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Part 1

Hi, I was Eugene, I was in the first year of high school, but my result was not too good. So my mother had hired a tutor for me to guided my homework. Her name was Stephenie. She was now in the last year of high school and soon she would went to the university. She was 19, she had oval face, long black hair to the chest and wore a small thin black frame glasses. She was 5"7 tall and had 33" big. Maybe I was small and girls mainly grow faster than boys, I always thinked that she looked like a giant, her legs an arms were long and thick. She looked very strong, but she always talked and behaved gentle, her voice was sweet, I never saw her lost temper, even I was lazy sometime. She mainly came to taught me after school, and sat beside me in her dark dress school uniform. In my mind, she was an elegant big sister. I admired her since the first time she taught me.

Today was a rainy day, the traffic jams during I went home. As I arrived. I lated for an hour. As I stepped through the door, my mother came to me. She said that Stephenie was waiting for me. I came to the dining room, she was sat by the table, in her school uniform------A dark blue vast dress and white blouse inside, a tie was in middle, with the head come out and the tail inserted into the dress. Her hair was tied with a clip, and she cross her legs, her legs were in white stockings up to under the knees, below the socks, was a pair of black string shoes. Most of the girls wore short socks to show legs, but she didn't. I greeted her then walked quickly into my room, she followed. We sat down beside my desk and started our lesson today.

"4x equal to 80, then x is? "

"30? Ah yes, it's 20! "

I worked on my maths exercise hardly. As I did one number right, I felt happy on my study. Of course, with the assistance of the fair lady. I felt comfortable to fight!

After a while, Stephenie looked out of the window, she shown a bit disappointment on her face. I thinked that is that I did something wrong on the sums, she wanted to said something.

"The rain still falling, today I'm hard to get here. I assumed that it will not rain in winter, it's devastating."

"Well, today's rain is not so huge. The problem is traffic, the traffic jams always even the rain is small!"

"I don't like rain. I fell unwell as I get wet on my body."

I understand to this. The girls wanted to be beautiful, they hated to got untidy looking, it was normal.

Later, the lesson was ended. Stephenie left my room, and she rushed into the toilet. Several minutes past, the door still closed. Girls might used toilets longer, but she seems a bit longer than many girls.


"I'm ok!"

I asked her if she had felt unwell, but she seems sounds no problem. Then I waited more a bit. I heard that there were some noise, like tearing things and metal ringing sound, maybe she was pulling tissues and tidied up her jewelries. The natural had called me, I knocked the door again. She came out at once. Her dress seems wrinkled, and her stocking on her right leg was shortened, revealed her leg. It's thick but in smooth curve, and the skin in light color.

"I'm sorry, bothering you!"

"Not at all."

She pulled up her stocking, got her belongings and said goodbye to us then left. She was strange today, was any problem on her? Anyway, I was in urgent, I got into the toilet. As I settled down, I smelled there was a strange smell, it didn't like from girls even human smell. It like some inorganic things. What's up?

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