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==More examples==
==More examples==

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Stolen Sexbot malfunction.gif A female robot malfunctions after being shocked with electricity

A malfunction is a common trope in ASFR fiction. A malfunction is an event where a fembot suddenly fails to function properly, because of conception flaws, environmentally-caused damages or deliberate sabotage. This event can range from small software glitches, solved by rebooting, to catastrophic hardware failures, resulting in the permanent deactivation of said fembot.

Since these malfunctions are most of the time accidental, it is often used to reveal a character as a fembot.

Examples of malfunctions

Thanks to their wide range of causes and seriousness, malfunctions can be represented by almost any fembot-related trope.

  • A blank stare can show that the fembot is fed with more data than it is able to process, and has to relegate her emulation of a normal human being to a secondary position.
  • Jerky and spasmic movement can express loss of motor control. This also may lead the fembot to stumble over objects or to knock over walls, which may cause skin damage and access panels to fall off.
  • Malfunctions can also drastically modify the behavior of a fembot, turning a passive housewife into a grinning killer or a assasindroid into a horny sexbot.

In fiction

  • In the movie Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, the titular character Austin Powers somehow overloads Frau Farbissina's fembots with his "mojo". Unable to process so much sexiness, they start looking surprised, then start jerking and overheating, before finally exploding. This scene is not to be confused with Vanessa Kensington's one in the sequel Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, where she is purposely designed to explode.
  • In the movie Cherry 2000, the titular robot Cherry gets accidentaly wet, and suddenly starts sparking. She then loses all motor control, and a hear a loud beeping is heard before she eventually shuts down.
  • In the movie Westworld, the main protagonist attempts at making a chained woman drink. It is revealed she is just another robot when she starts sparking and smoking.
  • This trope is at the basis of most of Fection's art and writings. The character Candy, for example, is often shown as being unable to process paradoxes and even basic calculations, which ultimately leads to her demise.

More examples