Professor Jenkins' 12,567th Invention

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Part 1 - Mad Professor

Pr. Harvey Jenkins had been a child prodigy. One of those kids who has a half dozen P.H.D’s by the age of 10. The kind you either admire or hate.

His studies were numerous, and varied. He studied, engineering in all it’s forms, Ancient histories, Marketing and many more. He was a master of them all.

By the time he was 31 years of age, he was wealthy beyond belief. He owned thousands upon thousands of patents, from his inventions (though many were just variations on the same invention, to prevent people from stealing his inventions.) and they all sold well.

One of the most notable was the machine nanobots. To clarify what “machine nanobots” are, they’re nanobots that fix machines, though they have yet to come up with ones that can heal humans. As Pr. Jenkins explained “Machines are standardized, and static. Where as living things are varied and changing. That makes thing much more difficult.”

In addition to all the patents and money, Pr. Jenkins also built a university and, had creatively named it “Jenkins University”. As well as being owner and founder of it, he also taught there. Ancient Studies, and Sociology. He wouldn’t touch the tech classes, preferred to work on such things as opposed teach it.

Another thing to note was his house. It was a big strange house, and not surprisingly he designed it himself. It was built near the university, the outside was a mix of Victorian style and something you’d see in a sci-fi pulp magazine. The inside was divided into levels, the ground floor was like a museum of ancient history, the basement was a series of sterile labs that he worked on his inventions, the sub-basement was a massive storage area, as for the second a third floors, well no one really knows what’s on them.

Standing at the gates of this aberrant architecture, was a young man of about 21, he was 5 foot, with brown hair and glasses. He was a student at JU who had been invited here by Pr. Jenkins, to his house. Though it was definitely an honor to be invited, the place was kind of creepy, and he wasn’t exactly sure why he was here. Pr. Jenkins just said he wanted to show him something.

After a moment the man screwed up his courage and walked through the gate and knocked on the door. A thin tallish man with glasses and messy hair, in a lab coat answered the door. This was Pr. Jenkins.

“Woodworth! As I live and breath, what are you doing here?” Pr. Jenkins cried out happily.

“Sir, it’s Williams, Gerald Williams, not Woodworth. I’m one of your students a Jenkins university. You asked me here.” the young man now known as Gerald replied some what confused. I should, at this point, take a moment to state that although Pr. Jenkins does have a reputation of genius inventor and scientist, a generous philanthropist, and numerous other impressive things. He also know to be a flake.

“Ah, yes. Of course. In Sociology right?” asked Pr. Jenkins.

“Um, no ancient studies.” replied Gerald.

“Ahh, that was my second guess.” Responded Pr. Jenkins proudly. A really big flake.

“But, please come in. I knew I was expecting someone, so I’m guessing it’s you. ” Pr. Jenkins asked as he hurried Gerald into the living room.

“Tea?” Pr. Jenkins asked Gerald, as he poured himself a cup.

“Um, no, thank you. You said there was something you wanted to show me. You don’t happen to remember what it was do you?” Gerald asked somewhat despondently. He had pretty much given up hope that Pr. Jenkins could recall why he had asked him here. ‘Well’ thought Gerald ‘at the very least I’ll have an interesting story to tell my friends.’

“Hmm, I vaguely recall wanting to show someone something.” mused Pr. Jenkins as he sipped his tea, “I think it was in storage somewhere. If we head down there I’m sure something will jog my memory.” at that Pr. Jenkins hurriedly drank down the rest of his tea.

It was mentioned that to get to storage you had to go through, the lab section, witch was connected to it by a long metal hall. With doors and windows opening into the various labs. There was no noise except the hum of machines and Pr. Jenkins mumbling to himself under his breath, trying to remember what he had forgotten. It was eerie.

Gerald looked through the windows as he passed. There were strange specimens and machines. It wasn’t doing much to help his disposition. Then he stopped at one window and gasped. In it there was an inclined table. It was turned away so he couldn’t see exactly what was on it but he could make what looked a human hand.

