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'Carolina Jones and the Spear of Longinus

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“Ze Spear. Tell me vhere it is und you vill leave in one piece.”

Carolina Jones knew exactly what the Inspector-Kommissar wanted. The Spear of Longinus, the very weapon used by Abraham Lincoln to defeat the alien invaders manipulating the Civil War and unite a nation. It was said that the powers of a demon, an angel and a creepy tentacle monster combined and infused into the mighty weapon, allowing its wielder plot-specific powers over life, death and the cosmos. With it, Soviet Germany would be unstoppable.

“Over my fried circuits, you you... you...” Carolina froze with a click, her eyes staring ahead, dull and unfocused. “Processing scathing comment about political affiliations and/or biting commentary about physical imperfections. One moment.” Again the loud buzz filled the air, coming from the outdated archaeologist's processors.

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