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RaniBot stood there, staring blankly, with its arms stuck out like a wound-down doll. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Master. I’m sorry,” it repeated, on an automatic loop. It was now a standard verbalization repeated when minor adjustments to programming were made. “I’m sorry, Master. Yes. Yes. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Master.”

Raasantira’s expression hardened a bit creased a little deeper and it keyed in three numbers.

“I’m so-“ R-Bot was cut off in mid-ejaculation, and its thick lips lips stiffened back into its stupid statuesque frown.

Raasantira held down a key and tweaked the black knob slightly before delicately lowering RaniBots skirt back over “her” control panel, smoothing it out with its fingers, and patting it gently.

RaniBot jerked back into motion. It stepped forward to the coffee table, bent over and deposited the tea tray, and remained in that position, with its head facing Janey and its rump facing Raasantira, awaiting further instructions.

Raasantira softly shifted back to the center of the couch and reach around its frozen sister-bot for the tea pot. “And just a glass of lemon water for yourself?” it asked Janey.

Janey reached forward and took the pink china cup. “Yes, thank you.”

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