Rachel (Mark III) meets Trixie (Mark V)

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Setting-A San Francisco Suburb in the Year 2086

At 10 AM Friday Rachel got a text from Kelly about Earthquake protection installers. Per instructions she brought a few things to the basement so they could spend "camp out" there over the weekend in case the workers came back to check their work. She heard them upstairs installing equipment.

At 6 PM she got a text about soda over ice and a microwave heated pretzel. She went to the basement kitchenette and prepared them while she heard the car entering the garage.

“Hello Kelly.” She said.

(Kelly was an aging boy genius. At age 31 he was starting to grow into the managerial responsibilities that came with his current role as a senior robotics designer at Mullhany Inc.) He was leading a fembot. “Hello Rachel.” He said. “I brought my work home with me. This is Trixie, a prototype Mark V. Thought we could try her out this weekend, see if there’s any modifications that need to be made.” Rachel sized her up, and noticed that the slight but noticeable metallic sheen on her skin and the artificial looking smile. Apparently the Mark Vs were going to look even less like organic woman than the Mark IVs. (As a Mark III Rachel could sometimes pass as a real woman at medium distance. The skin option she had been given made her look like a slightly tanned Caucasian [albeit a nudist one-no tan lines.]

Kelly had often brought work home with him. Many times prototype Mark IVs had been brought home for recreational sex parties or sex tests with him or with Rachel or the three way test. Later, since the Mark IV sex program had been finalized he only occasionally brought a Mark III or Mark IV home when he wanted to try organic male/fembot/fembot fantasies.

(Being exclusively heterosexual, or as he joked, “boringly hetro” he relied on reports from women, gay/bi men or robots as to the sexual functioning of malebots. It didn’t much harm his job as most of the big money was in the fembot area.)

While he held back a bit Rachel and Trixie approached each other. At 5’4” inches, Trixie was 2 inches shorter than Rachel. [Metric translation= at 163 centimeters Trixie was 5 centimeters shorter than her.] Trixie had curly blond hair while Rachel’s was straight and black. Rachel wore sweat pants and sweatshirt around her underwear, with sandals on her feet. Trixie was more dressed up, with a little black dress and high heels. Trixie had a slighter build. If both had been human, Trixie would have been about 5 pounds smaller [metric translation =2 Kilos smaller.] Nonetheless, even though her clothes it was instantly obvious that Trixie had bigger, rounder breasts.

Rachel greeted Trixie with a hug. Rachel said “Welcome Trixie. I look forward to partying with you later. You’ll be my first Mark V.”

Trixie replied “I’ve been with Organic women, other Mark V prototypes and Mark IVs. I’m ready to overcome the challenges of getting it on with a primitive Mark III.”

Fortunately Rachel was a fembot and didn’t need to let that be a mood killer. She looked Trixie right in the eyes and kissed her deeply and passionately. Instantly she knew that rude comments weren’t the only thing Trixie could use her mouth for. While kissing she tried to message Trixie by Wi-Fi. Unable to get an acknowledgement she explained her sexuality level by saying “My responses are approximately equivalent to a Mark IV.”

Trixie replied one kiss later “They are working on an upgrade. Until then so are mine.”

After a few kisses, they stopped. Rachel asked Trixie “By the way, is your Wi-Fi on?”

Trixie looked at Kelly. “You haven’t upgraded your home and Mark III to Inst-connect?”

Kelly said “I haven’t had to yet.”

Trixie said “No problem. I can do retro.” An antenna shot an inch or so up her left ear. Rachel, using her Wi-Fi monitor, noticed her downloading the file Rachel kept on the house computer of Kelly’s culinary preferences (not to mention other preferences.) Rachel kept the backup data there so if she malfunctioned and lost memory or worse a repaired Rachel or replacement fembot would now how to make him happy.

Kelly asked “Did you download?” When Trixie nodded he said “I’d like my usual burger for an early dinner. Glass of lemonade too. Work built up an appetite. Then we can play.”

He sat on the couch while Trixie cooked with the hot plate. Rachel sat on his side and they caught the end of a ball game.

As Trixie brought the burger to him, Rachel noticed it wasn’t up to her usual standards. Judging from the heat signature it had been overcooked and was still too hot. The ketchup had been overused and spilled on the plate and the pickle that should have been placed on the side was in the burger and sticking out. Rachel checked her files, and knew that the correct instructions had been available to Trixie. Kelly moved the pickle and ate the burger unconcerned.

After Trixie went away to do the dishes Rachel said “For a fembot she doesn’t follow instructions well.”

Kelly seemed unconcerned “My team is working on an upgrade to fix that.”

After his leisurely meal he checked a few social media for updates. Trixie did the dishes. There was a sound of breaking glass. Rachel went and checked. The glass Kelly had been using for lemonade was now shards of broken glass in the kitchen sink. Rachel watched Trixie clean it up and report “Sorry about the glass” to Kelly.

He just joked “We’ll take it out of your pay.” (Owned fembots, of course, get no pay for domestic work.)

Trixie said “Laugh mode activated” and gave a less then realistic laugh.

