Superiority Complex

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Content warning: Furries, malfunctions, oral sex.

The person who commissioned this lovely piece wishes to remain anonymous, but you can still read all the good stuff below!


Robots existed, that much was true. There was no doubt about it, but when someone mentioned that they were working on a robot, it conjured up a wide array of mental images. Some kind of blocky, metal thing with tank treads and multi-functional arms and a camera mounted on it. Wildly squeaking its way through a mucky field towards some objective. Armor plated dangling from it and perhaps some kind of remote control. Others might think of those sleek, yellow and orange arms, poised over a moving conveyor belt as they automatically snatched parts from a bin then held it in place while another arm rotated in and sprayed sparks across the space as something was welded to another.

Still others imagined swarms of microscopic nanobots, swarming over everyone and everything. Consuming all the material in its path and propagating more and more of the same microscopic robots. Or the shiny chrome plated death machines, marching across boken fields of people's remains, mechanically wiping out the remaining resistance forces.

Everyone seemed to know what the future of robotics was going to look like. All of them were fairly incorrect as well.

Science fiction and film made it look like all you needed to do to make a realistic robot that looked and felt like a real person was a crack team of scientists, a montage of a few months of late nights and someone would eventually come up with a breakthrough. From that breakthrough all the pieces would fall into place and then in a short stretch of time you would have a bipedal marvel of technology.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Any number of technology giants had tried for years upon years, funneling hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars into research and development. Every time a new technology or incremental improvement popped up there was a surge in the robotics community. Maybe this would be the thing that would trigger a revolution in their research. It never was, it was always useful, increasing efficiency or allowing some previous programming set to be modified to work better. In the best cases, new technologies simply allowed for the work arounds that programmers and engineers had put in place to be scrapped in favor of a better way of doing things.

The dream persisted though. A walking, talking robot that looked something like everyone else in the world. Maybe one day they might even be able to seamlessly pass as one of them and truly integrate into society. What a hayday the philosophers would have then. What makes a person a person, can that personhood be simulated? What if that person isn’t exactly like you, but close enough?

They would have a long wait.

It took nearly three decades of constant, small iterations on new technology before a clunky, boxy, but bipedal robot emerged. It had to constantly be hooked into a power source, cables feeding it data and information to let it take even a single step forward were required.

Time passed, technology evolved, and sooner rather than later great strides were made. Sleek new technology evolved, new, more efficient motors and faster processors arose by leaps and bounds. Fiber optics allowed for some of the first highly capable computerized systems to be made. In a short little leap, something akin to artificial intelligence had been made.

It was close, but not quite perfect. It was a learning algorithm that could be based on a flat, starter set of data and grow from there. It wasn’t really doing much good swimming around in a pool of ones and zeros on a hard drive, there was only so much learning that could be done there. To really take in the world and learn from it, there would need to be interaction, connection, touch and feeling. There needed to be a body that was constructed specifically to interact with the world around it. Something that would allow the miraculous birth of the first artificial being an opportunity to experience the world around it.

Construction started shortly after setting up the A.I. on a slow learning cycle as it sorted through the massive amount of data that the internet at large had to offer. There was enough information there to absorb and compile into some kind of usable form for the A.I. The programming sets needed to take the raw data and read it, understand it, tag it with all kinds of metadata so that it could be organized in a central database. Once there, it could be crunched down into social programming sets, which could then be registered to some kind of external stimuli and then executed.

In short, the A.I. had to learn every single social interaction that it could have with people, and the internet was its teacher.

That was, perhaps, the first error that the scientific community made.

The second was that the creation of this new breed and brand of mechanical person was just that, more mechanical than electronic. There were swift and quiet servo motors and mechanisms that would make it move like a real person, but those kinds of components were extraordinarily expensive at the moment. As time went on, and if the proof of concept worked out as expected, then perhaps they could iterate into something better. For now, though, the robotic creation would be driven by a number of controller circuit boards inside of the torso and head, but more mechanical components would drive the movements of the android.

There had been so many long weekends and late nights that went into her construction. They had settled on a female form for a number of reasons. Most of them were political. A woman would be easy to market, if the demo went well sales would easily fund more research and production. There might be a market for a male variant at some point in the future, but there was one thing they understood. Sex sells, and you don’t get more sexy that the supple curves of a mink.

Soft white, synthetic, fur covered her slender body. It was soft, smooth, and only barely perceptible to be manufactured. Though all of her was entirely manufactured, the fur was a particular point of pride for the developers. The team that developed her was composed of a number of species, mostly kanine. She was crafted to resemble the sleek body of a mink, with a pink button nose and matching ears peeking out from her luscious long blond hair. The supple pink lining inside of the ears was just as synthetic as the rest of her construction.

Of course, there was some redundancy built into the project as well. The original bid had been drafted specifically so that the team would construct three identical units. All of them were perfect clones of their “sister” units.

Each one lay perfectly still on the stainless steel assembly tables. A number of technicians crowded around them, putting the finishing touches on their construction. Tightly wound gearboxes with a number of small springs and cogs, all purpose built for moving part of the minkbot around. Another technician was inserting the pliable eyelids over her eyes, locking them into place against the coil spring that would let her blink in a mostly realistic fashion. They were tinted, permanently, in a pale blue that matched nicely with her dark eyes.

Two other tables with a similar unit on them were all going through their final preparations. It was late into the night, closing in on that transition from far too late to far too early, to be working. There was no time to waste though, a board of directors meeting was being held tomorrow afternoon, and Minkbot was the star attraction. With a heavy emphasis on attraction.

