Perfect Match (formerly Blind Date)

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(Formerly : Blind Date)

'Ring......ring......ring." The phone, always the phone. You get ready to jump in the shower and the darn thing rings. He grabs his towel and races from the bathroom out to his room, leaps across the bed and reaches the phone on the 5th ring. "Hello".

"Yes, hello is this Joel Mathews?" Asks a pleasant female voice.

"Yeah, that's me." He says with a smile. "Who's this?"

"Hi Joel, It's Julie. Your date for tonight. I am truly sorry to have to do this to you. But my brother was just in an auto accident and I have to cancel." Julie paused. " I called 'Perfect Match' and they gave me your number. Maybe we can re-schedule for another time huh?"

"Well Hello to you too. Umm gee sure I guess. Sorry about your brother. Another time then". I told her.

"Yeah, look, I'm really sorry, Please don't think that I'm blowing you off, ok?"

Joel took a deep breath. "Sure, another time then."

"Thanks Joel." She said then click, she was gone.

I rolled over on to my bed and stared at the ceiling. Always an excuse. How did I let Mark talk me into signing with a dating service anyhow? Well now my evening was free, and a Friday evening at that. I closed my eyes and laid there wondering what now to do?

'Ring......ring. Still holding the phone I answered. "Hello, Joel here".

"Yes Joel Mathews?" Asked an unfamiliar sounding female voice.

"Yes, that's me tonight!"

"Hello Joel, this is Sandy with 'Perfect Match'.Your match date Julie called and informed us of her demise and I am sorry to hear of the accident involving her brother" She said.

"Well I was too." I replied.

" Are you still interested in having a date for this evening?" She said.

"Gee that was quick. Yeah, I still have dinner reservations and flowers wilting on the counter".

"Now Joel, sarcasm won't get you very far. So I'll take that as a yes. I am sending you an e-mail, with information regarding your date and her address. Her name is April. Will that be alright?" Sandy asked.

"Yes Sandy, That would be great, and I apologize for being sarcastic". I answered.

"That's quite alright. Enjoy your evening and good night". She said, and then hung up.

I sat up off the bed and went to the other room and turned on the computer. Then decided to jump in the shower as I had originally planned to do prior to all the interruptions.

The shower was pretty refreshing after a long day at the office. I plugged in the razor and was about to start shaving when I remembered the e-mail. Better get that info in case she wanted a call from me to confirm everything.

The e-mail was simple: April Parks, age 28, white, college graduate, lived in Federal Heights, not bad. Date confirmed for this evening, pick up at 6:30pm. It gave her address and directions. I had less than half an hour according to the clock on the wall. I ran back to the bathroom and picked up the razor. I did a quick once over to erase the shadow. Filled the basin with tepid water to rinse my face. Hit the light switch to off. 'Bump'. I glanced as the bottle of mousse styling foam as it fell over against my razor. Spinning it, out came the cord. Time was flying and I was late. Better go see what this April woman looks like and make either a short or long evening of it.

Her house was simple enough to find. I adjusted myself as I rang the buzzer and waited for her to answer the door. To many ideas of how she would look danced through my mind. What to change if I wanted a short evening. What to add if I wanted to take my time tonight.

I heard foots steps approach the door. Then it opened. A very beautiful brunette appeared. Dressed semi-casual. Her hair fell below her shoulders. She had a pleasant smile, and her eyes. Her eyes immediately captured my attention. A soft green. Green as the leaves, warm and ..

"Hi there. You must be Joel". She said as she stuck out her hand in greeting.

Embarrassed by my space off I reached out and took her hand. "Good evening April. I am Joel. It's a pleasure to meet you". What a lame opening line I thought to myself.

"Well shall we". She gestured toward my car.

"Yes, let's have fun tonight." I replied. She shut the door behind her as I waited on the walk. Then escorted her to the car.

The evening went without a hitch. Dinner was superb, we talked a lot. Discussed our likes and dislikes of work. Told stories of when we were in college. Laughed at the reasons we had both signed up for the dating service. Mine was Mark. A friend of mine from work who had found his "Perfect Match" through the service, April's was also because of a friend who had dared her to try something new. We finished our meal and just sat at the table, talking. It was like we had been friends forever. I had never known anyone who sat diligently and just listened to every word you said. And I her. I was mesmerized by her eyes. They drew you in and you just became lost. I asked April if she knew how to dance. She told me she knew a version of the 'Mambo' and the Cha-Cha' but nothing more than that. I wasn't much better, I said that was next on the evenings list of activities.

