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“Emily! You okay?!” Jake asked as he moved over to his stepsister. “Oh-h-h-h yea I’m fine” Emily stuttered. Jake narrowed his eyes. “What did you say?” he said. “I’m-m-m- fine silly. Just a small bump.” Emily said quickly. “Alright.” Jake said, “let me see your head though.” “Nah I’m fine. Just a bump.” Emily said moving a hand out in front of her to keep him away. “Okay okay,” Jake said.

As soon as Emily let her hand down, Jake quickly jabbed her ear, aiming for a spot behind her ear which contained a freeze button for most androids. “What the hell Jake! I’m not some bot!” Emily yelled as she swatted his arm away again. “Well…that’s not what I can tell” Jake said as he stared at Emily’s double D chest. A small panel had risen above her cleavage and there were a few small glowing panels. “Uh huh. Well I’m perfectly fine. Don’t try to freeze me, I’m real.” Emily said. “Emily, look down” said Jake, “you have a panel open”. Emily looked down at her chest and then back at Jake. “Haha very funny. Yes, I have large tits. I’m well aware.”

Jake realized then that his stepsister was a sleeper, and couldn’t recognize that she was actually a robot. He’d need to close her panels up so she wouldn’t accidentally damage herself. “Got me, Em. I’m just trying to get in your shirt.” Jake said, smiling at her. “Well mister I could just show you if you asked. You know I’ve always loved you and since we’re not actually related there’s not a big problem. Plus you have that 10.458 inch cock that I really want to ! oop! I mean-n” Emily suddenly blushed as she realized what she had just said. Jake knew that her sleeper programming was likely running up against some other conflict and accessing Emily’s chest panel would be the fix he needed. Jake leaned over and tapped the small green box marked “Menu” and suddenly Emily froze. “Accessing Unit-459 menu” Emily said in a soft voice. “Voice or computer access?” she said. “Voice and restore non-sleeper programming but keep sleeper programming shut down.”

“Affirmative, but warning that sleeper programming can only be set to ‘semi-autonomous’” said Emily. “How may I help?”

“Provide a status report”

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