Tales From Dyson Institute: Two Vignettes

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Julia made her way through the maintenance section. She paused as she passed a bay occupied by a beautiful raven-haired android with large, firm breasts and long, tanned legs. Nothing hinted at the brunette being a highly-complex machine... except for the images being replayed on a large flatscreen monitor before her. The images clearly showed the same woman only a short time earlier, panels opened and partly disassembled, as she underwent intensive servicing.

The sexy brunette moaned with delight, masturbating furiously as she observed the playback of her service session. "Mmmmm! Oh! Yes... yes! I am--ohhh--a machine... a machine... oh, God, yes... look at that circuitry... sooo hot... I am a perfect machine... a perfect and totally robotic woman... I am a machine, a machine! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Julia felt a digitized surge of arousal in her own subsystems. It was a remarkably erotic sight, seeing this gorgeous android woman delight in her synthetic existence. Julia considered for only a moment before walking into the bay, still naked herself. "Hello, Unit VX9783," she said. "You look like you're enjoying yourself..."

"Ohh! Hello, VX9346..." the brunette gasped. "Yes... I truly love being a machine, you know. It's so intensely erotic... I'm told I have an extraordinarily high machine awareness factor."

"I thought you might like a little... assistance..." Julia smiled seductively.

"I'd love nothing better," VX9783 purred. "Come here."

Julia climbed up to join the sexy brunette android on the couch. She kissed the brunette passionately. "I think you're an incredibly sexy machine," she said. She reached down between the brunette's thighs and began to gently stroke her hot, wet vulva. With her other hand, she reached around the brunette's back to fondle one firm breast.

"Yes," the brunette sighed. "Just look at the screen... look at me. I'm a machine... I'm nothing more than a highly-sophisticated assembly of microelectronics and servomechanisms housed in a beautiful, feminine polysilicone body chassis. Ohhh, yes... that feels so good, VX9346... keep doing that."

"Do you like it?" Julia whispered into the brunette's ear. "You like what I'm doing to your robotic clitoris, don't you? The data flow must be phenomenal."

"Oh, yes," VX9783 moaned. "My... my orgasm sequence is already loading."

"You're so beautiful," Julia whispered. "So, so hot... such a sexy machine... with such an incredible pleasure system built into your hot little pelvic module. Your robotic systems are responding so much..."

"Yes.... oh, yes," VX9783 said, panting. "Oh, God... will you lick my pussy, VX9346? I want to sit on your face and have you lick me while I watch my android body being serviced."

"I'd love to," Julia said, shifting around on the couch, lying back to allow VX9783 to straddle her face. She immediately began to eat the beautiful synthetic pussy that hovered just above her mouth, dripping sweet juices onto her tongue.

VX9783 cried out. "Oh! Ohhhh, yes! God, that's perfect... right there. Lick my clit, VX9346... ohhhh. You're licking a robotic pussy. You're making love to a machine... a machine. This is... so... hot. So much data... systems status... ohhh... I'm completely aware of every sexual response... and I'm enjoying having my pussy eaten by a beautiful woman. I'm a woman, and I'm a perfect machine.... ohhhhh! Yes! Progress to climax ninety-eight percent... ninety-nine.... don't stop! Eat me, baby... just like that... ohhhh! Yes! Yes! Fuck yes... yes! Orgasm sequence executing--yes! Ohhh! Ohhhhhhh!" The beautiful brunette android tossed her head back as her robotic systems simulated an explosive climax. Then she collapsed upon Julia, breathing heavily. Julia planted gentle, loving kisses on her wet pussy and the inside of one thigh.

VX9783 recovered from her orgasm. She crawled around to nuzzle close to Julia, kissing her fellow machine. "That was wonderful, VX9346... thank you so much. You're a remarkable lover... I'm sorry I never got the chance to do it with you before." She smiled at Julia. "You must be pretty worked up by now..."

"Oh, yes," Julia said softly. "Helping you to fully enjoy your android existence like that... it was very arousing. You really love being a machine, and that's so erotic to me..."

"Then let me help you," VX9783 said. "Let me do you... let me get you off."