"Joel, that was really a lot of fun. Thanks". April told me as we walked back to my car from the dance club.

"You're welcome. I don't get to wild like that very often. Usually I just come with some friends, have a few drinks and watch people". I told her.

April smiled patiently waited as I opened the passenger door. "Thank you". She said politely.

The first few minutes of the drive were quiet. I began to wonder if the date was nearing its end.

"Where are going now?" April asked. I turned to her,

"Well, I hadn't decided actually. It's not terribly late, but the evening isn't young anymore".

"Well, I'm not ready to call it, how about we just go to your place?" She asked as she placed her hand on my thigh.

"OK, my place it is". I said smiling. I was starting to form an idea. But wanted not to push to fast.

My apartment was a bit of a mess. I hadn't cleaned it in days, but it looked nothing like my college apartment from years past.

"You have a ....nice place here Joel". April said trying to hide a laugh.

"You can be honest you know. I make a really good date, but a lousy housekeeper". I responded.

"Oh it just needs a, may I be blunt with you, a feminine touch. But maybe just a little touch". April said. Again with that teasing smile. I smiled back and meant it. April was beginning to wear on me and I liked it. I liked it a lot. She was almost too good. She stood about 5' 9" with a super figure. Her arms and face had no blemishes, her skin was smooth and warm. She was the most attractive woman that I had been with....ever.

"So...Joel, Aren't you wondering why I just didn't have you take me home earlier?" April asked.

I came around to face her and look her in the eyes. "May I be blunt with you. I'm noticing that not only are you extremely attractive, but that I have also had a wonderful time tonight. Just being with you, the way I feel." April cut me off and placed her finger over my mouth against my lips.

"And how do you feel about me?" Then she held out her both her hands reaching for mine. I took them and pulled her close to me and kissed her. She matched my embrace and responded in kind. We stood there kissing for several minutes. Her kisses were sweet, her embrace warm and I found myself wanting her, almost needing her. First my hands started to wander, exploring her body. Down her back and then to her firm ass. Then back up to run my hands through her soft flowing hair. April in kind explored my body till she came to the bulge in my pants. "Uhmm you're hiding something down there. May I see what it is?" April asked, then immediately went to work unbuckling my belt then my pants.

I fell back against the couch and let her work my pants down and then pull out my hardened member. She then slid down my underpants and slowly wrapped her hand around my shafts and blew lightly on it. "You're going to enjoy this." She said with a smile.

After April finished giving me the best blow job I had ever had. I chased her to my bedroom. She stopped me short of the bed and gave me a wonderful strip show. Naked, her breasts hung firm, pert and round on her body. I was very stiff again as she slowly slid out of her jeans. It was as if April were a super model. No blemish's, no flaws. Just perfection. "Do you want me as bad as I want you?" She asked with a teasing smile and finger to follow her to the bed.

"Oh yeah, definitely". Was my reply.

We made love well into the night. April taught me things about my body that I didn't even know and we enjoyed several positions .Some of which I had only seen in porn video's. It was as if she never tired of sex. Finally sometime after 3 am we both fell asleep in each others arms.

I opened my eyes and rubbed them vigorously, then rolled over, trying not to disturb April. The clock on the night stand said 9:38am. I pulled back covers and slid out of bed. I turned back and looked at April. Her hair flowed across the pillow, the sheet half pulled up showing only her back. I turned to the bath and went in, looked in the mirror and smiled. "Perfect Match huh?" I muttered to myself. I stared at myself trying to review all that had happened in the last several hours.

Then to my surprise April was there by my side with the sheet wrapped around her. "Good morning". She said as she laid her head against my shoulder. "It is good, isn't it". I said. I did a quick glance down and saw that the sink basin hadn't emptied from last night. "Darn sink, clogged again". I said with a hint if disgust.

"Fix it later, come lay with me". April said.

I turned to her and with a teasing smile said; "Later, What if I give you your morning shower with some if this muck!" Pointing to the murky water.

