My Hot Robot Wife (+Bonus Story)

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Hi, I'm Ric. What you are about to read you may or may not believe. I still can't believe my eyes when I gaze at my wife of 9 years and know she is an android. For me, this is a dream come true. She chose to be converted last August. I had mentioned to my wife of my robot fetish one night and didn't think she'd take it this seriously. But her love for me convinced her that I'd be truly happy loving her robotic form. We decided, since we have three wonderful children, that any change in her appearance would confuse them. So her body was replicated exactly. After three kids, she didn't have the same tight body as when I first met her at 23. I still think she's the sexiest thing I've laid eyes on. She has dark brown, wavy long hair, fair complexion, big beautiful c-cup breasts, a flat tummy, wide hips, and large womanly thighs. Her ass is just right and her legs are sexy and long.

One night, the kids were it was playtime. Whenever we have sex, I make sure to take advantage of all of her robot capabilities, just to remember that she is my robotic wife. Tonight, she was dolled up in black heels, sheer stockings, a garter belt, a hot white satin thong, a shiny white satin bra, cupping her great rack, and her hair up in a prim bun. She looked at me with a sexy smirk and asked coyly, "What would you like to do with me tonight?"

I have an idea. I go over to the desk in our room with our desktop computer. In one of the drawers I pull out a lengthly USB cord. She knows exactly what I like and she seductively walks over to the computer. I stand up and embrace her, while she kisses my neck and picks her heel off the ground in a girlish way, I massage her tits through her bra. They feel great. I reach behind to unhook her white bra and it slides off her body to the ground. I take a step back and pinch both of her nipples. Just then, a square of skin on her flat tummy extends outward with a whine. Once fully open, about six or eight inches out from her body, I plug the cord into her main connect port. This already gets me extremely aroused and I can't wait for more.

Upon plugging in other end into the computer port, her maintainence and control mode is activated. Her face goes expressionless and she stands straight up with her arms at her sides, bent in that robotic way at the elbow. The maintainence and control program on the computer starts up and the screen lets me do what I wish. While she stands there motionless and staring ahead as she awaits my orders, I strip down to nothing as my member is getting harder by the minute. Minutes ago she was a working mother, completely human-looking. Now she is plugged into the computer receiving its power and commands with a cold, artificial look that I can't get enough of. To this day I sometimes still can't believe that my wife is a robot.

I turn to the computer and there is a silhouette of her body on the screen. I will set a few parameters. First, I set her orgasm code so that it cannot execute without the removal of her faceplate. I then set it to correspond completely with my orgasm. Then I start to have some fun. With the mouse, I can control her movements. I instruct her to turn around, facing away from me so I can see her nice ass. Standing straight up on her heels really lifts it up and accentuates her butt. There was a white triangle of fabric and a little white strip of satin splitting her cheeks and running under her pussy while the straps from her lacy garter belt run down her ass as cling to the sheer nylons. With her arms still at her side, I tell her to slowly bend over at the waist so that I can see her gorgeous ass up close. Upon doing so, I get up from the chair and stand behind her.

I put my face down by her butt and stroke her clit from behind with my fingers through the satin fabric. Usually she would start to moan and shudder, but since she was in maintainence and control mode, she could not move unless I told her to. The best part was, her systems were still online and running. I could tell because instantly her vagina moistened and started to wet the panties she wore. She could feel all of this and enjoyed it, but she could not move or say anything. While she was still bent over, I grabber her breasts from behind and with one hand I caressed her open ab panel, feeling cold metal and wires beneath her smooth skin. Now rock hard, I didn't want to blow my load yet so I returned to the computer.

I instructed her stand straight up again and turn to face me. I told her to come over and kneel in front of me and give me head. She meticulously sucked me with robotic precision as I could feel her plastic tongue swirl around my tip. Oh god, it was fabulous head. I couldn't stand much more without cumming so I reached up to the computer and told her to quit that program. Still kneeling, I told her to stand up. Even with her ab panel open, I wanted to see more of her beautiful circutry. I clicked on screen and opened her chest panel. Specially designed, it split down the middle between her naked breasts and both opened sideward. This is my favorite look on her. I love that open panel. I was wanting her more and more. Finally, I quit the maintainence program and unplugged the cord from her ab panel, which I kept open. I was aware of the dangers of liquid damaging her robotics, but it was a sexy gamble worth taking. After all, she could always be repaired! Unplugging her took her out of her robotic mode and she took on a more human personality, although still with open panels on her front. I led her to the bed and laid her down on her back.

I got to the foot of the bed and spread her meaty thighs open to reveal her panty-clad pussy. Her sexual systems have activated her lubrication fluid once again as her plastic pussy moistens under her wet white satin thong. I dive in. I start by nuzzling her vagina under her panties. Then I move them aside with one hand and stick my finger inside of her. The inside of her vag is smooth, warm, and wet. I tongue her clit like there's no tomorrow. She moans with pleasure as different lights blink inside of her. More juice drips from inside of her pelvis and out onto my fingers and chin. While her big, plastic nylon-clad thighs hug my head, I can still hear her robotic moans of pleasure. I think it's so cute how she cycles through randomly through her pleasure moans. She has five distinct moans that are repeated as she gets oral pleasure from me. I could do this all day, but she won't orgasm until her face is removed. So I suck up as much juice as I can from her clit and emerge from between her mechanical legs to see her on her back, ab and chest panels open, reeling in pleasure. So I take out my hard dick and slide it into her.