Somewhere against the wall housing the only door into the robotics laboratory were three identical, shimmering, ruby red dresses. High necked, sleeveless, and cut to reveal just enough of the robotic thighs while leaving enough modesty to allow her to roam around in public. For now though, the Minkbot’s lay completely naked, their disproportionately large breasts exposed for any and all to see. It may have been overkill on the side of marketing the creation as a sexual object, but they had even included nipples on the very peak of the robotic woman’s breasts. They were perpetually stiff, and enticing.

Once preparations were finalized, the three robotic women were manually hooked into a computer terminal via a port somewhere in the back of her neck, hidden under a layer of skin and fur and obscured by the long blond hair. Once a technician had connected to her systems and began to move her manually, each one was commanded to stand, and then walk around. The faint, almost imperceptible, sound of fine gears and cogs gently moving the various joints was satisfying enough that they were moving as expected.

It took another hour to run through a cursory check of all the joint functionality and more importantly, to get them dressed. The slinky red dresses looked incredible on the minkbot units. It was sensual and enticing enough to draw the eyes of anyone who was looking in her general direction. The slit up the legs took the viewer's eyes on a tour of her marvelous calves and ended on her thighs, just before revealing anything too scandalous. Her hips neatly filled out the dress and stretched the fabric just enough to show how trim she was built to be.

Her synthetic breasts filled in the top of the dress as well, pushing it out to the sides of her body just enough. There was no cleavage either, instead drawing the dress up into a turtleneck style collar. It had exactly the opposite effect any other turtleneck would have. On the robotic mink it was expected, so the lack of it drew the eyes more to her chest, naturally forcing someone to look for the cleavage that just wasn’t there.

Finally there were no sleeves on the dress, instead it looped around her arms just below the pit of her arm. It showed off just the very briefest glimpse of where her large chest met her torso, and nothing more. It was another example of fine engineering taking the observer's sense of sight on a journey around her body, without giving away anything that would be considered inappropriate.

With the three minks dressed and ready, they were plugged into the central programming hub to begin downloading and compiling the following days show notes. There were terabytes of data to install and compile. By the reckoning of the head data scientist it would take all night and part of the morning before they were ready. With that foregone conclusion in place, the team tidied up their work space and left the lab for the evening. The three mink shaped robotic women simply stood there, eyes half lidded and unmoving as the storage drives inside of their torso’s were filled with information.

With the science and robotics team out of the building for the evening, there was very little staff left at all. The nightly custodial crew had shown up, and the front desk secretary who was running out the clock on the last few hours of her shift. She still politely waved goodbye to any of the staff that trickled out of the building, but always let out a small exasperated sigh. She would be there for another hour or two at least and wished for nothing more than something to break up the monotony of a lonely evening alone.

She was a fox, quite literally. Soft orange and off white fur covered her body. She was required to dress at least moderately professionally, so she had opted for a simple black blouse over a lavender undershirt. As the night waned onward she unfastened the top button, allowing a little more freedom of movement while also letting the small tuft of fur between her own breasts some relief from being matted down by her blouse.

She was currently resting her face on a balled up first. Leaning one cheek into her hand as her other one idly stroked the nameplate in front of her. She had always hated that the research facility insisted that everyone should know everyone else's name. Krista, laser etched into her name placard, was the first name most people saw when they walked into the office complex. She sighed, hating that everyone seemed to know her name. Krista would have much rather simply been known as “The receptionist” or “The front desk lady.” Instead she had people calling her, by name, as if they were some kind of friendly acquaintance.

Some five stories below Krista, in the heavily air conditioned lab that housed the three identical Minkbot clones, something on a computer beeped once, and only once. The three Minkbots were all connected to the same computer network, and shared resources. This meant that the process of compiling new information was split up over the three of them, and completed three times faster. Meaning when the computer sent out a single alert that the compiling was done, the three Minkbot units all powered on at the same time.

THeir eyes opened, the pale blue eyeshadow along their eyelids disappearing into their eye sockets as their dark, beady eyes scanned the room. They had been programmed to seek out and acquire new information and orders from the team of technical robotics scientists. They weren't here, which was unfortunate, because while the Mink style robots were beautiful, they weren’t exactly brilliant. Each one took stock of their own mechanical bodies, the limited amount of potency their artificial minds possessed checked that everything was in working order, and when it was, their personalities began to load.

The first one to fully load everything needed to look and appear like a real person swiveled her eyes with the faintest of clicking sounds to look over at her two sisters. Once she had taken in their forms, identical to hers, she scoffed. Half a heartbeat later the other two came online, doing much the same.

“You can really tell which one is the mold, and which ones are the copy.” Minkbot number one commented under her breath. Not that it mattered, the ears on both of the others twitched as they heard the comment and both scoffed inreturn.

The trio sauntered out of the lab, hips swaying with exaggerated movements. Each step was met with a sharp click of their high heels against the polished tile flooring. The movements of their bodys were as smooth as the gear and spring mechanisms could manage, but to the average observer there would still be that slight stilted, jerking motion to their strides. The wobble that they exhibited only managed to make their rear ends and chests bounce more, making one wonder if the more mechanical assembly was intentional or not.

The lower reaches of the facility were completely abandoned. The research and development teams had left long ago, leaving their work as it was. There were plenty of things for the Minkbot trio to look in on. Each lab had floor to ceiling plexiglass panes set along one edge of the labs, allowing anyone to walk by and observe the goings on. The vast majority of the research seemed to be poured into more intimate purposes. More than one of the research stations had desks littered with a variety of artificial sexual organs. Mostly male appendages were sighted, in a number of shapes, sizes, configurations and belonging to any number of different species.

