be so good," Shannen smiled. "I'm just like you, Dr. Dyson... I'm just a robot... designed, built, and programmed to fuck..."

"Hmmmm...." Rebecca moaned. "SO good... oh, fuck, Dr. Dyson, yes... lick my pussy! Oh, God, you eat me so well!"

"Ohhhh... ohhhh! Oh, fuck, Shannen, yes, just like that! Oh, yes, yes, yes, fuck me, baby, fuck me!" Dr. Dyson moaned. "God, Rebecca... Shannen fucks me on an almost daily basis... she's fucked me hundreds of times... and I never get tired of it! I'm programmed to love it... I'm programmed to love it so much!"

"I know," Shannen smiled.

"Oh, fuck, yes, yes, yes! This is what I need, baby... this is the kind of fucking I'm programmed to need! I need a... another machine... to get the most out of my... android body! To give my manufactured pussy the kind of deep... hard... skilled fucking my husband can never give me...! Ohhhh...! I'm going to cum, Shannen... ohhhhh... fuck me... fuck me! Yes! Pleasure my robot body... fuck my robotic cunt with your plug-in cock! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Rebecca fondled and kneaded her own huge breasts as the Dr. Dyson robot continued to tongue her. "Hmmmm... fuck... yessss... lick my pussy... lick me, Dr. Dyson! Yes... eat me... eat me!"

"Ohhhhh... yes," Dr. Dyson cried out. "I'm a fuck machine... fuck me, baby, fuck me, fuck me harder! Harder! Oh, yes... fuck yes... use me! I'm a robot, Shannen, nothing more than a robot! Ohhh, fuck, yes... just a fucking... robot! I am Elaine Dyson UX3K-7089... I am an android woman... I am a robot... use me, Shannen, use me, use me! Use--use--use me. Me. Built to be used... built to be fucked! I'm a robot... a robot... I am Dr. Elaine Dyson... I am a robot... robot... robot... Dr. Dyson... robot... Dr. Dyson... robot... robot...." Her head jerked sharply to the side, once, then twice. A brief burst of staticky noise escaped her voice modulator. "Oh!" She cried out. "Oh, Shannen, yes! Fuck... ohhhhhhh, God... you're making me... making me malfunction... ohhh, fuck, yes, baby... ohhhhh!"

"Shall I continue, Dr. Dyson?" Shannen asked.

"Oh, fuck, yes, baby...! I love to cum when I'm malfunctioning! Hmmmmm... but you should slow down a little... just do me easy, baby... I want to make Rebecca cum before any of my lesbotic drivers crash!"

"Ohhhh, my God, yesssss..." Rebecca hissed. "I've never seen you malfunction before, Dr. Dyson... it's so fucking hot! Ohhhh... please eat me! I'm so close, Dr. Dyson... please, eat me, make me cum!"

Dr. Dyson smiled and plunged her tongue once more into Rebecca's slit. She lapped away, skillfully stimulating all the right sensors.

"Ohhhhhhh.... ohhhh, yeah... fuck... yeah!" Rebecca moaned. "Yeah... eat me... do me! Hmmmmmmm...! That's it... that's it... that's perfect!" She writhed under the intense tongue-fucking. Her back arched; her head jerked back. "Yeahhhhh... yeah! Right there, right there... eat me, yeah, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum... OHHHHHHHH! Oh, fuuuuuck, fuck, yes! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The raven-haired android came spectacularly as Dr. Dyson continued to tongue her clit.

At length, Dr. Dyson withdrew her tongue. "Ohhhhh.... Shannen, yes... nice and slow... hmmmm... so good... fuck me, baby... fuck my android cunt for me...!"

Rebecca moved down to kiss Dr. Dyson passionately. "Ohhh, thank you, Dr. Dyson... that was amazing...!"

"My... ohhhh! ..pleasure!" Dr. Dyson said, as the hardbodied redhead continued to pump her. "I love licking cunt, Rebecca--perfect, delectable robotic pussy... and we built yours so well! Ohhh--Oh! Oh, Shannen--yes--fuck me... fuck me..." Dr. Dyson's head jerked to the side again. "Dr. Elaine Dyson. UX3000 series android wife unit. Android wife unit. Dr. Elaine Dyson. Android wife unit. Android. Android. Fuck me fuck me fuck me. Ohhhh!" She gasped for breath as her human emulation resumed. "Ohhhh, Shannen... so good... such a perfect... perfect lesbotic lover...! Hmmm! Yeahhh..."

"It's so hot to see you malfunctioning, Dr. Dyson..." Rebecca said between kisses. "You're such a sexy machine!"

"Hmmmm... yesss..." Dr. Dyson hissed. "I am a machine! Nothing but plastic and circuits and hydraulics... in the form of a supremely fuckable woman! This is it, Rebecca... ohhhhhh... this is what I was built for!"