"Oh yeah, not if I get you first". April turned quickly and shoved me back towards the shower. "Here you go, have some wat...." April didn't finish her sentence. She froze with her hand in the water. The from within her a quick, sharp POP, then her head cocked down and to the left. "Wat...wat....wat...water" she stuttered.

"April!" I glanced quickly down at the sink and saw that the cord from my razor had fallen into the sink. Most likely as I was leaving to go out last night. I sprung back to the sink and grabbed the cord out of the wall socket.

"April, April are you all right?" I gently grabbed her at the shoulders and looked into her eyes.

"have....have some wat....wat....water."

"April are you ok? Couldn't have been that big a shock." I said.

April's body relaxed and her arm came slowly up and out of the water, still in the swing as if she was flinging it to where I had stood. I heard another pop, as if from inside April. "Water. ...Joel, why are looking at me like that?" She said standing tall again.

"April, you got shocked! I guess the cord from my razor fell in the sink last night and I didn't see it till just now". I told her.

"Oh my, really?" she said.

"Yeah! Maybe you ought to sit down or something." I motioned her back to the bedroom. April didn't move and her face had a quizzical look on it. "Hey April, come on darling." I said snapping my fingers in front of her face.

"Oh Joel, I'm sorry. I better sit down." She said in a monotone voice. Then as she turned around and took one step forward she mumbled something.

"Huh? April, what's going on?" I asked as I slowly started toward her.

April's head twiched to the left again, "have some wat....wat...wat...error. Misread at 9:42:25 line 003268795B88R." April said again in a monotone voice. Then she turned to me and smiled. "Joel. I am very happy to have...."

I stood there puzzled. Trying to figure out what was happening. The next thing I knew April sprung back to life. She grabbed me and pulled me out of the room and back towards the bed. "Joel. Make love to me now. Let's fuck like we did last n..n..n..night. I can please you forever Joel. I am programmed in ....programmmmed". Then as she fell to the bed she froze again still holding my hand.

"What did you say? Programmed? April?!" I was beginning to think she was a robot or something, and I was becoming aroused by that thought. But she was so human, so real.

"April". I called to her. No response. I stood back up and away.

There was the faint hint of burnt plastic in the air. I looked back at April. Her eye lids were fluttering at a thousand miles an hour. Then she'd smile, then frown just as quickly, but never uttering a word. I truly began to believe she was a robot, an android, and I was harder than a rock at this point. But I couldn't believe it. She had a history, a past. Was all that.

"I am April Parks. I am .... I am April Parks....mal .. malfunction... critical fault at 9:42:25 line 003268795B88R this unit requires technical servicing....service....serv.....service me....service me Joel Mathews" April said back to her normal voice.

April looked up at me and smiled, again I saw her green eyes. "Service me Joel, I am your perfect match, for this evening. Wait, I'm sorry, it's today now isn't it.? Silly me." She said smiling up at me. Part of me wanted to run, but the part that said heck with that won out. I knew that technology had advances in robotics, but this, she, April was extraordinary.

"April honey, do you know what happened to you?" I asked. Wanting to know if she was at all aware at this point.

"What do you mean?" She asked as she sat back up. "April, you got electrocuted. And now you're spouting things like you're an android or something." I told her.

April's head again twitched to the left. "But I'm not a machine, I'm flesh and ..and ..and perfect." she said. Her eyes went into a spasm and then she lost all expression. "I .. I am April ... please con.. tact perrfect match and ....innnformm them ...of...of...uhhh .. April Parks Model G7460S Series Companion SLX6000...error. I...I am malfunctioning. Please serv.....service me Joel Mathews now" April said going from monotone to normal.

She grabbed me and pulled me down on top. I couldn't resist. I spread her legs and pushed deep into her hole. At first her rythum was off then gradually matched mine. She'd stutter then moan in pleasure.

I was sure that her processors were having fits. "April, you're getting awfully warm". And she was her body temperature had gone up at least 5 degree's.

"Yess.....har .. harder...uhnn ... uhnn..harder.errrr.....errorr" April said in a whisper.

I was close to coming now, I grabbed her left breast and played with it fiercely, then leaned in to lick and tease it. He nipple hardened and pointed up and out. "Oh April, don't explode on me ok". I panted.