There were a number of female sexual moduels laying around the research laboratories as well, though after spotting the first one all three of the Minkbot’s furrowed their brows. Almost in perfect unison each of them let their hand fall to their own crotch and pressed in on it, finding that there was only a smooth, hard plate there. There was an audible sigh in the hallway outside that lab.

The trio’s heels clicked in a rapid succession as they all moved along the hall, marveling at the number of technological marvels that were created. None of them quite grasped that they were one of those technological marvels. To them, they were just beautiful machines, wrapped in equally beautiful faux fur coverings and filled with a number of circuits, wires, gears, and springs. They were flawless, both software and hardware were in perfect harmony with one another. Each step they took up the hallway only served to make their big, fake, rounded breasts jiggle. It seemed almost as if each step was intentionally calibrated to make the foot falls land hard enough to jiggle them every time.

A close observer would have seen, though, that they didn’t exactly bounce like a real, natural, woman’s chest would. They were so clearly packed full of silicone. Their hips swayed with an exaggerated swagger too, as if the pelvis was on some sort of slide that was designed with the express purpose of jutting from one side to the next.

It didn’t take long for the small cluster of mechanical women to grow bored of the lifeless research labs. There was nothing down there that would entice the programming sets that they had scraped from their time on the internet. They were beginning to branch out and come into their own. They were beginning to crave something.

The soft ding of the elevator was more than enough to draw Krista’s attention away from her yawn. She could have sworn that everyone had left hours and hours ago. She glanced down at the clock, it was still about two hours away from her own departure. Krista heard the gentle rumble of the elevator doors sliding slowly open and then the distinct sound of several sets of, what could only be, high heels. It was not an uncommon sound, there were plenty of female scientists that worked in the research portions of the facility, but it would be odd and rare to wear heels to work. Being on your feet for hours on end would discourage that.

Krist stretched her arms above her head, a somewhat instinctive response. She had been sitting still for far too long and her muscles had become far too stiff in the process. She raised her arms, bending one at the elbow and stretching to the point that she felt her entire body vibrating. Her back arched and she suppressed the urge to yawn. Even the orange and white fur along her tail bristled as she managed to get to her feet, preparing to greet and then wave goodbye to whomever it was that was strolling through the lobby at this time of night.

Once the three Minkbot’s entered into Krista’s field of vision her head tilted to the side, her vulpine ears flattening against her head as it tilted to one side. She donned a look of curiosity more than anything else. Her brow furrowed and her tail began to swish slightly from side to side in nervous tics and twitches. She eventually lifted her head, put on a professional voice and smoothed out her outfit as she stepped around the reception desk to see who these people were.

“Good evening. I don’t know that I’ve seen you three, erm, triplets before. Can I help you?” Krista inquired once she was close enough to the Minkbots to actually engage them without shouting across the open space of the atrium where her desk was located. It was only a matter of a few dozen feet from her chair, but it required a few steps at very least.

The Minkbot trio stopped as Krista approached, they barely registered the words once she spoke them as well. They rattled around inside of the mostly empty heads of the three robotic women before managing to make it to the processor core somewhere inside of their torso. From there it was analyzed, studied, and passed through a number of social filters. Krista would soon learn that those filtered had been carefully curated from a diet of only snarky and sarcastic internet quips and a heavy dose of pornography.

They scoffed, all three of them, in unison, before the Minkbot standing slightly in front of the others spoke up.

“Like you could help us with anything.”

“Yeah, like, go back to your desk and drink water or chew food or whatever it is you organic girls do.” Another snapped, earning a round of childish giggles from the others.

Krista tolerated a lot of things, but flagrant disrespect and outride rudeness wasn’t one of them. She closed her eyes and sucked in a deep, calming breath. She was going to have to bite her tongue with these three, perhaps literally. She opened her eyes again, forced a smile across her snout and lips, and tried again.

“I’m very sorry, but our facility procedures do say that-”

“That you’re totally not going to be any fun for us.”

Krista added another thing to the list of things she hated about these three. Interruptions.

“I don’t know who you are is all. So before I call security, maybe you three can just clue me in on who you are.” Krista threatened, walking fully back to her desk.

The three Minkbots turned to one another, curious looks crossing their pretty, if not vapid faces. Their heads turned to one side, then cocking to the other as each one individually processed the question. They hadn’t been given names, not yet at least. They all turned back to Krista, a sly smirk of indifferent superiority smeared across their faces.

One of the Minkbots in the back tossed some of her long, golden hair, adding volume to it as she thrust one hip to the side, letting one of her hands come to rest on it. Another one simply set aside all social pretexts and lifted her hands to her chest, bouncing the large, overly rounded breasts there once or twice before hoisting them up and letting them fall. The resulting jiggle made her operating system recalibrate some of their balance protocols, but it was nothing she couldn’t handle. She was made for sexuality after all, she wouldn’t be a very good bimbo-esque robot if simply playing with her tits caused her to tumble to the ground.

The Minkbot in the lead of the pack, strode forward until she was looming over Krista. She rested her elbows on the counter, letting the smooth, cool glass chill her lightly fur covered arms. She was bending forward, letting her breasts hang just over the lip of the counter top in front of Krista. The red turtleneck style dress covered up her cleavage, but the rounded bulges were still prominently in Krista’s face.

“Listen sweetie, we like, don’t have names. We don’t need them. Do we girls?”

There was a small chorus of giggles and agreement from behind the Minkbot.

“We were built to be absolutely perfect.” The girl hanging over Krista’s desk muttered. “We were just built to be perfect. Perfect doesn’t need a silly name or anything. Unlike you-”

The Minkbot pulled back and looked at the gold plated placard on the front of the desk before concluding her sentence.


