Purity: An Android Age Story

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Connor Garvey's agent program notified him that the taxibot had withdrawn the fair from his account. The receipt scrolled through the lower third of his field of vision, partially obscuring the nocturnal suburban scenery around him. He heard the soft whine of the taxi's motor, as it pulled away, leaving him alone with the smell of wet asphalt and the sight of boldly-numbered gray apartment buildings lit by a row of street lights. He hefted his backpack over his shoulder and strolled up to his new home. As he glanced up at the gray walls, looking for his number, he wondered once again whether his parents having the means to allow him to live solo during college meant he actually should. Would he miss the experience of a roommate, or would he just avoid trouble by being alone? Well, not alone, exactly; he reminded himself of the perks of turning eighteen that morning. A grin split his face. His folks had actually thrown him a birthday bash/going-away party the previous night, and their gift had been interesting.

He reached his door, Number 6, on the ground floor. Before he could use his agent to unlock it, the door's golden knob turned, and his breath caught. A young woman, looking somewhere between his age and twenty-something, greeted him with a broad smile straight out of a toothpaste commercial. She stood a bit shorter than his six feet, her smooth face framed by honey-blond hair pulled back into a bun. She wore a green monochrome governess dress with muted paisley patterns and a tight almost clerical-style collar. Rather than an austere cut, the garment hugged her athletic form down to the waist and continued more loosely to her ankles. He found himself marveling at the accentuation of her hand-sized breasts and taut belly. Aquagreen eyes sparkled at him, and she said, “Welcome home and happy birthday, Master Connor! My name is Brigid, your personal android, and your parents' birthday gift to you. I'm so glad to finally meet you!” Her voice had a slight Irish accent to it, a sweet concerto that stirred his libido.

“The pleasure is all mine.” He didn't bother hiding his leer. As expected, Brigid's expression gave no hint that boorish college students might bother her.

“Thank you. Please come inside, Master Connor. I am sure you could do with a rest after such a long trip.” She turned away from him, her skirt swishing around her legs, and led him into his new home. Her hips flared from her body in just the right ratio to her waist, swaying with precision. His jaw sagged open at the view. “I have prepared refreshments. Orange juice and vanilla wafers.” His favorite sweet snack. Connor wasn't surprised. That was the nature of thoughtful parents, wasn't it?

Brigid took his pack from him, lifting the weight as though it were little more than a sheet of paper, and placed it in a closet adjacent to the apartment's hallway. Connor looked around the modest living room, saw a new-looking leather couch and a wood grain coffee table across from a kitchenette. The table held a plate of cookies and a dewy glass of orange juice. He sprawled out on the couch, popped a vanilla wafer into his mouth, and chased it with the drink. “My folks are awesome,” he said out loud to no one. He sighed, and melted into the couch.

“I have no memory of them,” said his new android, swishing back into the living room, “however, your father's ident is recorded as my initial root user, Master Connor. Your reaction indicates that he, and perhaps your mother, programmed your profile appropriately. I know much of what you like already.”

Connor coughed, but laughed at his dirty mind. No parents he knew, certainly not his own, would program an android for their kid in that manner. Attitudes towards sex had liberalized since the dawn of the Android Age, but there were limits. The law considered sex with an android as tantamount to the use of a sex toy, but that still meant he'd only become eligible to own Brigid that morning. Common sense argued that kids experimented with their household androids well before that, yet parents usually didn't encourage such behavior – even if they looked the other way and smirked. No, Brigid had meant everything else, like his favorite sports teams and foods.

“Have a seat, Brigid,” he said, patting the couch. She beamed at him and pulled her skirt forward, then lowered herself gracefully, clasping her hands over crossed knees. “What did my parents want you to do for me?”

“My first priority is your safety, Master Connor, so I have been programmed with standard security and medical protocols. My second priority is to see that you are eating properly, so I will be cooking for you. My third priority is to aid you in your studies as your personal tutor. My fourth and final priority is to entertain you and your guests.”

“You said my father was your initial root user. Who is your current root user?”