"I ....yesss....errrorr! I can feel you inside meee!...Need...uhhnn yes fuck me....system reeeeboot.....eeeeeiiiii!" Then April's face suddenly lost all expression and her arms dropped to her side.

I kept thrusting in and out of her. "April?" I asked. Nothing.

Her head twitched to the left again, then she went limp beneath me. I finally let go of my load and came inside her. After a few minutes on top of her and having relaxed. I pulled out and rolled off of her. I touched her now lifeless face and ran my finger over her lips. I heard another pop from within her, then her head turned to face me.

"This unit requires servicing by a qualified technician. Please contact Perfect Match for assistance. A critical malfunction has occurred and ... and .. further sexual stimuli is not required this tiiiimmmmee." And April was gone. She just stared ahead. Her lips still moist from our last kiss. I could feel her body cooling down and I thought I heard a slow whirring sound from inside her.

The light in her green eyes was dimmed to black now. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Everything had happened so fast. What was I going to do, was it my fault? Was I ever going to know that April was an android. Was my friends Marks wife and android? He was the one that talked me into signing up. Too many questions right now. I stood up and walked back to the bathroom and once again stared into the mirror, then on cue the phone began to ring.


I slowly walked back out of the bathroom and over to the phone. "Hello."

"Joel Mathews?" Said a female voice.

"Yes." I answered.

"Joel this is Sandy again with Perfect Match. How are you today?"

"Well,...some things have changed, but I'm ok." I answered.

"Good. Is April there?"

I paused. "Uhm yeah, but she's....well...uhm well Sandy she's had a bad morning and I'm afraid that I found out she's an android, and now she's ....uhmm broke I guess."

I heard Sandy let out a sigh. "Well Joel, I'm sorry to hear that. What exactly happened?" She asked.

I sat down on the bed and told Sandy about the bathroom sink and the cord and April getting zapped. And how she started spouting gibberish then overloaded. "Well Joel, Thank you for your honesty. A technician will come to your apartment shortly to ascertain whether April will need to be brought in for repairs or if a field repair can be done. I need to tell you that you cannot divulge any of this information to anyone else right now." Sandy stated.

I looked back at the lifeless April, then at the clock. "Sandy, what are you doing setting people up with robots? I mean they look and act so real. How come April was able to be shocked like that? Don't you have something to protect them against things like that?" I asked rapidly. "Joel, I do not have answers to your questions. A service technician will be out shortly. Thank you for using perfect match." She said then hung up.

It was twenty minutes later when the knock came at my door. I had dressed and grabbed a bagel for breakfast.

As I opened the door I was surprised to see a woman She was about 5' 6", blonde hair done up in a bun. She wore a white blouse that accented her features, women's trousers and heels. She held a fair sized brief case in one hand and stuck out the other in greeting.

"Hello, you must be Joel." She said.

"Yes, please come in." I gestured inside.

"Thank you. My name is Tayna." She smiled.

After telling Tanya where April was and the circumstances of what had happened, I directed her to the bedroom. She opened her case and sat it on the floor. I saw gizmo's and devices that were foreign to me. She had pulled the sheet off of April and was holding what looked like a palm padd in her hand. It was scrolling information at a rate that I couldn't follow.

"Excuse me Tanya?"

She didn't look up but answered. "Yes Joel."

I knelt beside her. "Are you an android also?" I asked.

She pressed a button and the scrolling stopped, then she turned to look at me. "April was in her sex mode when she was electrocuted. Her epidermal sensors were overloaded and she wasn't able to disengage her static to ground processors. Then apparently you engaged in further sexual stimulus with her which caused a cascading overload effect." Tanya said smiling.

I stared at her for a moment, and our eyes met. I cleared my throat. "Yeah, April was wanting to make love again before she..uh got shocked. I guess that when I found out she was an android, and she was malfunctioning it just turned me on and I couldn't stop. But she wanted it as much as I did." I explained.