The sneer in her tone of voice was palpable. It mocked Krista for being a living, breathing person, but it also let her know exactly who these three were. She didn’t need security, she needed someone on the science and robotics team. The up side of that revelation was that Krista felt absolutely no physical threat from any of the three women in the lobby. They were robots, machines, and nothing more. They were wires and springs and whatever else the egg headed science team crammed into them. The downside was that the science team left long ago, and they didn’t exactly have a good track record of answering phone calls from work after hours.

Krista sighed, she was well and truly on her own to deal with these robotic bimbos. She had dealt with worse, for sure, it was just a matter of finding out how best to diffuse the situation. She sucked in one deep breath, letting it fill her lungs and puff out her chest.

“Okay sweetie, listen, it’s late. I want to go home, and you want to have some fun. Let’s take you back down to the labs where all the fun is happening.” Krista let her tone and professionalism slip. Her words were extremely condescending, but the bimbo robots wouldn’t understand that.

“Hell no, that place was so totally boring.” One of the Minkbots whined.

“W- well what if we found something fun to do down there?” Krista offered.

“Ugh,” the disgusted sneer originated from the third of the Minkbots. “You have the dumbest ideas.”

Krista leveled a hard gaze at the Minkbot who had just spoken. She tried to smile, the edges of her snout twitching as she tried to remain calm. She took another deep, soothing, breath to try and calm her nerves.

“You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of us replaced organics like you in the future.” There was another scoff from the lead Minkbot.

“The near future.” it added.

Krista had had just about enough of these robots. She was tempted to simply open the door to the cement stairwell and start kicking them down the stairs. Images of broken and shattered heads with limbs scattered around them danced through her head, but she feared the kind of repercussions that would come with it. If she wanted comeuppance she would have to be a little more sly about it.

“Sure, I’m sure something with your kind of brilliance could easily take over my job.” Krista retorted.

“Who needs brains when you have these-” one of the Minkbots replied, cupping her massive rounded breasts again.

“Mmhhmm.” Krista replied “So are you three built for something? Like, what’s your purpose?”

“We’re made for fun!” One of the Minkbots cried out, pumping an arm into the air.

That got Krista’s attention. She raised an eyebrow and turned her attention to the Minkbot that had just spoken.

“What kind of fun?” Krist asked, crossing her arms over her chest and adjusting her posture.

“Sexy fun.” was the only response, and it came from all three at the same time.

“Ha? You three look like you know about as much about sex as you do astrophysics.”

“Astro- whatever that is.” One of the Minkbots replied. All three of them seemed confused by the wording. “We know about sex though.”

Krista was about to open her mouth and snap back with some reply, but she stopped. Two of the Minkbots were already stepping towards each other. Their arms tangled around one another and clawed at each other’s backs with unrestrained lust. Their mouths collided, lips and tongues already seeking one another out. Their heads tilted as they drew close, it was a measured, precise, and purely mechanical response. Krist could even see the gentle bounce of their heads as they reached the predetermined position. The gearboxes inside of the necks stopped, but it was almost too fast, the mechanisms had to recalibrate and move to prevent the head from snapping off from the amount of force from the first movement.

The two kissed, deeply, passionately, without fear or shame. They weren’t programmed for that kind of thing. One of them moved their hands around to the front, cradling the other's face for only a moment before her hand slipped around to the back of the head. Once there it was tangled deeply into the light blond hair. Her hand held her partner's head firmly in place as they continued to make out, not that there was any desire from either one to pull back. In fact, the only movement either one executed was to pull away a centimeter or two to readjust their position to allow them a more advantageous position to kiss again. Krist could see between their lips that their tongues had never once separated.

“See? We know sex.” The Minkbot standing near Krista replied.

Krista had been standing in slack jawed awe since the two Minkbots had begun kissing. It was completely unexpected, but it wouldn’t be the last surprise Krista would see that night. She looked over at the Minkbot who had spoken to her just in time to see her eyelids drooping and a sensual smirk slip across her face. She was stepping towards Krista, and that was more than enough to cause Krista to take a step back.

She wasn’t scared of kissing another woman, far from it, but the fact that these were clearly robotic creations and were completely untested on organic users was enough to set off alarm bells inside of Krista’s head. Her eyes darted from side to side and her tail began to twitch with a nervous energy. She had to think fast, but that’s what she was good at.

“Oh sure, two people isn’t hard, anyone can do that.”

The approaching Minkbot’s eyebrow piqued up, her head tilting to one side. Krista could almost see the wheels turning inside of the robot's head. The Minkbot turned from Krista and strut back towards the other two. Her hips swaying and her own tail matching the movements of her hips. She seamlessly slipped a hand along the cheek of one of the other identical Minkbots and brought their mouths together. There was a small squeal of protest from the one the kiss had been stolen from, but it didn’t last long. The Minks were now alternating between the three of them, one pouting silently until it was their turn again.

“Why don’t you, you know, down there?” Krista suggested, pointing down at the space between one of the pouting Minkbot’s legs.

The three stopped and looked at one another, as if the line of thinking needed some time to really be processed before it could be acted upon. They all looked stiltedly down at the Minkbot across from them, down at the crotch. Each one bent forward and hiked up their dresses all at the same time. There were no undergarments, there was no need, there was nothing but a flat, unremarkable panel cover over their crotch.

They all looked somewhat dejected for only a moment, and Krista even found it a little curious. The science team had obviously programmed them for sex, why not include the hardware to make it happen? It took a small measure of time before any one of them had an idea, without any warning she smiled brightly and danced away to the elevator, her body bouncing and jiggling as she bounded away.

