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Streams of Blue letters and numbers flooded a black abyss of new robotic mind as Cassie booted up and went online for the first time ever. Her eyes opened to see a small private room with a mirror in it. When Cassie saw her reflection she gasped. Not because she was completely naked but because of the Goddess she saw gasping back at her.

She looked herself over, they had gotten everything perfect. Her now long red hair rested gently and her shoulders, her flawless skin was perfect on every inch of her new body. Her brand new C cup breasts bounced slightly as she walked around the room admiring her self.

That’s when another woman entered the room. Cassie quickly tried to cover herself the best she could but the woman threw her a large gown, which Cassie hastily put on.

“Sorry for intruding. I’m Dr. Stowell.” The woman said

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