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'Vampire Killer

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“Die, monster! You don't belong in this world!” As her fist made contact in between Morgan's voluptuous curves, the vial shattered with white explosion of consuming flames.

The Inquisitor's arm had driven itself clean through Morgan's chest and out her back. As she pulled her arm free the vampiric android dropped to her feet. Her eyes were wide and frozen in utter shock, red sparks jolting around inside of the blown-out circuits in the hole in her chest as well as from her plump lips. “What? This does not compute!” Her head twitched as she stumbled backwards, a hand going to her head as black smoke started to rise from her ears. “T-this cannot be!” Morgan's voice was getting considerably tinnier and distorted. The sparking in her damaged arm became more powerful and her knees began to shiver. “E-error! It's impossible! Nooooooo!” As she cried out in lamentation, bright white beams of light blasted through her robotic shell, and not a moment later, her body exploded into smoking mechanical scrap.

The dark mistress of Robotsylvania had been slain. But... at what cost?

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