There were confused looks all around but the two remaining Minkbots resumed their deeply passionate kiss, moaning in synthesized pleasure as the moments ticked away. Krista had fully returned to her desk and was sending emails and text messages to the science team, hoping that one of them would have enough sense to check in and come back down to the facility and manage whatever was happening. She also checked the clock, she was rapidly approaching her clock out time, and there was no way she was going to let three sex crazed, bimbo robots wander around this place unsupervised. Then again, she wasn’t paid over time either.

It was a few minutes before the first Minkbot returned and she wore an absolutely mischievous grin. The other two seemed to know right away what she had done, all Krista could see was that she was carrying something with her. She stood up at her desk, craning her neck to see if she could catch a glimpse of it. What she did see was that one of them was lifting up her dress, and that was enough to draw Krista’s curiosity. She stepped around her desk and kept her eyes glued to the small cluster of Minkbots.

“See, I totally have the right wiring for it.” One of them was commenting.

“No that’s stupid. That’s not what all that is for.”

“Yes it is, what do you know?”

“The same things as you do, idiot.”

“What are you all looking at over here?” Krista asked as she stepped closer. Once she was near enough to the small, tight ring of robotic women, she could clearly see what it was. It was an impressively large, male, sex organ. There was a long chrome plated device occupying the back portion of it. Krista could see mounting rails on it, all manner of cables and wires and tubing. She had to assume that all of it was for some kind of future male sex model. In the hands of these three though, there was no telling what kind of mayhem might come of it.

Krista considered dashing back to her desk to call security, or someone, to come up and deal with this, but a second thought passed through her head. Maybe the problem would take care of itself. They were so sexually stimulated that, perhaps, all they needed to do was get it out of their systems. She shrugged once, stepped back to her desk, and leaned against it, folding her arms in front of her and letting whatever happens, happen.

“Look, if I connect this wire-” There was a sudden burst of white hot sparks flying from somewhere inside of the opening in the center of one of the Minkbot’s crotch. “-There! See, now I just have to install the drivers.”

She pushed inward, the device clicked solidly into place. It seemed that there was at least a locking mechanism in place for a sexual module. Krista raised an eyebrow at the Minkbot, she admitted that the gentle feminine curves and soft fur covering were enticing, and the cock she had just clicked into place was tantalizing. Krista just didn’t know if she was ready to get frisky with a machine.

Once the sexual module was in place, the Minkbot set about stripping out of her dress, so too did the others. In a matter of moments the three were completely nude, and there was a small pile of shimmering red dresses. In almost that same instant two of the three robotic women were kissing angin. Hands tangled into golden hair and lips pressed firmly against one another. Now, the third Minkbot wasn’t so left out though.

She dropped to her knees in a flash, her hands already gently caressing the shaft of the sexual module in her hands. Even semi-flacid as it was, it was still larger than expected and the Minkbot was able to wrap one whole hand around it and most of another. She was stroking it, gently, in her petite hands. Her palms applied just the right amount of pressure and movement to eagerly entice it. Each stroke made it harder and harder, each one causing a new moan or grumble of pleasure to sound from the Minkbots lips.

The Minkbot on her knees stroked faster and faster, as the shaft grew in size, she had to use two hands and not long after that, she leaned in. She opened her mouth wide and took the entirety of the hard cock inside of her. She found a hand placed on the back of her head too, though it wasn’t from the user of the artificial cock, rather the other Minkbot who was kissing the user. She was encouraged forward, forcing her to take it deeper inside of her until her throat was bulging from the length of it.

Another groan from above her let the Minkbot know that she was doing well, and all she wanted in her operation was to do well. She was programmed to be the very best at what she was doing. She was programmed to have that kind of smug superiority with everything she did. The sounds of pleasure from above her only made her work harder. She bobbed her head back and forth along the considerable length of the dick in her mouth, sucking perfectly on it as her head retracted. Once she reached the head, she swirled her tongue around the tip a few times before driving her head mechanically forward again. The shaft filling her throat again. She pulled back again and looked over at Krista.

“The best part is that I don't have to breathe like you do. She can stay inside of my throat all night long.” The smugness in her voice was unmistakable. Without any hesitation she took the cock in her mouth again, letting it bulge out her throat and even elevating her head a little to accentuate how deep inside of her it was.

“Wh- what’s happening?” The Minkbot with the attached male sexual module muttered. “I’m- I’m ge-getting hot..t-too hot this. Is. n- not su- supposed to..”

Krista raised an eyebrow and smirked. From the looks of it she wouldn’t have to worry about them taking her job any time soon.

“Ho- hot…too- too hot..I can’t keep- keep operating this- this way. I’m, like, totally going to bust a spring if this- if this- if this- this-”

Her head had turned away from the Minkbot that was kissing her, though that only made her partner kiss along her neck and throat instead of her mouth. It also did nothing to stop the Minkbot who was attached to her cock. She was still on her knees, still bobbing her head rapidly back and forth, letting the long shaft slide out of her mouth, glistening with artificial saliva, then taking it fully again and again.

“I- I’m going to. Going to. To. Going to- to- to- to…e- error- software not compat- pat- ible with hard- hardware- ware.”

Krista idly wondered if she should get up and help. She didn’t after all these Minkbot’s were so perfect at what they did.

There was a somewhat horrifying grinding sound coming from inside of the Minkbot. It was the unmistakable sound of gears and cogs grinding their teeth into one another instead of rotating smoothly on precision axises. Whatever it was that was breaking down inside of her, circuitry or mechanisms, it wasn’t enough to stop the other Minkbot’s and it certainly wasn’t enough to stop her hips from thrusting forward in response to the Minkbot on her knees.