There were rumors about the strange experiments, that Pr. Jenkins did down here. Tales of grave robbing and human experiments. Gerald had always just dismissed them as just rumors, but now he wasn’t so sure.

Pr. Jenkins noticed him stop.

“Oh yes, this is my latest project.” Pr. Jenkins said proudly looking at the door . “It’s a master piece. Really I must show you.” and Pr. Jenkins forced Gerald through the door.

“Look! Look!” Pr. Jenkins chimed, as he went to the table and turned it toward Gerald.

Gerald had been bracing himself for whatever morbid abomination that Pr. Jenkins had cooked up, when he finally saw it his mind went blank and he did a double take. At first he had thought it was a dead girl in keeping with his macabre fears, but only for a moment. Girls didn’t have seams on them, at least not these kind of seams. They weren’t, stitched up Frankenstein’s monster kind of seams. They were assembled machine kind of seams. The girl was a robot ...

To be continued...

Part 2 - Rant

“Behold the M.A.I.D.S – P01!” Pr. Jenkins pronounced loudly, temporarily distracting Gerald from the robot, “Which stands for Mechanical, Android, Intuitive, Domestic, and I’m not sure if the S should stand for Servant or Slave. I mean slave gives a sense of power that some might find appealing, but also has a negative connotation. Where as servant has a much more milder feel to it, you might be friends with a servant. What do think?”

Gerald was still highly uncomfortable with the situation, though slightly less than before having learned it wasn’t a corpse.

“Umm,” Gerald began asking awkwardly, “Aren’t you supposed to have the name before you make the acronym?”

“What?!” Pr. Jenkins replied “Don’t be silly! You come up with the acronym first, then you try to find words to fit, everyone knows that! Acronyms should tell people what they are. Do you think the guy who invented the Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome, chose that name by accident. No, he called it that so it’s acronym would be SADS, a clear sign of what he was selling, though why anyone would want to buy it is beyond me.”

There was a small silence as Gerald resisted the urge to point out that SADS, wasn’t something invented, nor was it something you buy.

“Anyway,” Pr. Jenkins continued “that’s beside the point. We’re not here to debate acronyms, we’re here so you can look and marvel at my great genius. Look! Look! You’re not looking!”

Gerald turned to look back at the robot. He was rather uncomfortable doing so. Even if it was just a robot, it was a naked female robot, and had difficulty focusing on the robot over the naked female part. He started by looking at it’s face.

It’s appearance seemed to be about 18 – 20 years of age

It had short light blue hair, it’s eye’s were closed so he couldn’t tell the eye colour, their seemed to be a metal band in it’s neck inlaid with a gem ( probably costume) .

He proceeded downward to the arms and torso. He blushed as he looked at her breasts, they were at least a C- Cup, starting slightly higher up and ending at a point in between them there was an outline that seemed to indicate a triangular panel.

There was a seam just beneath it’s breasts that went across her whole torso, and another just a little beneath that one.

On it’s shoulders there seemed to be three dots, there seemed to a seam right under the dots and a small panel under the seam. There was also a seam just before her elbow and another just after it. There was a seam on her wrist and a panel on her forearm.

“Well, what do you think?” Pr. Jenkins asked interrupting him.

“Um, seems to have lots of seams.” Gerald replied, not knowing what else to say.

“I did that on purpose.” Pr. Jenkins said somewhat defensively, “I could of make her look completely human if I had wanted to, but some people would be uncomfortable being unable to tell a human from an android,. So I made it human like, but clearly not, and you can’t even feel the seams look.”

Pr. Jenkins grabbed Gerald’s hand and moved it to the androids arm. You could barely feel the seams and it was surprisingly soft and smooth.

“See, what I tell you?” Pr. Jenkins said smugly.

“It’s Soft.” Gerald said a little surprised.

