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Author's note: These ideas are over a decade old, and no longer apply to the fiction I create.

My stories take place in the present time. The world is the same one we know, only it is partially and secretly inhabited by highly advanced female androids. These fembots were created by two similar but competing automated organizations.

The automated organizations

These secretive collectives are totally devoid of any humanity. They are run by groups of powerful supercomputers, built mostly from current technology. Each organization operates out of hidden bases, most of which are disguised among the human population's homes and businesses.

Robot Control

The primary function of Robot Control is to gather data on how better to mimic humanity. This task is accomplished by millions of attractive "agents" placed all over the planet. Each agent is an incredibly complex machine that looks, acts, talks, feels and even smells like a real human woman. They work jobs, go shopping, and otherwise socially interact with humans who have no idea of what they really are.

Fembot Command

Fembot Command is similar to Robot Control - nearly identical in fact. However, Fembot Command's primary function is to eliminate Robot Control. To help in this objective, it too must better mimic human behaviour. Its agents are as numerous and dispersed as those of Robot Control, and work in close proximity with those androids in some instances.


Both competing organizations use mostly present-day technology to build, operate, and maintain their armies of beautiful robot women. The source of the other, more advanced technology is unknown. Some minor differences exist in the level of sophistication this combined technology affords, but for the most part, Robot Control and Fembot Command are equally advanced.

Robot Control

The Main Computer

This is what Robot Control calls the many supercomputers in charge of directing its android agents. Most Main Computers are in basement Robot Labs and resemble giant computing behemoths from the 1970s. They are encased in stainless steel, and have many large peripheral consoles and terminals around them. They are the "brains" of each "Robot Control Station".

Series 032 technicians

The Main Computer uses some function-specific robots to maintain its many synthetic agents. These are the Maria and Laurie series of robot technicians. There are many thousands of each in nearly as many basement labs around the world. Each Maria is identical to the next, as are the Lauries. The Marias are the primary technicians, and are the only androids able to constantly communicate directly with their Main Computer. Consequently, they spend a lot of time verbally relaying commands and instructions to the Laurie units and others.

Both the Marias and Lauries have specialized components that enable them to be more efficient technicians. Their hands conceal many tools that can extend from their fingertips, such as screwdrivers, blades, pliers, voltage testing equipment and even soldering irons (with solder extending from a thumb too). They are programmed only with the knowledge and skills they need to activate, maintain, and fix the other robots. They are not sentient, and have no "will" or thoughts of their own.

They are anatomically correct and constantly naked, and in fact, Robot Control has never put any Maria or Laurie into clothing. Their recharge ports, which are rectangular openings in the artificial skin just above their buttocks, do not have covers and are always exposed. Their other access panels are similar to those of the other women built by Robot Control.

Like most other Robot Control girls, the Series 032 technicians are able to store and secrete synthetic saliva and vaginal fluid. They are advanced enough to be programmed for sex, but have no such code installed by default.

The Maidbots

There are other servant robots built and operated by Robot Control. These are very inhuman looking women of unknown name or designation. Their skin is glossy plastic all of one colour similar to flesh-tone. It gives off a faint smell of vinyl. Seams are visible at all joints and many other points along their bodies. They are all identical.

These "Maidbots" were built to clean the houses that Robot Control has taken as bases, and Robot Control dresses them all in very skimpy, see-through French maid uniforms. They are very basic, and are not intended to appear realistic. Their movements are all very stiff, slow and robotic. The most robotic motion of any Robot Control machine can be found in their actions. These ladies are also quite strong compared to the agents and technicians. They are heavier as a result, and each one is about 350 pounds of plastic and metal.

Structurally, the Maidbots are dissimilar to any of Robot Control's other product lines. They are anatomically correct , but are not designed to be able to secrete synthetic saliva, sweat or vaginal fluid. They share most of the same access panel locations, but their insides are noticeably different. Their facemasks can not be completely removed, but remain attached to the insides of their heads by bundles of wiring.