Tanya nodded and put the padd in the case, then picked up what looked like a remote. "I should be able to reset April by re-booting her initial systems, I'll need to replace her epidermal process sensor and then do a diagnostic to verify that all her secondary systems are in order." At that Tanya stood up and bent over April and reached behind her right ear. Then aimed the remote looking device at her abdomen. April's body moved to a more straight position then I noticed a seam suddenly appear on her stomach area. From just below her breasts to below her navel. Tanya set the remote down and grabbed at April stomach then pulled up. There was a small hissing, as if relieving pressure, then her stomach plate came away with a click. Tanya set it down beside April. I was aghast as to all the wiring and circuitry I could see. Small lights blinked slowly within her, there were thousands of fiber optics pulsing with information from one location to another. Mesh like material covered a portion and was molded as muscle. April's ribs and what I could see of her skeleton were metal. Probably aluminum or something like it.

"Does it bother you to see April this way?" Tanya asked.

"No." I said. I watched as Tanya worked on April, she connected a device to what looked like a usb port inside April, then accessed her padd for some information. Then she reached in through some wiring and carefully removed a chip. April's body did a slight twitch. Then Tanya took out a similar looking chip from her case and put it back in its place inside April.. That must have been the blown sensor I assumed. It took all in all about half an hour for Tanya to repair April and seal her back up. She closed her case and stood up and handed me what looked like a car entry remote.

"Here." She said.

"What's this for?" I asked.

Again our eyes met. "Joel, this will reactivate April. She is your perfect match companion. You cannot tell anyone else that she is an android. Even she is not aware that she is an android when functioning properly."

"April is the latest model and we are still dealing with a few bugs. You are not the first person to have to deal with a malfunction or something like this. But again, please don't say anything to anyone." She continued.

I looked at the remote and then back to Tanya. "I see. But you didn't answer my question from earlier."

She smiled at me and placed her hand on my arm. "Am I an android? I may be. But if so my programming doesn't allow me to be aware of it. I have memories and experiences that I can remember from way back. I have an apartment and a cat."

I just stood there digesting all the things I had seen and heard. "Tanya?"

She turned again to face me. "Yes Joel."

"When I reactivate April. Will she remember her malfunction?" I asked.

"No Joel. She'll believe that she has just awoken after a really long night out with you. It's still before noon. So you should just go along with it. However...April will totally reboot. Meaning... like when you start your computer for example it goes through it's detection of hardware and software in order to function properly for you. She'll say some things and pause, then say some more. That is normal for her. With her being the most modern model she may require a voice activation. If so just say 'yes' alright?"

I took a deep breath and let out a sigh. "I have to admit that so much has happened and all so fast. I mean.......WOW! If you get my meaning." I told her.

Tanya turned to pick up her brief case. I turned to face Tanya and smiled. "Tanya, wait......uhm.....could I.....I'd like to thank you I mean." I stuttered.

She smiled and set her case back down. "I am only doing my job Joel. There's no need to thank me personally."

I walked over to her and gently rubbed my hand across her cheek. "Do you have a boyfriend?" I asked.

Our eyes met. "Joel, ....No I don't, but I really must go now." She said.

"Ok then, tell me, how would one activate an androids sex programming if that program was not uh...say activated?" I asked hurriedly.

"Well, generally all our androids will engage their sex modes when properly stimulated physically". She said as she reached for her case.

But I stopped her and pulled Tanya close and kissed her. I ran my hand down her back and to her ass. At first she was hesitant and tried to pull away. I held her close. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and probed it around. Then I quickly brought my free hand around between us and slid it behind the wasteband of her skirt and down into her panty and to her crotch. I felt her attempt to break away lessen. I found her love hole and began to tease her vigorously. Her knee's bent slightly and I held her close. The thought did cross my mind that if I was wrong....I was raping this woman now and would probably regret it.

I broke our kiss and pulled back to look at her expression. Tayna looked at me with a questioning look. "Why did you do that Joel?" She asked.

I pulled my hand out from her wet hole and was about to exit her skirt when she grabbed my hand and held against her through her skirt. "I know you're an android too Tanya. I just lost control I guess." I told her.

Her head turned slightly down. "I am not...feeling....well. Confused....I feel very."

I cut Tanya off and kissed her again. This time after a moment she helped guide my hand back down to her hole. I accepted her invitation and began to slide my finger back into her. After several minutes of this foreplay I broke our embrace and guided Tanya back to the sofa. She continued on in her dazed and confused state as I undressed her. She had a fabulous body. I took my pants off and we lay down together in a position that would accommodate me over her. "Joel....I am not make me feel so good.....I'm sooo late for work." She stuttered.

