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Robotman's review

Robot Chelsea walks stiffly around the room

This video is all about robotic movement (especially masturbation) and speech, although there's not much talking. Chelsea does a decent job of it, but it's not the type that makes you wonder if she's really human. (Of all the privately produced videos, only Upgrade comes close to that.) I also find the cliche arm movements a bit distracting, especially since they went so awry on my own video. And just to get the bitching out of the way, although Chelsea is a hot lady, she's too skinny for my tastes. She does have nice hair though.

Toy Bot

The scene consists of Chelsea standing dormant with her head down, then being activated and wandering mechanically around the room. She sees a dildo on the coffee table and decides to use it. She masturbates robotically until she overloads herself and malfunctions. The malfunction is, of course, the best part of the scene, and Chelsea does it well. It was quite nice to watch her slump forward over a chair and keep 'walking' as the scene ended.

Horny Bot

Chelsea starts off as a bored robot in human mode. She can't seem to amuse herself by reading or watching TV, so she decides to push her robotic level and sexual level to 10. She does this by twisting first the left nipple, then the right nipple. After each turn, she announces the new level in an increasingly robotic monotone, which I found to be the best part of this scene. Then she gets naked and lays on the bed to masturbate in her fully robotic mode. When she's done, she turns robotic mode off and relaxes.

Poor Design
Chelsea recharges while sitting in a chair

Sitting in a chair and plugged in to an electrical outlet, Chelsea is charging and motionless until the phone rings. She gets up to answer, but unplugs herself on the way. While she's turning back to plug herself in again, the answering machine broadcasts her masters voice, ordering her to clean the house. She then plugs a battery pack in and dusts around the room. When she's done, she sits back down and plugs herself back in. The phone rings again, and the same thing happens. She unplugs herself on the way to answer it, then turns back to plug herself in, but runs out of power right in front of the outlet. I thought this was the best scene, with Chelsea's best performance in the video. The cute little story held my interest better than the masturbation scenes too.

The Duplicate

We see Chelsea the scientist emerge from the basement, complaining that she's one transistor short of finishing her robot. She leaves to go to the store, and soon after the robot comes out of the basement. She is a duplicate of the scientist, naked and moving robotically. She wanders into the bedroom and dresses herself in sexy clothing. Then she finds a dildo and masturbates herself. She has a slight malfunction and ends up on the bed. She continues masturbating and has a final malfunction face down across the bed. The robotic acting in this is good, but not as good as in 'Poor Design'.

All in all, this video is enjoyable, if not perfect. It's a decent performance, worthy of repeated watching. I think there needs to be a School of Robotic Acting opened up, where actresses hone their trade. Maybe someday. I recommend buying this video (again, please don't copy and trade these few videos produced by members of our community) and thanking blkwdo for having it made in the first place.

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