"Yes... please... make love to me. I want to enjoy being a machine, too..." she reached up and lifted away her face panel, setting it on the couch beside her. The sophisticated circuitry within her head module was fully exposed. At the same time, a faint seam appeared as her paplexus interface unsealed itself. The panel sank into her body, then slid up behind her abdomen with a faint whir. "And I want to enjoy being a woman. That's the other side of the coin; I'm not only a highly-complex machine, but a woman, a perfect woman--a new and better woman, far better than before, better than I ever thought possible. Please, VX9783... make love to me, the way a woman deserves to be made love to... make love to me the way only another woman can. You're a machine, just like me--a machine built and programmed to be a perfect woman."

VX9783 dove in, gently pushing Julia's thighs apart to gain access to her synthetic sex. She drew her tongue languidly up Julia's pussy, from bottom to top, and slid it across her clitoris. She repeated this again, then once more, and brought her fingertips up to gently prise open Julia's soft nether lips. VX9783 began to swirl her tongue around Julia's clit, eliciting a long, low moan.

"Ohhhh... yes... that feels so good, VX9783... you're amazing..."

"Mmmmm," VX9783 said, withdrawing her tongue momentarily. "I should be. My sexual performance programming has been enhanced with additional software, drawn from several dedicated sex units. I've actually never had a chance to make use of my cunnilingus routines before now... but I'm enjoying it immensely. Your pussy is fantastic, VX9346... so beautiful... and you taste so good. I could lick your pussy all day..." She then plunged her tongue deep within Julia, savoring her synthetic juices.

Julia moaned louder. This was indescribably erotic; this gorgeous raven-haired woman, this sexy android, had never before made love to another woman... but now she was tonguing Julia's robotic sex with phenomenal skill. VX9783 was a high-performance machine, programmed to lick her pussy like a pro. "Ohhh, God, yes... that's so good... you're making me so hot..."

Elsewhere, Dr. Dyson stood in an observation room, watching a complex maintenace procedure being carried out on a lovely Asian unit. A lovely technician stood at Dr. Dyson's side, explaining the procedure while observing a series of diagnostic and status results scrolling past on a nearby monitor.

The technician, a slender, leggy, short-haired blonde, paused to analyze the readings for a moment before continuing. "And, of course, we've found it necessary to replace her primary pelvic module hydraulics pump. This unit is a very active young wife, and her sexual activity rates definitely warrant the careful attention to her pelvic systems."

Dr. Dyson nodded, gazing at the lovely young unit in the maintenance bay. A pair of technicians were working on her detached pelvic module, swiftly and efficiently installing the replacement pump. The unit's thorax was open as well, her breast modules lying on a nearby table and her sophisticated core system components lying exposed. Her head module was still attached, and she was fully conscious; she suddenly turned her head to one side, eyes closed, and emitted a low moan.

The blonde technician took note of a reading on the monitor. "As you can tell, her arousal levels are becoming extremely high," she said. "We'll be dealing with that as soon as the new pump is fully installed and calibrated."

The Asian unit conversed with the technicians, providing vital data as they made the final adjustments to the new pump. Satisfied that the pump was properly installed at last, one of the two technicians stepped aside. She returned wheeling a specialized table, adorned with a strange apparatus. There was a specially-shaped 'holster' in the center of the table, into which the technicians placed the android's pelvic module. They secured the module in place with several restraint straps. One of the technicians then verified that the appropriate data and power feeds from the pelvic module remained properly connected to the unit's torso.

Once everything was in place, the technicians activated the remaining part of the apparatus. A sizeable dildo, vibrating madly, extended from the table's machinery and made precise contact with the unit's clitoris.

The sexy young woman threw her head back, crying out with sheer delight as the dildo moved about her clitoral sensors. After a few moments, the dildo slid into her well-lubricated vaginal package and began to pump in and out.

In the observation room, the blonde touched a few controls, and the audio feed from the maintenance bay was piped in.

"Oh, fuck, yes," the Asian unit quavered. "That's it... that's so good... Fuck! Oh, yes... look at me... I'm a machine... a MACHINE. Oh, yes... yes... fuck me... yes... oh... ohhhhhh my God... I am a machine... I am just a machine... I am an android... oh! Yes! Yes!"

