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I went back to the canvas and asked her to strike another pose. She did, but this one was different. It was more seductive in a subtle way. It took me longer to complete the sketch this time, but it was such a vast improvement over the others. Without saying a word, she switched to another pose, silently encouraging me to pick up my materials and continue. I started sketching, but I couldn't finish. It wasn't because I couldn't decide what to draw that I couldn't continue, rather it was that I was distracted by Lin, who I realized was a work of art herself.

"All this time I was trying to turn you into a work of art, I should've realized that you were one already," I told Lin as I got up from my chair. She flashed a quick smile before assuming a new pose. I gently placed my hands around her breasts and slowly caressed them. They had such a beautiful curve to them, and were sized just right. Large enough to please the eyes, but not too large that they're too much to hold. Her nipples, erect from my previous fondling, went even harder. I held them in my hands as she put her head back to allow me to kiss her lips. Her beautiful lips that invited me to explore her mouth and admire the craftsmanship that went into constructing it. I took her invitation and kissed her deeply, and continued to work my hands around this marvel of artificiality. I wanted to break away to finish my work, but I knew I couldn't. She was doing what she had been designed to do best, take me in seductively, and I was in her trap. As I felt my way around her body, I couldn't help but notice that she didn't feel like a real woman. It was different, like how tofu doesn't taste like filet mignon. But her artificiality didn't take away from the experience, it enhanced it, having a sense of familiarity with the genuine article, but in an exquisitely reproduced way. I ran one hand up her skirt and into her meticulously crafted vagina. The wet feeling was there, but it didn't feel like a normal vagina. I probed inside of her as she stopped posing and reacted to my inputs to her systems. She gasped as I ran my fingers in and out, pinching her clitoris and then inserting them again.

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