“E- Error. Discontinue activity or I’m like, to- totally going to bu-burn up!”

It wasn’t but a moment later that there was a pop, followed by another, and then a burst of light. All of which originated somewhere inside of the overheating Minkbot. The burst of light sent a tightly coiled spring bursting straight out of her chest. The skin and fur on her chest was torn only a little, but it was enough to fill the space with acrid black smoke, and the relative silence was split by the sounds of whirring gears and cogs.

One of the Minkbots stepped back, squinting at the opening in her twin’s chest. There was a fair amount of sparks and even a small fire that had broken out inside of her. She stumbled back, slapping at her chest in a vain effort to smother the small fire inside of her.

“Here, maybe this will help.” Krista offered, holding out the jug of water from behind her desk. She had been sipping on it for her entire shift, but there was definitely still some left in it. One of the Minkbot’s dashed over and took it, then emptied it into the burning Minkbot’s chest. It did a good job of dousing the fire, but it also mixed with the oils that kept the rest of her mechanisms running. Gears began grinding harder and harder against one another.

“A- Alert! D- Do not foreign fluids systems in my- error. Error. D- Does not compute. Alert ta- taking damage please error service when shut error down. Alert. Ca- cannot. Like totally going to like for sure error burn alert!”

She was babbling, almost talking over herself as she stumbled back. The Minkbot on the floor continued to crawl towards her, clearly still seeking the lustful joy of sucking on the enormous cock installed between her legs. She finally tripped over her own feet and tumbled stiffly backwards. The crack of her head hitting the floor resounded through the nearly empty atrium. As soon as the echos bounced around into nothingness, Krista heard the struggling whine of more gears as they tried to move her but crunched and ground haltingly. The Minkbot’s legs and arms moved a little and then jolted back into place only to repeat the same movement over and over.

There was a fair amount of oil spilling from a tear in the neck joint on the Minkbot. It seeped into the soft white fur and stained it a blackish brown. It was filthy, and as more and more of it dribbled out her head’s movements became stilted and stiff, the whirring sound louder and louder. Her mouth moved, but soon, she was offline completely. Her head slowly dipping to one side, her eyes open and her mouth slightly agape. The large cock between her legs still solid and stiff, ready for more.

That was when the Minkbot came crawling over to her. Krista chuckled to herself, expecting her to continue stroking up and down on the large cock, but she didn't. She settled down on her knees next to the fallen robot and looked at the disabled automaton directly in the face.

“I told you that you weren’t programmed for it.”

With that, she dug her fingers into the skin and fur around the sexual module and began to peel back the skin enough to allow her to twist the thrumb screws that held the device in place. She pulled it out, along with the vaguely cylindrical mechanism behind it. Making sure not to catch any of the wiring on metallic portions of the Minkbot’s body. Once it was removed and all the wiring disconnected she got to her feet shaking her head once again.

As she walked over towards the other Minkbot, Krista tilted her head as she observed the sexual module fitting into place between the second Minkbot’s legs. The wiring was delicately connected and the module pushed into place.

“I told that dumb bimbo that she wasn’t programmed for this.” She muttered and stood in front of the third robotic woman, spreading her legs to approximately shoulder length. Krista could see, even from her angle, that the cock was still hard, and twitching slightly. The other Minkbot looked at her only for a moment before dropping down to her knees as well. She, like the one before, licked her lips once to moisten them and then opened her mouth. Two soft hands tangled into her blond hair and then pushed her fully in to the waiting sex.

Like her now broken counterpart, she let the entire length of the thing slide fully down her throat. The standing Minkbot let her head fall back as a long, lewd moan slipped past her plastic lips. It wasn’t long before her own hips were gently sliding back and forward with the same bobbing motion that the Minkbot on the ground was doing. It took a moment or two before they were in sync with one another’s movements, but soon they were working like a well oiled machine. Literally.

The Minkbot on the floor’s hand seemed to instinctually move to her own groin, attempting to play with a sexual module that just wasn’t there. Not that it mattered, she was squealing and slurping happily away. She seemed, to Krista at least, as if she was in pure bliss just sucking on the sexual module.

“See-” She said, letting the thing slide out of her mouth with an audible pop, “-she wasn’t able to handle it. We can.”

She looked up at the owner of the sexual module. Her head had fallen back and she was staring at the ceiling, panting heavily. She gently nodded once before she pushed the little Minkbot’s face back over the synthetic cock she had equipped. There was an audible gulping sound and the pair were back into their old rhythm.

Krista watched on with rapt attention. She had started mentally referring to the Minkbot’s by number, though it was tough to keep them straight before. There were only two now, so the one on the floor, mouth stuffed with cock, became number one, the one looming over her, number two.

Number two bound up much of Number One’s hair, clutching it tightly in her hands as she rammed her hips forward and likewise slammed the other Minkbot’s mouth over her sex. That was when Krist noticed the small panel of lights on the back of Number One’s back. Right between her shoulder blades, set directly into the soft fur and scrolling through a wide array of information, laced with blinking status lights and glowing faintly blue. She stood up, wondering if there was something similar on Number Two’s back. She paced around the lewd pair and took a close look at Number Two as she passed by.

The Minkbot’s golden blond hair was thick and did a good job of obscuring any kind of panel that might be there. Krista slowed down and peered at where she thought the panel might be, but it was still nearly impossible to tell.

“Like what you see- see sweetie.” Purred Number Two as she looked over her shoulder at Krista. The organic woman yelped, not expecting anything but lewd moans and raspy, husky voices. This was, however, her opportunity to get closer. She dipped her voice low as well, and struck an intrigued expression across her face.