“Oh, that’s nothing, see here.” Pr. Jenkins grabbed Gerald’s hand yet again and quickly moved it to the androids breasts.

Gerald flushed red. The breasts were definitely soft, he was now fondling them, and his hormones were starting to kick in spite of him constantly reminding himself it’s just a machine.

He averted his eyes downward to avoid looking at her breasts. This didn’t help because for the first time he was looking at her lower half, specifically her crotch. The area had seams around it. The point of his discomfort was the realisation that she was a bit more of a woman then originally thought. He flushed redder.

Pr. Jenkins caught were he was looking.

“Oh, that,” Pr. Jenkins said nonchalantly, and totally oblivious to Gerald’s state. Let go of Gerald’s hand, and turned around in his ‘I am a Pr. listen to me’ way. Gerald took this time to take his hand of the robots breast and look away to regain his composure.

“It’s totally functional. Well, okay, not totally functional. Procreation is out of the question, but it’s fine just for intercourse.” The Pr. continued “That’s not a standard feature mind you, but someone was going to do it eventually, and I refuse to lose out a market share to some PERVERT PUNK WHO FOUND AN INTRESTING WAY TO MODIFY MY ROBOTS!!!” Pr. Jenkins went from calm composure to livid rage as he spoke these words, but as quickly as it had come the rage was gone.

“I put it in the prototype so I could have a working model for the patent.” Jenkins continued again, “Actually I’ve already patented it’s entire body! Every piece of it! It’s A.I. on the other hand … is as of yet … unmarketable.” As the Pr. said this last part he seemed to get lost in thought.

“Well,” Gerald chipped in, “it would be the hardest part to make a working A.I.”

“What?!” the Pr. shouted sounding offended. “It works! Awareness , conscience, emotions, learning, language, it all works. I could win a Nobel prize for programming… again.”

Gerald was surprised it was that advanced.

“Umm, but you said-“ Gerald began, but was cut off by Jenkins.

“I said unmarketable, not defective,” The Pr. cut in “it just has a few issues with it’s logic architecture.”

“Um, so what?” Gerald asked “Does it want to wipe out humanity or something?”

The joking nature of the statement was lost on Pr. Jenkins.

“What?!” Pr. Jenkins cried out , “God no! Where do people get this idea robots are going to rise up and destroy them. Humans do stuff like that because they have an evolutionary imperative to survive and reproduce, power is believed to help this. Robots on the other hand, at least this one, and all others I would make, are programmed to enjoy, even desire servitude. She’s sweetest thing really, wouldn’t hurt a fly! Always eager to be of use, and help others. Yet you would make such ridiculous accusations!”

“Okay, um, then what’s the problem?” Gerald asked weakly, his nerves were really starting to be worn by the professor.

“Well,” the Pr. said, his rage gone again. Gerald wondered if he had a neurological problem. “I was trying to create an adult like persona combined with the control programming. However it didn’t quite workout, right. I mean the amount of knowledge a human being learns in the first five years of live, let alone the amount they get on their way to adulthood is staggering. Probably it would have been better if I had made a data gather unit first then used it for the archetype. Yes I should do that! Oh, anyway the product was something that was highly creative but devoid of common sense, or social understanding. In combination with it’s skill programming, which is more theoretical then practical, we have something that thinks it can do something but can’t. But really you should just meet her for yourself. It’s rude of me talking about her behind her back.”

At that the Pr. leaned over and pressed the gem on the robots neck…

To be continued...

Part 3: A Bug on A Table

The robot girl on the table eye’s fluttered open. Her irises were of a golden-copper color, and for a moment text scrolled across her pupils. It blinked, smiled, then proceeded to step off the table.

“Good day father,” the robot said cheerily as it’s still naked form bowed to the Professor.

“Good day to you too Bug,” Pr. Jenkins replied smiling as he patted the android on it’s head.

Gerald was just standing there staring, red faced. The movement of it’s thighs, the way it’s breasts slightly jiggled, the robots animation, had opened the flood gates of hormones Gerald thought he had sealed. How the hell did the Professor keep up such detached indifference!

