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“Alright,” Bruce said, and he gingerly opened the panel at the back of the head and carefully inserted Aila into it. After ensuring it was properly in place, he pressed the activation control and closed the panel.

“Gregson Robotics prototype unit activating…running initial diagnostics…diagnostics complete, no errors detected…scanning for host A.I….Host A.I. found, now loading…complete, now starting A.I. A.I.L.A.,” the woman said in a monotone, before opening its eyes.

When the eyes opened, they appeared white until small strips of brown began appearing in a spiral, finally coalescing into realistic irises. Once fully formed, they focused onto where Bruce was standing, and she smiled.

“Wow, this body feels awesome!” she said, moving for the first time in it and with much more liveliness than she did in the sexbot.

“You look beautiful,” Bruce said.

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