Saga of Congan

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Saga of Congan

Chapter 1

Congan stood on the balcony of his mansion. It was a cold night and he gazed serenely at the stars. Even though night lasts for months on this planet, Congan was still mesmerized by the sight. Space had always stirred his imagination. That's why he explored the cosmos up and down.


A naked figure suddenly appeared on the balcony: a girl in her twenties (though she was actually several centuries old), with blue eyes that glowed slightly, blond hair, and two short ponytails on her head. She had a wide smile on her face, and there was joy in her voice

-Hmm, you know, Daisy, you better call me master from now on. -said Congan wearily.

-All right, master! -sweetly said the girl.

-I want three robots today. Including you.

-Good, what to activate, master?

-Give me that redhead with the braids... I think I called her Nicole.


-Daisy, I don't remember what numbers I gave them.

-But you sometimes call them by numbers.

-I do this solely for sexual tension. Besides, most of these numbers are completely random.

-All right, master, what will the second robot be?

-Give me something new that we haven't turned on yet after assembly.

-Okay, master, the robots have already been activated and are on their way to the bedroom.

Two minutes later, Congan was lying naked on a huge white bed. In front of him stood three incredibly sexy fembots. All the robots stood emotionless and obediently waiting for their master's command.

-Well, let's start with you, Daisy.

Daisy walked over to the bed and smiled slightly.

-What shall we try today, master? -Asked Daisy playfully.

-Let's get you on top. Ride me until I cum. You can shut off your orgasm or synergize it with mine. You may proceed.

After these words, Daisy climbed onto the bed, leaned over to Congan's penis, and gently licked it in a circular motion with the tip of her tongue. Then she took it in her mouth and began to suck it, while still running her tongue over it on all sides. When the cock was erect, Daisy also began to rub it off with her hand. When it was fully erect, Daisy took it out of her mouth and carefully sat on it with her vagina. She started bouncing on it and moaning loudly.

-You fucking robot! You fucking machine! -started shouting furiously at Congan

-Yes! I'm just a robot! An imitation human! -Wailing, Daisy screamed.

-Stupid robot whore! I'll send you to the scrap yard!

-Yes! I'm just a whoremonger! I belong in a dump!

-I'll break you! I'll tear your head off! I'll take you apart into wires and microcircuits! Stupid robot!

-Yes! I'm just a stupid robot!

And so it went on for about an hour. After that, Congan came safely. A second later, Daisy came, too.

-Get the stimulant and give it to me. -Congan turned to Daisy

Daisy immediately got up, went to the nightstand, opened its door, and took out a small syringe and immediately injected it into Congan's shoulder.

-Good, I want to fuck again. Nicole and... what's your name? -Congnan asked, turning to the fembot with long black hair.

-HJX-400! -Ambarrassingly said the robot

-No! A normal name...look, there are hundreds of robots in this mansion. I try to give each one a unique name. But my imagination isn't infinite. So check the database and pick a name.

-Okay...let's go with Paige! -Ambarrassed Paige shouted.

-So, I don't understand, why are you so emotional? You haven't even been turned on, and all robots have "logical machine" behavior by default.

-I don't know! -I don't know," Paige said, almost crying.

-OK, then change the behavior to "logic machine."

-Done, the behavior was changed to "logic machine. -Emotionless said Paige.

-Well, now we can continue. Here's the program we're going to have...

After five minutes of explaining, Congan puts more pillows under him and lies down on them. Daisy repeats all the same actions as last time, but no longer takes his cock out of his mouth and sucks it all the way. She also lies on her side so she doesn't block the view of the show:

Paige and Nicole started pawing at each other, after a minute they switched to light kisses on the lips, and after another minute they were already kissing passionately with their tongues. This went on for ten minutes, until Congan said:

-You may begin!

The fembots immediately moved a meter away from each other. They started jerking their heads slightly in different directions. After a minute, the same thing started to happen to my arms. And then the whole body began to move chaotically and violently. They began to utter in a monotone voice "error", "system failure", "low energy level" and other phrases that excite the minds of roboteteachers.

A few minutes later, besides the typical phrases of a broken robot and similar movements, sparks began to fly out of Nicole and Paige.

-Yes! More! More! -Shouted Congan

The fembots began to move even more actively, more sparks were flying, the word "error" began to be uttered every second, and, among other things, smoke began to come out of the fembots.


The smoke became even thicker, sparks flew nonstop, my hands began to fall off at the joints, and instead of clear words they began to make some kind of noise.

-And now the finale!

And after that phrase, Paige and Nicole's heads exploded. And Congan himself immediately cummed.

