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Futago no Shinami


Twin, lesbian fembots have some fun.

“I don’t have to try sis. I just have to…”

And Eriko only realized what her sister was up to when she felt the tip of a finger land on a very familiar spot, the button just under the skin of her neck, just under her jaw on the left side. Eriko’s eyes widened and her lips dropped in protest, but nothing came of it. She shut down nearly the instant the button was pressed, her eyes flickering before losing all color.

“…Do that. Now, let’s see if I can’t make you just a bit more agreeable.”

Kaori’s hands moved to her “sister’s” shirt, grasping the bottom and pulling it up and over the swells of her chest. As was to be expected with a model designed for pleasure, she was fairly voluptuous, C cup, approaching a D, identical to Kaori’s own. She changed it regularly, capable of adjusting her cup size on the fly. It was realistically detailed, her tan nipples identical to a human’s, or as nearly so as synthetic skin could get anyway. As may be expected, she wore no bra with her bed clothes, though her personal comfort was easily adjustable. Kaori sometimes wondered if Eriko went out of her way to adopt human mannerisms and customs. It drove her batty.

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