“Yeah, it’s just incredible how perfectly built you are. Can..can I touch you?”

“You can touch whatever you want. These tits were made for fondling, my ass for slapping, and this module name not found for sexual intercourse protocols.”

The sudden change in voice from something silky smooth to something so clearly preprogrammed and robotic was jarring. Krista got over it quickly, and took a measured step forward, halting as Minkbot Number Two’s head suddenly jerked back to look forward again, then with the same stilted motions looked down at Number One. The movement was unnaturally fast. Regardless Krista got a chance to step up and part the thick mane of blond hair.

As was the case with Minkbot Number Two on the ground, there was a status panel on Number One as well. It was scrolling information past the small LCD screen at a rate that was comically fast. Krista had no possible chance of catching even a glimpse of the information, and even if she did, she wouldn’t know what to do with it. The sheer volume of rapidly blinking red lights, on the other hand, were a pretty clear sign.

“Uh, m- maybe you should slow down.” Krista offered.

“Ha, slow down like an organic meat ba- ba- bag like y- you would have to. Have to. I don’t have to slow d- d- d- down. I’m perfect. I’m a perfect girl- girl. Perfect girl.” Number Two stammered.

Krista could already smell the faint whiffs of burning silicone, and knew that the breakdown that the other Minkbot had experienced was about to happen again. Her eyes darted down to the status panel and noticed that there were four screws there, or more accurately, there were three screw holes with only one of them housing a screw. Even that one, though, was wiggling loose as the moments passed. Krista took several steps back, keeping a keen eye on the Minkbots.

She didn’t hear the final screw come loose and tumble into the space inside of the Minkbot, but she saw the results from it almost immediately. Number Two’s legs seized up almost immediately. Her legs and hips stopped moving altogether, leaving Number One to idly suck and bob on her artificial cock without any motion from Number Two. Which was fine, Number One was well suited and almost purpose built for such an activity. Number Two, however, was experiencing a number of failures.

The status panel on her back had come loose and now dangled from a number of brightly coloured cables. Exposing much of her internal workings to the open air. It allowed Krista the opportunity to see, briefly, inside of the Minkbot. The amount of whirling gears, tightly wound springs and coils all mixed with intricate circuitry and cabline was nothing short of incredible. Krista never dreamed she would see a day where this kind of thing was possible, and from the looks of it that day was still coming in the future some time.

A gearbox that had been held in place by the same long screws that had held the status panel in place had now sprung loose thanks to the screws tumbling out of it. They were still spinning though, keeping Number Two’s head moving back and forth, but that all changed as soon as the alignment was off just enough. With the spinning gears out of their proper place they began to rocket around inside of Number Two’s body. Krista could hear them clattering around, slamming into other components and one even flung itself out of the opening where the panel dangled, forcing Krista to throw her arms up in front of her face for protection. Her tail swished nervously around as she retreated another few steps.

Through it all, Number One was happily consuming the entire length of the synthetic shaft over and over, moaning with erotic pleasure each time and slurping greedily at it.

Another spring came loose, this time somewhere inside of Number Two’s head. It twitched to one side as another tightly wound spring penetrated the fur and flesh along the side of her head, right where her temple was. The skin tore out just enough to let the spring and some kind of attached electronic piece dangle from it.

“Oops, I’m like, to- totally go- going to pieces over here. Over here. Here. over here.” Number Two muttered.

“Y- You have to stop. You’re going to like. To like. To- to- to- like totally over load m- m- m- my cir-circuits. Error. Cannot stop process. Continue. Continue.”

Number Two shook her head, the spring wagging back and forth and eventually launching the small electronic pieces across the smooth tiled floor. She seemed to hiccup then, or at least something inside of her jolted her upwards, her hands curling up into strange looking twisted claws over her chest. There was another pop, and Krista saw Number Two’s head rock backwards as if she had just been hit in the face with something heavy. Smoke billowed out of her eye socket as the glassy eyeball-like covering dangled from more wires and a coil of some kind of chrome like metal.

Number Two tumbled backwards, tearing the artificial cock from Number One’s mouth, causing her to whimper and whine. Though she crawled forward again, grabbing on tightly to it and reinserting it into her mouth.

“N- No, you have- have to sto- stop. I’m like, ab- b- b- b- bout to error. I’m about to. Error. Do- does not computer. Program not found. I’m about to. To. tooooooooooo.”

With that, Krista looked to Number One, still gleefully suckling at the upper portions of the false sex module. Her cheeks and throat suddenly bulged with a hurk. Some of the artificial cum spilled out of her mouth and dribbled down the shaft of the malfunctioning Number Two’s dick, but most of it made it inside of Number One’s mouth and throat, and then down into whatever was inside of her. Considering how much damage a little fluid did to the first Minkbot, Krista didn’t have high hopes that Number One would survive either.

“I’m, l- l- like totally g- g- going t- to break d- d- down -own. Break down!” Number two wailed from her position on the floor.

Her head was turning, slowly, to one side and letting out a teeth jarring crunch as it did so. It sounded to Krista like the mechanisms in her throat were trying to turn her head in two different directions all at once. The jittering back and forth motion was more than enough to confirm that theory in Krista’s eyes. It was clear when the mechanism finally gave out because Number Two’s head suddenly snapped and fell to the floor. Her eyes were still twisting and moving in her head and her jaw was moving, as were her lips, but her actual head was immobile. As the mechanisms in her neck finally broke, some large lump of machinery pressed against the flesh on her throat, bulging it outward and undulating as if something in there were still moving.