The android turned to notice Gerald.

“Huh!” it said apparently startled. “Father you did not tell me we had guests!”

“How was I supposes to tell you? You just woke up.” The Professor said matter of factly.

The android ignored the Professor, and bowed at Gerald, “Good day sir, I’m M.A.I.D.S – P01, which stands for Mechanical, Android, Intuitive, Domestic, S yet undefined, Prototype 1. The personal designation I have been given is ‘Bug’.” Bug rose from her bow, and smiled sweetly at him. “May I inquire what your name is?”

Gerald who during the course, was trying and failing not to stare at Bug’s breasts, response wasn’t quite as elegant.

“What? Um, name, yes. Woodworth. NO WAIT! Williams! It’s Williams, Gerald Williams.” Gerald put his hand to his head and tried to focus. “My name is Gerald Williams.”

Bug looked at Gerald curiously, and tilted her head to the side. “To clarify, your name is Gerald Williams. Correct?”

“Ah, Yes.” Gerald responded awkwardly.

“You didn’t say that very clearly.” Bug replied, “and your face looks redder than what I understand to be normal for a healthy human. Maybe you should see a doctor?”

“No, No, I’m… I’m fine. I know what this is.” Gerald said still trying not to stare at her breasts.

“That is good.” Bug replied looking somewhat relived, then she turned to the professor. “Father, I’ve been meaning to inquire as to if you had fixed my programming as of yet.”

“Oh, I just remembered there’s something I wanted to show Woodworth!” proclaimed the Professor totally sidestepping the question. “I’ll just go get that, and you two can get to know each other. Back shortly.” At that, the professor quickly departed from the room.

“Yes father!” Bug replied sweetly, unperturbed or oblivious to the clear evasion of the question.

Bug turned and walked toward Gerald, Gerald impulsively began backing away. This ended with Gerald backed against the wall, and Bug with standing with her breasts just a few centimetres away from Gerald’s chest. Bug seemed unaware of the awkwardness of the situation. Made more awkward by Gerald’s clear erection.

“Father said we should get to know each other. Should I talk about myself or would you like to go first?” Bug asked in the same tone she had when she asked his name.

“Um, ah, shouldn’t you be wearing cloths?” Gerald asked in the same awkward way he had said everything else.

“Oh, that is sweet of you to ask,” Bug answered happily, “Though my body is equipped with sensors in it’s outer shell to detect temperature, as well as sensations of pain, and pleasure, my tolerance to such things are greatly above that of a human, even extreme heat and cold will cause fairly minimal discomfort, my body has a very resilient construction so that the minor protection given by clothing is unnecessary, it would require a very large amount of force to even penetrate my outer casing, and even if something did the nanobots in my body would repair it fairly quickly. So as you see clothing is unnecessary. As I have already started telling you about myself I shall continue. The Core of my personality programming is my emotion programming, is causes responses to certain-” Bug continued along this line explaining the structure of her body and programming, and Gerald nodding not understanding a word of it, trying to think of away out of this situation.

To be continued...

Part 4 - Imprint

Pr. Jenkins 12,567th Invention - Part 4: Imprint

As Bug continued to drone on about her construction and programming, going on about conscious and unconscious domains. Gerald didn’t understand any of it nor did he try to, the presence of her naked body so close to him was highly distracting. Instead he closed his eye’s and imagined that Bug’s body wasn’t that of an attractive female but more like Robby’s from forbidden planet, and began repeating in his mind ‘it’s only a machine, it’s only a machine’

This combined with Bugs droning of, schematic’s and code, began to have the desired effect and he started to calm down, clear his head and regain his composure. At least until Bug got to a certain part in her self-description.