Dr. Dyson drew in a sudden, sharp breath as the lovely unit exploded into her first digitized climax. The dildo slowed and then withdrew for a moment, allowing the Asian unit to recover, before beginning the cycle once more.

The blonde muted the audio. "Given the flow of arousal data that's been built up, we'll be continuing with the vibro-stim session until she's had at least four more orgasms. That should prove satisfactory for her, and then we can resume maintenance operations." She turned to Dr. Dyson. "The new policy is proving very popular; allowing units to remain online as much as possible during maintenance operations is having profound effects. Our androids are very happy with it--it's proving very effective in giving them the fullest possible experience of being machines. And of course, the stimulation sessions are very effective in dealing with arousal-data buildup."

Dr. Dyson shifted her stance. "Yes, I can see that it's very effective for them..." she said. "But they're not the only ones who will need to deal with arousal data."

The blonde smiled. "I understand entirely. It can be intensely erotic to see the stim sessions being carried out." She regarded Dr. Dyson. "I can see that you're highly aroused, Dr. Dyson. Would you like me to lick your pussy?"

Dr. Dyson returned the smile, moving forward to embrace the slender blonde. "Yes, VX9902," she breathed, kissing the blonde softly. "I'd like that very much."

The two beautiful androids kissed deeply for a few moments, then broke the embrace. Dr. Dyson lifted up her skirt, seated herself on a nearby counter, and parted her legs. Her beautifully-constructed synthetic pussy--immaculately 'groomed', completely hairless with a narrow strip of dark pubic hair just above--was presented for the blonde's free access.

VX9902 knelt between Dr. Dyson's shapely legs and leaned in to place her tongue on the sexy scientist's robotic vulva. She began to devour Dr. Dyson with insatiable lust and no small fund of skill.

In short order, Dr. Dyson was moaning as fervently as the lovely young Asian woman in the next room. "Ohhhhhh, yes..." she hissed. "Oh! That's wonderful, VX9902... you're doing wonderfully... oh! Yes--right there, right there.... lick me... yes... lick my robotic pussy... lick my clit! Just like that! Mmmmmmm.... oh! Oh, yes... progress to climax 63%... 65%... 70%.... oh, my, yes.... oh, VX9902, you are amazing! Keep doing it like that... just like that. You are a fantastic lesbian sex machine, VX9902, simply superb! You're a perfect android... just like me... that's it... eat me, VX9902... yeah... eat my android pussy... ohhhhhhh fuck yes! Progress to climax 89%... 92%... orgasm sequence: loading... oh, fuck, yes... I'm almost there... don't stop... 96%... 97%... oh, you're going to make me come... 99%... Oh! Ohhhh, yes! I'm coming, VX9902! Yes! Yes! Oh, fuck yes! Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" Dr. Dyson grasped the sexy blonde's head and thrust her hips forward as she climaxed. The blonde simply continued to lick Dr. Dyson as she ran her digitized orgasm software.

Finally, her climax subsiding, Dr. Dyson released her hold on the blonde's head and leaned back on the counter. "Oh, God, VX9902, you are incredible," she gasped.

The blonde rose from between the doctor's thighs. Dr. Dyson embraced her and kissed her passionately, savoring the taste of her own synthetic lubricant fluids on VX9902's lips.

"You are simply a superb unit, VX9902," Dr. Dyson said. "Thank you so much. I really needed that."

"It was my pleasure, Dr. Dyson," the lovely android smiled.

"I wish I could return the favor, but my schedule is very full today. I have a UX2000 design review in five minutes." She gazed deeply into the blonde's big blue eyes. "Meet me in my office later tonight, VX9902... I want to make love to you properly!"

The blonde kissed Dr. Dyson deeply. "I'd enjoy that very much," she said. "I've fantasized about being with you for so long, Dr. Dyson."

"Shall we say 9 o'clock, then?"

VX9902 nodded. Dr. Dyson kissed her once more, briefly, then stood and pulled her skirt back down. "Until then," she smiled, and walked out of the room.

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