Soon Kelly said he wanted to get in the mood for bedroom games (although judging from what Rachel sensed of his physiology he was already there.) Trixie and Rachel sat on either side of him and began taking turns enticing him away from his internet device. After a few minutes he “gave in” and they went to the bedroom. He made a signal to Rachel and she opened the wall panel so a large mirror running the length of the bed would give them perspective on their fun.

Fembots can, of course, be fucked with no foreplay or other romantic attention, but in humans, even males, the brain is the most important sex organ and Kelly’s play habits dated back to being with human women (and even more from being alone and wishing he was with human women) back before the Mark I fembots were functional.

Rachel was surprised to find that under Trixie’s clothes her “skin” had a un-life like slight rubbery feel to it.

As their play reached the underwear stage Rachel felt not-fancy that she was in slightly used red bra and panties with the color a bit faded while Trixie was in brand new black bra and panties. Kelly was even more not-fancy in used green boxers, but he brazened it out. Suddenly his body advanced faster than the scenario and he prematurely fired, but Rachel recognized his firing sequence and brought her mouth into his boxers and took the bullet.

When he was ready again, Rachel messaged his porn influenced, favorite 3 way position to Trixie. Soon Rachel was on her back giving oral to Trixie while Kelly’s other sex organ (the one that wasn’t his brain) pumped her. In the mirror she could see them leaning into each other and kissing and stuff while…

Later as Kelly rested for his next effort, Rachel laid Trixie out and began to run through a lesbian sequence building to them lying there, Trixie on top, simultaneously rubbing upper legs against each other’s fembot clit.

When Kelly was ready they repeated the three way position, but it was Trixie’s turn on the bottom while Rachel and Kelly kissed…

Almost as weird as Trixie’s skin was her variable orgasm mode. Trixie came 15 times (Rachel’s orgasm threshold was set higher and only came 11 times. Kelly only got to three.) and each time Trixie came Rachel had no idea if it would be the regular moaning, the soft moaning, the loud moaning, the screams, the piercing screams or just the “Ah-ah-ah.” There was also about a 30% random variance in the duration of her orgasms.

(Rachel would have had to open up her CPU and have a new subroutine inserted to change her orgasm mode. Which was why after she and Kelly had experimented 18 months ago her orgasms had all been almost identical soft moans with only an 8% random volume variable and a 15% random duration variable.)

Kelly signaled for them to wrap it up. So they did. He didn’t seem like he could play again anytime soon. After cuddling a bit (he took the middle) the next test he wanted to give Trixie was card games. They played knaves (a three player game.) For a sophisticated robot, Trixie had poor card sense. Kelly even said twice “Trixie-engage program for challenge mode not let him win mode.” Trixie would nod and the next hand she’d again wind up with the worse score.

Then he tried quizzing her. When he asked questions that could be solved by a calculator she was fine, even with ones most organics couldn’t get in their heads like 4th root of 47.

(Kelly was making up the questions as he went along. Since his genius included math he checked her answers, although he had to think almost a full second for some of them. Rachel would have been proud of his genius-except that she was not programmed to have emotions.)

He transitioned into having Trixie translate measurements between metric units and the old units of measure. Usually she got them right, but she started making mistakes that both the others caught. Then he tried asking her other word problems and again occasional mistakes crept in.

Rachel began wondering how stupid Trixie was programmed to be. The Mark IVs had used the same CPU system as the Mark IIIs. From her specs she knew it was lightweight and took up minimal space, so she wondered why the company was trying something else with the Mark Vs. Maybe it would have advantages once the bugs were identified and fixed.

Rachel got Kelly a cheese snack. After he ate it he gazed longingly in Trixie’s eyes and licked his lips. “Well I’m ready to try sex again. But we should test your one on one mode this time. You downloaded my preferences. Let’s do the lap dance one.” He sat on a chair and set his hands by his sides.

When Kelly was a young man, before fembots were available, some of his experiences were with strippers. Of course he’d be fully dressed, sitting on his hands instead of beside them, she’d have underwear on, he’d be paying money and would be unlikely to actually end up having sex with the dancer. Still, he never did anything to correct these inaccuracies because he preferred it this way.

Trixie replied “Lap dance. I am not programmed to know what that is.”

“Well access the internet and then see if you can find it.”

She needed to be told that? Just how dumb was this bimbo bot anyway?

Within a second Trixie had the info. She pointed at one of the house sound system’s speakers. As she began to grind on Kelly a simple holiday song began to sound from it.

“Dashing through the snow In a one horse open sleigh O’er the fields we go Laughing all the way”

Kelly interrupted the Christmas song and said “let’s try it without the music.” Soon it was just her grinding on him. Then his hands unhurriedly reached out. He pulled her to him and she stopped grinding. They began to kiss. His hands began running up and down her and…

Rachel’s “I am a third wheel” subroutine had been activated but she'd hesitated to make a distracting exit so she waited until she noticed his attention was fully engaged then she slipped out. She waited in the hallway unobserved but near enough to serve if called.

When they finished they cuddeled then went to have a bubble bath. Rachel went upstairs and got the bubble mixture. The tub in the basement bathroom was smaller than the upstairs one he and Rachel usually used. Of course, that made it more intimate.