“- the excreted water then acts to cool off my systems. My body has been equipped with sexual intercourse capabilities.” With this one phrase the Robby in Gerald’s mind morphed back into Bug. “ I have limited data on this function. Father said he wanted to work on a standard units programming first. Though I have been programmed with the necessary drivers for the hardware and physical responses, I have yet to receive any skill programming relative to technique or procedures.”

Gerald opened his eye’s at this point, keeping them closed wasn’t working anymore.

“Yah, um, you see, um,-“ Gerald tried to interrupt Bug, but the robot ignored him.

“It is very annoying having a function I do not know how to perform.” As Bug said this her face got an confused, and irritated look. “My dictionary programming gives me a rough concept of the procedure, it involves inserting a males erect penis, into my vagina unit, and pistoning up and down, over and over again, unt-“

“Look how about I tell you about myself now?!” Gerald managed to interrupt, not desiring for this train of thought to continue, and trying to expel the newly formed images in his head.

“Why that would be lovely Mr. Williams!” Bug responded happily, “I am so curious about you!”

Gerald’s eye’s darted about the room trying not to look straight at Bug. ‘Why the hell does the Professor have to go with the chrome motif!’ Gerald thought to himself seeing only reflective surfaces every ware.

“Mr. Williams you said you were going to going to tell me about yourself. Why are you not telling me about yourself?” Bug asked after a moment’s pause.

“I’m, I’m just trying to think of where to begin heh, heh, um…” Gerald replied weakly.

“Understood.” was Bug’s response.

“Um, let’s see,” Gerald began, “ I’m studying to be an anthropologist , I live in apartment by J.U., um, my fathers name is George, my mothers name is-“ and so Gerald continued to harp of every little thing he could think of till he couldn’t think of anything else to say, all the while screaming at the back of his head ‘Where’s the damn Professor?! Shouldn’t he be back by now!?’

“- and that’s how I got accepted to J.U., and, um ,um ,um, um, um, um, um, that’s it.”

“Wow!” Bug said with what seemed to be genuine interest,” You seem like a nice, and an interesting person Mr. Williams.”

Gerald had been called nice many times in his life, usually when being turned down for a date, but this was then first time anyone had called him interesting. He would have blushed if his face wasn’t already beat red.

“Um, ah, thanks!” was Gerald’s replied.

Then with out missing a beat Bug asked “Will you be my master?”

“What?!” Gerald responded surprised.

“Will you be my master?” Bug asked again, almost in the same way you would ask someone to pass the salt.

“What?!” Gerald replied again.

“Will you be my master?” Bug asked again.

“W-what do you mean, me be your master!?” Gerald responded confused.

“I am asking you,” Bug replied, quite normally, “to enter into a relation, in which I become your property, and you become my owner. In which I will seek to please you and will obey your every command. Well almost every command, I won’t do anything illegal or do anything to hurt someone, such things are bad, but I am curtain you would not ask me to. Will you be my master?”

“I mean isn’t Professor Jenkins your master!?” Asked Gerald, still confused. How is one supposed to respond to something like this?

“Father is designated technician, and Father.” Bug explained, “Bug does not yet have a master. Bug wants a master. Will you be my master?”

“Um, look I’d love to, but-“ Gerald really should have chosen his word a little more carefully, because before he finished what he was going to say Bugs eye’s went blank.

“OWNERSHIP HAS BEEN ACCEAPTED,” Bug cut Gerald off, and for the first time since he met her, Bug spoke in a monotone voice.

“What?!” Gerald shouted Panicked, “NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!`I said but! BUT!”

“BEGIN IMPRINTING,” Bug continued in the same monotone voice, oblivious to what Gerald was saying.

“Stop! stop! STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP!” Gerald continued to no avail.


Bug’s eye’s refocused. She stepped back and looked a Gerald with adoration.

“Master!” Bug got on her knee’s and bowed before him, “From this moment on I exist only to serve you!”

Depending on the individual, a person could respond different way’s to something like this.

Gerald response consisted putting his hand over his face and thinking to himself ‘The professor is SOOO going to kill ME!!!’

To Be Continued …

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