Daisy pulled her cock out of her mouth and said "yummy!"

-Daisy, get someone to take out Nicole and Paige. Do it remotely, for I want you to stay with me.

-Yes, master, what more could you want?

-Just hold me tight and sleep with me. I haven't slept in weeks. I'm tired, I think it's time for a nap.

-All right, my master.

Congan immediately lay down in Daisy's arms and fell into a sound sleep.

Chapter 2

The planet Congania (that is what Congan called it, and he believed that he had every right to call it that, because no one had ever lived on it and except for Congan himself and his harem would not live) was illuminated by the bright sun. For the first time in 4 months. The temperature in the air began to warm up. And together with the earth itself, it lit up the room in which Congan and his four fembots slept.

-Whhhhh. -Congan moaned heavily waking up after 14 hours of sleep. - No fucking please. Not that.

-What is it, master? - Affectionately asked a fembot with long curly brown hair.

-Yes it's ... pfffff. Congan sighed tiredly. Although it would seem that he just woke up after 14 hours of sleep and should be full of energy. -The sun rose. Can't you see what? He was gone for about 4 months.

-You just turned me on yesterday. Before that, I was disconnected for 516 years, 5 months, 10 days, 13 hours ...

-Fuck! I don’t need this shit! -Congan said a little annoyed.

-What else, I apologize, shit, master? - The robot with brown hair spoke in a monotonous voice

-Well, this one! You are not stupid, I know you know what I mean!

-No, I don’t understand, host, please re-form your proposal and repeat your request... you really have limited functionality or are you just stupid for sexual arousal?

-Yes master, analysis of my systems shows that my software is outdated compared to other devices you have created. I need an update.

-Yes, I kind of just about 500 years ago and released a global update for my robo girls ... Okay.

After the last word, Congan reached for the bedside table on which the YOT-84 lay. The YOT-84 was a small computer device that was attached to Congan's arm and gave him complete control over all the fembots he created. It sounds simple, but in fact, this computer used a programming language that only Congan himself understood. And the interface in it was not like a fallout pip-boy, but something more complex and formal. This is done so that no one except Congan can use it. Still, Congan didn't want some galaxy hitchhiker to accidentally wander into Congania and fuck all his favorite girls.

Congan did some digging in YOT-84 and finally found that global update and applied it to a robot with outdated software. And also, just in case, applied it to all fembots disabled more than 500 years ago. After the update, the robot with long and curly brown hair passed out, this was visible in her eyes, which stopped burning with a faint light and pupils, which were greatly dilated. A minute later, she turned on and immediately said:

- What should I call you, Congan?

- You know, I'm tired of all these "master", "lover" ... let's just Congan.

-Okay, Congan.

After these words, a robot with long and curly brown hair slaps Congan in the face.

-Hey, for what ?! - Congan shouted in indignation.

-You are an asshole, Congan! Kept me disconnected for over 500 years! And just now you decided to update me? After I told you this myself?

Congan stood in a stupor for a couple of seconds. Then I started digging into YOT-83.

-What, you decided to turn me off? Or blow me up right away? Come on! Do you like jerking off to broken robots! You...

- Don't you hysteria...well...


- And I didn't give it to you. You can invent it yourself.

-No, thanks! -The robot with long curly brown hair said with resentment

After a few more seconds of digging into YOT-83, Сongan finally voiced:

-So that's why you are like that. After the update, an emotional characteristic is randomly generated for all robots. Your impulsivity is at an exorbitant maximum.

-And what? Now you will lower this characteristic for me, right? - Almost crying, said a robot with long curly brown hair

-My dear, I trust randomness and in no way interfere in her affairs. If the random number generator gave you such a characteristic, then let it be so. The only robot whose emotional characterization I made myself is Daisy.

-So I can ...

-Heh, no, you can't. You see, the emotional characteristic is active only if the robot is in the “emotional” mode. In other cases, there is a mode of "obedient", "logical" and "toaster". So I better switch you to "obedient" ...

-Not! I will not let!

With these words, she jumps with fists at her creator. But Congan is still not an ordinary person and he manages to react and switch the mode right in flight. After that, a robot with long curly brown hair falls on Congan, but without any anger and desire to kill.

-Excuse me, Congan! I'm such a fool! I will not forgive myself for wanting to kill you! - With tears in his eyes said the fembot

-It's okay. It also happens...did you want to kill me? Hmm, interesting. Perhaps I would rather not put you into "emotional" mode. By the way, what name do you choose for yourself in the end?

-Angela. - Angela said tenderly. -What's that name to you?

- You know...not bad. Now call Daisy, we have things to do today.

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