On instructions Rachel got large green towels and waited for over an hour for the lovers to be done soaking. Then she brought body oil to the bedroom so Kelly could rub it all over Trixie. Then she waited in the hall again.

Then he turned to Trixie and said “Wet or dry, I love your skin. At first I thought it was weird, but it grew on me. So to speak.”

Trixie smiled kitten like and said “Thank you.”

“Having you as my home fembot while we work on the Mark V design is going to be so fun. You are so much more of what any guy would want then the earlier models.”

Sometimes it sucked to think so fast. Rachel instantly knew he was saying, not that Trixie was a one night stand for variety, but that he liked Trixie better and was having her replace Rachel.

“Rachel.” He called out.

She walked in. Part of her CPU wondered if she should have a diagnostic as her movements suddenly seemed less smooth then before but that was unimportant. KELLY WANTED TRIXIE INSTEAD OF HER. “Yes.” She said.

“I’m going to be busy with Trixie the next few months if not much longer. Get your sarcophagus.” (The large protective storage cases for androids had been given the nickname of ancient Egyptian mummy cases.) “Make a space inside the store room next to the door and place it there. Then check yourself in.”

“You want me checked in?” And in the back of her CPU she made a memo that now she needed a vocal systems check too. She seemed to be talking much louder and shriller then the way she was programmed to speak in these conditions.

“Yes. No sense in you both drawing power. But I might need you if her experimental system develops a flaw so I’ll keep you as a backup.”

Since she could navigate perfectly in a house she knew without looking she continued looking towards Kelly as she walked away sideways. For a second his facial expression went to triumphant and then to concern???

“Wait!” He commanded and she stopped. Then he said “Hon, do you really think I’d throw you over for this blond bimbo?”

“She’s a Mark V.”

“Actually, she’s not even a fembot.”

“I’m not.” Trixie said.

Rachel looked at Trixie and scanned her again.

“She is a fembot. Unless I’ve been programed to misinterpret my monitor data.”

And Trixie instantly became a studious looking woman, heavier, with brown hair, regular Caucasian skin, glasses, a white coat and a clipboard. Instead of a robotic power signature like she had been emitting or even life signs like Kelly emitted, Trixie emitted absolutely nothing.

Kelly explained “Your programing is at maximum efficiency. The so-called earthquake protection installed today was really hologram emitters. Trixie here is a solid light hologram.”

“So robots can be replaced with holograms?”

“Way too expensive. That’s why we’re only using the basement, to minimize the solid light enabled zone. Fembots have a higher initial cost, but then are much cheaper to maintain.

“So what was the purpose of fooling me?”

“To observe your jealousy.”

The hologram explained “I simulated a metallic skinned bimbo bot and simultaneously ran the scientist slash observer program.”

“I’m not programmed for jealousy.” Rachel could have been fooled about holograms but about her own CPU?

“The late Madeline Stienz was a genius. Four years after her death, she’s still ahead of us. We’re only now testing the show emotion feature in the Mark III matrix. Last night I slipped an experimental jealousy program in your CPU.”


“The Mark IVs were too inhumanly robotic. Customer satisfaction was down. We’ll continue them, but the Mark Vs will be enhanced Mark IIIs. Like you.”

Her CPU took an extra fractional second on that, as it did for anything that wasn’t literal. She realized he was going to enhance her. It was the most probable interpretation.

Meanwhile he continued “The future of home robotics.”

“Why would anyone want a fembot to be jealous? We’re already programmed to give maximum effort.”

“Ego. Some men and women would like the idea of their lover feeling a bit jealous.”

“So did I compromise the three way?”

“No, you were at max efficiency. Even when Trixie and I had a two way you were fine. It was just when I showed that I liked her best that you got jealous. Especially when I told you to get your sarcophagus.”

The hologram briefly acted out checking her notebook as she said “Observed body language included jerky motion where you were smooth before, much sharper voice tones, overdoing the attempted eye contact with Kelly.”

“Sorry I-”

He interrupted. “No, it was great. Hon, jealousy is totally unlike you. I needed a dramatic test of the emotion simulator. I knew if you could act jealous you could show any emotion.”

Then he slipped big, showing he thought of her as if not a human, as a person and not just a piece of technology. He continued with “I hope you can forgive me.”

Well if Mark IIIs who acted more human like were the future, it was logical to adapt. She sorted her voice tone responses and came up a soft cooing tone that she usually saved for sex. “Of course, hon, I am not programmed to be mad at you.” The situation seemed to call for a hug. So she approached him in hugging mode. He hugged her back.

Something was bugging her. Yes, her jealousy. Now that she was going to have simulated emotions… She asked “Can I make a suggestion?”

“Of course hon.”

“I think the next emotion I should be simulated to feel is relief.”

Trixie shut down the holographic generators to save on power, vanishing a fraction of a second later.

Kelly very tenderly made love to Rachel and cuddled over an hour before he fell asleep, as if he wanted to feel reassured that he hadn’t messed things up with his robotic best girl.

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