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evil boo
Total # of stories: 20

Story of the week:

“Ok, I better go plug in for the night, see you in the morning boss.” Amber said, then stood and left Dennis’s office. She turned left out of the office and walked up the back hallway to the back storage room. Among the shelves of spare bathroom tissue, cans of ingredients for the kitchen and cleaning supplies was a small corner that was cleared of everything. Nestled on the wall were two electrical outlets with some kind of plug that was very non-standard. Amber stepped up to the wall and leaned against it. She was used to remaining partially online while charging. Her balance systems and passive listening would remain online, but most other systems would be offline. Amber stood there for only a moment before she rolled up the sleeve on her shirt just as a small whirring sound could be heard. A small panel slid into her wrist then retracted towards her upper arm. Inside was a small plug, copper prong sticking out at odd angles. Amber pulled the plug out of her wrist and then bent down and plugged it into the perfectly matched wall port.

She began shutting off most of her unneeded systems one by one. Though tonight she left a large part of her human emulation online. She normally only used that particular subset of programming when on the cafe floor since it aided her in relating to the customers, it was very likely the most advanced part of her entire being. Tonight, though, she was utilizing it to contemplate what Dennis had told her from a more human perspective. Her artificial mind took an introspective turn and she began thinking of all the things she hadn’t done in her nearly fifteen years of service. There were plenty of things that were minor, almost unnecessary things, like never walking through a field of flowers or catching a fish. These were all things that were likely not going to be accomplished in her remaining short time in service, but there were other things too. She realized she had never kissed anyone, or been intimate, or had physical contact with someone outside of the occasional high five. In fact, the hug with Dennis earlier was the closest she had ever come to another person in regards to physical contact.

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