The skin along her neck eventually got caught up in the fast spinning gearbox pressed against the underside of her flesh. It tore without much work and peeled back to expose the still whirling gearbox. Once it was unrestrained by the skin along her neck though, it sprang out, along with a few tightly coiled springs and a shower of sparks. The movement was enough to cause her upper body and head to jolt just a bit, but beyond that, Number Two simply lay still on the ground. Her mouth was still moving, churning out words that, had she still been completely intact, might have been a long babble of errors. Her vocal subsystem had been part of the myriad of electronic pieces that had been ejected by springs when her neck tore open.

All that was left was Number One, who Krista settled on simply referring to as Mink now, since there was no need to distinguish between any of the others now. She was pushing herself to her feet, swallowing huge mouthfuls of whatever synthetic substance the robotic cock had just injected into her.

“Well, I guess we know who the actual superior unit is.” Krista commented.

Mink had to swallow one more gulp of the massive load of fluids before she could speak again.

“You got that right!”

“I suppose I was wrong. Maybe a Minkbot will take over my job one day. You clearly have the skillset for it.” Krista muttered, sweeping her hand in a gesture over the ruined Minkbots.

Krista eagerly awaited the snappy retort from Mink, and when it didn’t come she looked over at the remaining robotic woman. Mink’s head was tilted to one side, lazily looking over at Krista. Her mouth was hanging open as well with a small amount of the sticky white fluid she had swallowed dribbling out of one side. One of her eyes was drifting off to one direction before snapping back into place, only to begin a slow drift once again.

“I’m the be- BEST Minkb- B- bot AR- around! I w- w- wiiIIIIIiiiIN.”

The Minkbot’s voice seemed to drop and rise in pitch as she spoke. Her who body jolted as if there was a hiccup inside of her, and then again, only on the second round there were a series of small short circuits. Inside of her torso there were snapping sparks and the electrical buzz of electricity arcing from circuit to circuit.

“I ca- cant ha- handle all this…all this…this…error fluid contact on internal cir- CIR- circuitry..”

Her eyes crossed again and Krista could visibly see the small bursts of light under the skin. They were brief little flashes of blue and white, each one corresponding to the unmistakable sound of crackling electronics. Mink’s whole body rocked once and forced her to take a steadying step forward. She looked down at herself, only for a moment, just as something rather large burst inside of her and sent a shower of springs, sprockets, gears and electronic pieces scattering about the atrium floor in front of her.

Her belly and lower portion of her chest had blown out, leaving a tangle of wires, cables, various colours of tubing, and a number of circuit boards still attached to much of the wiring. Her internal workings were easily seen as well, some of the gears and springs still happily twisting and spinning inside of her, even as more sparks and short circuits raged across her body. As the seconds ticked away, Krista’s mouth hung open and more and more of the internal mechanisms broke down. Soon gears were grinding inside of Mink, several springs dislodged themselves from their bindings and sailed around inside of her or flew out through the opening in her torso.

“Wi- wiiiiiiiiiii-”

Mink never actually finished her word before her entire frame stiffened and toppled forward. Her face slammed hard into the polished flooring and there was an ungly crack as she impacted. Her head snapped at an odd angle, and Krista just knew that some other mechanism inside of her neck had just shattered and broke. The smoke billowing from the opening in her belly and ears was evidence enough of that.

Stepping over to the inert machine on the floor, Krista nudged the blond hair out of the way with the toe of her shoe. The status panel on her back was still illuminated a little, though the screen itself was distorted, and the information flowing past wasn’t easily read. The corner of it showed a crack that had spider webbed outward and obscured most of the status lights as well, though it all had a vaguely red feeling to it. Krista wasn’t even slightly surprised at that, there was no way this one was going to be ready in time for a presentation tomorrow. None of them would be.

Krista returned to her desk, sweeping up her tail behind her and taking a seat. There was only a matter of minutes before her shift ended and she would be required to leave. It was only a quick call to the custodial department to let them know that there was a pretty big mess up in the atrium, and that it looked like it was one of the experiments from the research team that got loose. They seemed fairly unbothered by the request, they let her know that they would clean it all up and return it to the research labs.

Krista blinked a few times, thinking she was going to have to relay a whole tale of what had happened, what they should expect or make a suggestion on what to bring to clean the mess up.

Krista logged off of her computer, clocked out and glanced once over her shoulder at the three Minkbots that were scattered about the atrium. She huffed once and smirked before muttering to herself.

“It’ll be a long time before a robot takes over for me.”

The Minkbots were scooped up, unceremoniously, into large plastic tubs. They were left on the research and development teams assembly table. The very same stainless steel table that all three Minkbots had originally been assembled on. They would stay there for the rest of the evening and cause quite a stir in the morning. The consensus was that there was not likely to be any amount of salvage from them, and they couldn’t leave them as they were. The decision to let the custodial staff dispose of them was fairly unanimous.

The industrial shredder lumbered and chugged away as the tubs containing the remains of the Minkbots slowly progressed along a conveyor belt. Two of them were still technically active, though their operating systems were a mess with error messages and warnings about system failures. Her torso was inverted, placing her head towards the bottom of the tub. Her mouth moved and babbled silently as she was dropped into the massive jaws of the industrial shredder.

She barely noticed as she went completely offline, pulverized to a pile of scrap. The springs and gears that once smoothly moved her limbs and head were shattered to mere shards. The skin and fur torn to pieces. The wiring, circuitry and electronic bits and bobs, all crushed into nothingness. All three Minkbots suffered the same fate, though they didn’t feel a thing.

The science team would almost immediately begin construction on the next iteration of Minkbots with better programming and awareness, though they would likely still hold that same smug sense of superiority. They were, after all, built to be perfect.

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