“Why you are, Master Connor.” Her grin widened, and she seemed very pleased with the fact.

“I take it by the getup that you have no immediate concern for my safety or any plan to prepare food soon? But I haven’t even collected the course syllabi for my classes yet, so what gives … governess?”

“Oh, this” she said, opening her arms to indicate her governess dress. “This is just my default dress option. Would you prefer a different choice? I have several outfits for entertaining and work activities. I need not be dressed for any activity in particular, unless it interferes with that activity.”

“I don’t doubt you could carry me bodily away from harm in or out of any dress. I was just wondering. But no, leave the dress on for now. I need to get a look at your setup first. If my folks were so thoughtful, they’d also accommodate this tinkerer’s soul I’m forced to lug around all day. Your access ports?”

“Two standard dermalinks, one below the hairline at the back of my neck, and one at the navel.”

He cupped a hand behind her neck, feeling for the slight bump that told him where to press his fingers. On finding it he pressed and felt a click. Green alphanumerics scrolled over his vision, and he removed his hand.

“Standard modules,” he mumbled to himself. “Emotion, Didactic, Entertainment, Security.” He smirked. “Your S.E.X. module is tiny. I suspect it’s just loaded with social protocols. Most likely how to politely turn down eager souters, that sort of thing? Not even the standard package. We’ll have to change that.” A quick look confirmed his suspicions. It’s not like he could blame his parents. He wasn’t sure he would do more for his future spawn, even though he wasn’t against the idea in general. Fortunately, he didn’t need to rely on them for such things. Who would? He searched his local database for the files and pulled up a selection he’d been dying to try out. Her dress even fit one of the scenarios.


A barchart popped up in the lower right corner of his vision. One bar marked “Libido” rose sharply. Brigid’s eyes widened, the twin pools of aquagreen dancing with new awareness, and her smile slackened. “Oh,Master Connor.” She reached out to touch his hair with delicate fingers. “You are very handsome.” A blush colored her cheeks, and her chest started to heave a bit. She gazed at his lips, then licked her own slowly.

“Thanks,” he said, and took her hand, guided it back to her lap. “Could you feed me some of those lovely vanilla wafers now, Brigid?”

Brigid blinked, her attention drawn away from her adoration of him to his request. “Of course, Master Connor.” She picked up the plate of cookies from the coffee table and proceeded to place one in his mouth. He could tell she’d become eager to stuff another cookie in, and when he was ready she did just that, her fingers lingering on his lips to wipe away a crumb.

He pulled up her profile in his vision and opened her S.E.X. package. As she placed the next cookie into his mouth, he executed the Purity program. Brigid let out an almost silent gasp, and her fingers lingered at his lips, the soft tips barely touching him. “Did you make these?” he said, realizing that they tasted better than the store-bought variety.

She blinked again, her attention moving from his lips to his question, and said, “Yes. Do you like them?”

“They’re delicious. You’re very good at baking.”

She blushed, and glanced away. “You are kind” Then she gazed back at him. “And a good boy.”

“Oh? Why do you say that?”

“You said ‘thanks’ and complimented my cooking. Those are things a good boy would do.”

“But sometimes I have bad thoughts, Brigid.”

Her eyes widened, her expression radiating concern. She placed her warm hands over his own, squeezing them lightly. “What kind of bad thoughts, Master Connor? If you tell me, maybe I can help you be good.”

Connor smiled. The program’s scenario gave the girl an innocent kind of charm. “Well, ever since I first saw you at the door, I’ve been thinking about fucking you, Brigid. I’m hard as a rock right now just thinking about it.”

The girl blushed again, a pretty sight, he reflected. “Oh, Master Connor. You flatter me, but your thoughts are corrupted. You should share your body with a human girl, so you can bring children into the world. Your poor heart is laden with perversions.”

“But I want you, Brigid. How can I stop burning for you if I can’t have you?” he said, faking a worried sound in his voice.

Brigid’s expression became earnest. “Do not be afraid, Master Connor. I can take away your perversions. I can make you pure again.”