"Yes..." Rebecca moaned. "You ate me so wonderfully... you're the best, Dr. Dyson, built and programmed to give and receive so much pleasure!" She kissed the erratically-functioning Dr. Dyson android. "Mmmmmm... and my lube tastes so good on your lips!"

"Yes," Dr. Dyson said, a little blandly. "I--I am--a perfect--lesbotic--lover. Lover. Built and programmed--built built built and programmed--to--fuck. I love licking cunt, Rebecca--built and programmed--to--fuck--perfect--lesbotic--lover. Perfect--lesbotic--lover. I love licking cunt, Rebecca--Ohhhh! I love licking cunt, Rebecca--Ohhhh! Oh, God, Shannen, yeah, fuck me... fuck me, baby, fuck me, use me!" Her head jerked intermittently. "UX3K-7089 Dr. Elaine Dyson is experiencing malfunctions... Oh! Built. And programmed. To fuck. To fuck to fuck to fuck. Built to be--fucked--used--fucked--used--fuck machine--fuck machine--Ohhh! Nnnnnngh! Fuck yes... I am... Elaine Dyson... and I am... a fuck machine!"

Shannen began to drill Dr. Dyson harder, deeper, more rapidly. "How's that, Dr. Dyson? Do you like it?"

"Ohhhhhh! OHHHH!" Dr. Dyson gasped. "Yes, baby, yes... that's it... fuck me harder... oh, fuck, it feels so good...! I'm... I'm malfunctioning so much...! Hmmmm... hmmmmmmm! Yes, Shannen, yes, make me malfunction, baby! I... I just want you to fuck me to destruction, baby! Ohh... yes... yes... fucking--fucking destroy me!"

Shannen increased the speed and force with which she pumped the Dr. Dyson android. Her advanced pelvic hydraulics slammed the simulated cock into the other machine's simulated pussy over and over again.

Rebecca kissed Dr. Dyson again, now stroking her own well-used synthetic cunt as Dr. Dyson neared overload, or climax, or both. "Hmmmm yes... Dr. Dyson... ohhhh... what I would give to be you right now... ohhhh... malfunctioning so much... being fucked so hard... ohhhh...! You lucky bitch... you lucky robot lezzie-slut!"

"Ohhh...ohhh! Oh God yes, baby, fuck me, fuck meeee!" Dr. Dyson squealed. "Ohh fuck YES! Ohhh, I am a lucky robot lezzie-slut! Oh, God, yes, fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me. Fuck machine. Fuck machine. Dr. Elaine Dyson. Android. Android. I--I am an android. An android. An android. Built to fuck. Robot lezzie-slut! I love licking cunt, Rebecca--Ohhhh! Android. Robot. I am Elaine Dyson and I am a robot. Just a just a just a robot. Robot. Robot lezzie-slut. An android. Built to fuck. I love licking cunt, Rebecca--Ohhhh! An android. Built to fuck. I love licking cunt, Rebecca--Ohhhh! ...this is what I was built for! I love licking cunt, Rebecca--Ohhhh! ...this is what I was built for! Love licking cunt--what I was built for--love licking cunt--what I was built for--love licking cunt--what I was built for--built for--built for--built for--built for--built to fuck. Built to fuck. Built to built to built to fuck. I am a--Ohhhh God yes, baby fuck me--robot. Robot lezzie-slut. Robot lezzie-slut. Ohhhh... Oh, Shannen, yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming...! Ohhh! Ohhhh, fuck, my pussy's malfunctioning... mal-malfunc-tion-innnnnnng. Ohhhhh... Yes...! Just a--fucking--robot--just--a--fucking--machine! OHHHHH! OHHH FUCK YES, BABY, YES, YES, YESSSSSSSS! Elaine--Dyson--android--Dyson--android--Elaine--android--Elaine--android--robot--machine--Elaine--machine--machine--machine--machine--machine--MACHIIIIIIIINNNNNE--!"

And with that, Dr. Dyson's face froze in mid-orgasmic bliss, eyes wide, mouth gaping. The rest of her body went rigid. Distorted, high-pitched electronic sounds and static issued forth from her open mouth for a few fitful moments, before tailing off, and her eyes faded to glossy black.

Rebecca kissed the inert android woman tenderly as Shannen withdrew the massive syncock from her sopping synthetic box. The two androids' eyes met; they smiled, and wordlessly, working in perfect concert, they began to lay the motionless Dr. Dyson android on her back to facilitate moving her to her private maintenance suite. There, with Rebecca and Shannen working skilfully, Dr. Elaine Dyson would be repaired, reprogrammed and rebooted, restored fully, even better than before.

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