These female-looking robots lack the ability to talk just as they lack the ability to think. They do not have the same high-definition audio speakers within their heads as even the Series 032 technicians do. However, they are noisy robots. They constantly emit loud, harsh sounding beeps and tones to indicate their operational status, and their relatively primitive servo motors are even louder. They constantly whirr and click as they operate to clean the house, the lab and the other fembots around them.

The Maidbots can not be programmed for sex. They lack the functionality to move their hips that way, and their faces are immobile, so their mouths can not even move.

Series 480 robots

The 480s are the first attempt by Robot Control to manufacture fembots that could pass as human. Though highly advanced, and able to walk, talk, and fully interact, these women appear almost as artificial as the Maidbots.

Their skin is realistically coloured and patterned, but devoid of the imperfections and tiny inlaid hairs that human women have. Their movements are also obviously mechanical, and their servos whirr almost as loud as the ones inside the Maidbots.

The 480s are also not computationally advanced enough for full interaction with humans. Their processors are amazingly fast compared to what can be found in most high-end computers, but they are too slow for the incredibly complex and sophisticated A.I. needed to talk to and understand humans.

Each robot in this series is fully programmed with everything needed to socially interact. This includes sexual programming. The 480s can secrete vaginal fluid when they have sex, and can salivate when they kiss. They lack the functionality to sweat however, and can not ingest food or liquids.

The entire series of 480s numbers only in the hundreds. They were never released into the world and were only operated for testing. Their mechanical movement, stilted mannerisms and coldly strict monotone voices would instantly reveal them to be machines. They are still stored at Robot Control's manufacturing and storage facilities, and a few other locations. They are a discontinued product line.

Series 510 robots

The 510 series were a major advance in engineering and manufacturing by Robot Control. From all the data collected by the testing of the 480 series, a host of improvements were designed and built into the new set of agents.

By the time of their manufacture, the servo motors Robot Control used had been made to run quieter, and provided more realistic and natural-looking motion. Also, these motors had been augmented with flexors made from artificial materials that acted in a way similar to human muscles. Much faster processors and more powerful computer components in general allowed many thousands of new agents to be built that could actually be tested outside among the human population.

Improvements in technology also enabled these women to eat and drink. Some later models had the ability to secrete artificial sweat through areas of their synthetic skin, though most did not.

These fembots had limited experience interacting with real people as they still were obviously mechanical under close scrutiny. The functions they served were limited to tests like going out to buy things at a store, riding public transit, visiting public parks and engaging in limited conversation with passers-by.

The data they collected was downloaded into their Main Computers, and processed and calculated for ways to improve the realism of the Robot Control agents. While this happened, the Series 032 technicians were built. They remain similar to the 510s in many ways.

The 510 series are now discontinued from production, though Robot Control still manufactures parts to keep them operational.

Series 542 robots

These were the first agents manufactured by Robot Control that could be counted on to fully interact with the world around them. They represented advances in every aspect of android technology, and appeared to be fully human in nearly every situation.

The sounds of whirring servos, clicking joints and spinning hard drives could not be heard coming from these women. Their skin was to all senses a flawless reproduction of human skin. They could sweat, kiss, cum, and do nearly anything a real woman could do, though they were by no means waterproof. Avoiding situations that involved too much water became some of their most important software.

The 542s were the first agents sent out on long term missions. They were the first to gain employment as cashiers, clerks, receptionists, etc. The information they collected was invaluable. Every human who saw a 542 in action mistook it for a person, just like themselves. The level of sophistication present in the design of the agents' bodies, their computational power, and their advanced A.I. all helped to maintain this illusion.

Though no new Series 542 robots are manufactured, there are still some units operational as agents. Robot Control does not currently produce new agents as 542s, but those remaining in the field are still fully supported and maintained by their manufacturers. New parts are continuously made for them, and even some entirely new replacement agents are still made to replace those that have been damaged or worn out.

Series 558 robots

Fembot Command

The Master Computing Device

The Natasha series

The Maidbots

The Enforcer-Droids

The Agents