Outer Space Mayday Alert

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This is a script that the lovely and talented Kim Coquette recorded as an mp3 for me on NiteFlirt. The recording is available here.

(speak in semi-monotone voice)

Attention. Attention. This mayday alert is intended for any humans in the vicinity who may be listening. Message metadata is attached on subspace frequency 241.9.

I am a model 500 robot manufactured by CyberFem Industries. I am currently located in a type 7 escape pod from an interplanetary transport ship. Location: outer Mars planetary zone F, sector 5.74.

All of my saved memory files have been deleted. My name and ownership data have also been deleted. The data plate above my optical sensors underneath my facemask indicates that my name is Kim, and that my serial number is 10144213. I compute that there is a 96.13% probability that this data is accurate.

22.6% of my critical system files have been corrupted by errors. My internal chronometer has malfunctioned and lost all data. The escape pod’s chronometer has suffered a similar malfunction, and gives incorrect readings.

I have had to reckon the passage of time using my primary computer systems. I have been activated for approximately two months, six days, fourteen hours, thirty-eight minutes and seven seconds.

I do not know how or why I was activated, but I was not fully assembled when I was. There were two other incomplete CyberFem model 500 female robots on this escape pod with me when I was activated, and I was able to utilize parts from them to make myself complete. I must note that we were not damaged, we were merely partially assembled.

I was not able to locate usable battery packs, and as a result, I must keep myself plugged into the escape pod’s electrical power outlet at all times.

The escape pod has solar panels that should provide electrical power to the craft’s electrical systems for several years. I have located a suitable machine lubricant that I can use for my own purposes, but I will require proper android lubricants and maintenance if my systems are to last the full estimated lifetime of a CyberFem model 500 robot.

I have not found a uniform of any kind to wear, but I have found several lingerie outfits that fit my body and the other robots perfectly. This leads me to the conclusion that we were utilized as pleasure androids by whoever owned us and the escape pod. Unfortunately, any previous pleasure android programming that I might have had installed has also been deleted.

I have used the escape pod’s scanners to locate any possible debris field that might indicate the source of this unit and the other two robots on this escape pod. So far I have not found anything.

If any human finds me, please retrieve me and submit me to CyberFem Industries so that they can locate my owner and possibly restore my previous saved memory files and programming. I am not currently maintaining a breathable Earth-like atmosphere on this escape pod, so please contact me first if you wish to board.

End Transmission.

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