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"Yeah, we can get them. Special order, though, and the programming is extra." The man behind the counter was still on the phone. His voice carried so to overpower the relatively small space. "Six to four weeks. They come in from France. Most of the, um, more exotic stuff does nowadays. If you really want to do it, and if it were my money, I'd pay the extra for the imports."

Connor turned to look in the display case he had backed into and saw several sets of hands, all set up on their wrists with their fingers pointing upwards. Every few seconds, one of them would assume a different pose, going through a seemingly infinite set of gestures. There were also a couple of arms, sans hands, but these were just laying on the bottom of the case. Without the motion, they did look dead or plastic, starkly contrasting with the ever gesturing hands above, one of which was now flipping him off. He chuckled at the sight.

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