"Tanya, you can go back to work after I make you feel better." I told her quietly.

I cupped her breasts and gently squeezed them together. They were warm and firm. Her nipples hardened at my touch. "Puuhleezz stopp Joel, yoouu are nott....I mmmust be g going nnow." She said going from monotone to normal. I figured that I had her processors in heat now. Her sex mode activated, yet her programming as a repair person in conflict. I decided that all I wanted now was to just feel how tight she was as I entered her. I slowly slid my hard dick into her love hole. I could feel every fold of her synthetic skin rub across my dick as I slid farther in to her. Tanya arched her back then let out a soft moan. "Oh myyyy goddddd!" Her eyes rolled back up and she let out a long sigh. I began to pull back out when her head twitched to the one side then her body seemed to go limp beneath me. I exited her hole and stood up and away from the sofa. Her expression was one of satisfaction.

I left her there and started towards the bedroom. I grabbed the small remote, It had two small buttons. One marked A the other D. I assumed that meant 'Activate and Deactivate.'

I gave myself 5 minutes to splash water on my face and change back into my boxers so that I might appear more the part for April's re-activation. I sat down on the bed beside her. Tanya had repositioned her on the bed after she had finished to make it appear as if she were just waking up. I held the remote in my hand and stared at it, then at April. I set it down behind me and then pulled the sheet down off April. I stroked her hair and felt the smooth warm skin on her back. I leaned over her to look at her face, then let my eyes wander down her neck and over her breasts and to her stomach. She was so perfect. I would never had guessed that she was an android. Her skin and appearance, the way her hair flowed off her shoulders, her smell, how she touched me, all were infallible. I thought of Tanya on my living room sofa, how was I going to explain her to April? But All I wanted now was to have April again, so I pulled the sheet back up and reached for the remote and gently pressed the 'A' button.

I waited.....then I heard a soft whir from within her. She took a breath. "Accessing initialization protocols." She said flatly. "Primary systems activated.....secondary systems activated." I tossed the remote down to the floor and sat up beside her. "April Parks Perfect Match Companion Android, Series G7460S activating." April's arms and legs stiffened then relaxed back to how they were. "Primary and secondary functions initialized.......companion data accepted for Joel Mathews........diagnostics complete.........interface with all required sensors complete...........memory uplink established..........accessing data..........sleep mode configured.......30 second timer." She continued, then nothing more.

I lay back down and counted out the 30 seconds then nothing. I lay there beside her not moving, then I gently reached my arm over her arm and across to her chest and pulled her close to me. "Good morning sleepy head." I said softly...hoping. April began to stir, then stretched out and rolled over to meet my gaze. She smiled. "Hi lover."

My heart sank again. This was too much. Human, machine, human. Me knowing she's an android. I smiled back at her. "Guess what time it is?" I asked her.

"9:30 or 10:00 maybe...?"

"Nope...try twenty to noon." I stated.

April sprang into a sitting position, the sheet falling from her chest. "Well....Mr. Mathews, we still have twenty minutes left of the morning to play then." She whipped back the rest of the sheet and sprang on top of me. I reached up and cupped both her breasts, feeling the warmth in them, their soft firmness. "Ohh Joel...make love to me again and I'll please you like no other woman can." She whispered.

"Isn't that the truth." I said.

April smiled and sat up on her knees, then pulled down my boxers to reveal my erection. "You're just stiff thinking about it aren't you?" She teased.

I began to pinch at her nipples to bring them to attention. April reached down to her crotch with one hand and started to fondle herself. With the other she started to jack me off. "Ohh April!" I cried.

"Joel.....I'm so happy here with you.......take me.....take me now!" She said, and with that she slid down onto my hard penis and began to pump me.

I began to thrust up each time she started her downward motion. I teased her nipples fiercely with my fingers and squeezed her breasts hard .The thought crossed my mind that April was the ultimate sex toy. Perfectly responsive to my every stimulus and whim, yet needing me too. I reached down to hold her hips as we continued our thrusting. "Oh feel sooo goood." She said as she leaned over me. We kissed passionately and then I held her close as I changed our position and rolled her to the bottom and me on top. With this we made love well into the afternoon with no further thought of what was to come.

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