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"Do you want to remain fully online, AI offline or fully offline during this procedure?"

"Fully online."

"Since you chose 'fully online', do you recognize me as your technician and will you allow me to temporarily override your will for the duration of this procedure?"


"OK, fine, let's have a look at you. Unbutton your blouse, remove your skirt and remove your bra and panties, please." He sat down on a rolling stool and rolled over to the side of the chair, coming to a rest at her waist. He lowered the chair a few inches and flipped a flat-panel screen into his field of view from behind the back of the chair.

Cindy dutifully unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped the side of her skirt. She always did like the way it felt to respond to direct commands. She wished she would get them more often. Her nipples hardened at the thought.

Jeff noted the slightly raised nipples as he reached across her open her blouse. He could have had her remove it herself, but he liked doing the unveiling. Wow, he thought, what a rack. In the six weeks he'd been working as an intern here, he'd never seen one this well done. Inclined in the chair, her breasts didn't sag, but kept their shape for the most part and still managed to not blow the illusion of humanity.

He reached up over his head and grabbed a familiar cable, tugged, and pulled down to her belly button. Making sure the cable matched, he plugged it into her belly button port and glanced back to the LCD panel to be sure the data feed was working. He briefly made eye contact with her, and she with him, and they both smiled uncomfortably.

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