She resumed feeding cookies to him, and in a hushed tone, she said, “I understand boys, Master Connor. You try so hard to be good, and I had hoped you were unaffected, but all boys have an evil seed inside that can turn their thoughts to perversion.” If her libido indicator hadn’t told him, her hooded gaze betrayed her rising lust as well. She looked away from him, said in a rush, “I must milk the seed from your body, Master Connor. I must milk it until you crave perversion no more. When I am done, you will be free, purified.”

He finished chewing a cookie, then said, “You can take this ‘evil seed’ from me? But how can you milk a boy?”

“Are you finished with your cookies?” He nodded. Brigid set the plate of cookies back on the coffee table, then shot to her feet, smiling at him again. Connor thought she might giggle with enthusiasm, but she restrained herself. He took a swallow of orange juice before standing himself. She took his hand in hers and led him from the couch. “If you follow me to your bedroom, I will show you. You will see, Master Connor. You will feel so much better soon.”

Brigid pulled him into his new bedroom, which contained a king sized bed covered in a gray and blue duvet; off to the side rested a wooden dresser with a mirror above it and a bathroom door a stride away. Seductive music played low over hidden speakers, and Connor smirked. The path to purity seemed to have a sensual aspect.

His android looked at him as though he were a juicy morsel fresh from the grill. She touched a finger to her collarbone and licked her lips. “I can tell you are a sweet boy, Master Connor. You try to be good. Let me help you.” She reached for him and unbuttoned his shirt, then she pulled close to him, hooking her fingers behind his belt at the buckle. He could feel her warm synthetic breath puff against his throat. She looked up at him, and said, “Do not be embarrassed, Master Connor.” He kicked off his shoes, and expected her to kiss him then, but instead she unfastened his belt buckle and dropped his pants. She pulled his boxers off and glanced down at his throbbing erection. “Such a big boy,” she whispered.

She led him over to the dresser and had him face his naked form in the mirror. She stood behind him close enough that Connor could still feel her breath on his skin, feel the cool material of her dress pressed against him. Brigid ran her fingers through his hair, then trailed them down his neck to the base of his spine. He shuddered at her caress. “Do not fear the pleasure of my touch. Let it happen.” She snaked a hand between his buttocks. Her other hand gripped his erection at the base. He gasped. “I will pleasure you until you expel your seed. Then you will be pure.” Her hands became slick with lubricant from the micropores on her palms. She slid the hand on his cock forward to massage his dickhead, while the fingers between his buttocks moved in firm circles.

He stared at Brigid in the mirror, and his breath caught yet again. She cast him a smoldering gaze from just behind his ear, her lips almost touching his neck. She jacked him off, kneading his flesh with increasing vigor, and after several minutes a familiar warmth began to surge in his groin. He moaned, and his body jerked forward. He caught himself by his hands against the dresser, and just before the height of his pleasure he felt a finger slip inside him. He jerked, and an intense wave of contractions rocked his pelvis.

Brigid pressed her lips against his ear and breathed, “Do not run from this. Let it all out. Do not worry. I will always keep your secrets. I will always keep you safe. No one has to know of your perverted lusts. Please, just let me taste them.” Brigid nibbled his ear and kept working his swollen cock until his spasms stopped. Without breaking eye contact with his reflection, she removed her hands from him. She reached for the mirror, a look of reverence on her face, and trailed a finger through the sticky mess he’d made there. She licked her hand clean, giving a little shudder with each pass of her pink tongue. After a time she stepped back, seeming to compose herself, and clasped her hands before her, every inch the proper lady, except for her glistening fingers. “You did well, Master Connor. You are a good boy. And now you are also a pure boy.”

Connor took a moment to steady his breathing, then said, “Thank you, Brigid. You were right. I feel better now, but what if I start wanting you again?”

She arched an eyebrow at him. In a serious tone, she said, “Then I shall purify you again, as often as you need.” Then her expression softened. “You are my Master. I will always keep you pure.”

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