I can't help but look at her open panels and stare at the robotics inside. God it gets me hot. Her vagina is so wet, I slide in and out of her easily. I start slow, pushing her legs wide open while her heels stand up in the air. Then I pump her faster as I grab her hips and thrust. I am lost in a sea of pleasure. Suddenly, my robot wife extends her arm and gently guides me down so that she can be on top. Her face grins at me, knowing I love her. She spreads her legs as wide as they can go and pushes my cock as deep inside of her as it will go. I feel the back of her and push, because I know she has special pleasure censors there. She moans in delight and quickens her thrusts. She then squats over me, so I can get as deep as I can inside of her. Hitting the back of her triggers a boost in her lubrication flow as she drips more and more on me. I reach up to grab one of her fake breasts and squeeze it. With the other hand I touch the outline of her open ab panel. On one end, smooth skin. The other, cold metal. She feels so amazing. I like to let her take over sometimes and just let her go to work. She knows exactly what I like. I pump her harder and grab her sides while thrusting her pelvis towards me.

Still moaning, she removes her faceplate and tosses it aside in the heat of passion. While she's still thrusting me, I look at her robotic face, with her big glass eyes starring forward. She has the most beautiful mechanical face. To this day, I still don't believe my wife is now a sexy android. When I'm just about to lose it, she reaches up and takes off her faceless head, still moaning with pleasure. She gently sets that aside and points it to watch us. Now I am looking up at her headless robot body and fucking it. I look down to her open panels, then to her dismembered and faceless head, which is still emitting the same moans from her speaker as she looks at her husband fuck her own robotic body. This gets her and I off and I blow a huge load inside of her as we let out screams of pleasure. She executes one of her orgasm programs simultaneously. Her pussy tightens around my dick and gushes fluid. Our thrusts become slower and slower and finally I am empty.

As I lay there in pure ecstacy, she methodically reaches over to her head and snaps it back on her neck. She then reaches for her faceplate and puts in on her head with a click. Her facial motors connect and she smiles down at me and kisses me deeply. She stands up and gets off of the bed, closing first her chest panel by pushing both sides of her breasts together. Finally she automatically retracts her sliding abdominal panel into her body. "Oh my god, you are truly a sex machine!" I tell her. "Now go wash up." I watch as her sexy ass moves back and forth as she walks down the hallway to the bathroom where she will give herself a full cleaning, inside and out, with robotic precision. I clean up the bedroom and collapse into our bed for another night of deep sleep after fantastic sex with my hot robot wife.

The End

Hope everyone liked that one!! Now here's a shorter story:

This is a story about little Billy. This was Billy's first sexual encounter. Perhaps this is why Billy has a female robot fetish.

Billy couldn't have been more than 11 years old. It was the age that he started really looking at girls and discovering his sexuality. Billy lived in a pretty big house. Both of his parents worked full time, so there wasn't much time to take care of the house. So, they decided to hire a maid service. But this was no ordinary maid service. All of the maids were androids. The robot maids were also required to wear black french maid outfits. As if that wasn't tempting enough, the robotic maids were not so bad to look at either. Their outfits were standard black with white lace and a white apron. They also wore thigh-high nylons and black high-heeled boots. The robots themselves had similar facial and body characteristics, the only difference was hair color and style. They looked human but had a slight artificial quality to their skin texture, movements, and speech.

It was one lazy summer day, Billy was laying on the couch watching TV. He was used to the maids coming by every week at 1:00 on the dot. He never thought much of them, as they were programmed not to interfere with any person in the house while they cleaned. Today, Billy seemed to notice their presence more. One robotic maid who had curly, platinum blonde hair was using a feather duster on the curtains. The other, who had shoulder-length straight black hair was using the vaccuum on the other side of the room. The blonde maid would start dusting the full-length curtains at the top and continue down to the floor, bending at the waist. This would push her ass out a bit. Billy peaked over every time she did this and he began to get hard. On one pass, the blonde android began to experience multiple system errors. She had been dusting the bottom of the curtains, bent over. On her way back up to the top, she went into an error loop. Her body would switch between her bent over state and standing fully upright about every second. Billy could hear the whirr of her motors from his seat on the couch as he watched in curious facination.

"Error, error, error, error, error," she repeated in a monotone. After half a minute of this, she dropped her duster and stood upright with her arms at her sides, repeating "error, error, error." Her robot companion with the black hair had received a wireless distress signal and calmy stopped the vaccuum and walked over to the malfunctioning machine. The black-haired maidbot stood in front of the blonde and pulled down the top of her black maid dress. This revealed a shiny, black corset that cupped the robot's breasts and hugged her sides. The black-haired robot knew exactly what to do and unzipped the corset in the front and opened it. The blonde maid's breasts came spilling out and Billy noticed a rectangle on her tummy. The black-haired robot extended her right hand and out of her index finger came a sort-of key that she inserted into her companion's belly button, turned her hand, then took her hand back. The blonde robot's tummy opened, hinging on the bottom and folding down.

Inside the panel, there were all kinds of lights blinking extremely fast. Quickly, the black-haired robot pressed a button inside that silenced the other robot. She had stopped vocalizing her errors and her face went expressionless. She pressed another button and suddenly the blonde robot's face hissed open, hinging on the side. Inside the robot's head, there was no trace of eyes or a mouth. This was all on the back of the face mask. Just more fast blinking lights and wires. The black-haired maid opened her own face in the same way, her head containing more blinking lights and wires. The two robots seemed to be communicating through binary code in lights and must have been "talking" over their wireless connection. All Billy could see were two robotic women, one half-naked and panels open, the other tending to it. He couldn't look away.

After some time, the problem seemed to be taken care of. The black-haired maid closed her face and pressed her companion's face closed with a click. She then reached down and closed the tummy panel, also clicking closed. She then zipped up the black corset and pulled the blonde's dress back up. The two maids continued their routine as if nothing had happened. Billy was dumbfounded and would never look at women, especially maids, the same again.

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