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MEMORY IN USE: 58.4354 %

I am reactivated, and my system logs indicate that I have been offline for 40 hours and 12 minutes. My logs also tell me that I had experienced a fatal error since my last activation. The error hasn't been corrected.

As I wait for my system to be fully activated, I can feel my access panel being closed. My hardware monitor system registers the change in its status too. My electronic visual system becomes active, and my field of vision goes from being a pixelated mess of digital squares to a realistic high resolution stream of detailed images. I see another female robot looking down at me. By it's facial features I compute that it must be either Unit S770, Unit S771, Unit S773, Unit S779, Unit S781 or Unit S783. It's hard to know for sure since they were all built with the same body type and I can't see the designation label on her arm. Laying down on my back, I watch her mechanically walk out of my field of view.

Some routine diagnostic scans have been completed. I am now fully functional and ready to carry out my pre-programmed tasks. Checking my system data, I see that one task in particular needs to be completed immediately. Many other tasks have been added to the list in the meantime. I can also see from the data within my system that a signal from the RSS2105 device has been detected; 596 kilometers from here. I have to respond immediately to the RSS2105 device signal. Maintenance to Unit RD-55X is critical and of greater priority to my programming. The last time I serviced on unit RD-55X was 31/08/2111.

I compute that it's going to take approximately 807 hours to get to the RSS2105 signal. I have calculated the best route possible, and I'll need 23 full battery cores to get to my destination if I pass through sector 04. I compute the success rate to be 68.54%.

As I get off the table and start heading towards RD-55X room, I notice a robot with a realistic human head and a pink metal body from neck to toe. She is standing in a recharge booth as I pass by. My processors compute the data coming in from my cameras to tell me that this robot is Unit KR-02X - code-name "Jen". I also compute that Unit KR-02X must have had a power failure, since it's not her regular charging time. Checking some more data, I see that it was this unit that I had been assigned to complete it's task. I calculate that she is the reason I have just been activated.

As I enter the other room, I cross paths with a black skinned female. Memory data flashes into my field of vision, telling me that it's Unit KR-339S - code-name "Simone". She is waving her hand at me with a smile as we walk past each other. I return the gesture with a nod of my plastic and metal head; as sign of politeness that I have been programmed to display.

Over on RD-55X desk, is a laptop, a connection cable, and a large handbag. I take her laptop and the cable and put them into the bag.

I now head toward the storage room where some spare parts and electronics are kept. In front of the storage room, I notice a quadruped animal laying in front of the door. He appears to notice me approaching and comes near. I calculate that I don't have time to interact with the animal. I proceed to enter, and as I scan the room I find 11 TC type batteries for my particular series. The shortage of batteries reduces the probable success rate to 43.84% that I will arrive at the source of RSS2105's signal. As I recalculate some other possibilities, I conclude that I don't have a better option. I take the 11 batteries and a recharge cord. I am now prepared.

As I exit the building, the quadruped animal starts following me. I turn around and talk to it.

Audio output: "Please, do not follow me."

The animal, a dog, is staring at me. I talk to him again.

Audio output: "Please, do not follow me. Stay inside with Simone and Jen."

The dog keeps starring at me for a moment, then walks toward me. As I don't have time to waste, I calculate that if the dog comes with me, my success rate decreases to 43.80% - only a minor threat to my mission.

Audio output: "Come here doggy!" I say with a smile and a hand gesture.

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